Burning in hell for all eternity for imaging that there’s no heaven


I don’t care who you are, that’s funny.

Know Jesus, and save yourself from following in Lennon’s footsteps.

With Christ, you can be live for an eternity in Paradise.

Without Christ, you will burn forever in Hell.

Make the right choice.

Imagine there’s a heaven.

Accept Him.

24 thoughts on “Irony

  1. jr says:

    What kind of sick person laughs at the idea of another person being tortured?

    • Dear friend,

      Lennon blissfully rejected Jesus. He is only getting what is coming to Him. The Bible gives us a true way to Salvation. Reject that True Path, and go straight to Hell. It’s as simple as that. Lennon rejected God in this life, and got extremely wealthy for it. Where did that get him? Straight to hell. Don’t follow him there. accept Jesus into your heart.


      • Steve says:

        If Jesus really does love me then he won’t send me to Hell.

        If Jesus sends me to Hell, then he really doesn’t love me.

      • if you openly reject Him, then by sending you to hell He is giving you what you want. That’s love.

      • What If I don’t even know that he exists? For example, in the rural areas in some countries where there isn’t much christians running around talking about Jesus.

        If we are sent to hell because we don’t even know he exists, Jesus/God doesn’t really love us.

      • You can’t change what has been said. You said a man burning in Hell is funny. As a christian, you are supposed to feel sorry for him. Uet you laughed at him. You aren’t very christian for a christian. So here’s a song i think that kinda synced up here. Holier Than Thou, by Metallica.

        No more!
        The crap rolls out your mouth again
        Haven’t changed, your brain is still gelatin
        Little whispers circle around your head
        Why don’t you worry about yourself instead

        Who are you? where ya been? where ya from?
        Gossip burning on the tip of your tongue
        You lie so much you believe yourself
        Judge not lest ye be judged yourself

        Holier than thou
        You are
        Holier than thou
        You are

        You know not

        Before you judge me take a look at you
        Can’t you find something better to do
        Point the finger, slow to understand
        Arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand

        It’s not who you are it’s who you know
        Others lives are the basis of your own
        Burn your bridges build them back with wealth
        Judge not lest ye be judged yourself

        Holier than thou
        You are
        Holier than thou
        You are

        You know not

        Yeah who the hell are you?
        Hey yo

        Holier than thou
        You are
        Holier than thou
        You are

        You know not


        For those of you who wanna hear The song, here.


      • Hey made his own choice to go to hell. It’s his own fault.

      • Even still, you claim a loving gid but tou laugh as he casts them into a fiery pit. You are not very christian.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This was posted within an hour of my comments.

    Your caption not so subtly echoes my own words.

    I ask you, please, respect others beliefs, and they will respect yours.

    That same 16 year old heathen who should be going to bed now

    P.S. John Lennon is pretty damn cool

    • Anonymous says:

      One addition: never, ever find joy in the suffering of others. Never wish harm upon another person unless you are prepared for their retaliation.

      • You are a far better person than Jim. You are level. Reasonable. Jim is not. He is a fanatic who will always run away when he knows he cannot win. Good on you, Anonymous. Good on you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have read dozens of your posts by now, which have lead me to one inescapable fact.

    I posted here to spark a rational dialogue. From what I have read, rationality seems to be lacking in your mind.

    I highly recommend considering what the consequences of your actions are.

    You have angered and disturbed a great many people, including myself.

    This isn’t about “saving” people or religion.

    It’s about that tiny modicum of respect for any person that YOU so clearly lack.

    So ponder on that, and maybe you’ll shut down this blog and learn how to respect others. If a sixteen year old “heathen” can, you surely can too.

    • Trust me, all you can hope to do is get as many people to oppose him as possible. His dumb ass will never stop, and he sure as hell will never give logical discussion. Science my ass.

      • Amen to that not important. I will never stop, because I am doing the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.


      • Yes, amen to the fact that you have ultimately made a site that is so filled with atheists that they make you look idiotic at every turn. No matter what you do, no one wants to hear you. No one cares. So good luck. You will be perseverent. But that makes you no less of a retard. Tell me, how many christian praises have you recieved compared to atheists proving you wrong?

      • Also, I love how you used the term imagine. Yes, imagining heaven is all we can do. It isn’t real. I can imagine Narnia too. Wish that were real, too, but it ain’t. Hell, Narnia sounds better. At least there’s some conflict that will make it interesring.

  4. Martin Baker says:

    Heaven is REAL, heathen! Sin all you want by rejecting God and imagining Narnia, but you will learn the truth when you see God the day you die.

    • Amen brother Martin. we must stone the atheists with our True Christian words.

    • Hahahaaa, oh, shit that’s funny! Ahhhh… Good joke man. I don’t believe in Narnia, but it would be pretty damn cool. If there was a church for that that actually had a path to Narnia you could enter, hiwever, K would legitly sign up in a heartbeat just to hang out with the Jesus-allegory lion. Which reminds me, when are you going to make a “Narnia is Satan” post? Dude, Jim, get on that shit, i wanna laugh my ass off watching you make up religious-sounding stuff against it! Dude, do it. Spread the trollage! I’ll help. I’ll act like Martin here and act like I’m actually religious. C’mon man, it’ll be legit!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m imagining Narnia.

      Actually I’m watching the first movie.

      GOOOOOOOOO ASLAN!!!!!!!!

    • Larry says:

      Narnia what???

  5. Ben gorry says:

    Your full of shit. Lennon is the god of modern music. There is no heaven when you die you die. Stop grasping onto something that isn’t there because your life is worthless and shit. And if god did exist how would he feel about you slagging off the people he “created” pin his own image. You bad god follower.

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