The fossils say no to evolution!

Satan is the author of evilution!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that evolution is a lie created by Satan and given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to lead us to Hell? That’s right boys and girls! As True Christian scientist Kent Hovind tells us, the damnable doctrine of Darwinism has been with us since Eve’s transgression in the Garden of Eden. With one bite of the apple, Adam and Eve came to believe that they could progressively evolve to be greater than God, and Satan began to use that belief to shake man’s faith in God.

Kent Hovind knows that Darwinism is a lie!

In the 1800s, Satan created the doctrines of uniformitarianism, gradualism, millions of years, and biological evolution and used them to lead man further away from God and towards evil and sin. Satan used Charles Lyell, James Hutton, and Charles Darwin to shake man’s faith in God with the lies of science. Of course, Charles Darwin, who trained to be a minister, knew that his theory was false. Not only did Darwin say, in the Origin of Species itself, that the eye rendered his theory utterly untenable and stupid, but he also repented on his deathbed! Why? Because Darwin knew he had been doing the work of the Devil and was afraid of hell once he knew that his death was near.

Now let’s take a look at the biggest lie of Darwinism. The fossil record. The Darwinists actually believe that the fossil record supports evolution! That’s just stupid boys and girls. Evolution teaches that death is the cause of development and creation. Things die and those animals that make babies before dying pass on their genes. Evolution is a meaningless tautology! Survival of the fittest means survival of those that survive! That’s just nonsense. But onto the fossils.

Piltdown Man, a Darwinist fake!

The Darwinists lie about the fossils all the time! Look at Piltdown Man and Archaeoraptor! The Darwinists’ two only semi-good “transitional fossils” were both faked. Every other “transitional” fossil only showcases a transition within a kind, rather than between kinds. Everyone knows that microevolution happens. That was a mechanism created by God to allow the Created Kinds on the Ark to repopulate the Earth after Noah’s Flood. Macroevolution, however, is a fairy tale created by Satan and spread by the Darwinists to shake our faith in God. Macroevolution is not real and there is no evidence for it whatsoever!

nothing to see here boys and girls. Archaeopteryx is just a bird!

Archaeopteryx isn’t a missing link! It’s nothing more than a bird! It was a bird and will always be a bird! Just like Ambulocetus isn’t a “whale ancestor”, but rather a creation of God in its own special form. The Darwinists want us to believe that evolution is true, but there are millions of gaps in the fossil record! The Darwinists can’t explain that! Checkmate.

T-Rex ate Coconuts before the fall!

One of the favorite lies created by Darwinists is the claim that T-Rex’s sharp teeth disprove the Creation model. Why? Because according to them, T-Rex just couldn’t have been created to eat plants. But the Bible teaches that all animals were created in Eden, and there was no death before the Fall. How can we account for the sharp teeth of the Tyrannosaurus? They were used for cracking open coconuts, much like the toucan’s bill! Simple as Genesis 1:1! Don’t let the atheists lie to you. Creationism makes sense!

the bone that Jack Horner doesn’t want you to see!

Want to know something else cool about Tyrannosaurus Rex? Their fossils prove that the Earth is very young! Did you know that the Darwinists actually found preserved blood vessels and blood cells in Tyrannosaurus bones? That’s right! Jack Horney of the Museum of the Rockies and Jurassic Park discovered a T-Rex bone with soft tissue! This soft tissue can’t be millions of years old! It’s soft and spongy! It’s only a few thousand of years old at most, and was buried by the flood.

Duane T. Gish, Darwinist Double Agent

Did you know that Duane Gish was a Darwinist double agent working for the Devil? Gish was known for misquoting Darwinists and for quoting Darwinists out of context in his books. The Gish Gallop was a specific secret ploy by the Darwinists. Gish would quote scientists ridiculously out of context, in a manner which would be extremely easy to refute. Once the Darwinists “found” his out of context quotes, they would point their fingers and say “aha! The Creationists are lying for Jesus!” Gish was, in fact, an atheist in his later years blinded by money and Darwinist lies. These lies made people distrusting of Creationists in general, and led to the unlawful imprisonment of Kent Hovind, the removal of Creation Science from the classroom, and the popularity of the ungodly Cosmos series hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Agent of Satan! Duane Gish is being punished in Hell as we speak!

Haeckel’s Drawings were fake!

Want to see more proof that the Darwinists are ungodly? The paleontologists are hosting their annual ungodly get together with the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology in Hitler’s nation of Germany. Germany is where Archaeopteryx was discovered and twisted into a “missing link”. Germany is where Haeckel made his fake embryo drawings highlighted by Jonathan Wells in his wonderful book Icons of Evolution. Germany is where Darwinism was taken to its logical conclusion under Hitler’s Third Reich. Everyone knows it’s a very easy road from Darwin to Hitler.

The Cardiff Giant, a Biblical find!

What is the truth about the fossil record? The truth is, the world is very young, and the fossil record and Bible both prove this. The Cardiff Giant proves that the Nephilim and Giants written about in the Bible actually existed. The Cardiff Giant is one of these giants spoken about in the Bible. The Africans, savage though they may be, often speak of dinosaurs living in their midst. This is proof that they still live! The archaeological record is proof of dinosaurs and man living together, as is the fossil record. See pictures below:

Tah Prohm Temple, a dinosaur in life!

the Ica Stones from Peru!

dinosaur footprint with man footprint!

So how do Creationists account for the diversity of life and necessary post-flood radiation of life? The answer is simple. With Microevolution, or evolution within kinds! God granted all created kinds a plasticity of form. They can all change within kind, but never between kinds. It’s why the Darwinists have never found a crocoduck. The only transitional forms to be found have been evidence of transitions within kinds, never between. Don’t let the evolutionists fool you. There is NO evidence for millions of years of goo-to-zoo-to-you evolution! Darwinism is a lie created by Satan to lead you away from the Truth! Reject it at all costs!

this poverty-stricken child is a victim of Darwinism.

It is time to take back our classrooms for Jesus! Remove the Darwinist plague from the classroom! We must fight Darwinism with all our hearts. If we teach our children that they came from monkeys then they will act like monkeys. And that is why American society has gone straight to Hell. This Darwinist faith is responsible for the collapse of the American economy, the prevalence of abortions and rejected children, and the failure of America’s international image. We must defeat Darwinism and save America for Jesus!

From your friends,
Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

Evolution. It is the Stupidest Idea Ever!

Dear Heathens,

Why do you say that evolution is true when it is in fact just a theory. Only a theory! There is just not one darn shred of evidence to back up this pure speculation when in fact we see many people believing the Darwinist dogma. I will show you how stupid it is to believe it.

If we came from apes, then why do we not see apes giving birth to humans in the zoos? Why do you prefer to marry a human and not a chimpanzee from the zoo? Why do monkeys not talk if evolution is true? Why do we not see monkeys go to church or drive cars? If you have common sense, then you should see why it is hard to believe we come from apes.

Another problem with evolution is that we don’t see it happen. Scientists claim bacteria are “evolving” by becoming resistant to medicine, but that is just ridiculous. The bacteria are resistant to medicine, but they are not changing to anything new. Now that sounds dumb to say the bacteria are evolving. However, bacteria is not the only poster-child used by the evilutionists. If evolution is happening, then why are there no hybrids seen in the wild as we are told? Why do we see no crocoducks, fronkeys, half monkey-half human creatures, half elephent-half hippos, half flowers-half trees, or any other missing links that the scientists preach about? Why can’t fish turn into frogs? Why can’t giraffes continue to stretch their necks to become longer if evolution is true?

Bacteria are still the same when they become resistant to drugs!

Bacteria are still the same when they become resistant to drugs!



Evolutionists also try to use the fossils to support evolution. As creation scientist Duane Gish has said it, the fossils say no to evolution! Just look at the ceolocanth that is living today. Evolutionists have said that it was a “prehistoric” fish that lived for many millions of years ago, and that it survived the so-called extinction of the dinosaurs, but it remains completely unchanged! The living ceolocanth we see today is not different from the fossil ceolocanths, so the evolutionists have tried to use the term “living fossil” as a political move for having people believe in evolution. See the pictures and try convincing me evolution is happening!



It’s also claimed that the birds evolved from the dinosaurs. If this is true, then why are we not afraid of birds? How could a T.Rex or a Brontosaurus start chirping, pecking at things, and start flying? Brontosaurus was too heavy to fly, and T.Rex had those tiny arms that would make flying impossible. But there are more problems with the fossil record. “Lucy”, the claimed half human-half ape, is really the remains of an ape. Other evidence claimed to be half man-half monkey is likely to have been made in the basement, just like the Piltdown Man hoax which is just as convincing for evolution as Pokemon! The evilutionists will never tell you about the hoax, and they also will try to hide the fact that there are lots of gaps in the fossil record. As Gish has said it, the fossils say no!

Darwin was also a racist that believed evolution worked according to his idea as “Survival of the fittest” and believed in slavery. He also said evolution was about “preserving the better races for survival.” If evolution is true, then why are black people no longer enslaved? Why are black people allowed to own guns? Why are Asians and Mexicans doing well in the job markets? Why do we not see people of different races compete to the death in the workplace? These are questions that those who believe in evolution cannot answer.

But wait, here are some more questions that the evilutionists can’t address:

If evolution is true, then why does the Second Law of Thermodynamics make evolution impossible?

If evolution is true, then why do we not see it happen right now?

If evolution is true, shouldn’t we start acting like monkeys?

If evolution is true, then how did the banana evolve to fit the human hand?

If evolution is true, then why do we have evidence from The Bible that man and dinosaurs lived together?

If evolution is true, then how did the Big Bang happen from nothing?

If evolution is true, then why is it not mentioned in The Bible?

If evolution is true, then why did Adolf Hitler fail to make a superior race during World War 2?

If evolution is true, then why do we go to church and believe in Jesus?

If evolution is true, then why is Richard Dawkins afraid to debate Ray Comfort on evolution?

If evolution is true, then why do we have speed limits and other established laws?

If evolution is true, then who is your savior?

If evolution is true, then why did Darwin call to the Lord for salvation before death?

If evolution is true, then would we consider racism, slavery, communism, gay marriages, Nazism, homosexuality, stealing, pornography, adultery, rape, and murder wrong?

If evolution is true, then why can’t white men compete to be as good as black people in basketball?

As you can see, evolution is just as fake as Santa Clause. Journals such as Science and Nature are deluded by the Devil, and they are used to publish the evil propaganda in order to brainwash the Christian public into rejecting God. The ACLU, Richard Dawkins, and coalitions of God-hating atheists are working together to have evolution taught in the classrooms, and This is exactly what Satan relishes. The only evidence we have ever seen for evolution comes from the fantasy cartoon Pokemon and Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars. And that is all made-up stuff from Hell!




Check out the websites Answers in Genesis, Creation Today, The Institute of Creation Research, Way of the Master, Landoverbaptist, and Creation Science Defense to get more information on why evolution is wrong. There are also outstanding scholars such as Ken Ham, Eric Hovind, Ray Comfort, Jonathen Sarfati, Michael Oard, Henry Morris, William Dembski, Duane Gish, Kent Hovind, Edward Current, Mike Riddle, and other scientists that speak out the truth for true science. It’s time for us to fight evolution since it teaches us to act as if there is no God watching us and that we can do whatever sins we desire. Believing in evolution has resulted in rape, racism, homosexuality, Satanism, atheism, bullying in the schools, pornography distributed in the churches, heathenism, drug usage, alcoholism, demoncrats, the election of Obama as President, Communism, Fascism, and other SINS. Right now, Satan is looking over America as we know it and we must not let this go unchallenged. The secular media continues to feed into what the Devil relishes, and we must never forget why Jesus had to put himself on the cross for us. Stop the deluded scientists from taking America away from Christ!

Your friends in Christ,
Jim Salouki and Martin Baker

Duane T. Gish in Hell

Greetings true Christians!

Today I want to talk to you about the unfortunate postmortem fate of deceased Creation Scientist, Dr. Duane T. Gish, of the Institute for Creationist Research. As many of you know, Dr. Gish died on March 6th of this year. I have prayed heavily about Gish, and the Holy Spirit has guided me to the following conclusion. Duane T. Gish, once a True Christian, forsake God and died without the friendship of Christ. In his pursuit for fame, Dr. Gish forgot the Biblical message of honesty, and often took to lying and distorting facts in an attempt to line his own pockets and make fools of the evilutionists. My brothers and sisters in Christ, it deeply saddens me to inform you that today, this very instant that you are reading this post, Dr. Gish is most likely burning in the fires of hell. This shows us how far one can fall from grace when one rejects the Truth of the Bible.

What happened with Dr. Gish? Gish started out as a True Christian soldier, often arguing heavily with evolutionists, and in fact, most of the time, besting them in debate. However, later in his career, Dr. Gish became increasingly known for his dishonesty. Gish would debate an evilutionist such as Michael Shermer, Shermer would point out an error in Gish’s presentation, and the very next night, Gish would repeat the exact same presentation, without correcting the errors that he was made aware of. This is both sloppy science and dishonest debate. It is clear that, unlike true Christian scientists such as Ken Ham and Kent Hovind, that Gish preferred to lie and invent facts rather than appeal to the Truth of science and Scripture. There is plenty of scientific evidence against evolution and in favor of a young Earth, yet Gish continuously resorted to misquoting evilutionists and twisting facts. Why did Dr. Gish do this? The answer is clear. Gish cared more about lining his own pockets than he did about proving the Truth of the Bible. The Lord, our Savior, Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross at Calvary and rose from the dead to defeat death, does not need false prophets. Indeed, He once told us that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a wealthy man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. And Dr. Gish was, by all accounts, a very wealthy man. Combined with a life rife with dishonesty, it is clear that Dr. Gish is, most likely, in hell.

Gish’s story is a sad story, but one which we, as Christians, must consider. Gish started out as a True Christian. It is clear from his early work that he truly DID believe in God, and sought to fight for Christ. However, at some point in his career, his attention shifted from Christ to cash. I personally believe that this shift occurred shortly after his debate with Ian Plimer, in which Plimer offered Gish a live wire and the opportunity to electrocute himself with the “theory of electricity”. You can still easily find this “Gish-Plimer debate” on youtube. Dr. Gish was never quite the same after this incident. I believe his faith was shaken by Plimer, and this led Gish to question the Truth of the Bible. Yet after this moment, Gish continued to operate publically as a Creationist, lying ostensibly for Jesus and making a bad name for True Christians such as Martin, myself, and many of our readers. Gish is burning in hell as we speak because he mis-used God and the Bible for his own economic gain in life. Do not follow his lead into hell dear readers.

What can we learn from the sad fate of Dr. Gish? Any True Christian can be led astray by earthly temptations. Satan is heavily active in the world, even today. We must fight against his influence in our own lives and in the lives of our loved ones. We must be ever vigilant in the fight against Satan. It’s time to take back the world for Jesus. It’s time to take back America for Christ.

From your friends at Creation Science Study,

Jim and Martin.

Evolution is just another dumb religion!

Dear fellow Christians in Christ,

Why should we believe in evolution when we are told constantly that it is just a theory? We know that Charles Darwin gave up on evolution, which we know is only a theory, and accepted Jesus on his deathbed, but we still have people today that teach this theory in the public and use it to indoctrinate the public schools and universities. That is to say that evolution has a cult following because there are scientists that act as prophets to spread the message, and that there is a large following of people that want the word to be spread. The large following ranges from rebellious high school kids to college students and confused Christians. As truthful Christians, we should not let this go unchallenged. We must take a stand for Christ because he decided to take a stand for us on the cross.

Just as many false religions such as Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Mormonism, and many others have their own texts, evolution also has many texts that come in the form of science books and magazine articles in order for it to be religiously spread to the public. The books are often distributed just like bibles. Evolution also has many messengers that are responsible for preaching the message to the public in order to brainwash the public. Godless scientists such as Atheist Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, Lawrence Krauss, PZ Meyers, Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Francis Collins have preached evolution throughout the secular media and have sold books to make sure that their dogma is spread so that many people can reject God.

Here are some of the godless works of the heathen scientists that Christians should watch out for:

Now let’s look further into evolution. Evolution has made weird claims that everything in the universe came out of nothing without a creator, that we evolved from monkeys despite the fact that there are still monkeys existing, and that all life came from some sludge on the surface of a pond. I have observed pond scum and haven’t seen it change into a frog or any other animal, and I know this is impossible because the Six Day Creation account from the Book of Genesis tells me so, and I have noticed how a pocket watch cannot spontaneously form by itself without a creator. We have never seen planets forming from dust in space, we know that the Piltdown Man and the Cardiff Giant were just fabricated hoaxes for the human evolution myth, and that it is impossible for chimpanzees to give birth to human beings. If the universe formed after some “Big Bang” explosion, then how come we have perfectly round planets in space? You can’t see something perfectly round like a basketball or a bowling ball form after a piece of dynamite blows up a slab of rubbish. It’s just smaller broken pieces that can’t assemble into round objects. Overall, these claims require faith since their is no evidence to back these silly claims.

Physicist Lawrence Krauss claims that you can get a universe out of nothing without a creator. He also preaches his personal beliefs and faith to the atheistic crowd. Really? Was he ever there to prove it? Of course not! Read the book of Genesis.

Richard Dawkins, who is the Jerry Springer of atheism, claims you can still believe in evolution and be a Christian! However, from his book “The Blind Watchmaker”, 1986, he says that “Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.” Richard Dawkins has also done many campaigns across America to spread atheism with Darwinism. He spoke to over 20,000 evolutionists at The Reason Rally in Washington D.C., which were in fact just atheists that were newly converted after reading fraudulent material that isn’t approved by true scientists of Answers in Genesis. Other evolutionist scientists that claim to be Christian, such as Francis Collins and Kenneth Miller, are likely to be closeted atheists that are spreading the Darwinian agenda.

There are many gaps in evolution. Evolutionist Niles Eldridge says in his book, “The Monkey Business: An Evolutionist looks at Creationism,” 1982, “There are all sorts of gaps: absence of gradationally intermediate ‘transitional’ forms between species, but also between larger groups – between, say, families of carnivores, or the orders of mammals. In fact, the higher up the Linnaean hierarchy you look, the fewer transitional forms there seem to be.” Douglas Futuyama says that “Undeniably, the fossil record has provided disappointingly few gradual series. The origins of many groups are still not documented at all” from his book “Science on Trial: The Case for Evolution, 1983.” J. Cracaft  says in “Systematics, Comparative Biology, and the Case Against Creationism,” 1983, “It should come as no surprise that it would be extremely difficult to find a specific fossil species that is both intermediate in morphology between two other taxa and is also in the appropriate stratigraphic position.” The fossil record that the evolutionists use for evolution is full of gaps, and the Creation scientist Duane Gish has told us many times that the fossils just say NO to evolution. But how do the evilutionists try to fix this problem? They hire artists to make illustrations of creatures that never existed! Look at these illustrations made below:

Overall, evolution is a faith based initiative and just another religion that has caused so many problems throughout history. From Hitler’s founding of the Nazi Party to pornography, teenage sexuality, homosexuality, doubting the One and True Creator, atheism, the rise of the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union, the election of Obama and Jimmy Carter as presidents, hate, drug usage, racism, and the other bad fruits from the Tree of Evolution, we must take action to fight Satan and chop down the tree.

Jesus has always instructed us that trees which produce bad fruit must be chopped down and cast into the fire. Evolution assumes that you can use absurd faith to believe that everything is changing when we know it is scientifically impossible. The claims made by the evolutionists compare to the Mormons believing that God lives somewhere on a remote planet in space, and so on. You can get the picture of how ridiculous evolution is. The faith in evolution has never produced any miracles that Christianity has produced. We know Christianity is real since the image of Jesus has appeared in random places, that there is the Shroud of Turin that proves he died on the cross for us, that Darwin converted to Christianity, that evolution has never been proven, and that Christianity has more followers and is still rising compared to other religions. The only example of evolution we have ever seen was from the Japanese cartoon Pokemon, which is demonic and ungodly. It’s no wonder that Ray Comfort thinks that all the atheists are just bananas!

Your fellows in Christ,

Martin and Jim

Evolution. So stupid, even a caveman can laugh at it.

Dear readers,

If evolution were true, then why are there still Black people in America? The evolutionists teach that people of different races are evolved for different places, and that white people are far higher evolved than their non-white kin. This is truly racist, and truly stupid. But, for your viewing pleasure, I will show you one of their examples of this bullshittery:


Note how the White person is compared to a Greek statue while the Black person is compared to a Chimpanzee. This is clearly racist, and clearly nonsense.  After all, the Bible teaches us that ALL of humanity was created by God, through a lovingly scripted, perfect creative act.  The evolutionists would teach us that blacks are inferior to whites. So when slavery ended in America and the importation of African slaves was ended, Black people should have gone extinct  in the Americas. Did this happen? NO! Just look at any sports team or inner city, or the American White House. These people are everywhere. Just like white people and Asians.  Non-whites are not going extinct in America. If evolution were true, then white people would drive all non-white races to extinction all across the world.

And hey, if evolution were true, then how come nobody has ever found a crocoduck?  These things are things we should expect to find if evolution were true. We should find creatures such as this one:


If evolution were true, we would expect to find millions and billions of these hybrids. We find none. And here’s another question, if man came from monkeys, then how come we still have monkeys?  Can’t answer that honestly, can you evolutionists? If evolution were true, man would have driven the monkey into extinction.

Here’s something else to think about. If evolution were true, then the world would have to be billions of years old. But its not. Answers in Genesis and the ICR have clearly documented the fact that the world is thousands, not millions or billions, of years old.  These are True Christian thinkers not corrupted by Satan or bribed into lies by the American Academy of Stalinists (scientists).  Evolution is a lie boys and girls. Don’t let your children be deluded by the evolutionists. There are true Christian scientists such as Ken Ham, Michael Oard, John Baumgardner,  Duane Gish, and Kent Hovind who have done real science, but are being censored by the atheistic “mainstream” scientific establishment. The real truth is out there. You just won’t find it in the pages of “Nature”.

If evolution happens, how come nobody has ever seen a human baby coming from a chimp or a chimp baby coming out of a human?

If evolution happens, then what do fish evolve into?

If evolution happens, then how come the only time we see it is on pokemon?

If evolution happens, then how come we still need police?

If evolution happens, then why aren’t people born wearing clothes?

If evolution happens, then how come people are still born blind or deaf?

If evolution happens, then why are Canadians terrible at every sport except for hockey?

If evolution happens, then how come we don’t see monkeys typing Shakespeare?

If evolution happens, then how come B-52s aren’t spontaneously created by tornados in junkyards?

Evolution is stupid. Evolution is a lie.  Reject the sin of evolution and embrace the Truth of the Bible.

From your friends at Creation Science Study.