AIDS is God’s Favorite Virus!

Freddie Mercury, sodomist, heathen, and killed by AIDS

Freddie Mercury, sodomist, heathen, and killed by AIDS

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that the AIDS virus is a creation by God used to kill the ungodly? That’s right, boys and girls. The AIDS is God’s favorite virus, and is a tool used by God to usher sinners such as Freddie Mercury and other fags, Isaac Asimov and other evil scientists, and Muslims and heathens in Africa off of this earth and into the fires of Hell forever! When people choose to reject God, God tries to bring them back home. When they continue to reject God, God eventually rejects them, and afflicts them with the AIDS.  When they get the AIDS, which is a perfect Godly virus that proves Creation and disproves the ungodly dogma of Darwinism, they soon die. The virus that kills them is a proof of God’s existence, and serves as an example to still-living people that God will strike down those who reject Him!

The AIDS virus, proof of a Creator

The AIDS virus, proof of a Creator

Did you know that every time the ungodly scientists think that they have a vaccine for the AIDS, the AIDS mutates and then cannot be destroyed by puny atheistic medicine? AIDS, like cancer, cannot be cured by the atheist scientists. This is by design. When God chooses for people to die from a disease, God uses a disease that cannot be cured by the atheists. The people who die from AIDS and cancer are nearly always sinners who God is punishing for their unwillingness to repent. God does this to bring them closer to Him. When an atheist such as Isaac Asimov is afflicted with the AIDS, he can either choose to turn to God, at which point his illness will be miraculously cured, or to continue to reject God, at which point the AIDS will kill him.  Asimov had two options. He chose the wrong one and is now dead and burning in Hell as we speak along with Nelson Mandela, Hell’s whore Mother Theresa, Freddie Mercury, Hitler, Darwin, and all the other minions of Satan. Don’t be like Isaac Asimov! Choose God!

Isaac Asimov wearing Darwin's Satan chops

Isaac Asimov wearing Darwin’s Satan chops

Did you know that the entire continent of Africa is even now being punished for Ramses refusal to free the Israelites? The Africans continued to fight against God throughout the years, and eventually either clung to heathen happy dappy tribal beliefs or converted to Islam (in the case of closet Kenyan Barack HUSEIN Obama). The Africans rejected God and Christ, and God has forsaken most of the people on this heathen continent.  The only visionary to come from Africa, Nelson Mandela, is surely in Hell as we speak for being an ungodly communist! In Africa, many believe that sexual interactions with infants can cure AIDS. This leads to the rape of innocent infants, and leads the perpretrators straight to Hell. Africa is filled with ungodly people who have sex with infants, sleep with members of the same sex, and even engage in bestiality. Clearly, God is just when He punishes them. This is why AIDS is most prevalent in Africa.

Behold, the wrath of God.

Behold, the wrath of God.

It is no surprise that the group most afflicted by the AIDS is homosexuals.  Homosexuals are an abomination to God (Leviticus 20:13), and the Bible says that homosexuals should be put to death.  It makes sense that God is targetting homosexuals more than anyone with the AIDS.  Because society has stopped properly punishing homosexuality, God has to step in and do it Himself. These heathens are the reason that the AIDS exists:

Revelers enjoy during the annual Gay Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on June 10, 2012. About 3 million people were expected to take part in the parade under the 2012 theme "Homophobia has cure".  AFP PHOTO/Yasuyoshi CHIBAYASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/GettyImages ORG XMIT:

God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! As long as the fag enablers continue to support sodomy and other homosexual heathen acts, God will punish them harshly, bringing death and despair upon them.  Barack Obama is a supporter of sodomy and homosexual rights, and wants to push this sickness upon his home continent of Africa.  Luckily, True Christian pastor Martin Ssempa is willing to stand up for Africa and fight against him. Consider the following video:

Martin Ssempa is taking a wonderful stand in Africa with the Ugandans United Against Sodomy.  In a time when America is falling deep into sexual deviance where homosexuality is both tolerated and embraced, some enlightened Ugandan Christians have learned that homosexuality will only lead to punishment from God through the use of tools such as the AIDS. Does America have a political candidate who will take a stand against sodomy?

Rick Santorum is God's choice for president in 2016!

Rick Santorum is God’s choice for president in 2016!

Rick Santorum is willing to take a stand against sodomy! In fact, Rick Santorum already has! Rick Santorum knows that homosexuality and sodomy should be criminalized! Rick Santorum rejects man-on-dog and all forms of bestiality. Rick Santorum knows that God created Adam and Eve and not Eve and Yvonne! Rick Santorum is a God-fearing Christian who will fight against homosexuality and all other sins.  If Rick Santorum is elected president, God will begin to cleanse America of the AIDS.  When the homosexuals give up their ungodly acts of sodomy, God will stop afflicting them with AIDs too!  We must elect Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president, in 2016 if we wish to defeat the ungodly homosexual victories from Satan allowed by the Obama administration and fought for by the Anti-Christian Liberals Union!

santorumandsempaThe True Christian, Godly men, Martin Ssempa and Rick Santorum are both taking a stand against sodomy and for Jesus.  Who are they fighting against? Heathens like this:



Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., address guests at a fundraising event in Chicago, Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2007. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)


Do not join forces with these ungodly heathens! Vote for Santorum, and help save America from the AIDS.  The AIDS is a punishment from God for homosexuality and sodomy, and we need leaders who will crack down on these abominations!  Obama and the Demoncrats won’t! It’s time for a True Christian president! It’s time to elect Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president in 2016! Vote for a Demoncrat and you might be next on the Lord’s AIDS list. It’s time to take a stand for Jesus and reject the heathens.  It’s time to take back this country for Christ!

From your True Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

Vote Santorum 2016!

Vote Santorum 2016!

Noah’s Flood: Another Reason Why People Laugh at Darwinists!

Michael Oard knows why people laugh at Darwinists!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that the Darwinist dogma of evolution is completely unproven by the Truth of Noah’s Flood? The Flood of Noah as described in Genesis and proven by the catastrophic nature of geology completely makes evolution look stupid! Did you know that even the Darwinists have said that the fossil record does not prove Darwinism?  Look at this comment by Satan’s plaything Stephen Jay Gould, who became a Creationist about 10 seconds after he died, from his ungodly essay Evolution’s Erratic Pace:

The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persist as the trade secret of paleontology. The evolutionary trees that adorn our textbooks have data only at the tips and nodes of their branches; the rest is inference, however reasonable, not the evidence of fossils ….We fancy ourselves as the only true students of life’s history, yet to preserve our favored account of evolution by natural selection we view our data as so bad that we never see the very process we profess to study.–Stephen Jay Gould!

Consider this quote from Darwin’s disciple Richard Dawkins:

It is as though they [fossils] were just planted there, without any evolutionary history. Needless to say this appearance of sudden planting has delighted creationists. …Both schools of thought (Punctuationists and Gradualists) despise so-called scientific creationists equally, and both agree that the major gaps are real, that they are true imperfections in the fossil record. The only alternative explanation of the sudden appearance of so many complex animal types in the Cambrian era is divine creation and (we) both reject this alternative. –Richard Dawkins!

Richard Dawkins and Stephen Jay Gould both harbor(ed) deep questions about the fossil record!

Why do Darwin’s disciples question try to hide what Niles Eldredge calls the “trade secret of evolution,” or the complete lack of transitional fossils? Because the fossil record proves that Noah’s Flood happened! Darwinism is a lie built upon lies, and the only “transitional” forms that the evilutionists can conjure up are fakes like Piltdown Man! This is one of many reasons why Darwinism fails!

Piltdown Man is a fake fossil created by evilutionists under Satan’s guidance!

Did you know that the fossil record proves both the existence of Noah’s Flood and of a young Earth? If the millions of years myth of Darwinism was true, then scientists would not have discovered soft tissue like preserved blood vessels in the Tyrannosaur Rex.  If these bones were 65 millions years old, then this material would not exist! Here it is:

PROOF that this bone was not 65 millions years old!

Did you know that evidence of the Flood is all around us? That’s right boys and girls, the fossil record proves Creationism! Nowhere in the world can the evolutionists show you what they call the geologic column! The geologic column is a lie created by the devil to delude True Christians!  The evilutionists try to force the rocks to fit into geologic ages, or stages of evolution, based on the fossils. They place the fossils where they are because of where they are in the myth of evolution! This is circular logic and a tautology! The geologic column is one of Darwin’s many myths, and we must expose it as false.

If Noah’s Flood did not occur, then polystrate fossils would not exist. According to science, trees are broken down very quickly after they die. But we find trees standing upright through many layers of rock which evilutionists claim were formed over MILLIIONS of years! So these trees just stayed still and standing for millions of years after they died so that they could be preserved and make it look like evilution is wrong? NOPE! Those rock layers were deposited very rapidly, by Noah’s Flood! This is a great and true proof of Noah’s Flood! The Flood that Darwinists like to pretend never happened.

The Darwinists are lying to you! These trees are proof of the Flood!

Did you know that all around the fossil record we find proof of a catastrophic event? The fossil record actually proves that Noah’s Flood occurred. Look at this:

These bones were deposited by the Flood!

The fossil record proves that the Flood happened, yet the Darwinists claim it is a myth. Why don’t they want you to believe in the Flood? Because if the Flood is true, then the rest of the Bible could be true too. They don’t want the Bible to be true. They don’t want people believing in the Bible! They are doing the work of Satan, and Satan always tries to disprove the Truth of God to lead more innocent souls into Hell. However, the Flood was a real event. We’ve even found the Ark:

Noah’s Ark has been found!

The Flood happened and the fossil record proves the Flood, not evilution! Checkmate Darwinists and atheists! It is time to take back the science classroom for Jesus and remove evolution from our textbooks! The Darwinist fairy tale for grownups has no clothes! The fossil record and the facts prove the Truth of the Bible and the falseness of evolution! It is time to take back our nation for Jesus! It is time to take back our Classrooms for Christ!

From your True Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker!

Rick Santorum knows that Darwinism is a lie!

The War on (Saving) Christmas!


Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that the atheists and ungodly heathens are carrying the war on Christmas into the cinemas this year? True Christian scholar and film producer Kirk Cameron, who is a good friend of True Christian Scientist Ray Comfort, has just recently released a movie called Saving Christmas.  If you look on the facebook, the current trends on the side mock Cameron’s True Christian film as “the worst film of all time.” I read the article, and it shows the allies of the devil at work!

Don’t trust the atheists! Go see this film!

The devilish movie review website the imdb gives Cameron’s film the lowest rating of any movie ever. That’s just stupid! Kirk Cameron’s film is a godly, fantastic, respectful representation of Christmas. Why is the imdb mocking “Saving Christmas”?  The answer is simple. The IMDB doesn’t want to keep Christ in Christmas! Instead of showing True Christian advertisements, they advertisements posted by the Hollywood elite.  These sinners don’t love Christ.   Let this be a warning, our fellow Christians. Never trust the imdb. Only trust the true source for movie reviews, Unlike imdb, which rates films by popularity according to heathens, capalert rates films based on their Biblical foundation.  They have not yet rated Saving Christmas, but I am sure that Saving Christmas will score highly on their site! It is a good movie!

This assault on Kirk Cameron’s film is sadly nothing new for the atheists. They have attacked him ever since Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron proved that the banana was an atheist’s worst nightmare and since they disproved Darwinism by showing that the Darwinists have never found a crocoduck! Why is this film being downvoted? The answer is simple! The atheists don’t want people knowing about the Truth of Christ! The atheists are the world’s worst criminals and they don’t want the truth of Christ to reach the masses!

Atheists are the world’s worst people!

All those atheist heathens that downvoted Kirk Cameron’s wonderful film are going straight to Hell. This is a beautiful film, and you must be blinded by the devil if you don’t enjoy it!  The atheists are trying to attack Kirk Cameron’s True Christian movie because they believe that it is a threat to their ungodly enterprise. They view Saving Christmas as a strong Christian weapon in the War for Christmas, and they don’t want people to see it. They are downvoting it so that people won’t go to the movies!

Piss off an atheist. See this movie. You won’t regret it! Every single film released by Kirk Cameron or Ray Comfort is true and Godly. Go to see Saving Christmas. Take all of your friends and family with you. Take the atheists that you know as well so that you can have a True Christian discourse about Christmas! Lead them away from their heathen celebration of the “Newtonmas” and teach them to celebrate Christmas!

Let us join Bill O’Reiley in the battle for Christmas! With Christ behind us, we must truly win. After all, this holiday is all about Jesus’ birthday! Say no to the holidays this winter and yes to Christmas! It’s what Jesus would do! Shame on all who are attacking Kirk Cameron’s wonderful film. Satan is going to enjoy torturing you forever in Hell. Don’t join the heathens in Hell! Support this movie!  I have seen it three times already and love it! You will too! Let us take back the cinema for Jesus! Let us take back Christmas for Christ!

From your friends,

Martin Baker and Jim Solouki

Rick Santorum is fighting beside us in the war for Christmas! Vote for Rick in 2016 to stop the atheists from taking away our Christian holidays!

The Magical Missing Missing Link!

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to tell you one of the Darwinists’ biggest secrets. The missing link is missing. In fact, all of their “missing links” are missing! The fossil record is a perfect rebuttal to Devilution because everything shows proof of Creation! The catastrophic preservation of fossils shows proof of Noah’s Flood, and the complete and total lack of transitional fossils, or “fossils ‘between kinds'” in Creationist terminology, utterly decimates the evilutionist worldview inspired by Satan!

Archaeopteryx, just another bird.

The evilutionists want us to believe that Archaeopteryx is a true “Missing Link”, between dinosaurs and birds. Now that’s just stupid boys and girls. Did you know that Archaeopteryx is a bird of the bird kind? Sure, it has teeth, but so do some modern birds like hoatzins. The Archaeopteryx was a bird and will always be a bird. It’s not half dinosaur-half bird, it’s not half bird-half something else. It is 100% bird! Same goes for Hesperornis, Icthyornis, and the Dodo. No change between kinds here, so one “proof of Darwinism” disproven. Checkmate, Darwinists!

Tiktaalik is just another salamander!

Tiktaalik is another favorite “missing link” bandied about by the Darwinists.  Tiktaalik is just another amphibian. Just like Icthyostega, Tiktaalik is 100% amphibian! Nothing to see here. Just another lie created by the Darwinists. They say that Tiktaalik is a missing link, but as a Creation scientist, I know the truth! Tiktaalik Rosea is just another example of the amphibian kind. That’s not a missing link.  Checkmate, Darwinists!

they’re all horses! The little one is just a baby!

Did you know that the horse transitional series is nothing more than a Darwinist fairy tail for grownups? That’s right boys and girls! All of the so-called transitional horses are still 100% horse. That’s not a transitional sequence that proves macroevolution (change between kinds), that’s merely change within a kind, or microevolution, and all Creationists accept change within kinds.  The horse lineage is one of Jonathan Wells’ icons of evolution for good reason. It’s a myth created by the Darwinists and Satan to try to discredit the truth of Creation!

Piltdown man. you can actually SEE where the skull was faked!

the Darwinists drew this ape man missing link…..from a pig tooth! That’s a fairy tale if I’ve ever seen one!

Human ancestors? Now those are all lies made up by the Darwinists! Did you know that Piltdown Man was a hoax created by the evolutionists in a basement to try to prove evolution?  Why? Because they couldn’t find any other missing links to prove their monkey to man myth! Not to be out done, they found a single peccary tooth and fabricated  a whole missing link out of it, and called it Nebraska Man. The evolutionists want you to believe that life came from goo to zoo to you over millions of years by unguided Satanic processes. However, they have absolutely NO evidence for this claim! They have to fake it!

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort show us what a real transitional form should look like, a crocoduck, a true form between kinds.

Don’t buy into the Darwinist myth of devolution! If Evilution was true, then the Darwinists could show us true transitional forms like the Crocoduck! They can’t because the myth of evolution is a fairy tale created by Satan for grownups. The public schools are teaching your kids the myth of evolution as we speak. Write your local school boards and get evolution out of your classrooms. It is time to take back the schools for Jesus. It’s time to save our Children for Christ!

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

Evolution is the Devil’s favorite myth!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that evolution is a lie created by Satan to lead True Christian youth away from the Truth of the Bible and into the depths of Hell? That’s right boys and girls! Satan gave the doctrine of evolution to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. What is the doctrine of evolution? The doctrine of evolution is the false faith that God did not create the universe, but rather that man is equal to God and created God. This is pure rubbish, but is at the core of the evilution myth. Evolution is exactly what Satan wants you to believe! Evolution is a lie, and Satan loves this lie because it leads people away form God! Let’s look at some icons of evolution, and use them to prove that evolution fails. I use the term “icons of evolution” as a tribute to Jonathan Wells, brilliant Christian scientist and soldier for Jesus. While many of my “icons” are different, the mission is the same. We will defeat Darwinism by explaining the truth!

First icon, vestigial organs. The Darwinists want you to believe that the appendix somehow proves evolution happened. They claim that the appendix is a “vestigial” organ left over from an ancestral state. That’s just stupid folks. The appendix couldn’t have been created by evolution! What survival function does it serve? When it gets infected, it kills humans, but that’s about it. Know what the appendix is? The appendix is a creation of God intended to inflict pain upon sinners! Why? Because when Adam and Eve ate of the fruit in the Garden of Eden, they chose to suffer and to allow death to enter the world. The Bible cursed men with toil in the fields and women with painful childbirth. Appendicitis is a continuation of this Biblical and Godly punishment reaped upon man.

snake with leg bones, probably preserved as a result of the Flood

The vestigial organs don’t stop there though folks! The Darwinists want you to believe that leg bones in snakes prove evolution. That’s just stupid. Remember what happened to the serpent in Genesis? God cursed the serpent to crawl on its belly for the rest of history. These leg bones are exactly what one would expect to find if the Genesis account of serpents were true. Checkmate Darwinists! What good would no legs do a land animal? Nothing! In fact, losing one’s legs would be a survival hindrance! What good is half a leg anyway? These poor half-limbed serpents would die immediately. There is no way that Darwinian theory could account for the existence of these organisms. Nope boys and girls, that’s just stupid.

These aren’t whales. These are members of another created kind.

Second Icon. Whale “evolution”. The Darwinists want you to believe that whales evolved from four-limbed land-dwelling animals. That’s just stupid. They want you to believe that fish evolved into amphibians, that evolved to crawl onto land, that evolved into reptiles to stay on land, that finally evolved into mammals to thrive on land. Why would they head back into the oceans? Evolution cannot explain this! In fact, the Darwinists have never provided and will never provide a true transitional form between land animal and whale. All so-called transitional fossils are within kinds rather than between kinds. They are either 100% whale or 100% land mammal! The Darwinists can’t find any true transitional fossils, so they use cartoons instead.

Cartoons, not real fossils! They’re blinding you with NOT science!

Third Icon. Transitional fossils everywhere. Why? Because there are no true transitional fossils anywhere. The ONLY transitional fossils ever found are 100% one Created Kind. There are no transitional fossils showing transitions between kinds. Creation theory accepts change within a kind, and predicts that change between kinds will never occur. This is exactly what we see. Let’s look at all the so-called transitional fossils and where they fit:

Archaeopteryx, Hesperornis, and Icthyornis. 100% Bird, from the bird kind!

archaeopteryx, 100% bird!

Icthyornis! 100% bird!

Hesperornis! 100% bird!

No evolution for macroevolution here! Let’s look at other so-called transitional forms!

Icthyostega was 100% amphibian! Tiktaalik was 100% amphibian too! These amphibian “evidences for evolution” just aren’t true! There’s no evidence for evolution from goo to zoo to you!

Icthyostega, 100% amphibian!

Tiktaalik, 100% amphibian!

Piltdown man was 100% fake! The Darwinists want you to believe that it proves evolution, but in reality, it was a fraud. This was even admitted by deceased (and burning in Hell) Darwinist Steven J. Gould! The Darwinists have to lie to find support for their silly theories. That’s not scientific! That’s Satanic!

Stephen Jay Gould lied for Satan. Now he’s burning with him!

One last icon, genetic similarities. Well now boys and girls, that’s just STUPID! If you were programming computers, would you delete everything and start from scratch every time you made a new one? NO! You’d use the design you already made to continue. That’s not evolution, that’s intelligent design. Let me ask you another question. Have you ever seen a watch without a maker? NO! Have you ever seen a car without a maker? NO! Have you ever seen a B52 spontaneously arrange itself out of a junkyard? Of course not!

This is exactly what the Darwinists claim happened to evolve DNA! Apparently the DNA arranged itself magically out of pond scum and star dust to make us. That takes more faith to accept than the fact that God created us in His image. Evolution is a lie folks, the Darwinian emperor has no clothes. It is time to reject the myth of Darwin in favor of the truth of God as given in the Bible.

Repent Darwinists, or burn in Hell!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

Rick Santorum supports teaching the truth about Creation, and you should too! Vote for Rick Santorum in 2016!

Darwinists want to steal your children!

this is where the Darwinists want to lead your children.

Greetings True Christians!

Today I was looking around the internet and stumbled upon the blog of Niles Eldredge, paleontologist and Darwinist on staff at the American Museum of Natural History. Eldredge is one of the co-developers of the Hopeful monster saltation theory with Stephen Jay Gould. This theory suggests that stasis, or no change, is the rule in the fossil record, and new forms appear suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere. Eldredge and Gould suggest that some kind of magical evolutionary pathway must be behind these appearances. True Christians have the true answer. These appearances are consistent with divine intervention in the history of life.

While looking at Eldredge’s ungodly blog, one post stood out to me. Here’s the link. The first part of the post isn’t too ungodly. In fact, it’s basic, typical, evilutionist drivel. The guy talks about going to conferences, worshiping Darwin, and doing ungodly “scientific” things. That’s typical for a blog on Darwin. The second and third parts of the blog post, however, disturb me.

First, Eldredge has a freshman in college, Mike Bartesso, write a post on Darwin that is extremely anti-Christian. Bartesso has been deluded into believing that God and evolution can co-exist, and cites Pope John Paul II (who is burning in Hell as we speak) and the Catholic Church as support for his claims. He then professes the glory of Darwinism and mocks Creation Science. Eldredge, of course, introduces Bartesso’s post with excitement and zeal. What we have here is the Darwinists at work. First, they latch onto your children. Then they nudge them towards the Darwinist atheist faith in science. Finally, they make your children feel welcomed and at home with recognition such as this. As you can see from the link, they are often successful. Mike Bartesso is probably on his way to hell with a solid, unshakeable faith in Darwinism as we speak. And that, my friends, is a sad, sad fact. While Eldredge and the Darwinists will be in hell for deceiving Bartesso, Bartesso will be there through no fault of his own. He has merely been misled by his peers and elders. This is a sad truth that we must face. What are your children learning in college? For the sake of their souls, make sure that it isn’t Darwinism!

Second, Eldredge describes an outright act of necromancy. Eldredge claims that Charles Darwin “emails” him, and posts these emails on his blog. Either the guy is extremely mentally unstable, or he is attempting to channel the spirits of the dead. What does the Bible tell us about necromancy? Let’s take a look at Deuteronomy 18: 9-12:

“When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you.”

The truth is clear. This man is engaging in the devil’s work, and is an abomination to the Lord. He is in dire risk of Hell, and needs to repent, accept Jesus, and be saved.

My friends, we need to keep our children away from the secular Darwinist universities to save their souls. Do not let your children be deluded by Darwin. Do not let your child face the same fate faced by Mike Bartesso. He seemed like a well-meaning, intelligent young man in his “guest blog”, but this young man is going straight to Hell for accepting Darwinism unless he rejects Darwin and embraces Jesus. Right now, unless he has repented, he is acting as an agent of Satan. Let us pray for him and for all of our youth that have been misled by the Darwinists. Let us save the souls of our children. Let us take back our campuses for Christ.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

Rick Santorum would never stand by and let our youth be misled by the Darwinists. Let’s elect Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president in 2016!