Why Islam Fails

Dear Christian friends,

Today we will look briefly at the failures of Islam, a heathen religion.  First, Muslims worship Muhammad, this guy they believe that they can’t represent in art or drawings because he’s some kind of God Prophet thing.  And if you do show a picture of Muhammad, you will not go to Muslim heaven with 72 virgins.  First off, here’s Muhammad.

If Allah is the true God then why am I still here?

Allah didn’t smite me down.  Therefore, Our God, Yahweh, the True Christian and Jewish God, is the correct God.  The Muslims use a bastardized version of Yahweh, call it Allah, and use it to enact violence on other people.  Muslim actually kill people for Muhammad.  In fact, these Muslim Islamic terrorists are willign to blow themselves up on street corners for Muhammad.  Let us stop this incessant suicide violence. Let us declare a Crusade against Islam.

This is what Muslims believe heaven is like:


Look at those sluts! You die a muslim, you believe you get 72 of them!  Doesn’t sound like heaven for the women, unless they’re bisexual, which they probably are, being heathens. And if you die a muslim, you are going nowhere other than Hell where you will find Mohammed boiling in a sea of flames.

This is what Christian heaven looks like:


Looks like a nice peaceful place to spend Eternity, basking in the glory of God.

Now ask yourselves, where would you rather spend eternity? That’s right, in Christian heaven, where you won’t get herpes or spirit AIDS from having orgies with heathens.

Why do Muslims cover the bodies of their women on Earth when they want them to be sluts in the afterlife? To save their virginity until after death!

Now here’s the problem with Islam.  Islam KILLS people. Christianity saves people. Christians have charities to feed starving baby boys and girls in places like Africa and Peru.  Muslims have charities like Al Quaeda that they use to kill innocent Americans.  Christ teaches us to be peaceful and loving towards all, but also to be strict with heathens so that they might see the light of Christ.  Islam teaches one to kill everything that is not Islam.  What sounds like the true religion of peace to you? That’s right, Christianity.

Islam fails because it is a heathenistic bastardization of the Christian God that strives for nothing less than the murder of innocent millions.  Islam fails because it claims that Christ is a “good man” rather than the Son of God. Islam fails because it does not teach pure Biblical Truths! Islam fails because the Quran is not from God but rather from Satan! Yes folks! The Quran was inspired by Satan himself to lead the faithful away from their True Christian faith.

Islam fails because its followers worship a moon god and don’t believe in Jesus! Islam fails because its followers are violent Arab terrorists who oppress women and are intolerant of other faiths. Islam fails because Islam is not built upon the word of God, but rather upon the words of man and Satan. Let us declare a war on Islam. Let us take back these souls for Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

17 thoughts on “Why Islam Fails

  1. Reason says:

    Yahweh didn’t smite the other Muslims? Then Allah must the true god!
    (See how that argument just gets blown away like dust in the wind?)

    • Dude, this is excellent! I lost it at “spirit AIDs”. Such beautiful trollage. I swear, at some point I will act like a crazy fundamentalist to make the chat boards funnier.

  2. Balance says:

    This does not in anyway show Islam at all. In fact this is ALL false and should be removed before more people are offended. First of all, Muslim’s believe Muhammad PBUH is the last messenger of God. We believe Muhammad PBUH was just human. We do not draw the Prophet PBUH because if we do people will start worshipping the person and that to us is wrong. Secondly, the God muslims believe in is Allah which comes from the word Al ilah, in arabic meaning “the God”. This God is the abrahamic God that sent down the scriptures to Moses PBUH and Jesus PBUH. Furthermore, muslims do not strive to go to heaven to get 72 virgins (in fact 72 is a number made up by people so they may control the image of Muslims) but rather we strive to get closer to Allah and that is what Islam is. It is Submission to the One True God and the practices in Islam are to do good to other people, to be peaceful (we are FORBIDDEN to fight unless you are being fought against), and to love everything that Allah has granted us to strengthen the relationship we have with God. Next, the heaven that Moses PBUH talked about, the heaven Jesus PBUH talked about, and the heaven in Islam are the one and the same place because it was revealed to the Prophets by the One True God. Next, you say “Islam kills people.” Islam does not kill people, it preaches peace, love for EVERYONE, and that those who transgress from peace deserve and get hell. Those terrorists are not true Muslims, they are criminals… the same way there can be a Christian criminal, but the media wants you to know “Muslim = Terrorist.” Now, i agree, christianity does encourage charity, but also Islam. In fact, one of the five pillars of Islam (i.e. it is mandatory for a Muslim) is Zakat. It is the act of giving to the needy. The rich in Islam MUST give to the poor. A muslim cannot allow a human sleep on an empty stomach while they themselves sleep with no hunger. Islam is a religion that has succeeded. We know it has succeeded because those who follow it are oppressed. Because in this world the bad are given power and this is the way of life. And like in every religion there are bad and there are good and Islam does not escape that. Neither does Christianity or Judaism. The difference between you and I is but a line… we both believe in the miraculous birth of Jesus PBUH, we both believe that he has received the word of God… for you he is the son of God and to me Jesus PBUH is but a man, a prophet of the One true God. I do not worship what you worship, nor do you worship what I worship, nor will we be worshippers of what you worship, nor will you be worshippers of what I worship, for you is your religion, and for me is my religion. And i believe that you and me could coexist in harmony because we are both charitable, we both search for truth, and we both demand justice. Just please, do not offend us because we have no intentions in offense and we put all our intentions in peace.

  3. Martin Baker says:

    It’s time for us to take action and have the Muslims repent and follow the true Jesus. Let’s pray that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are making the muslims consider Christianity.

    • I worry about you though. At some points, you seem serious. Dude, if you are legit, I worry for the world, and I worry that Jim’s fake rants are attracting the wrong crowd. If not, add something a little more out there to make it seem crazy, but believable enough that christians will truly see the flaw in religion. What you said is just kinda assholish. Unless that’s what you were going for, that christians are assholes. Then you did good.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Islam kills people.”

    “Let’s declare war on Islam.”

    Hypocrisy much?

    I seem to remember a little incident called the dark ages several hundred years ago… Look into it!

    • Martin Baker says:

      We had the Dark Ages because Islam was declaring war on Christianity!

      • Karsten Steinmeyer says:

        No we had the dark ages because we let religion rule the world you little prick. I’m atheist but if someone’s religious idgf what religion they are, they are a person and deserve to be treated like one unless they’re a self righteous ignorant intolerant moronic prick like yourself and Jim. Screw you man.

      • Karsten Steinmeyer says:

        AND Historicaly Islam is one of the most tolerant, peaceful religions ever. In the social class of the golden age of Islam it went: born into Islam; converts to Islam, Christians and Jews, commoners, slaves. They gave/give tax breaks to Christians and Jews because you all follow the same god, in fact the three monotheist religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) all branch from Abraham. They have been abused by Christians for hundreds of years and when a small group of them lashes back (I’m not saying its right) everyone thinks of Islam as a terrible religion. They have given us amazing advances in medicine, math and science from the golden age of Islam in fact the first university was made by Islamic people’s so next time you decide to rant on about something you now nothing about, do a little research at the library because the Internet is full of morons like yourselves and GET YOUR FREAKING FACTS STRAIGHT.

      • Islam can’t be tolerant if it glorifies terrorism, such as 9-11, and wants Christians to become Muslims. Get your facts straight!


      • Larry says:

        nobody takes seriously the term “Dark Ages”
        Islam declared war or maybe the Arabs and later the Turks declared war?
        And finally, note that sometimes happened to be peace and cooperation between Christian and Muslim countries even during middle-age, which permitted us to share their knowledge about Astronomy, Medicine and Mathematics (if you hate Muslims don’t write “0” or even the other 9 ARAB numbers…)

  5. This can't be a serious website says:

    This has to be a joke website

  6. Fuck You says:

    Its okay to post stuff about your religion. But it is not okay to post bad stuff about other religion without no proper facts. What did the other religion did to you? Honestly think about it!

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