Dunkin Doughnuts, REPENT! Keep Richard Dawkins out of Christmas.

Dear Christians,

We continue to live in a world where we walk in the footsteps of Jesus and live in daily persecution like he did when he was preaching the Gospels. Every December that is supposed to remember Christ’s birth is heavily mocked by heathens that take many forms: atheists, muslims, gays, the Anti Christian Lawyers Union, Pagans, and the demoncrats. Together, these God mockers helped create an unholy attack on Christians known as “The War on Christmas.”

Not too long ago, a popular business, Dunkin Doughnuts, has joined the War on Christmas by handing out offensive coffee cups with atheist apostle Richard Dawkins on it waving his middle finger! Richard Dawkins is responsible for embracing evilution over Jesus and wanting to indoctrinate our children into believing the goo turned into monkeys and then us. Why can’t Dunkin Doughnuts put a nativity scene onto the cups and make their employees greet their costumers with “Merry Christmas” as Jesus wanted?



We know that Dunkin Doughnuts was inspired by the ungodly deeds of Starbucks who also decided to insult us Christians by handing out coffee cups saying the offensive “Happy Holidays.” Let’s also not forget that the demoncrat Obama also contributed to the War on Christmas by hosting a “Holiday Dance”,  acknowledging atheists and other sinners who worship false gods, not mentioning Jesus or Christians, and replacing Christ with Santa who was based off the infamous Anti Christian Karl Marx. We know that Obama did this as an ungodly gesture to not only offend Christians but also to smoothly transition the end of his term to the ungodly adultery billionaire Donald Trump into the White House, which should have been handed over to the One and Only True Candidate of God, Rick Santorum.


As Christians, we continue to live in persecution from the everyday evils planted by Satan. Satan has his eye over America after the disastrous election that excluded Rick Santorum and guaranteed more attacks on our Conservative Judeo Christian Values. We must continue to take a stand for Christ as he did for us and we must cut down the Tree of Evil that bears bad fruit and burn it until its branches whither. And remember, keep Christ in Christmas.


Merry Christmas Button

Martin Baker

God Hates Minecraft!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that there is a ungodly game where evil Mormons and atheists can create their own heathen universes through the use of genetic modification and building blocks? Did you know that pedophiles and child predators like Andrew Hartung are using this game to feed upon innocent children?  Did you know that this ungodly and satanic game embraces pornography, Darwinism, and the ungodly heathen Mormon belief that we may one day become “gods” of our own planets and create our own universes? What game am I talking about? I’m talking about the Minecraft!

This ungodly Satanic castle is of the Devil!

This ungodly Satanic castle is of the Devil!

Proof that Minecraft is of Satan!

Proof that Minecraft is of Satan!

A Minecrafter....30 seconds after death.

A Minecrafter….30 seconds after death.

Did you know that Minecraft is filled with perversion, pornography, and other hedonistic ungodly smut? That’s right, boys and girls! Not only do pedophiles and Catholic priests use Minecraft to lure their victims into danger, but many innocent boys and girls are introduced to the evil and sinful pornography industry through Minecraft. Did you know that many Minecrafters spend much of their ungodly Minecrafting time making evil and crude penises out of the Minecraft blocks? Did you know that Satan loves nothing more than young girls being introduced to the penis at an early and impressionable age? Did you know that Minecraft encourages masturbation and studies have proven that female adolescents who play Minecraft are at least 13% more likely to enter the sex industry than females who never play Minecraft? You can’t argue with those numbers, atheists. They were in one of your atheistic “peer-reviewed (censored)” journals.  I burned it after reading it because so-called “scientific” journals censored by the atheistic elite are ungodly and of the Devil. This is the evil for what Minecraft is notorious:

a Satanic Minecraft penis

a Satanic Minecraft penis

a typical Minecrafter

a typical Minecrafter

Did you know that Minecraft pushes genetic engineering? By slowly changing pieces of their creations’ “DNA,” players can create new lifeforms. This is ungodly and reeks of Satanic Darwinism.  Man cannot create new life forms, only God can! Is there a false religion besides Darwinism  and atheism that believes that man can create monkeys out of molecules? Yes! The ungodly doctrine of Mormonism actually preaches that people can become gods like “God” (who is actually a man living on a planet called Kolob making millions of spirit babies by having spirit sex forever) in what they call the “celestial realm” of Heaven.  Mormons don’t believe in Hell either, which is one reason that so many misguided souls have embraced Mormonism and are headed to Hell. Did the Mormon missionary tell you Kolob is a lie? He was lying for scamming, rambling Joseph Smith! Consider the following Mormon hymn:

“Or see the grand beginning,
Where space did not extend?
Or view the last creation,
Where Gods and matter end?
Methinks the Spirit whispers,
“No man has found ‘pure space,’
Nor seen the outside curtains,
Where nothing has a place.”

That’s right, boys and girls. The ungodly Satanic Mormon hymn says “gods,” not “God.” This is because the Mormon Church believes in many ‘gods’ having spirit sex and making spirit babies and creating their own worlds.  In fact, Satan is working through the Mormon Church to make people believe that they can actually become God and replace Him. The Minecraft Game is in fact a secret Mormon propaganda game where players can believe that they are gods.  Once they play Minecraft, their computers are linked to the Mormon missionary servers, where IP addresses are monitored and where missionaries are sent out on visits.  Don’t believe that Minecraft will bring the Mormons to your door? Buy a copy and they’ll show right up.

the Mormonjugen greeting an old man, just before stealing his wallet.

the Mormonjugen greeting an old man, just before stealing his wallet.

Oh, and another thing about the Mormons that is ungodly. They require everyone to pay 10% of their income to their church.  Everybody.  Even the poor family who cannot afford their own food.  Even those students struggling to afford college.  Much like the evil Jewish temple that took the poor widow’s last two copper pieces in Mark 12:41-44, the Mormons are stealing money from the poor who cannot afford to even feed themselves. This is not something that Jesus would do.  In fact, Jesus would say that the Mormons should do more to feed the poor instead of trying to get rich.  Remember, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven (MT 19:24). The Mormons are stealing from the poor to support their evil Masonic illuminati leaders. Do you know who else likes stealing from everyone to support the few elite members? The Demoncrats and Hitler. Jesus cleansed the temple of moneylenders, and yet the Mormons will only allow those who spend 10% of their income on the “church” to enter their temples.  That’s not what Christ would do!


But I digress.  The Minecraft is not only dangerous to our children because it supports Mormonism. It is more dangerous because it supports the devilish doctrine of Darwinism.  Darwinism is responsible for all evils, including atheism, rape, hedonism, heathenism, the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union, the Holocaust, sodomy, hedonism, abortion, drug addiction, alcoholism, rock and roll, fornication, sodomy, and the Jerry Springer Show.  God hates Minecraft because Minecraft is based on ungodly Darwinist ideas.  God hates Darwinists and Darwinism.  God hates all things that lead our children away from Him.  Remember what the Bible says about leading our children astray (Matthew 18:6): But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to have a large millstone tied around your neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea. –JESUS!

Minecraft is evil because it leads children to believe that they can become gods.  Minecraft is evil because it supports Darwinism.  Minecraft is evil because it is a tool easily utilized by pedophiles and rapists to engage their victims. Minecraft is evil because it is a recruiting tool used for the ungodly Mormon Church and is based on atheistic ideas. Minecraft is evil because it leads to pornography, sex addiction, and participation in the sex industry. God hates Minecraft! God hates Minecraft purchasers. And if you’re a Minecraft lover, God hates YOU!!! Repent or burn in Hell.  The Kingdom of God is like an exclusive club. Unsaved unwelcome.  If you want to enter the Kingdom of God, the entry is narrow, but easy to find. You must be born again.   Are you born again at this moment? Are you saved? Unless you know the answer to that question is “yes,” I implore you to pray the following prayer, right now, and to ask God for salvation. Then consecrate your life to Jesus, leave sin behind, and live according to His orders. That, my friends, is the only way to heaven.  Let us pray:

Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner. I know that much like Nelson Mandela and Gandhi, who died unsaved, that my soul is in grave danger of Hell. I ask humbly for forgiveness for my sins.  I accept your sacrifice on the Cross for my salvation and am grateful for it. I will live my life according to Your rules, and like Christopher Hitchens on his deathbed, will reject all false truths in favor of the one True Truth, the Truth of Christ.  I reject Darwinism.  I reject false notions of God. I reject atheism. I reject sin.  And I embrace You, Lord Jesus, and dedicate my life to You, my Lord and Savior.  I know that the Father hates sin, but I know through Your sacrifice, my sins may be forgiven, IF, and only if, I live my life according to Your commands. Command me, O Lord, and make me Your instrument.  Amen.

Friends, it is time to destroy the ungodly Minecraft.  It is time to destroy Satan’s influences in our lives. We must reject Satanic programming and take back our internets for Jesus! We must take back our computers for Christ!

From your True Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

P.S.  Allow us to leave you with two great Christian videos in conclusion of this post!

Baltimore and the impending end times.

This is what happens if you teach your children that they came from monkeys!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that the riots in Baltimore are a sign of the impending end times and the increasing presence of Satan in our midst?  Our children have been indoctrinated with Darwinism thanks to the plans of Satan and the Demoncrats, and are now joining forces with the Islamic State (Satan’s favorite terrorist organisation today) to destroy the True Christian city of Baltimore. These ungodly misguided agents of Satan are stealing, burning property set aside for Christian purposes, and even attempting to stone police officers! My brothers and sisters in Christ, this is ungodly stuff and must not stand.  Unfortunately, these riots are just the beginning. Baltimore has been transformed into a warzone between the agents of Satan and the people of God.  This is a sign of the impending return of Jesus, and at the end of the day, as Revelation teaches us, the forces of God will triumph. Much blood will be spilled, we are warned in the Book of Revelation, but at the end, Christ will prevail.

As shown in the above video, the Nation of Islam provided security at these protests. Who is the Nation of Islam? The Nation of Islam are known ISIS supporters!  My friends, ISIS is HERE!  First, they built a camp just across the border in Mexico and began crossing the border (proof here). Their advocates are now starting riots all across America.  ISIS is here. Here’s proof:

protesters in Baltimore, note the circled fingers

ISIS agents in the Middle East

This is what ISIS wants to bring to America!

Note the erect index finger in the three pictures. This is the ISIS one finger salute, and is meant to signify unity with the caliphate, which is a Satanic Islamic organization hell-bent on world domination. This is exactly the type of organization spoken of in the book of Revelation. Revelation speaks of a period of Tribulation where the agents of Christ left on Earth will combat the agents of Satan and the Antichrist. Soon, the Rapture will occur, and those who are the elite saved will be raptured into heaven before the final battle for Earth. In the end, the agents of Satan will be defeated, but not before much death.

The teaching of Darwinism has played a special role in the development of these protests. Many of the protesters are high school students, many of whom have just covered evolution in their biology classes. These kids came right out of their classrooms and joined in the riots! Here’s a passage from a news article:

“These are Baltimore youthful residents, a number of them came right out of the local high schools there on the other side of Mondawmin and started engaging in this. And if you saw in one scene, you had one a mother who grabbed their child who had a hood on his head and she started smacking him on the head because she was so embarrassed. I wish I had more parents who took charge of their kids tonight,” said Commissioner Batts. “I think these were youth coming out of the high school and they thought it was cute to throw cinder blocks at the police department and address it that way.” (Article here)

Why are these children engaging in acts of urban terrorism? The truth is clear! We are teaching our children that they came from monkeys! It is for this reason that they act like uncivilized, crazed monkeys on the streets! Satan may have inspired these riots, but it is Darwin who has given the children the mentality necessary to engage in them!  Darwin is to blame for our children’s susceptability to rioting! This is ungodly to the core and must be stopped!

the ungodly heathenistic Darwinist children’s book Curious George teaches our children to act like monkeys!

My brothers and sisters, these riots in Baltimore are a sign of greater things to come. They are a sign of the impending return of Jesus! We must combat these ungodly forces of Satan who are inspired by the evil Obama! The Kenyan Obama supported the evil African leader Nelson Mandela, and now the “Black Lives Matter” protesters are punishing America for allowing Nelson Mandela to die. This is Satan’s revenge for America not doing more to save him!

Shame on Baltimore for allowing these protests to occur. Shame on the citizens of Baltimore who are engaging in them. We must take Baltimore away from the agents of Satan and defeat them for Jesus! God please smite Baltimore! God please rain fire and judgement upon Baltimore’s Obamatron agents of the devil! God please curse these protesters! It is time to defeat these agents of the devil and take a stand for Jesus! It’s time to take back Baltimore for Christ!

From your True Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

Rick Santorum would stop these protests! Vote for Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president in 2016!

The War on Darwin Day Continues!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Darwinists want you to believe that Dinosaurs evolved into birds! But can this T-Rex fly? I think not! Checkmate, Darwinists!

Greetings True Christians!

Today, Martin and I will continue our assault on the heathen “holiday” of Darwin Day. Every True Christian knows that Darwin Day is Demon Day, but many moderate “Christians” who have been deceived by the Devil and almost all non-Christians have been duped by the Darwinists! Darwinism has infiltrated our society, our false churches, our televisions, and our nation. It must be stopped! Today, Martin and I will continue to show you why Darwinism fails and why Darwin Day must be destroyed.

The Darwinist Ladder of Evolution

George Lucas’s tribute to Darwinism!

In the ungodly films of the Star Wars by George Lucas, the “stormtroopers,” or as Martin and I like to call them, the “klantroopers,” are portrayed in shiny white suits. This goes back to George Lucas’ personal beliefs. Lucas is an ungodly Mormon who believes that black people are cursed by the “Curse of Ham” and can “evolve” whiteness by becoming closer to God. This is a reflection of Darwinist theory, of course. The underlying theme of the delusion is the idea of a ladder of evolutionary progress. Monkey to cro magma man to black man to white man.  In the original Star Wars films, this was fairly hidden.  However, in the advertisement for the newest Star Wars film, Lucas shows us a black klantrooper, whitewashed by his shiny white suit in support of the Empire! If evolution is true, then how come we don’t see this happening in the real world? If Mormonism is true, then how come holy Black men don’t turn White? The answer? Because Darwinism is a lie created by Satan!

Jesse Owens, Darwinist pawn in the Olympics!

Did you know that American sports leagues have embraced the dogma of Darwinism dogmatically? That’s right, boys and girls! These racist sports leagues believe that black men, due to their ancestry as slaves,  will be better athletes than white men. Therefore, black males dominate baseball, basketball, and every position in football besides quarterback. Why are NFL quarterbacks mostly white? Because no NFL team wants to trust a black man in a position of mental leadership. The Darwinists believe that blacks are physically stronger than whites because they were bred as slaves, but mentally inferior to whites because of evilution. That is , of course, as all Christians know, just plain stupid, but that’s why sports are dominated by black people! It may be racist and it may be wrong, but this is exactly the type of racist nonsense that Darwinism encourages. The black dominance of professional sports, and the white dominance of the university world, can be traced back to the Darwinist pseudoscience of eugenics. We don’t want eugenics in our society! Get it out of our sports leagues!

This is what the Darwinists want to do to America!

Eugenics is ungodly and leads to the evil practice of abortion, which is the murder of babies. Darwinists all around the world believe that is perfectly alright to exterminate millions of unborn babies in the name of “choice.” This is a terrible waste of human life and an utter abomination. Abortion is murder and murder is ungodly. When Hitler killed 6 million Jews, the world banded together to stop him. When abortionists have killed more than 50 million babies since 1973, nobody bats an eye! This is because the Darwinists tell them that killing unborn babies is ok, and because the Darwinists control the government now! This is one of the many evils wrought by Darwinism!

A typical Darwinist’s position on abortion

The Darwinists don’t only believe in killing the unborn and in breeding a master race (like Hitler wanted to do). They also believe in creating life in test tubes and bringing extinct species back to life through genetic sorcery. Scientists like Ben Novak and Stewart Brand are trying to bring back extinct animals like the passenger pigeon. These animals were allowed to die by God for a specific reason, and bringing them back is an affront to the Lord. These heathens are doing the Devil’s work, and should not be celebrated! However, Darwin Day is dedicated to celebrating heathens like them. This is why Darwin Day must be outlawed!

Ben Novak, agent of Satan

These ungodly attempts to bring back extinct species are based on the ungodly Jurassic Park movies. Steven Spielberg has glorified the idea of playing God by bringing back dead species like dinosaurs. The newest ungodly film in the Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World, even includes a geologically modified dinosaur. The “scientists” in the movie apparently changed the genes in the animal making a new species of dinosaur. That’s just stupid, boys and girls! If the scientists consulting on the movie believed that the scientists could get ancient DNA, then they must believe in a young Earth! There is NO way that dinosaur DNA can survive 65 million years!  In fact, the Darwinists have discovered dinosaur soft tissue preserved, and even some dinosaur DNA. They just try to hide that by calling it “protein.” This is so that they can cling to the myth of millions of years in public even while their own faith in Darwinism is likely shaken in the quiet of their own homes.

the newest film to come to Satan’s cinemas!

Speaking of dinosaurs, did you know that the myth of dinosaurs evolving into birds is just plain stupid? If birds evolved from dinosaurs, then how come we never see any birds with dinosaur-like features? How come we aren’t afraid of birds? How come birds fly away whenever they see people? How come humans are the dominant beings on earth while birds are subservient to us when the Darwinists want us to believe that the only reason people came to exist is because the dinosaurs went extinct? Oh, and if the dinosaurs went extinct, then how come birds still exist? You can’t explain that Darwinists. That’s circular logic and it is one of many reasons why Darwinism fails.

Pope John Paul II, the Prince of Hell

So what of the false churches that have been invaded by the Darwinists? We’ve already talked about the Mormons, who are headed to hell because they believe in false doctrines, including the ones that say man can evolve into gods by following Mormon doctrine. The Catholics have also been invaded by the Darwinists! Did you know that Pope John Paul II, the prince of Hell, one said that it is ok for Catholics to believe in evolution? That’s nonBiblical, and is one of millions of reasons that he burns in Hell today. The Catholics, like the Mormons, also accept the nonBiblical myth of extraterrestrial life.

This is an abomination from Satan!

Know who else embraces the myth of extraterrestrial life? The homosexuals! In the Rocky Horror Satan Show, the main character is a cross dressing heathen played by Satan’s servant Tim Curry. This Satanic character hails from the planet of “transexual” in the galaxy of “transylvania”. This is an embrace of homosexuality in its most crass form, and combines with a belief in the many worlds myth! They even do a Satanic happy dappy heathen dance called the time warp, which may represent a belief in time travel as well as alien life. Regardless, the truth is clear. The Rocky Horror Satan Show, Star Wars, and the Jurassic Parks show that Darwinism has inflitrated the movie theaters of America!

My brothers and sisters in Christ, the truth is clear. All these evil things are celebrated by Darwin Day, and not one wholesome thing is celebrated by Darwin Day. Yet the atheists want to force our children to celebrate Darwin Day too.  That’s an abomination. These people reject the freedoms of America in favor of the fascism of the scientific illuminati elite. They must be stopped. It is time to reject Darwin Day and evilution and replace it with True Christian science. It is time to take back our schools for Jesus! It is time to take back our classrooms for Christ! No more ungodly science myths! No more evilutionist propaganda! Let us turn to the Bible, God’s science book! No more Darwin Day! Repent America! Repent!

From your True Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

The Bible is the only science book you need!

What is Hell like?

Hell is a real place created by God to torment His enemies for all eternity.

Greetings True Christians.

Today I want to warn you about the horrors of Hell. The heathens deny the existence of Hell, and go round fornicating, fighting against Jesus, and fiddling about in sin as if they will not face punishment for their evil ways. However, these people are sadly mistaken. There is a Hell, and they are headed there. Know who else is going to Hell? Darwinists, liberal “Christians”, Jews, Muslims, and all who die unsaved. The only way to Heaven is through Jesus. You must be saved, or Hell will be your fate. What exactly is Hell like? Let me describe it for you.

Hell is a barbecue where the main course is you. The Bible tells us the following about Hell. First, punishment in Hell is everlasting. Hell is a lake of fire who’s inhabit’s “worms shall not die.” Hell is a place of eternal torment. Hell is a place where the unsaved are tortured forever. Hell is a place where God has no presence. Hell is where the souls who have turned away from the Truth of Jesus the Christ are placed as punishment. God has no presence there, and so the demons in Hell, those servants of Satan, do as they please. They love nothing more than to torture humans. Why? Because they hate God, and humans are made in God’s image.

Hell lasts forever. The torment is real, and so is the eternity of it.

Hell is a place of eternal torment and suffering.

There is no water to quench your thirst in Hell.

Why does there have to be a Hell? The answer is simple. In ancient times, likely before the creation of the universe, Lucifer and his allies rebelled against God. God was not amused, and created a place of eternal torment just for them. Why did the rebellion happen? These fallen angels were jealous of God. But surely, God could have stopped them from rebelling, you might say. Of course God could have, God can do anything. However, God created these beings with free will, just as he has created you and I with free will. Unlike mankind, which didn’t initally know right from wrong, the angels did. They partook in the tree of knowledge, and their knowledge is what led them to challenge God. They felt that they were greater than God. That is why Satan worked hard to convince Eve to eat the apple in Eden. Because the human world was God’s second creation, and an attempt by God to fix his Creation. Is there a divine plan for the universe? Of course. That’s why Jesus came to Earth…to put us back on the right path and to help us overcome the influence of Lucifer the evil one. Why did Christ have to be crucified? Christ was crucified to conquer death. Death entered the world through the actions of Lucifer, the dark angel also known as Satan. Jesus overcame death and Satan’s influence by rising from the dead. Through Christ, we die but once. Separated from Christ, we die and spend an eternity in Hell.

Jesus is the only way to Heaven!

Why would a loving God send people to Hell though? The answer is quite simple actually. Think of Heaven as God’s house. Would you let someone that you have never met stay in your home? Of course not. They can’t be trusted, and in fact, they might steal your stuff. Would you let your enemy into your home? Of course not! They’d destroy everything you own. You would only let your friends and family stay in your home, and rightly so. To enter God’s house, we must know God. We come to know God through Jesus. We come to know Jesus by following Jesus’ teachings and through prayer. The only way to Heaven is to be born again in Christ. Anything else will send you straight to Hell forever. God loves us, and that’s why Christ was sent to Earth for our salvation. However, God has also given us freedom. We can choose to accept or reject salvation. I would suggest that you accept it. However, it saddens me to say this but it is true, the Holy Spirit has told me that many who read this post will ultimately not heed my warnings and will be cast into Hell. Don’t be one of them. Repent and embrace Jesus.

Don’t believe Hell is that bad? Here’s what 8 minutes in Hell is like:

If you don’t want to go there, I highly suggest that you get yourself saved. Now. How do you become saved? You accept Jesus the Christ as your savior and change your life to follow Him. Reject secularism, humanism, atheism, sexuality, heathenism, satanism, communism, Darwinism, and other sinful practices. Reject wealth and help the poor instead. Reject the evils of modernity such as gay marriage and abortion. Embrace a simple faith in Jesus and live as His disciple. The Holy Bible is the only thing you need. Money might make you comfortable on Earth, but it will surely seal your fate in Hell. Fame may make you happy on Earth, but the temptations and vices that come with it lead many to Hell. If your right hand causes you to sin, chop it off! It is better to enter heaven missing a hand than it is to spend eternity in Hell! What kinds of people go to Hell? Here is a list of some common offenses that many souls are sent to Hell for:

belief in Darwinism



listening to Rock and Roll

viewing pornography
sexual fantasies
not properly accepting Jesus

Man on dog

watching unholy films
reading unholy books and articles
denying the Truth of the Bible
failing to follow the rules laid down for our behavior in the Bible
anal sex

supporting the ACLU
Voting for demoncrats

performing a gay marriage
being a partner in a gay marriag
attending a gay marriage
failing to condemn a gay marriage as ungodly

lack of faith
failure to be born again in Christ.

How do I get to heaven? You must be born again. Change your life immediately and embrace Jesus as your savior! Reject sin! Reject sin and the culture of death! Instead, accept Jesus and the promise of eternal life in Paradise! Heaven is a nice place, but you must be born again in Jesus to get there!

The road to heaven is a hard road indeed. Many have fallen into Hell along the way. Let us consider those souls who are now in Hell, and reflect on a few of the most well-known. I’ll also explain why they are in Hell. Here’s a very, very limited list of souls guaranteed to be in Hell as we speak:

Pope John Paul II and all deceased Popes, for being Catholic.
Mother Theresa, for being Catholic.
Adolf Hitler, for atrocities committed as Fuhrer.

Charles Darwin, for his ungodly idea.
Carl Sagan, for atheism, Darwinism, and drug use.
Jimi Hendrix, for rock and roll and drug use.
Jim Morrison, for rock and roll, drug use, and alcohol

The Whore of Babylon!

Marilyn Monroe, for being a whore of Babylon
Osama bin Laden, for being a Muslim
Saddam Hussein, for being a Muslim

Muhammad, for founding Islam
Freddie Mercury, for sodomy and homosexuality
Buddha, for founding Buddhism
Judas Iscariot, for betraying Jesus
Richard Feynman, for Darwinism, fornication, and adultery
Richard Nixon, for being a terrible human being.

Anne Frank, for dying unsaved.
Helen Keller, also for dying unsaved.
Joseph Smith, for founding the Mormon cult.
Josef Stalin, for being a Communism
Brigham Young, for supporting the Mormon cult.
John Lennon, for imagining no religion.
And if you don’t repent and embrace Jesus as your savior,

YOU! Accept Jesus or burn in Hell!

Accept Jesus or go to Hell. The choice is yours. It’s never too late to repent. In fact, Christopher Hitchens repented on his deathbed and is in heaven as we speak! However, if you die in sin and fail to repent, you will be cast into the depths of Hell. Make the right choice. Choose Jesus.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki


Dear True Christians,

The reelection of Obama was an American nightmare! The champion of communism and Islam was reelected into the White House, and America will be heading to a secular nation just like socialist nations Germany and Sweden. Thanks to the godless College students, disobedient women, the gays, Richard Dawkins, the illegal immigrants, the pagans, the Wiccans, the muslims, the drug users, the party lusters, the drunkards, the ACLU, the abortionists, the atheists and evilutionists, we will see these actions:

-More mosques built in America

-Forced gay marriages

-Israel will be given up to the Palestinians

-Loss of jobs

-Bibles will become illegal

-Dependence on China

-Hidden deals with purchasing oil from Saudi Arabia

-Religious liberty being threatened

-Forced atheism


-Gun rights being taken away

-Christian rights being taken away

-Laws making it illegal to build more churches

And other SINS! America also lost lots of seats in Congress from godless politicians associated with the Demoncrat party. The Devil is really looking over America right now, and it is time for Christians to take a stand. It’s time to rebuke the evils in the name of the Lord!


It’s time to have a Tea Party! I will keep God and my bible. The sinner voters can keep the change!

Martin Baker

Proof that dinosaurs and man lived together!

Dear true Christians,

Since we understand from the Bible that everything was created within a literal six day period and that the Earth is 6,000 years old, as James Bishop Usher proved, you may want to know where the dinosaurs fit in the Bible. Quite simply, the dinosaurs lived at the same time as man did, and we know for sure that Adam was the first person to ever witness these magnificent beasts. As Christians, we understand that we live in a world bombarded by the secular media that wants us to reject God and to only believe in evolution. As Christians, We have been attacked by the evolution preaching film “Jurassic Park” and atheist Richard Dawkins. If we want to fight the evolutionists, we need to understand how dinosaurs and man lived together by looking into the bible for the evidence.

Lets look into Genesis 1:24: “And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.” It should be obvious that “beast” is a reference to a large creature that roamed the earth. Perhaps “beast” refers to a Brontosaurus or a Tyrannosaurus.

Lets look at Job 40:15-20:

Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox.
Lo now, his strength [is] in his loins, and his force [is] in the navel of his belly.
He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together.
His bones [are as] strong pieces of brass; his bones [are] like bars of iron.
He [is] the chief of the ways of God: he that made him can make his
sword to approach [unto him].
Surely the mountains bring him forth food, where all the beasts of the field play.

This account in the Book of Job gives a full description of a creature that looks like a dinosaur. Look at the Brontosaurus. It eats plants, has big bones that are strong, and it has a tail that is massive as a cedar tree!

Perhaps the creatures from Genesis and Job were dinosaurs after all! The books of Genesis and Job show proof that dinosaurs were living at the same time as people.

Besides the bible, we also have many artifacts that prove the existence of dinosaurs with man. The Ica Stones have been discovered from Peru, and they have etchings that undoubtedly resemble dinosaurs. Take a look at these images:

Now this stone shows a man being chased by a dinosaur!

These are some dinosaur clay figurines discovered from Peru.

There are also some dinosaur artworks from the Indians in Arizona. Look for yourself:

How can people like Richard Dawkins even bother explaining these amazing archeological finds?

There have also been discoveries of human tracks with dinosaur tracks from Texas. Here is an image below:

Now that is something the evolutionists will have a hard time trying to disprove!

We also have multiple eyewitness reports from Scotland and Africa that suggest that some dinosaurs are still living today! In Scotland, there have been eyewitness reports and photographs of the Loch Ness Monster.

By looking at the long neck, it resembles this water dinosaur known as Plesiosaurus:

We also have a picture of a creature that looks like a Plesiosaurus that was found by a Japanese fishing boat. Unfortunately, the carcass was dumped back into the water because of its rotting smell, but thankfully there were pictures taken of it. Just like Jesus, the picture does not lie and it disproves evolution!

In Africa, there are reports of a long necked dinosaur that resembles a Brontosaurus, and it was named Mokele Mbembe. The Congo tribes have been shown pictures of a long necked dinosaur from the evolutionist literature, and they say that the picture resembles the creature they see that swims in the big lake. There have also been lots of footprints found in Congo where the creature has been sited. There have also been eyewitness reports of unusual creatures that resemble Triceratops and T.rex. Perhaps the jungles of Congo have lots of hidden dinosaurs roaming the forests!

We understand that since God flooded the earth for man chose to forsake him, the majority of the dinosaurs drowned, but some actually made it into the ark and this explains why there are still eyewitness reports of them in Congo and Scotland! Even during the medieval times when Christianity was under attack by the Muslims and when Galileo bravely fought against the Catholic Church to preserve good science, there were reports of large scaly beasts roaming Europe. Ever wonder why the word “dragon” arose during this time in Europe? Even though the word “Dragon” predates the 18th century word “dinosaur”, the creation scientist Sir Richard Owen coined the word “dinosaur”, and like Galileo, he too spoke out against Charles Darwin’s theory and wanted good science to be preserved in the public schools.

We also understand that none of the dinosaurs described by the scientists ever show any proof of evolution. The evolutionists want you to believe that the dinosaurs turned into birds, but that is impossible since a large Brontosaurus could never have flapped its arms and started sprouting out feathers! The dinosaurs prove the power of God’s creation!

Overall, the scriptures from the bible, the archeological artifacts, and the eyewitness reports of creatures looking like dinosaurs proves the evolutionist literature wrong, and it proves that the dinosaurs and man lived together. I prayed hard to the Holy Spirit, and I was lead to the evidence on why the Darwinist position is wrong. We also know that evolution is false since we see living ceolocanths that still look like the fossils described by the evolutionists, and that monkeys are still existing if we are said to have evolved from them. Jim and I recommend truthful scientific literature from http://www.answersingenesis.org/ and http://www.creationtoday.org/ which goes into more depth on how dinosaurs and man lived together, and they also tell us how Satan is in control within the scientific classrooms and the media. There are truthful scientists such as Ken Ham, Duane Gish, Michael Behe, Michael Oard, Eric Hovind, and Kent Hovind, and there literature should be mandatory reading in the public schools.

Let’s take a stand for Jesus and fight the sins that have produced homosexuality, teenage sexuality, Nazism, Marxism, pornography, racism, communism, rape, the reelection of Obama as president, Rock n Roll, pedophilia in the church, and other sins! Repent and accept Jesus!

Martin Baker