The Antichrist is among us!!

Dear Christians,

Martin and I are working very hard today and need ALL of your prayers for this day, December the 21st, 2012. The Antichrist is on Earth and walks among us, and God has called Martin and I to combat him. Please pray for us so that we may save the planet from this evil. We have been placed on this Earth so that we might save you. Please pray for us so that we may be successful. If you wake up on Saturday morning, you can thank us and Jesus.

Yours in Christ,

Jim and Martin

Evolutionists can’t trust themselves!

Dear Christians,

I ran across an article which featured two heavy weights in evolution, Richard Dawkins and Edward Wilson. However, I noticed that they both disagree with how evolution, which is only a theory, works.

Look at the conversation below and see how they disagree with each other.

“In any case,” Wilson writes, “making such lists is futile.”

“One is obliged to wade through many pages of erroneous and downright perverse misunderstandings of evolutionary theory.” Richard Dawkins

“It has to be said that some of his arguments are based on older models of calculating fitness.” Edward Wilson

“This is a fantasy.” Richard Dawkins

As you can see, they both can’t agree with each other on how evolution came upon by random chance! We shouldn’t trust the evolutionists because they can’t trust each other!

Martin Baker

The Hitch in Heaven

Greetings True Christians!

The Lord, our Savior, Jesus the Christ, just allowed me a vision of that sinner saved, Christopher Hitchens, who repented on his deathbed and is now in Heaven. Hitchens wanted me to tell each and every one of you that sinners CAN be accepted into the kingdom of Heaven…if they only repent and accept Jesus.

How did Hitchens communicate with me? THrough the Holy Spirit! We can all use the Spirit if we have faith. I have faith, and the Spirit allowed Christopher Hitchens, that holy former heathen, to communicate with me.

Hitchens also gave me special strategies for fighting against Satan and all the heathens this upcoming week, since Satan will be at his most powerful this week. Everybody thinks things are going to happen on Friday, and people are doing evil, evil things because of that. A belief in a quick end to the world and a lack of faith in God leads to a belief of NO accountability for one’s sins. As Christopher told me, the atheist believes he can sin in this world and not be punished in the next. A wise man knows that he will be judged in death for his actions in life.

Dear atheist readers, learn from Christopher Hitchens. Repent from your evil ways. Reject sin. Reject atheism. Embrace Jesus. Find your place in heaven. You only need to accept Christ and repent from your sinful ways, and you will be saved.

What else did Hitchens tell me? Here’s a list:

Darwin really DID repent on his deathbed.

Evolution is a lie.

Monica Lewinsky is probably going to hell.

God hates both fags and democrats.

God is preparing a special place in hell for all atheists.

The actual phrasing of Gandhi’s statement on Christians and Christ is “I love your Christians, but I hate your Christ. Your Christians are so much different than your Christ”. This was in response to the Christian practice of being tolerant to heathens such as Gandhi. Christ would have told Gandhi to repent and follow Him or be cast into the pit. A moderate Christian might tell Gandhi that even a heathen could be saved through “Good works”. This is totally wrong. We may only be saved by faith in Christ.

Richard Dawkins really IS a closet Christian. In fact, he admits that “I am a deeply religious man” in his book “A Devil’s Chaplain”.

God is proud of the work that Martin and I are doing on this blog.

God will enjoy watching those who mock Martin and I(we are, after all, His loyal servants) burn in hell. In fact, God is preparing a special place for Martin and I to watch them burn as well!

We broke the story first. Christopher Hitchens did, in fact, convert on his death bed. And now he has spoken to me through the Holy Spirit. I hope that his testimony may instill faith in all of your hearts.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a true Christian.


Dear readers,

It is nearly Christmas, and let us remind you that Dr. Kent Hovind, the brilliant and great Christian scientist fondly known by Dr. Dino, who rejects evilution in favor of Biblical Truth, still languishes in prison. Dr. Hovind’s prison sentence makes a mockery of the American justice system as a whole, and shows us that Satan himself is working within the American legal system to attack solders for Christ such as Dr. Hovind.

Let us keep Dr. Kent Hovind in our prayers. Let us write to our congressmen and congresswomen calling for his release from prison. Let us write letters to our local newspapers and to our friends. Let us join together as one true Christian voice, and let our voice be heard.

Free Kent Hovind, and free him now! Let’s take back American’s judiciary system for Jesus! It is time to take back Congress for Christ.

From your good Christian friends, Jim and Martin.

Morgan Freeman, Agent of Satan

Greetings True Christians!!

Today I turned on my television, and (to my dismay), found a show titled “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman”. You all know Morgan Freeman. He’s that guy that played “God” in that movie “Bruce Redemption” (or Shawshank Almighty…Bruce Almighty I think it was called). I prayed about this for a moment, and the Holy SPirit told me that Morgan Freeman is an agent of Satan.

Morgan Freeman works in the American film industry, a notoriously evil industry that has given us such smut as the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jesus Christ Superstar, Dr. Strangelove, Tron, Brokeback Ridge, and Debbie Does Dallas. Therefore, even if Morgan Freeman wasn’t evil on his own, he’s evil by association! Freeman is deeply tied to an industry which, at its core, operates as a tool of Satan.

Morgan Freeman’s own resume shows us, far more explicitly mind you, that he does, indeed, work for the devil. Morgan Freeman portrays God in a Hollywood movie in a story line which tells us that God takes vacations and lets man do His work. This is sinful stuff! This movie is sinful at its core! Mr. Freeman wants us to believe that God CAN be replaced by man. Don’t let his calm soothing voice trick you; Satan himself can give us an appearance of harmlessness. Some of the most evil things in the world can be packed in a seemingly harmless package, much like the apple in the Garden of Eden. Mr. Freeman is an agent of Satan that seeks to sneak his way into our homes through film and spread Satan’s power on Earth!

This is where “Through the Wormhole with MOrgan Freeman” comes in! Not only has Freeman come out in support of homosexual rights (a CLEAR rejection of Biblical Truth, which tells us that homosexuals and homosexuality must be ostracized and removed from society), but he also supports that other Satanic falsehood, “science”. “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman” actually can CONVINCE non-Christians (and weak-minded Christians who have allowed their faith in the Bible to falter) that science is more than just theories, and indeed that it is actually true. This goes for affronts to God such as parallel universes, evolutionary theory, and the Big Bang. Want to know what the real “Big Bang” is? THat’s the sound of the gates of hell closing on Mr. Freeman’s soul once he is cast into the pit!

What is a true Christian to do? Reject Freeman and all his lies! Boycott his sinful films. Boycott his sinful show! Write letters to your local television stations asking them not to support Freeman’s Satanic agenda!~ Tell your friends and loved ones to join you in this true Christian Mission. Let us take back our televisions and homes for Jesus. Let us reject Morgan Freeman, agent of Satan,for Christ.

From your friends in Jesus,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

The world will NOT end on December 21st!!

Greetings True Christians.

I know that some of our readers may believe that the world will end this Friday, December 21st, 2012. The Mayan Calendar supposedly predicts an apocalypse-type event for this date, and many well-meaning Christians look to recent events such as Hurricane Sandy, the massacres in a school in Connecticut, and numerous other horrid events such as the re-election of Barack Obama, the acceptance of a Palestinian state by the UN, and homosexual and abortion rights victories in America as a sign of the End Times promised to one day hit us in Revelation.

Martin and I can promise you that the world will NOT end this Friday, December 21st, 2012. We have been placed on this Earth as witnesses for the Lord, ones who hear the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and who accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all things. All of you have a similar duty to the Lord, but many of you choose not to accept Him, and instead turn to false gods such as Allah, the Buddha, the “Flying Spaghetti Monster”, and the atheist’s invisible “No-God”.

Some heathens in China believe that there is going to be a worldwide flood that destroys the planet on Friday. Now boys and girls, as the brilliant (and wrongfully imprisoned) Kent Hovind would tell us, well that’s just stupid!! The world won’t be destroyed by a flood! God already told us in the Bible that there will never again be a worldwide, global flood which destroys the planet’s surface. Read your Bible, heathens, and ye may yet learn.

Other people claim that a secret planet or asteroid will hit the Earth this Friday. Now unless these people are Mormons (who believe that “God” lives on a planet not of this earth and constantly engages in sexual intercourse to populate the Earth with “spirit children” who wear magic Mormon underwear), they most likely accept some sort of Satanic science. Most heathens reject Biblical Truth for scientific half-truth. Why? Because science makes mankind believe that they can be like God in discovering the nature of the universe. Now I will agree on the scientists with one key point. There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that a meteor or secret planet is hiding behind the sun preparing to hit the Earth. That’s just stupid! That sounds like some kind of story doped up by Tom Cruise and the scientologists in a basement smoking marijuana (a VERY sinful habit mind you) wrapped in dollar bills! There’s not going to be any planet hitting Earth on Friday. That’s just stupid.

And no. No black holes will suck Earth in either. Know what a black hole is? A black hole is a reference made by Stephen Hawking to his former fiancee. She tried to ride on his fame to get money, and attempted to suck every dime out of his wallet. And now that she walked out on him (and heathens do not generally do well in love; we need to know Jesus to know love, and Hawking doesn’t, which explains both why he is un-married and why he is wheelchair-bound, an obvious punishment from God), Hawking tries to deny her very existence! The only “black hole” that will hit Earth this Friday is Barack Obama, who is sucking the American economy dry.

What about the Bible? THe Bible tells us that one cannot know the date of the End. Only the Father knows. Not even Jesus knows!! But it also tells us to turn to Him for guidance. Martin and I repeatedly turn to the Lord for prayer and the Holy Spirit for guidance, and I spent many hours praying about Friday this weekend. What did the Spirit tell me? READ YOUR BIBLE!!!!!!!!! The signs in the Book of Revelation haven’t happened….yet. Now I have come to believe through intense prayer with the Spirit that the first seal was almost opened this week, but the Father is holding off. Why? Because there are still some true Christians who still reside on the Earth. Martin and I are true servants of our Lord Jesus Christ. So are other great people like Jonathan Wells, John Sarfati, Edward Current, Duane Gish, and Kent Hovind. As long as God’s people still exist upon this Earth, He will not turn His back upon us. When the end-time DOES come, we will be raptured into the Heavens with Him, and miss the apocalyptic battle which, Revelation tells us, will consume the ENTIRE Earth. We’re still here, so the world’s not ending. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s reject this heathen apocalypse myth. Let’s take back the world for Jesus. And remember, when the heathens wake up on Saturday morning, their false Mayan “gods” will be dead to them…but the Lord, the One True God, our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, will never die. For a heathen and an unsaved sinner will only know death, but one who is saved by Jesus will experience ever-lasting life. How can you be saved? Reject sin, repent, embrace God’s word as laid out in the Bible, believe that every word in the Bible is true, and live a life following the example left for us by Jesus. Want to spend eternity in Paradise? You must be born-again. Want to burn in hell? Keep living like an average American, and you’ll surely wind up there.Make the right choice. Choose Jesus.

We’re Jim Solouki and Martin Baker, and we are True Christians.

American Atheists repent!

Dear Christians,

Just look at what an organized coalition of atheists, know as “American Atheists” have done in New York City:




We must remember to keep Christ in CHRISTmas. The ACLU and the atheists are trying their best to take this nation away from Christ, and the AntiChrist is among us all! Santa Clause is a myth that was based on the communist leader Karl Marx. We must pray to fight the evils that are corrupting and ruining Christmas!