Proof Ricky Gervais is headed for Hell

Atheist and godless comedian Ricky Gervais is committing blasphemy by pretending to be an angel and showing his middle finger. This is ungodly stuff that offends God and that Satan loves. The angels are supposed to be holy servants and followers of God, not crude beings who would do this stuff. Ricky Gervais is known for his mockery of Christians and he must repent or he will be cast into Hell.


Martin Baker

Black Lives Matter is Crack Lives Matter!

Dear friends,


Did you know that the Black Lives Matter movement, or more appropriately, Crack Lives Matter, is just another godless movement allied with muslim terrorists and criminals? That’s right boys an girls, the organisation is responsible for helping the muslim Barrack Hussein Obama become elected in office for 2 terms, and they are likely responsible for the rise of ISIS and sympathizing with Palestinian muslims to continue the fight against God’s Land, Israel. The un-American Crack Lives Matter is another terrorist group that must be stopped to save Christian America.

Muslim president made possible by Crack Lives Matter!

Made president by Crack Lives Matter!

Crack Lives Matter is derived from the violent 1970’s Black Panthers Movement. What did the Black Panthers do? The Black Panthers movement went around America attacking innocent white people and burning down churches to promote muslim interests. The heathen movement was founded by none other than Malcolm X who was a muslim and certainly no friend of Christ. Thankfully, Malcom X was sent to Hell the moment he died for being evil and unsaved. Just like the KKK, the Black Panthers were a racist and terrorist organisation that hated Jesus and still do so today.

MalcolmX was a muslim and no friend of Christ!

MalcolmX was a muslim and no friend of Christ!

Crack Lives Matter continues to terrorize America. They are certainly no friends of Christ. How do we know this to be true? During the recent and destructive Baltimore riots, they teamed up with the criminal gangs, The Bloods and Crips, and burned down a church being built. See for yourself:

This is what happens when you teach people we come from monkeys!

This is what happens when you teach people we come from monkeys!

Crack Lives Matter also organized lootings by stealing food from grocery stores in Baltimore that could have fed the needy. We certainly know these actions are what happen when you teach people we came from the goo to monkeys in the zoo to you and not from Adam and Eve.

Crack Lives Matter also glorify heathens. The terrorist organisation worships Michael Brown, who we know was actually a thug. Michael Brown walked into a gas-station, threatened to kill the store owner, and stole lots of cigarettes. He threatened to kill the cop on duty who was sworn to protect all mankind, but was instantly killed and thankfully sent to the depths of Hell where he will not be given one drop of water for his eternal thirst. Just as God said it in the Ten Commandments, Thou shalt not have any gods before me. But the terrorist organisation continues to worship him and attack the men and woman who risk to protect our lives as cops.

Michael Brown who was a thug and is burning in Hell.

Michael Brown who was a thug and is burning in Hell.

God hates Crack Lives Matter and muslims. They are the organisation that stand for all things evil. The terrorist organisation is working to get Bernie Sanders and other demoncrats elected so that this nation will be transformed into a atheistic muslim country run by heathen dictators. What happened when we had demoncrats in office? The rise of ISIS, Bengazi, poverty, the War on Christmas, legalization of marijuana and other dangerous drugs and other Anti-American atrocities. Martin Luther King never dreamed of a nation ran by terrorist organisation promoting muslim interests to erode Christian America. It is time for us to unite together and fight Satan. He has planted the Evil Tree that produces bad fruit, and we must cut it down and BURN it. Crack Lives Matter is one of many bad fruits produce that must be stopped. Let’s pray this terrorist organisation sees the light and becomes born again.

Your friends in Christ,

Martin Baker and Jim Solouki

God has punished Russia!

Vladimir Putin is purely EVIL!

Vladimir Putin is purely EVIL!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that God is entirely displeased with the evils practiced by Vladimir Putin and the Russian nation?  For their Communist beliefs, atheism, tolerance of man-on-man kissing (only for dictators), and other ungodly acts,  God has allowed a Russian airliner to break up in mid-air over the Sinai peninsula, in Egypt.  All 244 people on board were killed.  God was greatly pleased, and all these ungodly heathens onboard were immediately cast into the fires of Hell.  Cold, you might think.  However, God gives everyone a chance for salvation.  The Russians rejected that chance for salvation.  By rejecting salvation, the Russians rejected God. By rejecting God,the Russians passed judgment upon themselves and those who died on the plane crash are now in Hell.  For it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay-says the Lord.” (Romans 12:19). The Russians acted of Satan and challenged God’s country America, and God responded by punishing Russia by crashing a Russian plane, much like God allowed over 6 million Jews to perish during the Holocaust as punishment for the crucifixion of Jesus. God hates all who challenge him, and all will ultimately face judgment.

God hates Fags and dictators!

God hates Fags and dictators! They will be judged!

244 dead people is but a drop in the bucket, boys and girls.  When the end of the world comes, there will be a battle so great that nobody will be left untouched. Many thousands will die, and it will make all of the wars ever fought in the world look mild. All will be judged on that glorious day. Those that are True Christians will be allowed to live in God’s kingdom.  Those that are not will be cast into the lake of fire.  Those Russians who died on the Russian Airbus A321 are already beginning to undergo eternal torment, and are being burned and prodded and tortured and tormented non-stop in Hell as we speak.  However, that death will be punctuated by a greater death in Hell at the final judgment, where that torment will likely become even worse.

God's punishment is glorious!

God’s punishment is glorious!

Let us take a moment to celebrate the fact that God has once again struck down His enemies! The ungodly ISIS heathens have tried to claim credit for this crash, but they are Muslims living in the dark ages and sleeping in caves who are far too foolish to actually take down a real aircraft.  Give glory for this crash to God, not to the foolish Muslim heathens who will soon burn in Hell along with the passengers.   If there is anything God hates more than Russian Communists, it’s Muslims! God has struck against Russia in the hopes that they will one day repent.  If they do not, God will continue to strike against them.

God hates Communists. God hates heathens. If you are a Communist or a Heathen, or a supporter of either, then God hates YOU. It is easy for God to bring down a plane. It is just as easy for God to destroy you. Remember that before you sin next.

Let us pray:

Dear almighty and dominant God, our Holy Creator. We thank you very much for striking a blow against the evil Russians who hate America and all that is Holy. We ask that your execution of those 244 people will lead the rest of Russia to repent. If not, we ask you to destroy more Russians, until they do repent.  We ask this in the name of Christ, our Holy Lord and Savior, who died for us. Amen.

God’s wrath is always present in this world. Do not be the victim next time it hits. Repent or burn!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki