Why Islam Fails

Dear Christian friends,

Today we will look briefly at the failures of Islam, a heathen religion.  First, Muslims worship Muhammad, this guy they believe that they can’t represent in art or drawings because he’s some kind of God Prophet thing.  And if you do show a picture of Muhammad, you will not go to Muslim heaven with 72 virgins.  First off, here’s Muhammad.

If Allah is the true God then why am I still here?

Allah didn’t smite me down.  Therefore, Our God, Yahweh, the True Christian and Jewish God, is the correct God.  The Muslims use a bastardized version of Yahweh, call it Allah, and use it to enact violence on other people.  Muslim actually kill people for Muhammad.  In fact, these Muslim Islamic terrorists are willign to blow themselves up on street corners for Muhammad.  Let us stop this incessant suicide violence. Let us declare a Crusade against Islam.

This is what Muslims believe heaven is like:


Look at those sluts! You die a muslim, you believe you get 72 of them!  Doesn’t sound like heaven for the women, unless they’re bisexual, which they probably are, being heathens. And if you die a muslim, you are going nowhere other than Hell where you will find Mohammed boiling in a sea of flames.

This is what Christian heaven looks like:


Looks like a nice peaceful place to spend Eternity, basking in the glory of God.

Now ask yourselves, where would you rather spend eternity? That’s right, in Christian heaven, where you won’t get herpes or spirit AIDS from having orgies with heathens.

Why do Muslims cover the bodies of their women on Earth when they want them to be sluts in the afterlife? To save their virginity until after death!

Now here’s the problem with Islam.  Islam KILLS people. Christianity saves people. Christians have charities to feed starving baby boys and girls in places like Africa and Peru.  Muslims have charities like Al Quaeda that they use to kill innocent Americans.  Christ teaches us to be peaceful and loving towards all, but also to be strict with heathens so that they might see the light of Christ.  Islam teaches one to kill everything that is not Islam.  What sounds like the true religion of peace to you? That’s right, Christianity.

Islam fails because it is a heathenistic bastardization of the Christian God that strives for nothing less than the murder of innocent millions.  Islam fails because it claims that Christ is a “good man” rather than the Son of God. Islam fails because it does not teach pure Biblical Truths! Islam fails because the Quran is not from God but rather from Satan! Yes folks! The Quran was inspired by Satan himself to lead the faithful away from their True Christian faith.

Islam fails because its followers worship a moon god and don’t believe in Jesus! Islam fails because its followers are violent Arab terrorists who oppress women and are intolerant of other faiths. Islam fails because Islam is not built upon the word of God, but rather upon the words of man and Satan. Let us declare a war on Islam. Let us take back these souls for Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki


Greetings fellow followers of Christ,

I noticed that the church I attend for Sunday Service, as well as the other churches I have visited within the past, have been used as stores for the selling of merchandise. You can’t miss the colossal stacks of books and DVDs on the tables or the bookstores, although these are really important books to help you come close to God. But why are the churches being used to sell this merchandise? The bible tells us how Jesus openly rebuked and used physical force among the sellers and told them “My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.”

Jesus openly rebuked the selling of merchandise inside the church.

Jim and I have been concerned about Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron who are using their church, Living Waters Ministry, to sell various books and DVDs before and after the sermons have taken place.

They both even run an online store for their churches website. We are very puzzled about how they own fine mansions, expensive cars, and expensive suits they wear during the church sermons. We don’t see regular and low income church members sporting these kind of accessories, so Jim and I have decided to have a conversation with the Holy Spirit about these issues. We feel that their is dark corruption among the two leaders, so we trust Jesus to take care of this matter.

In the meantime, we urge all the other followers of Christ to be aware of any merchandise sold in their church, and to take action against these dealings. Would Jesus be happy if he decided to attend Sunday Service and run into a table stacked of books and DVDs?

“And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all of them who sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.” Matthew 21: 12-13


Martin Baker

Save the Sinner. A prayer chain for Dawkins

Dear true Christians,

Let us today join together in prayer for Richard Dawkins, the closet Creationist.  Richard Dawkins has openly admitted (see the film expelled) that intelligent design could be real, i.e. that there might actually be a “Designer”. Dawkins’ Creator is a race of intelligent aliens, which leads him into a series of infinite regress if you critically evaluate it (well who created the aliens? who created the guy that created the aliens? etc). Dawkins’ position is bizarre, but it is enough to give us hope that he might one day be saved.

In “A Devil’s Chaplain”, Dawkins goes so far as to say “I am a very religious man.”  Perhaps this is his inner self speaking. Perhaps Dawkins is so aggressively anti-Christian because he understands that to accept Jesus is to give up his heathenistic, sinful ways. Dawkins should be giving his money to the poor, not using it to defame his Creator.  Dawkins’ daughter was even sent to a Catholic nun for instruction (see, again, “A Devil’s Chaplain”).  No atheist would do this.

Dawkins has plenty of room to accept Christ into his life. After all, Jesus Himself saved Saul, the sinner, and used him as a rock upon which to further develop His Church.  Richard Dawkins is a lot like Saul.  He attacks Christianity at every chance he gets, and he is an extremely intelligent (but heavily deluded) man.  Dawkins does not respond to angry emails, as nobody should. See below:

These people are not true Christians. They are merely attacking the enemy, when Jesus Himself tells us to love our enemies. Let us embrace Richard Dawkins with true Christian love. Let us open our arms to him, and lead him to Christ. Let us pray that he will one day be able to bask with us in Christ’s eternal glory in Paradise. Let us open our hearts to Richard. Let us keep him in our prayers. Every soul lost is a soul lost for eternity. Every soul saved is a soul saved for eternity. Let us work to save Richard Dawkins.

How can we do this? Every one of us can pray that Richard will one day open his heart to Christ. We can send him true Christian literature in the hopes that his mind might be changed. Dawkins is a man of letters. He may best be swayed by intelligent Christian literature. He is already afraid to debate Creationists; perhaps there is a weakness in his atheistic position that even he himself already sees.  Join me in praying for our prodigal brother Richard.  Let’s take back Dawkins for Jesus.

Yours in Christ,


The Rocky Horror Satan Show

Greetings True Christians.

Tonight I would like to warn all of you about the sinful, Satanic, homosexually explicit Rocky Horror Picture Show.  In this film, we see two homoerotic young nymphomaniacs, Brad and Janet, get hitched after seeing a friend’s wedding.  The presentation of this wedding is Satanic enough; first, the wedding car has a banner which reads “she got hers now he’ll get his”, an obvious sexual reference.  When Brad asks Janet to marry him, he draws a heart….on a church door. You do not disrespect the Lord, our God, who led the Israelites out of slavery, in such a fashion.  See the movie on TV? then you’ve been spared some of the horror. I’ll explain later.

Anyway, after Brad and Janet get engaged, they go driving and get a flat tire, with Richard Nixon’s resignation speech playing on the car radio.  What sinful thoughts hath the directors wrought? Why use Nixon, an obvious agent of Satan? Why not just play some good Christian Gospel music?

Anyway, Brad and Janet see a light “over at the Frankenstein place” and go to this creepy castle.  A hunched over blonde haired man with long hair answers the door. First, it is sinful for men to have long hair. I know this because I asked the Holy Spirit.  Images of Jesus with long hair? Totally false.  Go ahead, pray about it. Second, this man has incestuous relationships with his sister. They kiss on screen, and do this creepy, strange thing called “elbow sex”, if I am to trust the chants of the viewers in the theater. What horror!

Once inside, Brad and Janet witness the “Transylvanians” (from Transexual, Transylvania…an obvious homosexual reference), doing the “Time Warp”, an obviously Satanic dance, as evidenced by it’s orgiastic content (“pelvic thrust!!”) and circles of doom.  Then the true horrors begin.

Tim Curry, “Dr. Frankenfurter”, appears. In drag. As a Transvestite. Wearing women’s lingerie. Don’t believe me? See for yourselves:

This is terrifyingly horrid.  Not only that, but “Frankenfurter” plays God, by creating his own personal sexual toy, a blonde haired man named Rocky.  Rocky is a fine muscular specimen, but no man should lie with another man in bed.  Yet this is what Frankenfurter plans for Rocky.  Later in the film, Rocky plays with Janet’s breasts while she sings “touch me I want to be dirty”, while Frankenfurter does his sinful deeds to Brad in a pink room, initially posing as Janet but later giving Brad what appears to be a “blowjob”. We also find out that Rocky is Frank’s second creation, following “Eddie”, played by Meatloaf.  Frank kills Eddie, and claims it to be a “mercy killing”. This is a clear affront to God! Only God can decide who lives and who dies! It is not Frank’s place to decide whether Eddie should live! And later in the film, at Rocky’s “birthday party” (or should we say “rainbow party”), they actually EAT Eddie, a reference to eating Meatloaf.  Meatloaf is an unclean meat! It is made by re-packaging scrap meat and creating something artificial out of something natural. The cannibalism reference is clearly sinful as well, but I delve less into that since all true Christians can see the sinful nature of it.

Other problems with the film: The film suggests that extraterrestrial life exists. The film shows constant gay pride references such as rainbows and speakers mounted on Greek statues of naked males. The film also shows a man laying with another man. The film also shows a man taking God’s place by creating another man. The film also mocks the Sacred, Holy vow of Marriage.  The film was given an “R” rating. I would give it an “S” rating, for Satanic.

I could go on for hours about the evils of the film itself, but given the absolutely hilariously poor quality of filming and set construction, the creators of the film obviously would not care enough to listen.

What I will critique here is the Satanic goings-ons at Rocky Horror Picture Show showings in theaters. Ever seen it in a theater? Don’t! Here are the problems:

First, every single viewer is slapped with a sexual toy, a “dildo” as their “virginity” is symbolically taken away. This is a clearly Satanic ritual.

Second, viewers scream obscenities at the film throughout the film in an organized, ritualistic fashion. This clearly shows the Satanic nature of the film. And yes, Janet might be a “slut”, but do we really need to hear it every time her name is mentioned?

Third, people throw food around the theater, wasting valuable rice and toast and hot dogs that would serve a far better purpose in the bellies of our poor.

Fourth, people actually DRESS UP as these characters! There are numerous men in drag at every showing, making the theater itself a homosexual breeding ground of orgies and sin.  Do you really want to be caught up in this mess?

Fifth, people actually engage in the “Time Warp”.  They do this Satanic dance as one large Satanic group. This is clearly sinful.  Don’t they know that there is only One True God, and that God is the True God, and not Satan?

I could go on for hours about this Satanic film.  Why is Tim Curry in drag? Why does Rocky play with the breasts of a woman who is engaged to be married? Why does “Riff Raff” have “elbowsex” with his sister?  Why do Brad and Janet run around in their underwear? Why do the stars in the film practice ritualized cannibalism onscreen? Why does everyone in the film wear lingerie? Why is there Satanic dancing? Why is there orgiastic homoerotic overtures throughout the film? The answer is clear. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was inspired by none other than Satan himself.

We must reject the ways of Satan and all his demons. We must reject the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We must, as True Christians, stand in unity against the sinful ways of this film and all of its viewers. We must protect the True Christian faith held by many Americans, as evidenced by the fact that more than 50 % of all Americans believe that the Earth was Created a few thousand years ago by our God (as it Truly was).  We must combat the sinful ways of our theaters. We must take back the theater for Christ.

From your friend

Jim Solouki


And remember, boys and girls:

If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. Leviticus 20:13 KJV)

Checkmate, atheists!

Once again, atheism is trying to infiltrate the Church and American values. It is responsible for hijacking the education system, banning prayer in schools and in public, the Anti Christian Lawyers Union, American Naziism, Planned Parenthood, Maxim magazines, teenage cross-dressing, communism in America, and other sins. It is that time again for the True soldiers of Christ to declare the war on atheism and continue the good fight against Satan. Let’s chop down the Tree of Evil and take back America for Christ!

Atheists claim that the the bible is full of fairy tales. Well, it is real because it was written by the authors that knew God and his miracles. CHECKMATE!

Atheists claim dinosaurs and man did not live together. Have you heard of Behemoth that was mentioned in the book of Job and that has features that match the description of dinosaurs? CHECKMATE!

Atheists say that Noah’s flood was made up. How do you explain why we see rainbows in the sky as promised by God and all the mountain ranges that could never have formed by themselves? CHECKMATE!

Christopher Hitchens was a sinner that became saved, and he openly embraced Jesus before he died in his deathbed. CHECKMATE!

You can accept Jesus into your life, but that cannot work if you tried that with Dawkins or Darwin. CHECKMATE!

Atheists claim evolution is real, but Richard Dawkins is afraid to debate creationists. We don’t even see humans being born in the zoos from monkeys. You don’t even see a mouse magically appear from dust, now do you? CHECKMATE!

Evolution cannot be real because the Bible doesn’t even mention it. CHECKMATE!

Ray Comfort has demonstrated evolution to be false with a banana. CHECKMATE!

Checkmate, atheists! You can accept that evolution is false and that the goodly Bible is the true word of God by accepting Christ into your life. You can also help restore America and protest evolution!

Martin Baker

Darwinists like Dikes

Dear Christian friends,

Did you know that the teaching of evolution in our classrooms has led to such horrors as the feminist movement and lesbianism in America? Before Darwin’s dreadful idea, women were quite happy at home in the kitchens and living rooms while men went to the workplace each day to win the bread.  This, dear friends, was a True Christian society. God created man for certain tasks and women for certain tasks. Women are meant for domestic labor such as cooking,cleaning, and childbirth, and men are meant for hard work in the field. Look at our bodies. They’re absolutely designed for these different tasks. Men are hard and muscular, while women are soft and sweet.  Different bodies for different tasks. Our Heavenly Father is certainly a great Designer, and had the family unit in mind when he designed men and women differently. This, boys and girls, is why marriage is only and will only ever be between a man and a woman. No man on man, no man on boy, no man on dog, no girl on girl, no woman on donkey.  Man on woman sexuality, within marriage, is the only non-sinful sexuality.

What happened when Darwinism came into the world? Women rejected their traditional roles, leading Roseanne the mother to turn into Rosie the Riveter. The teaching of Darwinism led to the so-called “liberation” of women, who are now raped and left chained in basements by freaks far more often than before Darwin because now women feel like they can stay outside of the home and have sex with whoever they please.  It is this Darwinian mentality that leads to all of the world’s evils. And women are in deep trouble, right now, because they have rejected God’s plan for them.  It is a shame that after Eve got Adam thrown from the Garden of Eden by sharing the apple, today’s men are now condemning well-meaning women to hell by leading them to reject traditional Godly roles.

Without Satan, there is no apple. Without the apple, there is no Fall. Without the Fall, there is no Darwin. Without Darwin, there is no liberation of women.  Don’t you see that Satan himself is behind this breakdown in traditional gender roles?  We must reject the so-called liberation of women (and faggotization of men).  We must cling to our True Biblical beliefs in these trying times.

The teaching of Darwinism leads people to believe that they can act like monkeys, because the teaching of Darwinism leads people to believe that they came from monkeys. And what do monkeys do? They bounce and they bang and they screw and they suck and they just have sex with everybody. Don’t believe me folks? Look up the bonobo. They have orgies all the time. In fact, their entire society is based on them. And not just heterosexual orgies either. They have homosexual ones too!

This acceptance of evolution by today’s teens has led to abominations such as Katy Perry kissing a girl (and liking it).  Does this look natural to you boys and girls? Look at it!:

Katy Perry doing sinful things


Why does this send shivers to our spines (and blood to the crotches of impressionable young boys who might be led astray by this evil deed)?  Because this comes straight from Satan. Not just from Satan, but from Satan through Darwin.  This does not come from Jesus, boys and girls:

what happens when we teach Darwin in our classrooms


This is sinful stuff. And Darwinists like lesbians. Just look at the sheer number of google searches referring to lesbianism. take a walk through google images, and see the smut that comes up when you search it. I did, but I was doing the work of the Lord so it wasn’t sinful. Why? Because I did it with pure thoughts and hands above the table.

We must put an end to the myth of the “liberated” woman, who is only leading herself straight to the pit of hell.  This is where the orgiastic, orgasmic obsession with Satan, Darwin, and all things demonic will lead us. Don’t believe me? Here is photographic proof, a woman embracing her role as a victim of Satan:

this demonic woman is going straight to hell.


We must return to a pre-Darwinian world where men and women accepted and respected their traditional roles. We must reject the evils wrought upon society by Darwin and Satan. No more kissing lesbians. No more Satanic whores of Babylon. Let us take back woman for Jesus. Let us take back this world for Christ.

Yours in Christ,


your True Christian friend (along with Martin) at http://www.creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com