A True Christian Crusade against Campus Crusade for Christ

Dear fellow Christians,

Today I want to bring to your attention one of the most sinful so-called Christian groups in all America. This group is responsible for more Christian dis-information and untruthy lies than any other organization calling themselves Christian in America.  This group has permeated our universities, and poisoned the minds of our best and brightest. This group is the well-known and immensely popular Campus Crusade for Christ. Why are they so wrong? We’ll explain here.

First, Campus Crusade embraces the sinful man Thomas Jefferson as a describer of Christ.  Here is the Jefferson quote that they use:

“Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States of America and principal author of the Declaration of Independence, said, “Of all the systems of morality, ancient and modern, which have come under my observation, none appear to me so pure as that of Jesus.””

Was Thomas Jefferson a Christian? NO! Jefferson was a heathen who cut pieces out of the Bible at will, creating the immensely sinful and immensely wrong “Jefferson Bible.” Jefferson was no Christian, and no friend of Christ. Don’t believe me? You can access the Jefferson Bible here, just  to see how quick Jefferson was to destroy God’s word with scissors and a knife. Jefferson was as sinful man as Thomas Paine, so why use him to support Christ? He hated Christianity. Well actually he hated the ideas of miracles, on which CHristianity is based, of course, so by proxy he also hated Christianity. This is sinful! Who would embrace Jefferson on a website which purports, on its surface at least, to embrace Christ and defend Him? These people are heathens! These people mock God by the mere presence of a Thomas Jefferson quote on their website! These people must repent! We must keep these sinful people away from our homes and from our children.

Campus Crusade also embraces modern heathens. It is a well-known fact that Campus Crusade consistently sponsors Intelligent Design advocates to speak on universities across the nation. Know what Intelligent Design is? Intelligent Design is Creationism for wimps. Do you know that evolution is false but are are afraid to publicly embrace Jesus as your savior? Then become an Intelligent Design advocate. Campus Crusade actually supports these sinners! These men who mock God by removing Him from the head of the Creation of the universe are actually being embraced by a group who claims to defend Christ! Can’t you see that Intelligent Design is not Christian? Can’t you see that the only anti-evolutionists who should be sponsored by a group claiming to work for Christ are Creationists, and not Intelligent Design advocates? Clearly Campus Crusade has been infiltrated by Satan.

And here is further proof. The Campus Crusade website today ran an article called “Spiritual Spaghetti.”  This clearly shows that the organization is filled with sinners and heathens. Why, you ask? Because spaghetti is the deity of choice for those that worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a major affront to God. Illustration of the Flying Spaghetti Monster below:

The Flying Spaghetti Monster, mocking God and molesting Adam

Spiritual Spaghetti suggests some type of embracing of this Spaghetti Monster, who is shown above molesting Adam with what appears to be some type of noodly appendage, perhaps a penis.  Note how the Spaghetti Monster has two “meatballs” and touches Adam with one “appendage.”  This is clearly sinful in the worst way. And it appears that Campus Crusade for Christ accepts this smut! The Flying Spaghetti Monster is not in their article, but it is clearly in their title. Reject these heathens, friends. Let us remove them from our campuses and from our one true Church.

Here’s one more reason why Campus Crusade is sinful. Not only does Campus Crusade for Christ ask for donations, but they also sell stuff for profit. You know who else sold stuff for profit? The money lenders in the temple. And you know what happened to the money lenders in the temple. Jesus rejected them. What would Jesus do? Jesus would reject Campus Crusade as well. This organization cares more about their own pockets than about the souls of our youth. And even if they did care about our children’s souls, who could trust them when they embrace heathens like Thomas Jefferson and pagan nonsense such as the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

True Christian Friends, it is time to reject Campus Crusade. Join us in writing letters to your congressmen asking for Campus Crusade to be banned from universities across the nation. The atheists can have the Ten Commandments removed from public buildings. Surely we can have Campus Crusade removed from public campuses. While the loss of any Christian influence on college campuses is lamentable, the loss of Campus Crusade for Christ would be beneficial at worst and more than likely extremely beneficial to the souls of our youth. Why do so many Christians leave the Church in college? This happens for two reasons. First, atheist professors indoctrinate these students into an evolutionary worldview, and second, there is no good Christian defense network in American universities. The best we have is Campus Crusade for Christ. The best we have is nothing. Campus Crusade has outlived its usefulness in American universities, and should be replaced immediately by an organization consisting of TRUE Christians rather than fakers. We need a far more conservative Christian support network for our youth in college campuses, not these fake Christians.

It is time to remove Campus Crusade from our nation’s universities.

It is time to take back campus for Christ.

Join us in this quest, Christian friends. Write your congressmen. Write your newspapers. Even get the atheists involved. Tell them that there are “Christians” proselytizing in public universities across America under the flag of Campus Crusade for Christ. I’m sure the atheists hate God so much that they’d attack any presence of God in the university. Our nation’s future is at stake here. Won’t you stand up and help us defend it?

Your friends from Creation Science Study,

Jim and Martin

A true Christian Movie Review Site!

Dear Truthful Christians,

We whole heartily recommend the goodly Christian Movie Review site known as http://www.Capalert.com, and it is a very useful site to make sure that you, as an adult, will know what kind of content you may encounter in the film and if it is good for you or your kids to view.

Film reviewers today do not have any concern about the content in the films they review, especially if their is so much smutty and hateful material that will offend Christians when viewing the films. Unlike the secularized film reviews we see from anti christian film critics such as Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper, the workers of this site use a proper analysis when reviewing the films to make sure the content is safe for Christians. It is always good to know that there are truthful film reviewers that also work for Christ. The areas that are focused on by the True Christian Reviewers, which secular movie critics blatantly ignore, are “Wanton Violence/Crime”, “Impudence/Hate”, “Sexual Immortality”, “Drugs/Alcohol”, “Offense to God”, and “Murder/Suicide”.

We agree with their approach of film reviewing, since there is so much concern nowadays on the way films are made and how they often they have offensive material that de-glorifies God.

For example, we know how filmmakers can care less about using the offensive phrases by taking God’s name in vain and having a vulgar word following it. There is so much perverted content with up close camera angle views that force the viewer to see regions where the character’s private parts are, and we often see multiple images of woman or men wearing extremely tight clothing to emphasize the human form as if it had no clothes on. Nudity is often common, and it is supposed to be concealed only in the bedroom between the male and female spouses as God has commanded. Such sexual displays can influence children, as well as adults, to engage in homosexual lust, looking up porn on the internet, and not following the sabbath as our heavenly father has commanded.

We often see hateful content where the kids defy their parent’s wisdom and never honor them. The kids in the films will tell lies to their parents, and they will often become disobedient to them by using vulgar phrases.. The filmmaker doesn’t even care about the kids saying profanity in the film. Other hateful content forced into the films may be characters refusing to obey authorities, gloating over being bad, using profanity, murder, sexuality, gun violence, and other obscene scenes.

If you really think that Toy Story, The Twilight Saga, The Muppets, The Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, and Brave are good for you and your kids to see, think again.

Overall, Capalert.com is a great Christian site to make sure the films you decide to watch will not harm your viewing pleasures. We thank you so much for taking the time to read this entry and improving your relationship with God.

May God bless you and America,

Jim and Martin

A Symphony of Sinners

Dear Christian friends,

I would like to draw your attention to the youtube heathen group melody sheep. Their series of videos, “symphony of science,” highlights the clear problem with a blind faith in science. Rather than worshiping God, scientists are led to worship false Gods, including sinners such as Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and (closet Christian?) Bertrand Russell. Here are some examples of the evil product created by Melody Sheep:

Exhibit A, “We are Stardust”:

What’s wrong with this video? First, it glorifies the myth that we came from the stars rather than from dust on Earth. Second, by claiming this, it mocks the Genesis account of the creation of mankind.  God tells us in Genesis that we were created by dust. This track is clearly mocking of this account.

Exhibit B, “The Greatest Show on Earth”:

This one is almost too easy.  It presents evolution as some kind of scientific truth, even though it is clearly refuted by any open-minded reading of Genesis.

Exhibit C, “Children of Africa”:

This one glorifies the evolutionary creation myth which claims that mankind climbed out of the trees after evolving from monkeys in Africa. Sinful stuff.

Exhibit D, “A Wave of Reason”:

This video scares me. It celebrates the growth of atheism in the Western world. We need to fight this expansion of atheists and heathens. Get rid of this symphony of sin and turn to God instead.

Exhibit E, “The World of the Dinosaurs”:

This one also mocks the Genesis account of Creation by implying that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.

Exhibit F, “The Case for Mars”:

This video implies that Mars was once like Earth, and could harbor life. That’s just stupid! Everyone knows that life is only on Earth! God created us here, not on Mars!

Exhibit G, “The Poetry of Reality”:

This is a sinful celebration of science as the so-called giver of all knowledge. Also scary.

Exhibit H, “A Glorious Dawn”:

This one is the worst one of them all! It actually suggests that Carl Sagan is, in fact, God.  This is so sinful that it is repulsive. Carl Sagan starts out the video by saying that “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”  Not if you’re God! If you’re God, you can make an apple pie any way you please! You can make one from the souls of sinners, from a box, from concentrate, from scratch, or just by snapping your fingers. Carl Sagan limits the power of God by claiming that the universe must necessarily come before an apple pie. God came before the universe. If God wanted to create apple pie before the universe, He could have done it.

So here you have it. The symphony of sin.  This is what the internet has led us to. This is so sinful its not even funny. This is scary. Let us reject this blind faith in science and replace it with a True Christian faith in God, the ONE TRUE GOD, the Creator of our universe and our world. Let us reject this symphony of sinners. Let us take back the internet for Christ.

From your friends at Creation Science Study.

A guest post from our Christian friend, Johan Bumgartens

Dear fellow True Christians,

Today we would like to share with you a post from our True Christian friend, Johan Bumgartens, a janitor at the local Church by day, an amateur anthropologist by night. He asks questions that would stump even the most hardened skeptical anthropologist. Trust us. He has done this. He was an anthropology student at a university which shall not be named, and was failed out of the program for asking questions which must not be asked in an evolutionary establishment. He is brilliant, he is daring, he is Johan Bumgartens.  Here he is:

Thanks for the vote of confidence Jim! Certainly my adviser at college didn’t feel the same way! Whatever. I’m working for Jesus now, both figuratively and literally. I was raised Christian, and have believed in a Young Earth my entire life. I know that it is true, and I refused to be shaken from that belief in college. I was expelled, and the university continued in its Darwinist mission. Jesus saved me though. I had been saved since childhood, but Jesus put a roof over my head and food on my table by getting me a job at the local Methodist Church.  I know that He is the Light because He led me out of darkness.

The anthropologists want to tell us that millions of years ago, in central Africa, somewhere in the jungle maybe, or maybe somewhere on a plain, some monkey gave birth to something that wasn’t a monkey, but rather a man.  There are many, many problems with this picture. First, they tell you that ancestors of humans lived 2 and 3 million years ago. That’s a few orders of magnitude older than the universe as described in Genesis.  That is, I believe, a MAJOR margin of error.  Second, we did not come from monkeys. Man came from the dust, when God breathed life into Adam in the Garden of Eden. Eve came from Adam’s rib. If you don’t believe me, ask God. It’s right there in Genesis. I trust Genesis over Darwinian geology any day.  Third, the Garden of Eden was likely near Iraq, rather than in the middle of Africa. We know this because the anthropologists that study these sorts of things tell us this.  Now the Mormons will tell you that Eden is in Missouri, but that’s just stupid! Ever been to Missouri? No paradise there folks!

The anthropologists like to hide things from us. Things like Piltdown Man. We all know about Piltdown Man. Piltdown Man was a skeleton combined together with a human skull and pig teeth that was used as proof of an evolutionary ancestor of mankind.  The scientists all embraced it, then it was discovered to be fake, just like the peppered moths, just like horse evolution, just like every Icon of Evolution discussed by Jonathan Wells in his wonderful book, Icons of Evolution.  They invented other missing links too, like the Cardiff Giant and the Sasquatch. Don’t know what Bigfoot is? Bigfoot is the missing link the evolutionists want us to believe exists! Why Bigfoot? Because Bigfoot is as much of a myth as humans evolving is a myth.  We were Created by God, not evolved from worms. Can a worm build the Hubble Telescope? No, but a human can. Why is this? Because humans have souls and knowledge handed down to us by God! 

Ever see a monkey give birth to a human baby? I haven’t either.  This is because we did not come from monkeys. We came from God. And you can see God create life on a daily basis, at the moment of conception. The atheists like to call these creations fetuses and abort them, probably because they had sex outside of wedlock. True Christians accept “fetuses” for what they are: unborn children created by God.  This is what’s at stake folks. Teach children they come from monkeys, then they will act like monkeys. Teach a child that he was created by God, and he will strive to be Godly.

If humans came from apes, then why don’t apes walk upright?  If humans came from apes, then why do humans live in cities and apes still live in the jungle? If humans came from apes, then why are there still apes? If humans came from apes, then how come humans keep apes in zoos and exterminate them in the wild? If humans came from apes, then why don’t the evolutionists bring gorillas to dinner? If humans came from apes, was it on their mother’s or father’s side? Who had sex with the first human if humans came from apes? Was it a human or was it an ape? If it was an ape, then isn’t this bestiality? Isn’t bestiality wrong? Isn’t bestiality an affront to God and His beautiful creation? Isn’t it wrong to teach our children sinful things? Let us keep this nonsense out of our classrooms and out of our innocent children’s minds. Let us lead our children to Jesus, not to war, to God, not to the jungle, to heaven, not to hell. This is what is at stake. Reject evolution. Let the Lord our God change your hearts from hearts of stone to hearts of love. Reject evolution and know Jesus. Thank you for reading. I will be praying for you all.


Thank you Johan for that wonderful post! Johan speaks truth, good Christian friends. Let us listen to his wisdom. Let us take back this country for Christ!

Yours in Christ,


Mississippi, a true Christian state

Dear Christian readers,

Today, some good news out of Mississippi! The state is moving to shut down its last abortion clinic! That’s right! No more heathen baby-killing doctors chopping up infants and throwing their dead bodies into blenders! No more atheists killing babies in defense of “a woman’s right to choose.” If a woman does not want to have a baby, then she shouldn’t have sex in the first place, it’s as simple as that.

Anyone else notice that abortions almost always take place with pregnancies outside of wedlock? This is because the woman is left to feel helpless after opening her heart (and legs) to sin. The heathen atheists in America seem to believe that “child support” will suffice to support these unborn children, with no emotional or family help given to the woman/child in the picture. This is sinful, America. Abortion is a clear sin, and an affront to marriage.

There weren’t any abortions in Biblical days. Why? Because the people of the Bible took steps to protect the sanctity of marriage! If a man raped a woman in the Old Testament, he was required by law to marry and provide for her and any offspring which might have been spawned by the sinful act of rape. This was a good thing, because it protected helpless Old Testament women, who worked as all women should, in the home and not in the field, from having to raise a child on their own. THESE WOMEN WERE PROVIDED FOR BY THEIR HUSBANDS, THE FATHERS OF THEIR BABIES. Unlike America, where Billy-Bob, Larry, Thornton, Jake, and their friends can all just take turns impregnating Debbie while she does the whole town of Dallas!

America is the new Babylon, and will fall with the continued growth of the AntiChrist’s power when Jesus the Christ finally does return to save the saved and damn the damned. I will be among the raptured when this happens, and I hope you will be too.

Anyway, I applaud Mississippi for rejecting the influence of sinful abortionists and turning their law system to Jesus. Let us pray that the rest of the American nation will soon follow suit!

Yours in Christ,



Dear sinners.

We just got a hit on this site for a google search with “men with breast implants”. This has to be the work of Satan himself. Men should not have breasts. Men were born with muscles to work in the field all day and penises to impregnate their wives to create more children in God’s image. Women were born with soft bodies to caress children, soft hands for their work in the home doing laundry, tending to children, and cooking, and with breasts to produce milk for their Christian children.


Repent from these heathen thoughts internet users. Repent.

This has been a public service post from Jim at Creation Science Study.

Why am I going to heaven?

I am going to heaven because I am born again in Jesus.

I am going to heaven because I accept Jesus, the Christ, as my own personal savior, and honor Him as the Savior of the world.

I am going to heaven because while I was, and still am, a sinner, I realize the evils of my sinful ways and try to live my life as a soldier for Christ.

I am going to heaven because I reject atheism, liberalism, heathenism, masturbation, rape, homosexuality, agnosticism, paganism, FSMism, Islam, Buddhism, Mormonism, Catholicism, Scienceism, evolutionism, and other sinful belief systems.

I am going to heaven because I know God, the Father, the Creator of this world and this entire cosmos.

I am going to heaven because I do not replace the one True God with the false gods of science and evilution.

I am going to heaven because I reject Satan and all his evil works.

I am going to heaven because I refuse to allow the atheists and heathens to steal my beliefs in the Truth away from me.

I am going to heaven because Jesus died for me.

I am going to heaven because Jesus rose from the grave and conquered sin and death for all of us, if we just would accept His sacrifice at Golgotha.

I am going to heaven because I act as a witness for Christ on this earth, and have spent my life trying to lead a sinful planet towards a divine Savior.

I am going to heaven because the Holy Spirit tells me so.

I am going to heaven because I spend every waking moment of my life trying to lead all the sinners on Earth there with my side.

I am going to heaven. Are you?

Yours in Christ,