Hey, Atheists: Evolution is a fairy tale for grownups!

We know how our children become easily absorbed in having imaginary friends, believing in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause, and after reading Jack and the Beanstalk and the Mother Goose Rhymes. However, when the children become older, they accept reality and abandon these stories as mere fairy tales. We don’t see children past the age of 15 wishing to have their stockings stuffed from Santa, now do we?

Sadly, there are many adults that cling on to the fairy tail which we know as evolution. And that is such a travesty because they have never outgrown these myths. Instead of accepting reality in front of them that our beloved heavenly father has provided, they like to believe that life appeared from some imaginary chemicals and that God must be rejected. The people live depressing and dark atheistic lives when they choose to willingly reject God, and  they reject the bible by reading Darwin’s fantasy book titled “Origin of Species” that has diverted truthful  science and inspired communist leaders such as Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Mousilini, Mao, Stalin, Carter, and Obama. Let’s not forget that Darwin’s book has caused a surge in sinfulness, atheism, pornography, homosexuality, the removal of the Ten Commandments from public schools and courts, removal of prayer from public school graduations, racism, gay marriages, the holocaust, dubstep, rape, Nazism, Rock ‘n Roll, the ACLU, the KKK, election of Obama as president, Michael Jackson, and other various sins. If evolution were true, would these sins even matter to us?

We know evolution can’t be true because we don’t see half flower-half tree plants, monkeys giving birth to humans, fish turning into frogs, crocoducks, and frogs appearing from mixed chemicals in a beaker. There have been many fabrications to support the evolution myth, and they include the failed Piltdown Man, and the Cardiff Giant. The scientists use evolution to hijack the public school systems for their satanic agendas. Atheistic scientist Richard Dawkins refuses to debate Ray Comfort, who is a true champion of Christianity and the Lord’s work. I know there are witnesses that acknowledge Dawkins refuses to debate Comfort even if Comfort wants to offer him money. But on a more personal note, I have prayed and spoken to the Holy Spirit for guidance on this matter, and he told me how Dawkins is lost and that his theory can never stand against the truth. I know that Dawkins is confused and that he needs Christ.


Martin Baker

43 thoughts on “Hey, Atheists: Evolution is a fairy tale for grownups!

  1. adam brazle says:

    Is this real life?

  2. Peter says:

    Making statements is good and all, but don’t you ever feel the need to back them up?

  3. bob says:

    And how is the bible not a fairy tale? How is it any more legit than santa clause or the easter bunny?

    • The Bible is Truth. Santa claus is made up

      • Sum Gai says:

        He asked how you came across this conclusion not for you to restate it. Maybe not be ignorant and tell us or we will all know your just in denial that you know they’re each just as fake as the other.

      • you just need to accept Jesus you heathen.

      • Sum Gai says:

        “you just need to accept Jesus you heathen.”
        I already tried that. It was fun and all being a dumbass, but I felt better when I wised up and tried to help humanity to advance and become enlightened on the universe. If you think there’s an afterlife, why not spend this life trying to understand this world, and the next understanding heaven?

        So now, you need to answer the damn question cause I think you just know they’re both fake, an you’re either a troll or a dumb-a

      • because it is better to experience heaven then to try to understand it from Hell.

      • Sum Gai says:

        “because it is better to experience heaven then to try to understand it from Hell.”

        So basically you are saying that smart people go to hell and only dumbasses such as yourself go to heaven? So if someone did nothing their whole lives but talk about god, post hateful things like this, blaming the worlds problems on a scientific fact, and trying to force their beliefs on others (such as you) would be in heaven, whereas a person who never did anything wrong to hurt anyone, had good morals, and spent their time trying to help all the others on Earth by creating medicines and understanding the world would be in hell?

        What happened to logic once i went on this website?

        I think I have to call Troll on this one, guys.

  4. weerd0 says:

    Wow….. ummm again i must ask if you are a troll.. I mean what planet do you live on? barring all the idiocy in your post (Obama is in no way communist, I don’t like the guy but i can tell you he is not communist. Stalin, Hitler and the rest were just megalomaniacs.) And the rest of the post, come on!

    Evolution is a fairly well proven theory (Look up scientific definition if you forgot them by now.) this means that it is the most logical assumption based on the current evidence in the world. for a new hypothesis like the bible to be taken seriously conformable, testable peer reviewed research and findings must be presented. Evolution is not the only hypothesis for the origin of life, it is only the most likely scenario. If you can collect enough evidence to disprove it i will listen. (Evidence not in your holy book.)

    and on a side note, how the hell are all of these scientists in on the “conspiracy” to spread evolution “dogma”? One that has been maintained for a hundred years? Hell politicians can barely keep their traps shut for two days after finding something out.

    You are a god damn idiot, and i am a god damn idiot for trying to reason with you.

  5. artemis says:

    well thats just going a little overboard

  6. Nick says:

    I call bologna! I actually saw a crocoduck boning a fish that then turned into a frog. It was in this weird garden where a snake was talking to this naked chick.

  7. I should point this out…
    “there are many adults that cling on to the fairy tail which ”
    Yeah, I believe that is a typo, or you watch anime.

    As usual, you don’t know what you are even writing about, evolution isn’t instantaneous, it takes place over a very very very very long period of time, go read up on evolution before you write about it. Why don’t you give a hypothesis that fits and isn’t from an old book? What evidence are there that says God created everything that is not in an old book? And don’t tell us to pray. We need proof that isn’t from an old book.

  8. Charles Darwin says:

    This post is so ironic. Evolution is supported by tons of empirical evidence whereas all you’re telling us comes from a book written several thousand years ago. There are experiments that flat out prove microevolution is observable, and DNA evidence clearly links species together. Speciation occurs over millions of years and does not happen overnight.

    *Flowers are the reproductive organs of (certain) trees, nimrod. They are not their own separate species. Also, it has been proved (since 1860) that living things can only come from other living things; that “frog in a test tube” has nothing to do with evolution.

    Basically, stop living in the middle ages – give us proof instead of merely persecuting very brilliant theories. The Church has been proven wrong before (heliocentrism) and it is likely they will be wrong again. I seriously hope this blog is a satire, otherwise you are just hurting your own cause.

  9. ” Let’s not forget that Darwin’s book has caused a surge in sinfulness, atheism, pornography, homosexuality, the removal of the Ten Commandments from public schools and courts, removal of prayer from public school graduations, racism, gay marriages, the holocaust, dubstep, rape, Nazism, Rock ‘n Roll, the ACLU, the KKK, election of Obama as president, Michael Jackson, and other various sins.”

    I just wanted to point out one word in there that has never had any connection, direct or otherwise, to evolution. That word is Rape. Rape has existed since man discovered that putting his penis inside a woman was satisfying and led to children. Rape existed in biblical times, and not just by non believers. It was a societal norm that women and girls (and sometimes boys) were raped, even and especially in the church hierarchy. It is even directly addressed in the bible, and the bible even provides a way out from sinful punishment for such an act (but lets not forget that according to the bible that i read its only really a sin if she was a virgin and you didn’t marry her afterwards.)

    What im saying is that blaming a belief in evolution for all the evil acts in the world is just plain lazy. I know many (myself included) people who believe in evolution as a scientific fact, yet still have never done anything that would be considered wrong or illegal, and are not tempted too based on said belief. Im willing to bet that the majority of people out there that understand the theory of evolution feel the same way. I can also attest to the fact that a large portion of those that believe in evolution are not, in fact, atheists. So, if you are against those things as stated above, fine, but come up with at least some sort of coherent argument to make. Stop being lazy, Jim!

    • the evolutionists believe that it is ok to rape because sex is a biological urge. Hence, evolution causes rape.

      • So, what you’re saying is, wanting to ensure that humans don’t go extinct is wrong?

      • Sum Gai says:

        Umm… I would like to say that that is an extreme exaggeration. Any evolutionist or creationist who commits rape doesn’t do so due to their beliefs on how they became humans, more about how their (both evolutionists and creationists alike) moral views are distorted and they think that their urge to have sex is more important than the freedom of their victim. (BTW in case you didn’t know, as of 1998, (about) 39% of federal prisoners were catholic, and (about) 0.03% were atheists. Obviously, christianity being a majority played a part, but over 100x as many christian prisoners being catholic than atheist? Something’s wrong there…)

      • I know literally hundreds of atheists, and not one of them believe that. I also no hundreds of “Pagans” or witches, or Wicca, (depending on the group they are actually a part of and what they specifically believe) and even there, not a single one believes that either. I also know hundreds of Christians of varying sects and belief levels, and again, not a single one believes that. Of the countless folks that i know that believe in some form of evolution, again, Not a one of them would ever believe such a thing, and would more likely argue logically that that statement is ridiculous. The only person i have ever met who believed that it was OK to rape somebody was an agnostic at best, and an ignorant more accurately, and he now resides in jail. And his reasoning for believing that rape was OK had nothing to do with any form of belief, scientifically or spiritually. It had to do with the fact that he was taught that from a very young age, through example and abuse. Add to that the fact that a belief that rape is OK existed generations before any theories of evolution, and was an accepted societal norm during biblical times.

      • belief in evolution causes rape and lesbianism (see my upcoming post).

  10. Sum Gai says:

    ” Let’s not forget that Darwin’s book has caused a surge in sinfulness, atheism, pornography, homosexuality, the removal of the Ten Commandments from public schools and courts, removal of prayer from public school graduations, racism, gay marriages, the holocaust, dubstep, rape, Nazism, Rock ‘n Roll, the ACLU, the KKK, election of Obama as president, Michael Jackson, and other various sins.”

    Athism is caused by waking up and experincing logic. Pornography would have still happened on the internet had darwin’s book not been made. Homosexuality has obviously been around since the Bible (because obviously it has been mentioned in it) and if you haven’t noticed, Darwin’s book is a little more recent than the Bible. Removal of the 10 commandments and prayer is called “The First Amendment: Freedom of religion” Racism has nothing to do with evolution. It’s been happening since before the 1600’s when Africans were shipped to France and North America as slaves (before Darwin). Gay Marriage: 1st Amendment. Holocaust & Nazism: Hitler wanted a “perfect world” with only christians (AKA the Bible caused both). Rape has happened since Biblical times (before Darwin) Dubstep and Rock and Roll?? Those are sins in what sense? You’ve gotta be kidding me if you think those are sins! KKK was caused by racism caused by people’s thoughts that different skin= different rights and no humanity. Saying the election of Obama as being a bad thing means you are racist, basically accusing yourself of sinning. And Lastly, Micheal Jackson? He wasn’t a great person, but come on? you can’t say that he himself was a sin?

    I just debunked that whole paragraph. I’m sure you will simply respond; “Accept Jesus Christ you Heathen” which will simply cause me too assume you are a racist, Evangelical, Hard right-winged dumbass who wishes for humanity to be plunged into a second dark ages.

    That, or a Troll.

    • Oh my non existing god, THANK YOU, sum gai! You debunked his whole article so i didnt have to! Ive already had to do it twice and those were pains in the ass. Thank. You. -hug-

  11. Reason says:

    The think about evolution is, it takes time. Years. Thousands of years. It’s not as instantaneous or erratic as you make it out to be.

    You should try to study up on the subject of evolution. I’m no expert, But I know enough to decide that it’s a much more likely scenario than what is told by religion.

  12. Martin Baker says:

    Dear Sam Gai,

    We have no problem with Obama being African American. We have a problem with him being a member of the Democratic Party aka the atheistic communist party.

  13. Mex5150 says:

    I was suspecting a Poe (mainly, but not only due to the straw-men and the Godwin in the second paragraph), but became convinced of it when I discovered the comments section was left enabled, no true creationist would ever risk this LOL

  14. shasha says:

    Too bad you can’t fix stupid with duct tape and a 2×4. I feel like I lost 50 I.Q. points reading that blog. Just wow. O.o

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