God Hates ISIS!

Hayat Boumeddiene 'appears in Islamic State film' - 06 Feb 2015

ISIS: Satan’s Warriors

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that God hates absolutely nothing more in today’s world than He hates ISIS? That’s right, boys and girls, of all the people, evils, groups, and things on God’s hate list, God hates absolutely nothing more than God hates ISIS.  The Islamic State is a group of evil, deluded Muslims in the heathen Middle East who go around killing Christians and anyone else they feel like in the name of their false religion. They believe that they are going to build a new “caliphate” or Muslim kingdom, but in reality, they are all going to Hell. In fact, one ISIS fighter converted to Christianity after God showed him the truth and let him experience a taste of Hell. Here’s the story.


Captured women being taken to market by ISIS

Did you know that the Islamic State is even less respectable than Hitler and the Nazis? The Muslim heathens in the Islamic state love nothing more than crucifying Christians and selling Christian women into lives of slavery. They enjoy torture, rape, and murder and reject love, Christ, and all that is good.  They are heathens who believe that they will receive 21 virgins in paradise for killing Christians, when, in fact, they will spend an eternity in Hell upon their deaths. God hates ISIS just like civilized people hate cockroaches. In fact, cockroaches are superior to ISIS in all ways.


When we have roaches in our houses, we exterminate them. Let us exterminate ISIS as well!


This is how ISIS treats Christians.

God hates ISIS and all heathen Muslim terrorists just like we hate cockroaches.  It is our duty as civilized people to destroy ISIS and all forms of radical Islam. These heathens WILL burn in Hell forever for all the evil actions that they have committed.  Not only do they worship the false prophet Muhammad who was guided by demons and devils but they also fight against all forms of civilization. They will stop at nothing to harm Christians everywhere, and they must be destroyed. Let us destroy them all and send them straight to Hell.


A typical picture of Mohammad.

Here at Creation Science Study, we declare the heathens of ISIS to be of the devil. We will outlast ISIS’s ungodly state, and will be here to preach the Truth of Christ long after ISIS is destroyed. This is because we are doing the work of the Lord, and they are doing the work of Satan. We are preaching the Truth of Christ and have no blood upon our hands. They are doing the work of Satan, and their hands are soiled with blood.  God will enjoy casting ISIS and all their fighters into Hell where they will be tortured forever with bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and the false prophet Muhammed. Let us pray:

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, who came to save us from sin, please show no mercy to the heathens of ISIS who kill, torture, and rape your servants in the Middle East. Please strike them all down very soon and give them painful deaths on their way to Hell. Show them no mercy, and send them to the pit of Hell where they belong, forever. Please look with kindness upon the Christians they have harrassed, tortured, raped, and killed, and usher those Christian souls into paradise immediately. In Your holy name we pray, Lord Jesus. Amen.


I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.


Bill Cosby is Satan’s Servant!


Greetings True Christians!

Today serial rapist Bill Cosby posted 1 million dollars in bail following his arraignment for a  sexual assault charge.  Over the past couple of years, Bill Cosby has been accused of multiple rapes.  In fact, Cosby rapes women like Catholic priests rape little boys.  While I will credit Cosby for being heterosexual instead of homosexual (unlike those Catholic priests who touch little boys and dance around on their ungodly gold-covered altars while wearing dresses), Cosby is a rapist, and rapists are clearly of Satan.


look at these homosexual false Christians! The one in the middle wears a golden phallic hat and holds a homosexual disco stick while all wear dresses in front of their collection of gold purchased with money that should have been for the poor!

Bill Cosby is a member of the Hollywood elite, and has made millions of dollars from his time on television.  Of course, that in itself would be enough to put Bill Cosby on thin ice and in dire risk of Hell. Remember what Jesus says about the wealthy.  Jesus taught us that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.  Cosby is a very wealthy man, and is in dire straights indeed! That would be enough to kep Cosby in risk of Hell.


It’s true! It’s true! Ladies, Bill Cosby is coming to rape you!

Not only is Bill Cosby wealthy, but he is also a fornicator. That means he’s had sex outside of marriage. He is also an adulterer, which means he’s broken the vows of wedlock with his sexual escapades. Add that to the fact that he has committed the act of rape multiple times, and God is going to enjoy casting him into Hell. Cosby is not the wholesome family man that the television presents him as, boys and girls. Bill Cosby is nothing more than a wealthy rapist.


But why do people like Bill Cosby think that rape is ok? The answer is the demonic doctrine of evilution. Evilution teaches us that actions and beliefs such as rape, homosexuality, Naziism, Communism, atheism, abortion, adultery, man-on-dog and other forms of bestiality, gay marriage, and all other forms of hedonist heathenistic sins are acceptable. This is because it teaches people that man came from monkeys, which means it’s ok for man to act like monkeys.  Belief in the fairy tale of evilution undermines faith in the TRUE Creation narrative found in the Bible.  If you accept evilution, you are probably going to become an atheist because Darwinism is from the devil and the devil’s sole goal is to undermine belief in God and take you all to Hell. Darwinism is the reason why people thought it was ok for Bruce Jenner to become Caitlin Jenner!


This is what sin looks like!

My brothers and sisters in Christ, let us not be deluded by Darwinism to think that what Bill Cosby has done is ok.  Rape is a sin punishable by hell.  Cosby is clearly unrepentant and has raped many women.  While he may face time in prison for his crimes, unless he repents and earns the forgiveness of God, he will burn in Hell forever.

Let us pray that Bill Cosby will repent and allow Jesus to lead him away from sin! Let us pray that Bill Cosby will not lead others INTO sin! Cosby is a rapist and a crook, and he needs to pay for his crimes.  Unless he repents here on earth and atones for his sins, he will pay for them forever in Hell. Repent Bill Cosby! Repent!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki


God Hates the Olive Garden!


For $400, you can eat here!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that the Olive Garden in Times Square in that modern day Babylon New York City will be charging $400 per person per meal on New Years Eve this year? That’s right, boys and girls, for what it costs to feed 109 starving children for an entire month, you can eat one meal at the Olive Garden on New Year’s Eve. Sadly, many people will pay this for a meal at what amounts to the McDonald’s of Italian food. When you go to Olive Garden, you are paying for reheated frozen food that is even microwaved at times.  None of the “chefs” that prepare your food are professional, regardless of the hype the Olive Garden gives to their cooking school.   In fact, many times, the breadsticks or salad you receive with your meal at the Olive Garden is transferred from another table, where diners failed to finish it.  Do you want to spend $400 on one meal here, or do you want to feed 109 starving children? What would Jesus do? That’s right, Jesus would feed the children.


You can feed this child and 108 of his friends for a whole month, or you can eat at the Olive Garden once on New Years Eve. What would Jesus do?

This move by the Olive Garden is an abomination, and both the management responsible for the move and all diners who eat there instead of feeding the hungry will burn in Hell. The Lord admonishes us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and visit the imprisoned. Instead of doing the Lord’s work, many people will pay $400 for a dinner at the Olive Garden and stuff their faces like gluttons preparing for slaughter. These sinners will all go straight to Hell unless they change their ways.


These children are starving while people order  $400 dinners at the Olive Garden. 

If you are thinking about going to the Olive Garden on New Years Eve, I challenge you to go to a smaller, family owned business who will charge you far less, and probably give you a much better meal. Take the money you save, and use it to better the lives of the poor; feed some starving children, buy a coat for a homeless person in Central Park (I can assure you, having visited there to preach, that there are many), or find some other Christian use of your money.  You don’t need a $400 dinner. One $400 meal will not change your life. The money saved from skipping that meal may, however, change someone else’s.

Homeless in New York

This homeless man doesn’t want a $400 dinner. He just wants to survive another day.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, how can we allow the Olive Garden to commit such a horrible act while people in that very city are starving and living on the streets? Clearly, the Olive Garden is of Satan and must be avoided by True Christians. We must lead a boycot of the Olive Garden! In fact, we can protest too, not only to raise awareness of the inherent ungodliness of the prices that they are charging for a meal, but also to raise awareness of the homeless in the city. God hates the Olive Garden. God hates the Olive Garden’s supporters. And if you eat at the Olive Garden on New Years Eve, then God hates YOU.

Let us avoid the Olive Garden and all overpriced restaurants and give to the poor instead. It is time to take back our economy for Jesus! It is time to give back our wallets to Christ!

From your True Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker


Lemmy and Lucifer!


Greetings True Christians!

Tonight, it has come to my awareness that Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead has died. Upon his death, the gates of Hell opened and he was cast into the pit for a lifetime of unrepentant sin.  God punished Lemmy with Diabetes in an attempt to make him repent, but Lemmy failed to repent. He is burning with Lucifer as we speak. The Holy Spirit has confirmed that Lemmy Kilmister is, in fact, in Hell as we speak. Good riddance to that heathen, and all heathens who reject Jesus and embrace the Satanic music of heavy metal!


This is where Lemmy is now!

Lemmy had a chance to repent, but he rejected the Truth of God and still embraced his alcoholic, hedonistic, heavy metal playing, heathen lifestyle until his death.  The Holy Spirit tried, as the Spirit always does, to save Lemmy, but Lemmy rejected God’s messenger.  Unlike Christopher Hitchens, who did, in fact, repent on his deathbed, Lemmy rejected Christ to the end and is now in Hell.

What can Lemmy expect in Hell? Burning fire for all eternity.  The Bible tells us of those in hell that their worm shall not die. That means that they will never, never, never stop feeling pain.  Lemmy is burning in unquenchable fire.  His soul entirely aware of all forms of pain, separated from God forever, Lemmy is burning forever. Not only is he burning forever, but he is also being tortured, poked, prodded, thrown, beaten, and ab used by all of Satan’s demons. Why would Satan’s demons torture him so badly? Because Lemmy is a human, and therefore made in God’s image.  Satan and his minions hate all things of God, especially things made in God’s image. Therefore, they will torture Lemmy forever, incessantly, for all eternity. If you die unsaved, they will torture YOU as well! Do you want to burn forever with Lemmy, Lucifer, and all the demons? No? Then you must be born again!


If you don’t want to burn in hell forever and ever until the end of time, you must be born again in Christ! Do you know how to be born again? You must be baptized in both spirit and in water. You must reject sin in all forms, but also accept the fact that you are a sinner. Sin is detestable to God, and as a sinner, YOU are detestable to God.  You are only worthy of Hell for turning against God.  However, there is a way for forgiveness.

Jesus Christ was crucified and rose from the dead to pay for our sins.  He died for YOUR salvation.  Do you want to be saved? Get yourself baptized with both water and the spirit. How do you get baptized with spirit? Join me in prayer:

Lord Jesus, I am a greivous sinner no better than Darwin, Lemmy, or Hitler. I have sinned against you and against your church, and deserve to be cast into Hell. I embrace you as my savior and thank you for saving my soul. I will give my life to you from this moment on.  Thank you Jesus. Amen.

After this prayer, devote your life to Jesus, and Paradise will be yours! Don’t be like Lemmy and rot in Hell forever! Be like Christopher Hitchens, repent, and go to heaven! 2000 years ago, Jesus died on the Cross for all of us. Embrace his sacrifice and be grateful.  We hope to see you all in paradise one day.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker








Atheists Attack in the War on Christmas!


Greetings True Christians (and heathen scum)!

Today is Christmas, also known in America as “Holidays.” This glorious day commemorates the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in a manger in Bethlehem.  Jesus was visited by both kings and shepherds in the manger.  Herod tried to have him killed, only to see His plans foiled by the Wise Men, who were inspired by the Holy Spirit and by angels. This Man, the Son of God, conceived by the virgin Mary, would later be crucified by the Romans and the Jews.  After His  Crucifixion, He rose from the dead for the salvation of all. Why did Jesus allow Himself to be crucified? Jesus wanted to understand the suffering that sin brings into the world and be able to empathize with the suffering of all people. The crucifixion helped Him do that and acheived the salvation of all saved and Born Again True Christians.  Christmas was the start of His earthly mission, as Jesus was born to a virgin to help defeat Satan.


Of course, Satan’s minions are all around us. In fact, even this True Christian site was interfered with by the heathens.  Each time I have recently tried to publish posts, a video of a strange man in a suit singing a song made up of many nonsensical syllables while perpetually smiling a strange smile has popped up on my screen and forced my computer to freeze.  It has only just now stopped happening. Here is an image of the man:


I have done some research and the song that he sang is called the Trololo Song.  Clearly this must have been an attack on our True Christian website from the heathen haters of Christian Truth.  It saddens me that our Godly site is now being attacked by the atheist Anonymous and atheists. At the same time, I am proud that we have generated enough interest to convince the atheists to attack our site during their war on Christmas. When Christ reclaims America, you will all be destroyed and will burn in Hell forever.


We are not the only victims of the atheist’s War on Christmas. Everywhere, the atheists are in the lead.  You go to the stores, and you hear “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas.  Starbucks has taken Christmas off of their Christmas cups.  Santa Claus is allowed in our shopping malls, but Christ is not allowed in public Christmases in America thanks to the atheists, Jews, and ungodly Muslims. Remember, boys and girls, that Muslims attacked us on September 11th.  Muslims are responsible for terrorism.  Muslims also outlawed Christmas in Somalia! America is not Somalia and should never act like Somalia! Shame on America!


Find the Muslim!

As long as we strive to take Christ out of CHRISTmas in America, God will continue to allow America to be punished. We will continue to be attacked. Satan will have his way with us as God turns his back on this nation.  It is time, my brothers and sisters in Christ, to take back Christmas for Jesus, because JESUS is the reason for the season. It is time to keep Christ in CHRISTMAS.

And to those who attacked our True Christian site, you will all burn in the fires of Hell forever unless you repent.

Yours in Christ, and Merry CHRISTmas,

Jim and Martin