Save the Sinner. A prayer chain for Dawkins

Dear true Christians,

Let us today join together in prayer for Richard Dawkins, the closet Creationist.  Richard Dawkins has openly admitted (see the film expelled) that intelligent design could be real, i.e. that there might actually be a “Designer”. Dawkins’ Creator is a race of intelligent aliens, which leads him into a series of infinite regress if you critically evaluate it (well who created the aliens? who created the guy that created the aliens? etc). Dawkins’ position is bizarre, but it is enough to give us hope that he might one day be saved.

In “A Devil’s Chaplain”, Dawkins goes so far as to say “I am a very religious man.”  Perhaps this is his inner self speaking. Perhaps Dawkins is so aggressively anti-Christian because he understands that to accept Jesus is to give up his heathenistic, sinful ways. Dawkins should be giving his money to the poor, not using it to defame his Creator.  Dawkins’ daughter was even sent to a Catholic nun for instruction (see, again, “A Devil’s Chaplain”).  No atheist would do this.

Dawkins has plenty of room to accept Christ into his life. After all, Jesus Himself saved Saul, the sinner, and used him as a rock upon which to further develop His Church.  Richard Dawkins is a lot like Saul.  He attacks Christianity at every chance he gets, and he is an extremely intelligent (but heavily deluded) man.  Dawkins does not respond to angry emails, as nobody should. See below:

These people are not true Christians. They are merely attacking the enemy, when Jesus Himself tells us to love our enemies. Let us embrace Richard Dawkins with true Christian love. Let us open our arms to him, and lead him to Christ. Let us pray that he will one day be able to bask with us in Christ’s eternal glory in Paradise. Let us open our hearts to Richard. Let us keep him in our prayers. Every soul lost is a soul lost for eternity. Every soul saved is a soul saved for eternity. Let us work to save Richard Dawkins.

How can we do this? Every one of us can pray that Richard will one day open his heart to Christ. We can send him true Christian literature in the hopes that his mind might be changed. Dawkins is a man of letters. He may best be swayed by intelligent Christian literature. He is already afraid to debate Creationists; perhaps there is a weakness in his atheistic position that even he himself already sees.  Join me in praying for our prodigal brother Richard.  Let’s take back Dawkins for Jesus.

Yours in Christ,


12 thoughts on “Save the Sinner. A prayer chain for Dawkins

  1. This is an exercise in futility.

  2. weerd0 says:

    *that’s all this post deserves.*

  3. Martin Baker says:

    Lets pray for Richard Dawkins. After having a conversation with the Holy Spirit, he is very likely going to open his heart to Jesus. He will be in Eternal Paradise with Abraham, Jesus, Marry, Paul, Christopher Hitchens, Carl Sagan, and the other saved souls.

  4. Martin Baker says:

    Not wanting to pray for those in need is sinful thinking!

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