God Hates TransAsia!

The hand of God at work!

Greetings True Christians!

The glorious and good Heavenly Father has taken down another Asian plane as punishment for the sins of the Asians! We have warned the anti-Christian Buddhist, Muslim, Shinto, Hindu, and jungle voodoo worshipping heathens of Asia many times that God is punishing them and will continue to punish them with plane crashes until they repent. They have chosen not to repent, and now God has punished the heathen nation of Taiwan with a plane crash that has killed at least 26 heathens! They are all in hell now!

Why does God hate Taiwan? The Taiwanese are unsaved sinners! They are taking jobs away from God’s true people, the Americans, and forcing millions of Americans out of work and into poverty! This cannot stand, and  God will continue to punish the heathen evil Asian servants of Satan until they repent! Hell is eternal, and as a warning to those of you in the ungodly Asian nations, you will go to Hell if you fail to embrace Christ in this life. What will you do if too soon comes too late? You could die tomorrow, and like the passengers of the TransAsia flight, you’ll go straight to hell if you die unsaved!

Let us offer a prayer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Dear Jesus, savior of all who accept Your gift of salvation, please continue to punish the heathens and to break their spirit until they embrace you. Continue to reap vengeance upon those who reject You until they open their hearts to Your glory and mercy. Break them down so that they will turn and embrace You. This will save the remainder who do turn to You, and will allow at least some to enter Paradise, where we want to see all people go. In Your name we pray for this, Amen.

REPENT ASIA, lest you be punished with more crashes and disasters! God will smite you until you turn to the Truth. Open your hearts and reject the ways of Satan and of sin. Repent Asia, repent!

A message from your true Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker!

Bill O’Reilly, Deceived by the Devil!

Greetings True Christians! Did you know that Fox News star Bill O’Reilley has been deceived by Satan into ending his War on Christmas? That’s right boys and girls! This week, Bill O’Reilly claimed that the “War on Christmas is over.” Why? Because of a pew survey that shows that Americans love Jesus and know the Christmas Story is true. That being said, the atheists have not given up the war. They are still, even today, preparing to celebrate their ungodly celebrations of Newtonmas, mocking the True Christian holiday of Christmas! On December 21st, the pagans get together to celebrate the winter solstice, another ungodly “holiday” created to take away from the glory of Christmas. The War on Christmas has not ended, and will not be over until all the atheists are silenced and America is once again led by Christians and not Muslims and atheists! This is why we need to elect Rick Santorum in 2016!

Rick Santorum won’t back down in the War on Christmas!

Bill O’Reilly needs to repent immediately and recognize the evils of his ways, or he will be sent straight to Hell along with Darwin, Nixon, Feynman, Hitler, Robin Williams, Nelson Mandela, and all the heathens. The Devil is deluding Bill into believing that the war is over. We have won a battle, but we have not yet won the war. The War on Christmas will not be won until atheism and heathenism is eradicated from America! We must take back the country for Christ! Here is a picture of what Hell will look like when Bill O’Reilly is cast into the pit. Note Pope John Paul II covered in unquenchable fire and Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro engaging in sodomy.

This is what is in store for Bill O'Reilly if he does not repent!

This is what is in store for Bill O’Reilly if he does not repent!

How are the heathens propagating the War on Christmas in America? They are taking “under God” out of our pledge of allegiance and taking “in God we trust” off of our currency! Don’t turn away from the war Bill! Every time the atheists take the ten commandments off of a public building, Satan wins a major victory. Every time someone says Happy Holidays or “happy solstice” instead of Merry Christmas, Satan wins a major victory. The War on Christmas is but one campaign in Satan’s larger campaign to take Christ out of Christmas and out of our world. Don’t leet the devil win. Keep Christ in Christmas, and never give up the fight until we have won! The war on Christmas is not over Bill! Open your eyes!

the Ten Commandments being removed by the forces of Satan

Every single year, around America, children go to the mall to sit on the lap of a fat man posing as “Santa.”  If you change the letters just a little, its easy to see the truth of Santa. Santa is really symbolic of Satan! Don’t bring your child to see Santa on Christmas, take him to worship Christ! We must keep Christ in Christmas!

We should only celebrate Jesus on Christmas!

The only way to win the War on Christmas is to effectively keep Christ in Christmas. Remember, Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. Yet the modern American celebration of Christmas is all about wealth and money. That’s hypocrisy, boys and girls. Jesus wouldn’t want you to look for presents on Christmas, He’d want you to celebrate His birthday and worship the Father!

Rick Santorum will ALWAYS fight for Christmas, unlike the deluded Bill O’Reilly!

Shame on Bill o’Reilly for allowing himself to be deceived by the Devil! The war on Christmas is not over! O’Reilley needs to stop doing the devil’s work or he’ll find himself in Hell with Robin Williams, Mandela, the scientists, the popes, and Darwin! Repent Bill O’Reilly! Consult the True Christian politician Rick Santorum, who knows that the war on Christmas is not over! Santorum for President in 2016! To Hell with Bill O’Reilly! Keep-christ--anim+big And remember to keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas! Yours in Christ, Jim Solouki and Martin Baker http://www.creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

Retail Employees are Satan’s favorite Servants!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that retail employees are working directly for Satan and headed straight to hell? These sinners are Satan’s storm troopers, working on the front lines in the war on Christmas. These heathens are helping the atheists and the devil by taking Santa out of our stores and taking Christ out of Christmas! It’s not even Christmas anymore! It’s now “Happy Holidays.” These low-wage workers are sinners in the worst way. They are taking money away from the poor as they try to steal Christmas from Christians! They must be stopped!

Consider this woman from Walmart. The heathen Walmart employees didn’t even try to stop her from wandering through the store! This woman is a whore of Babylon and is showing Satan’s approval of Walmart! Instead of stopping her, you can see the lady in red looking upon her with approval. Why? Because whoreism is approved in retail stores! A True Christian would have stopped her from wearing these clothes. But Walmart doesn’t employ True Christians. They employ heathens! You can tell this by the shirts they wear during the holiday season:


Walmart isn’t only forcing their employees to reject Christmas. They’re also forcing their heathen “happy holidays” message upon their customers. The employees are the ones selling the product, and they could stop it, but they don’t. Here’s a heathen walmart gift card:

This gift card is of the devil.

Walmart isn’t the only retail outfit serving Satan! Target is of the Devil too! They put up Christmas decorations, but they’re actually very, very scary decorations. These decorations showcase headless Santas, and prove that not only is Target working for Satan, but they also embrace Isis’s acts of violence towards Christians, namely beheadings:

Christmas by Isis!

Target also sells the ungodly Redcard. Do you know what the “red” in “redcard” represents? Communism! Target considers itself a Communist stronghold in America. They call their customers “guests,” their workers “Team members,” and have a system of acronyms secretly created by Satan worshiper and devil’s disciple George Dayton to force his employees to embrace the Devil’s will. Here’s Dayton:

George Dayton, the devil’s disciple

By working for these retail giants, the retail employee is a direct player in the war on Christmas. These employees are often older people of working age who, rather than using these jobs as part time jobs in high school, are trying to use them to support themselves. These workers are commonly on foodstamps and other public aid programs because they are too lazy to find other jobs. They choose to work in retail because it is an easy job where they don’t have to do any hard work.  These workers are taking valuable resources away from the real poor, people who didn’t choose poverty but were forced into it by conditions out of their control. The True Christian thing to do would be to leave these jobs and get real jobs with which the worker can support themself with. But this doesn’t happen because retail workers like working for the devil!

this is where the retail employee is headed. Straight to HELL!

Have you ever seen an unhappy retail employee? I certainly haven’t. They always greet me kindly and have smiles on their faces. They even thank me for coming in. That’s not a person who is unhappy with their job. By thoroughly embracing the retail experience, retail employees directly seal their own fates in Hell. By buying into the anti-Christmas, anti-God retail establishment, the retail employee becomes an agent of Satan and damns himself. By placing consumerism before Christ, they place themselves in hell instead of heaven for all eternity.

Jesus would never shop or work at Walmart!

If you are a retail employee reading this post, remove yourself from the war on Christmas! Find a new job that supports the splendor of Christ instead of the false promises of capitalism and wealth! Reject the number of the beast that is found on every credit card and embrace the truth of Salvation. Give your heart to God and your mind to Jesus. Otherwise you are going to burn in Hell for all eternity.

So I implore you, servant of Satan. Repent or burn. Retail employees will go to Hell for being part of the retail system that rejects Christ and replaces Him with consumerism. Where will you go after you die? If you want to go to Hell, stay in retail. If you want to go to Heaven, repent!

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’mm a True Christian.


Join us and Rick Santorum and stop the war on Christmas! Rick Santorum 2016!

Robin Williams in Hell!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Robin Williams is burning in Hell as we speak? That’s right boys and girls. Robin Williams is being tormented by Satan and the demons forever. Robin Williams was one of Satan’s favorite servants, and his sinful ways punched his ticket to Hell. How do I know? Everybody who commits suicide goes to Hell. I know this to be true because the Holy Spirit confirmed it to me in prayer tonight.  Not only that, but Williams’ whole life was lived on the highway to Hell. However, don’t take my word for it, let me prove it to you! Robin Williams is in HELL!

First off, Robin Williams was a very wealthy man. And what does the Bible tell us about wealth? Take a look at Matthew 19:24. “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”  Boom. Wealthy man, died wealthy, it is exceedingly difficult for him to go to heaven.

But that’s not the worst of it. Have you seen any of Robin Williams’ movies? They are all ungodly abominations! Here’s a partial list:

Mork and Mindy. Although this was a TV series and not a movie, it was ungodly and preached the existence of aliens. Everyone knows that extraterrestrials are actually demons. Not only that, but the show promoted gangs and violence! Williams often flashed gang signs and had magic box discussions with his illuminati overlords at the ends of episodes. Shazbot, Nanu nanu, a line used in every episode, actually translates to “Satan take me.”

Mrs. Doubtfire. In this movie, Robin Williams plays a crossdressing homosexual father who tries to get back into contact with his children. While this movie is, on its surface, a story about a father’s love for his children,  However, at its core, it was actually an early propoganda film for gay marriage. “Look Timmy, here’s a crossdresser raising children! It’s NORMAL!”  This film is an ungodly abomination and should be kept away from your children and your families.Not only that, but he tries to emulate Freddy Mercury in the film! And Freddy Mercury is an ungodly heathen scum who is in Hell today.

note the similarities to Ms. Doubtfire’s photo!

Aladdin. Robin Williams was also a known Muslim sympathizer. The film Aladdin was an attempt by Disney to make America more Muslim friendly and tolerant. Did you know that America’s increased tolerance for Muslims led directly to the September 11th attacks? If Americans had been aware of the dangers of Islam, then 9/11 would never have occurred! They would never have been allowed on the planes! But look at what this film taught. Harems, and Muslims, and genies! Oh my! That’s an ungodly sequence of themes if I’ve ever heard of one! 

Aladdin was a terrorist!

Fern Gully. Fern Gully was an ungodly evil movie that promoted fairies, trees, and other tenets of Wicca. The movie plot is as follows. There is a group of fairies living in the forest that are threatened by human loggers. These loggers unleash some type of magical tree demon voiced by Tim Curry. Robin Williams voices a Satanic vivisected bat, which is a tribute to HG Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau, a book that Wells described as “an exercise in youthful blasphemy.” What do we have here? Humans playing God. Magical fairies in the woods. The ungodly Tim Curry and demons. This was another extremely vile film that Robin Williams took part in.

Bicentennial Man. Bicentennial Man was an ungodly movie tribute to the evil creation of Styx, Mr. Roboto. Actually, the movie is based on a guy creating a robot/android self as a way to find his wife in the afterlife. This is ungodly, sinful stuff. Everybody knows that the only places you can go in the afterlife are heaven and hell, and the only way to heaven is through Jesus, not robotics. Robin Williams in yet another sinful role.

Flubber. Speaking of sinful, Flubber was ungodly as well.  The movie glorified science, sorcery, and satanism and must be avoided by our children. In it, Robin Wiliams creates an ungodly green slime that has magical powers. This sounds like some type of voodoo or black magic to me. Keep it away from your kids. 

Jumanji. The movie Jumanji was created to make kids want to play with Ouiji boards and practice ungodly acts of channeling and seances. It also portrayed Darwinism favorably by showing children as half man half monkey. The movie was a coup for Darwinists as it showed a viable example of a missing link for our children to imagine, and was a way for Darwinism and Satanism to both sneak into the minds of our children. Every copy of this ungodly film should be destroyed.

Happy Feet. Happy Feet is also ungodly in that it teaches that opposition to authority is a good thing, thus undermining the strength of Christianity and the Bible. It also has subliminal messages about global warming, implying that people that reject global warming are brain dead and stupid. This is nothing more than an ungodly propoganda piece for the environmentalists. 

Enough about his movies. I’ve given you enough proof there. Let’s look at other things too.

Did you know that Robin Williams was a confirmed cocaine addict? Cocaine is not the way to heaven, but rather the way to hell.

Did you know that Robin Williams named his daughter after a character from the Legend of Zelda, also known as Satan’s game?

Did you know that Robin Williams was friends with the ungodly sinner Christopher Reeve? God punished Reeve for his sins in this life by making him a quadriplegic.  God is punishing Robin Williams now in hell.

Did you know that Robin Williams was Muslim? Here’s proof:

Did you know that Robin Williams sacrificed goats to Satan at the Bohemian Grove with Alistair Crowley? I saw that in an article on the internet.

Did you know that Robin Williams was a member of the evil Illuminati?

Did you know that God punishes all who reject His gift of life with an eternity in Hell?

Let us pray that the suicide of Robin Williams will not inspire other people to kill themselves and cast themselves into the depths of Hell. Suicide is the evil, easy way out of this life, and a sure ticket into Hell. God hates Robin Williams, and Robin Williams is being tortured in Hell with Michael Jackson, Judas, Charles Darwin, Richard Feynman, and Carl Sagan as we speak. Dear readers, do not follow in his footsteps.

Robin Williams is burning in Hell as we speak, but you don’t have to. Jesus Christ gave us a surefire way to escape Hell. The only way to enter heaven is to be born again in Him. We must give up our wealth, pick up our nets, and follow Him. Robin Williams followed his wallet and is in Hell. We can follow Jesus and go to heaven. Make the right choice, and choose paradise.

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker


they sold their souls for rock and roll!

Greetings True Christians!

This is proof that Rock and Roll is ungodly and from Satan! We must reject rock and roll music! Watch this True Christian video!! A highlight from the video:

“”Freddie Mercury sang about Beelzebub having a devil put aside for him…and he died and went to hell with AIDS”

This is truth!!

From your friends,

Jim and Martin

Join Pastors for Santorum on facebook!!

Greetings True Christians!

We are launching a True Christian political movement in America. We need to get every Christian in the nation onboard with Rick Santorum in 2016! Rick Santorum is God’s choice for president, and we want him in office in 2016! Get your pastors involved. Get your family involved, and most importantly, YOU get involved! Rick Santorum will save America from the evil ACLU and Obamacare, and return America to its True Christian roots!

Like Pastors for Santorum on Facebook! You don’t have to be a pastor to spread the word! The Facebook page is here (CLICK HERE). Join our movement!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

God is punishing Joel Olsteen.

God is punishing Joel Olsteen for his obscene wealth!

Joel Olsteen’s ungodly multi-million dollar house of sin

Greetings True Christians!

In the news today, we find out that Joel Olsteen had nearly six hundred thousand dollars stolen from a safe at his megachurch. While the atheists will likely mock him for this fact and have much fun with it, the truth is, Christians should view it as a lesson to be learned. Joel Olsteen is one of the world’s most successful televangelists. Olsteen’s big tent has become big money. Olsteen was once a True Christian, and in fact, still teaches some good Christian concepts.

However, Olsteen has made money his false idol. Jesus tells us that the poor in this world will be rich in His Kingdom, and that the first shall be last. Rather than building up spiritual treasures in heaven, Joel Olsteen has focused on building up monetary treasure in this world. The money that Joel Olsteen makes should have been used to feed the poor and clothe the naked. Instead, there it was, sitting in a safe in Joel Olsteen’s fancy megachurch while Joel was likely lounging in his mansion.

Remember what the Holy Bible tells us about the wealthy. Jesus Himself tells us that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven. God inspired this theft to happen as a way to weaken Olsteen’s pride and force him to repent. While we do not condone criminal acts, we do realize that God may have been acting through these thieves. Olsteen needs to give up his wealth and lead a True Christian life if he ever hopes to enter heaven. Having 600,000 dollars just floating around in a safe doesn’t seem very Christian to me…

Repent Joel Olsteen, before God takes away more than that from you. Repent!

We are praying for you.

Your True Christian Friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.