Stop Jurassic Park 4 from being made

Dear friends,

Spielberg is working with the secular media once again to declare war on Christians and to promote evolution to brainwash the public, as well as to have evolution taught in the Sunday Schools. As Christians, we must take a stand for Christ and fight the unholy smut that Hollywood likes to throw onto Christians. Read the Christian review on Jurassic Park, and take action now.

Also check out the reviews on The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Toy Story, and Star Wars to learn how Hollywood likes to offend Christians.

The Rocky Horror Satan Show

Greetings True Christians.

Tonight I would like to warn all of you about the sinful, Satanic, homosexually explicit Rocky Horror Picture Show.  In this film, we see two homoerotic young nymphomaniacs, Brad and Janet, get hitched after seeing a friend’s wedding.  The presentation of this wedding is Satanic enough; first, the wedding car has a banner which reads “she got hers now he’ll get his”, an obvious sexual reference.  When Brad asks Janet to marry him, he draws a heart….on a church door. You do not disrespect the Lord, our God, who led the Israelites out of slavery, in such a fashion.  See the movie on TV? then you’ve been spared some of the horror. I’ll explain later.

Anyway, after Brad and Janet get engaged, they go driving and get a flat tire, with Richard Nixon’s resignation speech playing on the car radio.  What sinful thoughts hath the directors wrought? Why use Nixon, an obvious agent of Satan? Why not just play some good Christian Gospel music?

Anyway, Brad and Janet see a light “over at the Frankenstein place” and go to this creepy castle.  A hunched over blonde haired man with long hair answers the door. First, it is sinful for men to have long hair. I know this because I asked the Holy Spirit.  Images of Jesus with long hair? Totally false.  Go ahead, pray about it. Second, this man has incestuous relationships with his sister. They kiss on screen, and do this creepy, strange thing called “elbow sex”, if I am to trust the chants of the viewers in the theater. What horror!

Once inside, Brad and Janet witness the “Transylvanians” (from Transexual, Transylvania…an obvious homosexual reference), doing the “Time Warp”, an obviously Satanic dance, as evidenced by it’s orgiastic content (“pelvic thrust!!”) and circles of doom.  Then the true horrors begin.

Tim Curry, “Dr. Frankenfurter”, appears. In drag. As a Transvestite. Wearing women’s lingerie. Don’t believe me? See for yourselves:

This is terrifyingly horrid.  Not only that, but “Frankenfurter” plays God, by creating his own personal sexual toy, a blonde haired man named Rocky.  Rocky is a fine muscular specimen, but no man should lie with another man in bed.  Yet this is what Frankenfurter plans for Rocky.  Later in the film, Rocky plays with Janet’s breasts while she sings “touch me I want to be dirty”, while Frankenfurter does his sinful deeds to Brad in a pink room, initially posing as Janet but later giving Brad what appears to be a “blowjob”. We also find out that Rocky is Frank’s second creation, following “Eddie”, played by Meatloaf.  Frank kills Eddie, and claims it to be a “mercy killing”. This is a clear affront to God! Only God can decide who lives and who dies! It is not Frank’s place to decide whether Eddie should live! And later in the film, at Rocky’s “birthday party” (or should we say “rainbow party”), they actually EAT Eddie, a reference to eating Meatloaf.  Meatloaf is an unclean meat! It is made by re-packaging scrap meat and creating something artificial out of something natural. The cannibalism reference is clearly sinful as well, but I delve less into that since all true Christians can see the sinful nature of it.

Other problems with the film: The film suggests that extraterrestrial life exists. The film shows constant gay pride references such as rainbows and speakers mounted on Greek statues of naked males. The film also shows a man laying with another man. The film also shows a man taking God’s place by creating another man. The film also mocks the Sacred, Holy vow of Marriage.  The film was given an “R” rating. I would give it an “S” rating, for Satanic.

I could go on for hours about the evils of the film itself, but given the absolutely hilariously poor quality of filming and set construction, the creators of the film obviously would not care enough to listen.

What I will critique here is the Satanic goings-ons at Rocky Horror Picture Show showings in theaters. Ever seen it in a theater? Don’t! Here are the problems:

First, every single viewer is slapped with a sexual toy, a “dildo” as their “virginity” is symbolically taken away. This is a clearly Satanic ritual.

Second, viewers scream obscenities at the film throughout the film in an organized, ritualistic fashion. This clearly shows the Satanic nature of the film. And yes, Janet might be a “slut”, but do we really need to hear it every time her name is mentioned?

Third, people throw food around the theater, wasting valuable rice and toast and hot dogs that would serve a far better purpose in the bellies of our poor.

Fourth, people actually DRESS UP as these characters! There are numerous men in drag at every showing, making the theater itself a homosexual breeding ground of orgies and sin.  Do you really want to be caught up in this mess?

Fifth, people actually engage in the “Time Warp”.  They do this Satanic dance as one large Satanic group. This is clearly sinful.  Don’t they know that there is only One True God, and that God is the True God, and not Satan?

I could go on for hours about this Satanic film.  Why is Tim Curry in drag? Why does Rocky play with the breasts of a woman who is engaged to be married? Why does “Riff Raff” have “elbowsex” with his sister?  Why do Brad and Janet run around in their underwear? Why do the stars in the film practice ritualized cannibalism onscreen? Why does everyone in the film wear lingerie? Why is there Satanic dancing? Why is there orgiastic homoerotic overtures throughout the film? The answer is clear. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was inspired by none other than Satan himself.

We must reject the ways of Satan and all his demons. We must reject the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We must, as True Christians, stand in unity against the sinful ways of this film and all of its viewers. We must protect the True Christian faith held by many Americans, as evidenced by the fact that more than 50 % of all Americans believe that the Earth was Created a few thousand years ago by our God (as it Truly was).  We must combat the sinful ways of our theaters. We must take back the theater for Christ.

From your friend

Jim Solouki

And remember, boys and girls:

If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. Leviticus 20:13 KJV)