Mission to Mongolia

A Mongolian in search of Jesus

A Mongolian in search of Jesus

Greetings True Christians!

Today, the Holy Spirit has ordered me to begin a True Christian mission to the nation of Mongolia! Mongolia is sandwiched between the atheistic Communistic strongholds of Russia and China. Ever since God’s chosen one, Ronald Reagan, destroyed the Soviet Union, heathen Mongols have begun to convert to Christianity. However, unfortunately for them,they are converting to Christianity in the ungodly and false form of Catholicism.  Why? Because the Catholics are the only “Christian” group seeking to convert these poor pagans. The reception of Christ in Mongolia since the fall of the USSR leaves little doubt that Mongolia is ready for Jesus!


These women love Jesus, and you should too!

My brothers and sisters in Christ, it is time for us to teach the Mongolians the Truth about Christ.  The Truth is that Jesus died for all of our sins, but the only way to heaven is to be born again in Him (John 3:1-21).  Let us lead them away from the sinful false Christian sect of Catholicism and towards True Christian faith in Christ rather than in men of the cloth.  I am just now beginning to plan a True Christian mission to Mongolia, and you can help!  Your prayers are greatly needed, and any help to spread the word of Christ to Mongols everywhere will greatly aid our cause. People of Mongolia, Jesus wants YOU!


these children need JESUS!

these children need JESUS!

My friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray that Martin and I are able to convert all the Mongolians for Jesus. We must save their souls for Christ! These are good people, many who have never heard the Truth of God’s Word because the heathen Chinese and Russians blocked it from them.  They need salvation, and they need our help.

The time for a True Christian mission for Mongolia is now, and here at Creationsciencestudy, Martin and I intend to make it happen.  Join us, and help save Mongolia for Jesus! After all, it’s what He would want!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

Burn in Hell, Ansarullah Bangla Team!

God hates Mohammad, too!

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to bring to your awareness the work of the heathen Muslim terrorist group Ansarullah Bangla Team. They are a group of terrorist scum from the country of Bangladesh and have made threats against many bloggers. More on that here. As a blogger and Christian pastor, it is my duty to comment on their actions.  Every time you threaten the life or physical well-being of a living individual, God will add torment to your sentence in Hell. Every time you seek to harm a living person, you do yourself harm in the afterlife.  You are all going straight to the fires of Hell after death, members of Ansarullah Bangla Team.  Do not pass go. Do not collect 72 virgins. Go straight to Hell, where all Islamic terrorists go.

I would also like to declare a holy war upon these heathens.  I will continue to be critical of Islam so long as radical Islam continues to threaten the safety and well-being of True Christian Americans! The time for the next Crusade is now! We must renounce Islamic violence and replace it with Christian love. Then, and only then, can we take back the Middle East for Jesus.

Members of Ansarullah Bangla Team, there is only one way into Heaven. You must be born again in Jesus.  As a Muslim, you’re not getting in.  Burn in Hell, Ansarullah Bangla Team! God hates Muslims, God hates terrorists, and most of all, God hates YOU!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

Hajj Stampede 2015! More proof that God hates Islam!!

Hooray for dead terrorists!

Greetings True Christians (and heathen scum)!

Today I want to share with you the news of a wonderful and joyous occasion.  Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has used the Holy Spirit to inspire the trampling deaths of more than 700 Muslims near Mecca today as they travelled to Islam’s unholy city to worship a rock! This represents the loss of a relatively large number of potential terrorists and makes the world a safer place for all Christians. Why? Because the only safe Muslim is one who cannot attack and kill Christians!

This is wonderful and glorious news.  Every year, Muslims make their unholy pilgrimage, the Hajj, to visit Mecca. They believe that their demon-possessed “prophet” Mohammed rode a rock to heaven from this site, or something stupid like that. I can only imagine the scene.  Much like the Running of the Bulls in Spain, some heathen Muslim terrorist thought it would be a good idea to run towards their sacred rock.  He shoved past other Muslims, who must have thought that there were 72 virgins waiting for whoever touched the rock first.  Everyone began to run.  A stampede followed. Hundreds of terrorists died.  This is wonderful news.

Imagine no Islam!

It’s easy if you try.

Before you accuse me of being too harsh on the Muslims, let us pause for a moment to imagine a world with no Islam.  The Twin Towers would still be standing. We would not be embroiled in wars in the Middle East. Our economy would not be in the toilet.  Islam is an enemy to America, and it is always wonderful to see Islam suffer a blow.  These people don’t even love their own children!

How a typical Muslim treats his child.

So you see, my brothers and sisters in Christ, Islam is an abomination from the devil, and Mohammed himself was actually inspired by demons. God hates this unholy religion, and is very happy that more than 700 terrorists were killed today! Let us pray:

Heavenly Father, we thank you very much for killing 700 potential terrorists in Mecca. We thank you for preventing them from killing innocent Christian Americans. We thank you for striking a blow against Satan’s religion Islam.  We ask you humbly to continue to strike fear into the hearts of Muslims everywhere, until they give up their heathen ways and accept Christ. In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.

Thank you God for destroying some Muslims! It is time to take back the world for Jesus! It is time to take back America for Christ!

Your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

An Open Letter to Ayatollah Khamenei

Ayatollah Khamenei,

I would like to personally issue you a dire warning.  You have said that America would be embarrassed in any war between the United States and Iran. This is utterly and patently false.  If Iran goes to war with the United States of America, America will surely have God on its side.  Your country works for Satan himself.  The Quran was written by a false prophet named Muhammad who was possessed by demons.  The Holy Bible was written by God.  Iran is a Muslim nation based on the Quran. America is a Christian nation, based on the Holy Bible.  If Iran goes to war with America, God will allow the nation of Iran to be utterly and completely demolished by American forces.

In fact, I would like to suggest that you read the Book of Revelation.  The Bible does, in fact, tell us what happens when the forces of Christ combat the forces of Satan. The forces of Christ win, and the forces of Satan are cast into the lake of fire.  Mr. Khamenei, do you want to be tormented in the fires of hell for all eternity? Unless you and your people convert to Christianity and come to know Jesus, that’s what is going to happen.

However, Ayatollah Khamenei, I do not believe that you will convert to Christianity. You rely on the Satanic myth of Islam to keep your power. While Americans elect their leaders in a democratic fashion, the foolish heathen Muslim Iranians fix elections so the most Islamic candidate wins.  This is ungodly and you know it.  I will enjoy watching Satan torture you for eternity in Hell when I reach the gates of heaven. Turn or burn, Khamenei, turn or burn.

Read your Bible, Ayatollah Khamenei, because the battle of armageddon is, in fact a battle between Christian forces and Satan’s forces. This is exactly what a battle between Iran and America will be. America will destroy you.  America will demolish you.  America will crush your nation like a bug.  Stop rattling your toy sword and see the light.

Did you know that God Himself is defending the nation of Israel, heathen? You may want to attack Israel, but if you do, the Lord will destroy you.  You will be smited by the sword of God and you will be cast into Hell immediately for rejecting the truth of Christ.  It is in your best interest, and in the best interest of your nation, to back down now. I implore you to stop making empty threats and put your guns away. Now. Otherwise, you will be destroyed.

Embrace Christ and learn peace Ayatollah Khamenei. It is the only way to heaven. The Bible tells us that the only way into heaven is to be Born Again in Christ.  Become a baptized Christian or do not enter. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go to Hell.  Heaven is like an exclusive club, unsaved unwelcome.  Hell is like a street party,  with room for everyone. Where do you want to spend eternity? Make the right choice, and reject Islam.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

P.S.  This letter does not constitute a threat to you in any form. Merely a dire warning about the consequences of any action you might take against America. I come to you in peace, on a mission from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with a mission of peace and a hope that you might reject your false heathen ways and embrace Christianity. Learn peace, love, and Christ, my friend.

Schenectady: Where Satan Slumbers!

This angel statue in Schenectady's Vale Cemetery is loved by satanists and pagans.

This angel statue in Schenectady’s Vale Cemetery is loved by satanists and pagans.

Greetings True Christians!

Today, I would like to tell you about my missionary trip to the ungodly heathen city of Schenectady, NY.  I learned about this evil city from the movie The Place Beyond the Pines (don’t see this film because it is of Satan and should be burned. I saw it on the tv and the Holy Spirit spoke to me telling me to go to that city). I visited, and tried to save the sinners of the town of Schenectady, but my work unfortunately had little impact on the local heathens. I tried to preach the Truth of Christ, and they rejected me. So I kicked the dust from my shoes and left that ungodly city accursed.  The Lord will bring judgment upon Schenectady in due time. For now, I will tell you the history of that heathen city, a city almost as sinful as evil and unholy Babylon itself.

a typical Mohawk savage

a typical Mohawk savage

The land that Schenectady was built upon was originally settled by the Mahican Indians in the 1100s.  These Indians were peaceful people who did not know Jesus but were welcoming to outsiders.  They were conquered by the ungodly and evil Mohawk Indians in the 1600s. The Mohawks then took control of their land, and proceeded to kill all Christian settlers who visited their territory.  Three of their victims, Jean de Brebeuf, Rene Goupil, and Isaac Jogues, were Roman Catholic Jesuit priests who were systematically tortured, beaten, and ultimately murdered simply because they claimed to be Christians. While they were false Christians and servants of the heathen Catholic Church, they may still be in heaven since they did die as a result of their work to spread the word of God amongst evil and heathen savages. The Catholics made them saints and clearly believe that they are in heaven, but we must never trust the word of the lying Catholics, who sell indulgences and outlawed the eating of meats other than fish on Fridays for their followers after being paid off by Italian fish merchants.

A statue of Jogues doing the Nazi salute as a sign of the Jesuit Order's goal of world domination.

A statue of Jogues doing the Nazi salute as a sign of the Jesuit Order’s goal of world domination.

Nazi priests joining with the Nazi party. These priests hoped to further the Jesuit goal of world domination.

Nazi priests joining with the Nazi party. These priests hoped to further the Jesuit goal of world domination.

As the Mohawk spree of torturing and killing Christians on the land in and around Schenectady came to an end, they sold the land to the Dutch, in 1661.  Many of these Dutch settlers committed adultery and other sins with local Mohawk women, cursing the land and their descendents forever. The Protestant English knew that the Dutch were committing ungodly acts of sexual hedonism in Schenectady and seized the land from them in 1664, in an attempt to save the town for Jesus.  The locals refused to listen, and God allowed the city to be burned to the ground by Native Americans on February 8th, 1690.

God allowing the heathens to destroy Schenectady just like he allowed the Babylonians to take the Jews captive.

God allowing the heathens to destroy Schenectady just like he allowed the Babylonians to take the Jews captive.

Schenectady was rebuilt, but became a budding home for witchcraft. In what is now Jackson Garden on the ungodly Union College campus (more about this evil college later), Alice Van Der Veen was burned to death by the local townspeople in 1694 for practicing witchcraft and committing adultery.  The local heathens today at Union believe her ghost haunts the garden, but everyone knows that ghost stories are of Satan.  What is important is that the local townspeople finally began to take a stand for Jesus and against Satan, and punished these ungodly acts properly.

a fitting fate for a witch.

a fitting fate for a witch.

God then allowed Schenectady to begin to grow and prosper.  The town grew larger.  The local economy developed nicely.  God’s soldier George Washington even visited the town twice in 1775.  Twenty years later, the city founded Union College, a grevious source of sin across our nation.  You see? Union College is where the fraternity system was invented, and fraternities are of Satan.   God has been very displeased with Union College ever since, because America’s fraternities and sororities are some of the most hedonistic, sexually active locations in our entire country. God hates adultery and fornication, and fraternities and sororities breed both.

if it wasn't for Union College, we wouldn't have ungodly photographs like this one!

if it wasn’t for Union College, we wouldn’t have ungodly photographs like this one!

After Union College was founded, the company of General Electric was founded in Schenectady by Satan’s servant, Thomas Edison. Edison built a multi-million dollar company out of General Electric, and built the city of Schenectady into a viable economic center. Then after Edison died, General Electric mostly moved out of the area in the 1990s. This led to huge job cuts and the decline of the city. The heathen Muslim president Barack Hussein Obama visited there in 2014 to celebrate the huge loss of American jobs caused by General Electric outsourcing much of their labor to other nations.  Barack Hussein Obama and General Electric, bringing down America together!

Barack HUSSEIN Obama at General Electric in Schenectady!

Barack HUSSEIN Obama at General Electric in Schenectady!

Today Schenectady is a shell of a city. It’s basically a downscale version of the ungodly and impoverished Detroit. Most of the city’s residents are unemployed and live in broken-down housing and drive old beat up cars. God used General Electric to punish the ungodly city by bringing poverty and despair upon its people. On the street called Albany Street, near the city’s police department, prostitutes and drug dealers run freely through the streets.  Here’s one:

A typical Schenectady prostitute.

The city’s favorite restaurant is the broken-down and cheap Newest Lunch, also on Albany Street. They sell hot dogs made locally and slathered in meat sauce. The staff are some of the only genuinely good people I met in that entire city. Still, Satan has tried to bring down that restaurant by surrounding it with prostitution and crime. The food was some of the best food that I have eaten anywhere, however, and the hot dogs are, indeed, fantastic.

Typical Newest Lunch hot dogs

Fun fact: God has often punished the land close to Newest Lunch with flooding. However, God has never punished the actual restaurant of Newest Lunch. Newest Lunch is of God and Jesus approves!

Fun fact: God has often punished the land close to Newest Lunch with flooding. However, God has never punished the actual restaurant of Newest Lunch. Newest Lunch is of God and Jesus approves!

A little down the road and around the corner from Newest Lunch is one of the most evil and ungodly places in the entire city (besides Union College and Albany Street, of course). There is a Planned Parenthood located right on one of the main streets in the city, State Street. In this building, babies are aborted so that their irresponsible parents do not have to take responsibility for their immoral sexual actions, and so that their bodies can be sold to atheists and other hellspawn everywhere. This is a very evil place that should be destroyed. Luckily, there is a True Christian church just down the road from it that participates in a prayer vigil outside of its gates every single day. This church is truly of God, and should be commended for doing the Lord’s work in the center of such a horrible city.

Christ's Church, a True Christian Church, and the one true seat of Christianity in Schenectady.

Christ’s Church, a True Christian Church, and the one true seat of Christianity in Schenectady.

Down the street from this good True Christian church is a site where many ungodly satanic rituals have taken place. Vale Cemetery is one of the most infamous cemeteries in the state of New York. Many of Union College’s founders are buried there, and every year, the students from the campus go into the cemetery and perform dark rituals among the gravestones. Every single year, the local Satanists sacrifice chickens and goats to the devil from inside the cemetery gates. Every year, pagans and wiccans practice their ungodly and unChristian solstice festivals in the cemetery. The graves of the holy are desecrated, and the graves of the unholy are revered. There is a dark and heavy demonic presence throughout the entire cemetery, and I believe that there are evil gateways to Hell opened from within its gates. The Vale Cemetery is one of the evilest places I have ever visited, and should be avoided at all costs. Satan and his demons truly dwell there. In fact, they even boarded up the chapel on site so that prayer could no longer take place in it!

Vale Cemetery, where demons dwell.

Schenectady also has a strong Roman Catholic presence, a presence which Jesus hates.  The Roman Catholic Church in Schenectady is under the control of the evil and ungodly Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, where homosexual Bishop Howard Hubbard led a 37 year long war on Christ as Bishop. Other Catholic dioceses cast out homosexual priests, Hubbard invited them in, opening the doors up to all sorts of heathen, hedonistic activities. He even played with male prostitutes! The Roman Catholic Church is ungodly as it is, but Bishop Howard Hubbard is truly of Satan. I sincerely hope that his successor as bishop learns about the Truth of Christ. There is a great article about the evils of Hubbard titled Agony in Albany. It is from a Roman Catholic perspective, but should be read by all. Hubbard even made a priest who disagreed with him commit suicide! That is ungodly and of the devil! Shame on you Howard Hubbard and you ungodly diocese of Albany. Satan is truly within your midst.

Fag enabler Howard Hubbard bows to the ungodly Dalai Lama. Satan is smiling!

I tried to save the souls of Schenectady. I really did.  I only found some success with the Christians at Christ’s Church, who prayed with me at a table on the sidewalk on the street. Nobody else there was receptive to the Truth of Christ. I applaude the members of this holy and True Christian church and look forward to seeing them in Heaven. I know that the rest of Schenectady will burn in Hell. Shame on you Schenectady! You were born on cursed soil, and your continued sinful ways have brought the debt of sin and death upon you. You will all burn in Hell unless you turn and embrace the Truth of Christ. You rejected me, but you do not reject sin.  You are truly servants of Satan and will burn in Hell.  I tried to save you, but you cannot save one who has sold himself to Satan.  Turn or burn Schenectady! Turn or burn.  The choice is yours.

I will be praying for you, even though you are all most likely destined for Hell.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

Hillary Clinton, another Demoncrat!

Dear friends,

Did you know Hillary Clinton is an evil person somebody like Mao, Marx, or Hitler would ever dream of? That’s right, concerned citizens. Besides being married to a husband that lied about having ungodly affairs in the White House, Hillary is part of an Anti-Christian agenda that is trying to take the Great Nation away from Christ. These facts presented below prove how dangerous she is and why she should not be voted for president.

-Hillary Clinton currently plays a part in the world’s largest Holocaust ever that kills unborn babies through Planned Parenthood. She also helped in the stealing of tax dollars which helped in the selling of aborted baby parts to godless countries.

-Hillary Clinton is a woman, and that makes her not fit to become president. She needs to know God created Adam first.

-She is responsible for gay marriages to be forced in America. As a consequence, marriages are redefined by a government that has turned away from God and has taken away our Christian Rights.

-Hillary Clinton wants Christians to become unarmed and to have their guns taken away.

-Hillary refuses to say Marry Christmas, but she prefers to say the offensive phrase “Happy Holidays.”

-She will have a godless government spy on the lives of innocent Christians. She will use the NSA to spy on Christians. This may also make it harder for new churches to be built, but will surely allow the construction of new mosques.

-Besides working with Planned Parenthood, she also works with the ACLU, MSNBC, and other like-minded organisations.


Do we Christians want this person of ungodly principles to take the White House? No. But who is the one candidate, chosen by God and not the people, to save this great nation from the secular evils that are making it illegal to say Merry Christmas, to display the Ten Commandments in the courts and schools, to display Nativity Scenes?


Rick Santorum! Remember to vote Santorum 2016 to save America.

Martin Baker

God hates Kim Davis!

God Hates Kim Davis!

God Hates Kim Davis!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Kim Davis is a closet servant of Satan and on Jesus’ hit list? That’s right, boys and girls, the Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who refused to give marriage licenses to ungodly homosexuals, is, in fact, an atheist troll who is trying to make True Christians look bad! By posing as a Christian and “discriminating against” ungodly sodomy and homosexual marriage (and by breaking the law in the process), Kim Davis is doing the Devil’s work.  While it is truly right and just to fight against homosexuality in all its forms, the accursed United States has decided to allow ungodly homosexuals to marry! Therefore, true Christians are forced to sit back and allow sodomy to happen in our midst.  True Christians obey the law but protest it, calling for new leaders and change.  Kim Davis is not a True Christian, and is in fact a closeted atheist who loves Planned Parenthood and adultery.  Her prison sentence is a punishment from God.

Santorum and Sempa will stand against sodomy the right way, through the passing of laws against homosexuality.

Santorum and Sempa will stand against sodomy the right way, through the passing of laws against homosexuality.

That’s right, boys and girls. So-called Christian Kim Davis is actually a sinner who is married to many different men.  Yes, she may have divorced all of these men besides her current “husband,” but her only true husband is her first husband. All others are false spouses who are committing adultery and fornication with her every time they engage in any sort of sexual act. They are breaking the Commandments and will be cast into Hell quickly. God hates fornicators like Kim Davis just as much as God hates homosexual enablers. She is surely a Whore of Babylon hiding in sheep’s clothing and posing as a prophet. Jesus tells us to beware of false prophets such as Davis, and says we will know them by their works.  Davis’ work is adultery, and she is therefore a false prophet.

Kim Davis gives Christians a bad name and helps whores like these.

Kim Davis gives Christians a bad name and helps whores like these.

And Kim Davis is a huge fag and lesbian enabler. By refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals, Kim Davis makes it look like homosexuals are being discriminated against. This makes the ungodly liberal media feel bad for them and act as if homosexual marriage is justified. Trust me, it’s not. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, and the only definition of marriage is between one man and one woman. Kim Davis makes it look like the homosexual heathens are being discriminated against. They’re not. The US government has decided to allow these heathens to enter into ungodly unions falsely defined as “marriage” by the government. Unless the US government changes its stance and stops enabling homosexuality, God will punish America with much strife. God has punished America before, using the 9/11 terrorist attacks to bring America to its knees as punishment for their tolerance of marital infidelity and Bill Clinton’s ungodly relationship with Monica Lewinsky. However, it is up to the American Government, and not to individuals, to build a legal system based on Jesus. Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.  America needs God’s choice for president to win in 2016! America needs Rick Santorum!

God has punished America for adultery and homosexuality before. If it continues, God will punish America again.

God has punished America for adultery and homosexuality before. If it continues, God will punish America again.

Kim Davis is  a closet atheist infiltrator who must be removed from her job immediately. Throw her into prison and throw away the key. She needs to stop trolling America into believing that Christians are hateful and discriminatory and admit that she is lying for Satan.  While homosexuality is of the devil and must be stopped, it is up to the government to change their ungodly laws allowing homosexual “marriage.” Until then, God will curse this once-great nation.  It is our duty as citizens to protest, demonstrate, and write our congressmen until the laws are changed, not to take law enforcement into our own hands. Kim Davis is an atheistic adulteress who is trying to make True Christians look bad by falsely representing us. She is of Satan and must be stopped. She is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Shame on Kim Davis. Shame on fag enablers. If you support Kim Davis, shame on YOU for being deluded by Satan! It is time to take back America for Jesus. It is time to back the United States for Christ!

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.