Evolution. So stupid, even a caveman can laugh at it.

Dear readers,

If evolution were true, then why are there still Black people in America? The evolutionists teach that people of different races are evolved for different places, and that white people are far higher evolved than their non-white kin. This is truly racist, and truly stupid. But, for your viewing pleasure, I will show you one of their examples of this bullshittery:


Note how the White person is compared to a Greek statue while the Black person is compared to a Chimpanzee. This is clearly racist, and clearly nonsense.  After all, the Bible teaches us that ALL of humanity was created by God, through a lovingly scripted, perfect creative act.  The evolutionists would teach us that blacks are inferior to whites. So when slavery ended in America and the importation of African slaves was ended, Black people should have gone extinct  in the Americas. Did this happen? NO! Just look at any sports team or inner city, or the American White House. These people are everywhere. Just like white people and Asians.  Non-whites are not going extinct in America. If evolution were true, then white people would drive all non-white races to extinction all across the world.

And hey, if evolution were true, then how come nobody has ever found a crocoduck?  These things are things we should expect to find if evolution were true. We should find creatures such as this one:


If evolution were true, we would expect to find millions and billions of these hybrids. We find none. And here’s another question, if man came from monkeys, then how come we still have monkeys?  Can’t answer that honestly, can you evolutionists? If evolution were true, man would have driven the monkey into extinction.

Here’s something else to think about. If evolution were true, then the world would have to be billions of years old. But its not. Answers in Genesis and the ICR have clearly documented the fact that the world is thousands, not millions or billions, of years old.  These are True Christian thinkers not corrupted by Satan or bribed into lies by the American Academy of Stalinists (scientists).  Evolution is a lie boys and girls. Don’t let your children be deluded by the evolutionists. There are true Christian scientists such as Ken Ham, Michael Oard, John Baumgardner,  Duane Gish, and Kent Hovind who have done real science, but are being censored by the atheistic “mainstream” scientific establishment. The real truth is out there. You just won’t find it in the pages of “Nature”.

If evolution happens, how come nobody has ever seen a human baby coming from a chimp or a chimp baby coming out of a human?

If evolution happens, then what do fish evolve into?

If evolution happens, then how come the only time we see it is on pokemon?

If evolution happens, then how come we still need police?

If evolution happens, then why aren’t people born wearing clothes?

If evolution happens, then how come people are still born blind or deaf?

If evolution happens, then why are Canadians terrible at every sport except for hockey?

If evolution happens, then how come we don’t see monkeys typing Shakespeare?

If evolution happens, then how come B-52s aren’t spontaneously created by tornados in junkyards?

Evolution is stupid. Evolution is a lie.  Reject the sin of evolution and embrace the Truth of the Bible.

From your friends at Creation Science Study.


207 thoughts on “Evolution. So stupid, even a caveman can laugh at it.

  1. Herpy McDerp says:

    I loled.

  2. Scott says:

    Jim Solouki and Martin Baker
    I just came across your blog after reading your comments about stoning atheist. I have to say that I am absolutely floored. For all this time I have been assuming science had all the answers but I cannot fathom a scientific answer for the stuff you posted.

    Let me be more specific so there is no misunderstanding. Science can respond to the veracity of your claims. That much is fairly simple. I understand how many people who have never studied science or evolution can believe the pseudo scientific nonsense being spouted as some sort of evidence against evolution. Even my own mother who studied biology in college in the early 60’s bought some of Ken Ham’s nonsense until she reviewed his “evidence” and suppositions. She is still a Young Earth Creationist but she just admittedly chooses to ignore science and evidence or tries to make it magically fit her beliefs.

    I would love to take the time to discuss how science works and why your “evidence” could be taken apart by a 5th grader but I do not expect you to have the integrity based on many of your post to pay attention before you start behaving like small children and begin throwing stones and names.

    I generally try not to berate or belittle any individual but in your case I see enough justification to merit the clarification of my first paragraph.
    For the record, I cannot fathom science being able to explain how a functioning adult could be so scientifically illiterate in this day and age.

    • Because your “science” is Satanic! I will pray for you that you will repent. If you fail to repent and accept Jesus then you’re headed to Hell. If you do repent, you get to go to heaven. You should choose Jesus.

      • Scott says:

        Wow! You don’t even KNOW your bible. I can recognize that you know off the bible and pieces but your writing is evidence that you only know and recognize the scripture that supports your blasphemy. There are many scriptures that refer to people like you in both the OT and NT.

        Where in the bible does it call science satanic? It doesn’t. It does condemn those that make judgments and those that “bear false witness against thy neighbor”.

        You make many assumptions in your post that God did not give you the right or authority to make. You do have the right to separate yourself from the world as long as you are under and recognize the law and government that God put.over you because he knew better. When you complain about that Government that God knows is proper for you, you question God.

        When you violate that law to set yourself up as a martyr you then usurp Christ place and in your arrogance deny him while your tongue lies and claims him.

        When you deny truth for your own purposes you deny the Father. Did the Israelites not use and take advantage of the science and technology of their time? Of course they did. They used slings and arrows and subterfuge throughout the OT. They recognized health hazards and made laws to protect themselves from them. They used building techniques that were not used in the Garden. Where did these come from? Science!

        I realize that you will claim to know your bible. I would ask you to explain within the contexts and not by assuming to know God’s intent, why are there two separate sequence of events for the creation that are incompatible?

        Do you know why our current language and the entire biblical references assume all emotion, knowledge and spirit reside in the muscle within your chest and not where it really resides? Because at the time of writing, the best scientific ideals of the time were the Greeks and the Greeks had believed these rested in the heart.

        To this day, most of western culture where the bible had influence language still use these references. Not because we do not know better but because it is now considered allegorical and poetic language but originally it was the most advanced scientific knowledge of the day.

        I challenge you to KNOW your bible. Not just try to make it fit what you want it too. There are parts that don’t fit in your life. Try to figure out what they were saying and meaning. Not what you want them to mean. To do this you will need to understand who they were and we have tons of knowledge. You will need to understand the original languages. You will need to verify the earliest versions and the way they were changed to be the different versions of today. You will need to give up your arrogance and study with fear and trembling your own salvation. Until you do that, you are just like the hypocrite on the corner that prays in public and receives accolades from their friends. That is all you will receive and the Lord will spew you forth and say I never knew you. Oh ye arrogant fools assuming to have intimate knowledge of God for other people without seeing what God has given you.

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