Dear fellow Christians,

I must inform you all that this site was attacked by a coalition of hateful atheists from the heathen site reddit. The atheists were well organized and they spammed the previous blog entries with hateful and offensive messages. Some of these messages claimed that “god is just a fairy.” The messages were so offensive that many Christian followers of the site were turned away and never wanted to come back.

It is in these times that there will be more and more people that will openly deny our Heavenly Father, and the Bible was correct with this prediction. Many people will choose to be sinners and allow themselves to be puppets for Satan, but deep down they know of the good that Jesus has done for us. The messages left by these atheists are full of fear, anger, hate, and suffering. Please join me in prayer as we help the atheists leave the darkness and see the light of Jesus.

Martin Baker

Questions to ask an atheist!

Dear Christians,

Here are some clever questions I have thought up for you to ask an atheist. If you are on an atheist online chat, you can copy and paste these questions to ask them, or you can confront an atheist in publicĀ and ask them the questions. Just watch how they can never answer these questions:


Can you explain what happens when we die?

If we came from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys living today?

Is it okay to commit murders, rape, homosexuality, going to stripbars, looking at pornography, and other forms of rebellion if you think there is no God to guide you?

How can you explain the way a banana fits the palm of the hand?

If Fox News is a dishonest channel, then why are the reporters such as Bill O’Reilly true Christians?

Did you know that there are biblical records of dinosaurs that were witnessed by men?

How did pond scum turn into us?

How did the eye form?

How did the Grand Canyon form?

If call yourself an atheist in regards to God, then do you call yourself an atheist in regards to Santa and Bigfoot?

How did everything come from nothing?

If evolution is true, how come we never see frogs turn into birds?

Have you heard of the Shroud of Turin?


Your’s in Christ,

Martin Baker

Keep Christ in Christmas!

Dear fellow Christians,

It is that time again as the days bring us closer to Christmas as well as the beginning of a new year. The beginning of the New Year allows us to make resolutions to get closer to God. However, there has been an unholy war declared by the secular media and businesses that attacks Christmas and wants us to forget the reason why there is Christmas. Angry Atheist coalations and other businesses at the mallsĀ greet us with “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas, as God intended it for us. We are under attack when these businesses deny our Christian Rights, and give favors to the heathen holidays such as Festivus, Ramadan, and Kwanza. Jesus is openly mocked by being replaced with the fictional Santa Claus. Instead of seeing children become deluded and sitting on the lap of Santa Claus in the malls, it should be jolly children that know they are being saved, that should be sitting on the lap of Jesus.

Atheists have taken advantage of this war by having Nativity Scenes removed from the courts, military bases, and public property with the help of heathenistic demoncrat politicians. The atheists even want to have laws legislated to make it illegal to have the Nativity Scenes from being put up in the front yard of the house. The Anti-Christian Lawyer’s Union is at it again by forming an ungodly alliance with the atheists and demoncrats to further their agenda.

Christmas is also attacked by the smutty and sinful adult industry. See for yourselves:

As you can see, this sinful stuff creates lust and homosexuality. This is not the way Christmas was planned by God. It was made clear in the Bible that the reason we have Christmas is because of Jesus. Jesus is the reason why we celebrate Christmas, and why we Christians love one another. Satan is why there is a war on Christmas and why Christmas has been slandered with smutty content. As True Christians of the one and true Creator, we need to take action and rebuke the evils that have corrupted the meaning of Christmas. Atheism, pornography, satanism, teenage sexuality, paganism, and other abominations must be confronted and shown the truth of the Bible. Spread them the gospels of Jesus, and we will win against the evils. Form your own local chapter with truthfully devoted Christians, and the Evil Tree that produces the bad fruit will be chopped down and cast into the fire.

Your friends Martin and Jim