God is punishing facebook and instagram!

Greetings True Christians!

It brings Martin and I great joy to tell you that God is punishing the Facebook and the Instagram for crimes against Christ! Tonight, the night of November 27th 2015, God has struck down the evil and ungodly Facebook and Instagram, forcing teens and college-aged people across the nation to stop posting ungodly “selfies” and half naked photos to get each other to fornicate!

A typical Whore of Babylon on the Facebook!

If you are angry that the facebook and the instagram are turned off, here’s a True Christian idea. Why don’t you go onto True Christian websites like ours and learn about the Truth of Jesus the Christ? Jesus loves you, while facebook just wants to eat your soul and lead you to Hell! Why has God struck down the facebook? Because God is angry with facebook!

Fellow soldiers of Christ, and all heathens who have stumbled across our blog, we suggest that you all turn your attention to prayer and to the Bible tonight as the facebook is down. Don’t waste your time complaining about facebook being down! Pray to God instead! God shut down facebook and God can shut down all who fight against Him!

Repent Facebook and instagram, or God will keep you down forever! Consider this a warning from our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. God strikes down all of His enemies, and if you are an enemy of God, you will be struck down just like the facebook.

And remember…Jesus loves you!

Your friends,

Jim and Martin

Noah’s Flood: Another Reason Why People Laugh at Darwinists!

Michael Oard knows why people laugh at Darwinists!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that the Darwinist dogma of evolution is completely unproven by the Truth of Noah’s Flood? The Flood of Noah as described in Genesis and proven by the catastrophic nature of geology completely makes evolution look stupid! Did you know that even the Darwinists have said that the fossil record does not prove Darwinism?  Look at this comment by Satan’s plaything Stephen Jay Gould, who became a Creationist about 10 seconds after he died, from his ungodly essay Evolution’s Erratic Pace:

The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persist as the trade secret of paleontology. The evolutionary trees that adorn our textbooks have data only at the tips and nodes of their branches; the rest is inference, however reasonable, not the evidence of fossils ….We fancy ourselves as the only true students of life’s history, yet to preserve our favored account of evolution by natural selection we view our data as so bad that we never see the very process we profess to study.–Stephen Jay Gould!

Consider this quote from Darwin’s disciple Richard Dawkins:

It is as though they [fossils] were just planted there, without any evolutionary history. Needless to say this appearance of sudden planting has delighted creationists. …Both schools of thought (Punctuationists and Gradualists) despise so-called scientific creationists equally, and both agree that the major gaps are real, that they are true imperfections in the fossil record. The only alternative explanation of the sudden appearance of so many complex animal types in the Cambrian era is divine creation and (we) both reject this alternative. –Richard Dawkins!

Richard Dawkins and Stephen Jay Gould both harbor(ed) deep questions about the fossil record!

Why do Darwin’s disciples question try to hide what Niles Eldredge calls the “trade secret of evolution,” or the complete lack of transitional fossils? Because the fossil record proves that Noah’s Flood happened! Darwinism is a lie built upon lies, and the only “transitional” forms that the evilutionists can conjure up are fakes like Piltdown Man! This is one of many reasons why Darwinism fails!

Piltdown Man is a fake fossil created by evilutionists under Satan’s guidance!

Did you know that the fossil record proves both the existence of Noah’s Flood and of a young Earth? If the millions of years myth of Darwinism was true, then scientists would not have discovered soft tissue like preserved blood vessels in the Tyrannosaur Rex.  If these bones were 65 millions years old, then this material would not exist! Here it is:

PROOF that this bone was not 65 millions years old!

Did you know that evidence of the Flood is all around us? That’s right boys and girls, the fossil record proves Creationism! Nowhere in the world can the evolutionists show you what they call the geologic column! The geologic column is a lie created by the devil to delude True Christians!  The evilutionists try to force the rocks to fit into geologic ages, or stages of evolution, based on the fossils. They place the fossils where they are because of where they are in the myth of evolution! This is circular logic and a tautology! The geologic column is one of Darwin’s many myths, and we must expose it as false.

If Noah’s Flood did not occur, then polystrate fossils would not exist. According to science, trees are broken down very quickly after they die. But we find trees standing upright through many layers of rock which evilutionists claim were formed over MILLIIONS of years! So these trees just stayed still and standing for millions of years after they died so that they could be preserved and make it look like evilution is wrong? NOPE! Those rock layers were deposited very rapidly, by Noah’s Flood! This is a great and true proof of Noah’s Flood! The Flood that Darwinists like to pretend never happened.

The Darwinists are lying to you! These trees are proof of the Flood!

Did you know that all around the fossil record we find proof of a catastrophic event? The fossil record actually proves that Noah’s Flood occurred. Look at this:

These bones were deposited by the Flood!

The fossil record proves that the Flood happened, yet the Darwinists claim it is a myth. Why don’t they want you to believe in the Flood? Because if the Flood is true, then the rest of the Bible could be true too. They don’t want the Bible to be true. They don’t want people believing in the Bible! They are doing the work of Satan, and Satan always tries to disprove the Truth of God to lead more innocent souls into Hell. However, the Flood was a real event. We’ve even found the Ark:

Noah’s Ark has been found!

The Flood happened and the fossil record proves the Flood, not evilution! Checkmate Darwinists and atheists! It is time to take back the science classroom for Jesus and remove evolution from our textbooks! The Darwinist fairy tale for grownups has no clothes! The fossil record and the facts prove the Truth of the Bible and the falseness of evolution! It is time to take back our nation for Jesus! It is time to take back our Classrooms for Christ!

From your True Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker!

Rick Santorum knows that Darwinism is a lie!

The HMS Beagle, Satan’s Ship!

Dear friends,

Once again the atheists are at it again by using the internet to spread their unholy “gospel” upon us Christians. Recently, a Disciple of Darwin affiliated with “Mesozoic Productions” sent us a link to his site and told us we need to buy one of his shirts. This action is a reminder of the AntiChrist being among us and that we need to take a stand for good against evil.

Mesozoic Productions, http://www.zazzle.com/mesozoic_productions, is another atheist driven site that worships the ungodly acts of Charles Darwin. That being said, the website designers are glorifying the HMS Beagle, Satan’s Ship, which was the ship that sailed Darwin to the Galapagos Islands and was responsible for inspiring him to come up with his evil theory of evilution (which is just a theory after all). By selling products to commemorate Darwin and Satan’s ship, it is obvious that these sinners are doing the work of the Devil! In addition, “Mesozoic” is just an ungodly mythology made up by the paleontologists that want you to believe the world to be millions of years old and that dinosaurs and man did not live together. Now that is just silly stuff, boys and girls. We know that the Biblical Flood was a real event responsible for creating the fossils on a literal 6,000 years old Earth; not some silly “mesozoic” mythology, carbon dating, or other phrases the evolutionists want you to believe that can never be found in a thesaurus! Scientist Michael Ooard shows in the video why it is nonsense to believe in the Mesozoic Period.

Back to the Beagle. Did you know that the ships Captain, Fitzroy, was a godless heathen? Yes, that’s right. While on the voyage with Darwin on the ship, he was a worshiper of slavery. He used the HMS Beagle for abducting lots of natives from Tierra del Fuego, which was part of what inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution. The captain, Darwin, and the other British heathens engaged in ungodly celebrations of the false pagan god “Neptune” as a ritual when crossing the equator. The crew of the ship were also lazy drunks who thought of engaging in ungodly acts of lust and fornication for each foreign country they visited.

It was soon that the voyage led Darwin to giving up his faith in Jesus. From their, he engaged in a materialistic view that demanded rejecting The Genesis account in favor of a world driven by various sins. Darwin sadistically lumped all of God’s creations on the Galapagos Islands as different kinds that magically evolved from dirty mud and competed in deadly games against one another. Eventually, the voyage led Darwin into believing that we came from monkeys and it also inspired him to write the book “Origin of Species”. Now remember boys and girls, it only took Darwin’s book to inspire Hitler, Marx, Mao, Stalin, Mandela, Carter, and other communists to spread their evildoing ways. In fact, the HMS Beagle is the birthplace of the Nazi Party and the second most popular Holocaust that has resulted from abortions.




Darwin’s work also influenced Richard Dawkins to become an atheist and start his Church of Darwin, which we see today favored by the secular media. Indeed, other Darwinists worship a false god known as the Flying Spaghetti Monster and hold weird cults that involve wearing pasta strainers over their heads and going to strip joints, which they like to call “strip factories.”


God clearly hates this worship of false gods, and he also hates the store “Mesozoic Productions”. The store wants us to remember the Beagle, Satan’s ship, that lead Darwin astray from God and that helped inspire the loss of millions of lives from Mao, Mandela, Hitler, and so on. We strongly advise all people not to consider buying the shirts for they were made to strengthen the presence of the Devil in our lives. Those whoever consider wearing a shirt are guaranteed to burn with Darwin. Anyone who wears these shirts on a beach is sure to experience a tsunami or a hurricane as a sign of God’s punishment for those who simply reject him. The same goes for anybody who wears this shirt while driving or flying on an airplane. The shirts are smutted by the Devil, and those who wear the shirt are supporting the disciples of Darwin. Also do not forget that Darwin Day is Demon Day! Who loves Darwin Day? The Devil, his demons, and sinners like you! Please repent and accept Jesus before it is too late.

Brought to you by the Christian staff of Creation Science Study,

Martin Baker and Jim Solouki

King Abdullah of Hell!

Abdullah, prince of Hell!

Greetings True Christians!

It brings me great joy to acknowledge the death of Christ’s enemy King Abdullah, until  today leader of the ungodly Muslim country Saudi Arabia! Abdullah’s ungodly family gave money to Osama bin Laden so that he could attack America, and today, King Abdullah joins Osama in the fires of Hell. Why is Abdullah in Hell? For the following reasons.

First, King Abdullah was a Muslim, and no Muslim can enter the Kingdom of Christ. God’s kingdom is like an exclusive club, unsaved unwelcome. Abdullah died unsaved. Abdullah was a Muslim, and Muslims deny the divinity of Christ. If you deny the divinity of Christ, God denies you entry into Christ’s Kingdom. As we speak, King Abdullah is being tormented by Satan and his minions. Let us pause in gladness to celebrate the death of this enemy of God’s true nation of America.

Second, King Abdullah supported Satan’s minion Osama bin Laden. Any person that mourns the death of King Abdullah is mourning the death of one of bin Laden’s closest monetary supporters, and is an enemy of America. I beg all nations that consider themselves friends of America to not send representatives to his funeral.By sending representatives to his funeral, you are playing into the hands of the Muslims.

Third, King Abdullah believed in polygamy. He had many wives and he now has one demon torturing him for each wife he had. Polygamy is satanic, and all who practice it are doomed to Hell. Marriage is meant to be between one man and one woman. Not between one man and one boy. Not between two men. Not between one man and many women. Not between one man and one goat. Marriage is defined, by GOD, as being between one man and one woman. By having many wives, Abdullah was partaking in ungodly practices.

Abdullah kissing George W. Bush, who is obviously and clearly very uncomfortable.

Fourth, King Abdullah was either a faggot or a fag sympathizer. There are many photographs of him kissing other men, and everyone knows that homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord! All homosexuals are destined for Hell. King Abdullah supported homosexuality by kissing other men, and is therefore in Hell.  He holds hands with other men too:

King Abdullah holding hands with Ahmanadeginad, leader of Iran and agent of Satan!

My brothers and sisters in Christ, America’s enemy is dead and is burning in Hell as we speak. Let us pause with great joy and gladness at the thought of his suffering. As Abdullah unleashed great sufferings upon his people while alive, so too will the Lord unleash great sufferings upon him. He will be spending an eternity in Hell with Nixon, Darwin, Sagan, Feynman, Hitler, Mussolini, bin Laden, and Hell’s whore Mother Teresa. Do not waste your prayers on his heathen soul, for it is already in the fires of Hell.  Let us rejoice in the knowledge that the world has become a safer place for both Christians and Americans. Let us take back the Middle East for Jesus! Let us take back the world for Christ.

From your friends,

Jim and Martin

God hates our haters!

Jesus endured this for your sins!

Greetings True Christians!

It has come to Martin and my attention that our blog has been receiving many attacks by the ungodly heathen satanic army who seeks to destroy all things True Christian on the internet. This does not bother us; Jesus told us that we would be blessed when persecuted because of Him.  Look at what we are told in John 15:20. “Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also.” Those are the words of Jesus! 2 Timothy 3:12 tells us more. “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” As the Bible tells us, it is absolutely natural for us to be persecuted by the non-Christian heathen haters across the internet. We are working for Jesus, and they are working for the devil.  All those who work for Satan will be punished in Hell forever.

I spent a long time praying about the hate we are currently receiving. The Holy Spirit drew me to the story of God’s two witnesses in Revelation, who would be sent during the first half of the Tribulation. They were hated by the people and they were ultimately killed. God raised them from the dead, and issued vengeance upon their killers. As the Bible teaches us, it is God’s privilege to issue vengeance when He deems it necessary. Let us reference Deuteronomy 32:35. “It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.”  God has already unleashed vengeance upon his enemies in the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, America, and across the globe. Martin and I are kind of like God’s two witnesses in 2015, and God will issue vengeance against those who fight us as well. I have prayed deeply, and the Holy Spirit has allowed me to see the eternal fates of some of the people attacking our True Christian website.

Repent or go to Hell!

We begin with the ungodly authors of a post on http://www.mattandmikesports.com that can be found here at this page. This website is very misguided. They claim that Martin and I are bigots, and then go on to argue that many NFL players did good Christian work. This is dishonestly sinful stuff! All NFL players who are not True Christians are going to Hell. They also defend Richard Nixon, claim that you can watch football and go to church both on Sunday (when the Sabbath is meant only for the Lord, not for football!!), and call me a jerk. I have prayed a lot about what will happen to you after you die, oh heathen writers of the matt and mike sports, and the Spirit has shown me. You will spend an eternity in Hell being spirit sodomized by Satan’s succubus Shakira as Hell’s whore Mother Theresa whips you with rulers for her kinky Catholic pleasures. Repent heathens, or this will be your fate in the lake of fire.

Satan’s Succubus Shakira!

Hell’s whore Mother Teresa

We next move to the ungodly and evil commenters from this site Illogical Reaper and SF Paper Dragon. They are both very evil, but Paper Dragon has issued a whole blog post attempting to “refute” our blog post on Star Wars on his http://www.paperdragonfolding.wordpress.com.  Here is his ungodly post. Dragon says that George Lucas is not Mormon. That’s a lie. He also says that Mormons believe in a sky mother as well as God, but they don’t talk about their sky mother! I think it’s because they hate women. After all, Joseph Smith was a raging polygamist and a thief. He says that Mormons believe in polygamy in the next life and that men will become Gods after death. Those heathen beliefs will lead you straight to Hell lest you repent. God has allowed me to see the fate of Paper Dragon and Reaper. Illogical Reaper gets crucified for all eternity to a cross of flame.  SF Paper Dragon will be spending eternity as one of Satan’s favorite playthings, Osama bin Laden’s, virgins for eternity. You see? Satan has a sick and twisted sense of humor, and since Mormons believe in polygamy, and since Muslims believe that they will receive 72 virgins after death, Satan gives the Muslim scum Mormon males as playthings for all eternity.

He’s waiting in Hell for his next male virgin.

The last heathen hater I will address today is Cassandra von d’Nacht, who has been criticizing us unfairly with nearly every post. Unless you repent and place Jesus firmly at the center of your life, Satan will toss you into his special lake of fire where Satan’s sodomist Freddy Mercury will spend all eternity singing the same song over, and over, and over.The torment is real, and there will be no relief. Repent, or this fate is real Cassandra. We will be praying for you.

Satan’s sodomist Freddy Mercury

Boys and girls, everybody can escape Hell, even the haters commenting on our blog and attacking us. There is a way to go to heaven, and it is a simple way. You must be born again. The ONLY way to heaven is to be born again in Christ. By accepting Christ as your own personal savior, by rejecting sin and all sinful things, and by living a Biblical life, you can go straight to heaven. The path to doom is wide, and the path to heaven is thin and tough to follow, but if you follow God’s path to Christ, you can go to heaven. I pray that our haters will repent lest they face these torments for eternity. I will be praying deeply for each and every one of you so that you may repent and reject your heathen ways. Heaven is like an exclusive club, unsaved unwelcome. You must be saved. You must be born again. Jesus has opened the door for you. Will you accept His gift of salvation and live according to His laws? I highly suggest you do.

From your True Christian friend,

Jim Solouki

God Hates MILF!

some MILF members on parade

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to talk to you about one of the many threats facing Americans in the 21st Century, the MILF. This group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, is one of the many evil faces of Islam. They live in the Philippines and are tormenting Christians and all non-Muslims as we speak. MILF, like all Muslims, must be destroyed. They are the biggest reason that God hates the Philippines!

My dear Christian brothers and sisters, let it be known that God hates MILF! MILF is anti-Christian, and anyone who is against Christian ideas is against Christ. Anyone who is against Christ is against God. Anyone who is against God is of the Devil. Anyone who is of the devil will spend an eternity in excruciating torment. Repent or burn forever in Hell, you members of MILF. The choice is yours.

This is what Muslims do for fun

MILF is a shining example of what is wrong in today’s world. In the 21st Century, Muslims are allowed to espouse their dogma of hate anywhere in the world. This dogma of hatred leads to the growth of groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliband, Hezbollah, MILF, and the Muslim Brotherhood, who love to blow themselves up to kill Christians. They must be stopped. But how can we stop them?

Nuclear weapons are the answer!

There once was another group of ungodly heathen people that liked to blow themselves up to kill people. We defeated them in World War II.  They’re called the Japanese. The Japanese loved nothing more than crashing their planes into American ships and torturing captured American servicemen. This sounds an awful lot like what Muslims are doing today. Muslims are torturing people, Japan used to torture people. Muslims are crucifying Christians, the Japanese used to crucify Christians. Muslims attacked America out of nowhere, the Japanese attacked America out of nowhere. Muslims hate Jesus, the Japanese hated Jesus. Conventional warfare isn’t stopping Muslims. Conventional warfare didn’t stopped the Japanese. Yet we defeated the Japanese and they have now been brought to the light and truth of Jesus through America.

The Japanese used to all worship trees. Now some have turned to Jesus and they are now a peace loving people.

How did this happen, you might ask? When Japan was too foolish to understand that their resistance to American superiority and Christianity was futile, America responded by dropping atomic bombs on Japanese cities. This broke the spirit of the heathen Japanese, who finally realized that their false tree gods wouldn’t be able to win against the True Christian God. They repented, they bowed before America and before Christ, and Christ has granted their nation some level of prosperity, even though He is still punishing the non-Christians in their midst.

The Muslims will never repent and stop killing Christians unless they are brought to their knees. How can we make this happen? We must destroy centers of Islamic extremism by dropping nuclear weapons on them. First, the MILF and the ISIS should be bombed; there are not many Christians to be killed in either Iraq or the Philippines. The we continue and nuke Al Qaeda. If this doesn’t bring the Muslim pigs to their knees (trust me, it will), then we continue our bombing run until they surrender. Then we convert the remaining ungodly Muslims to Christ, and no more Islamic heathen threat!

Note how she is trying to hide a smile as she tortures this child!

I beg all American leaders to consider this plan of action. The Muslims will not stop until they have destroyed every non-Muslim on the planet. These people cut their own children open for giggles! God hates the MILF, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and all Muslims. If you are a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer, you are fighting against God. Don’t fight against God, fight against Islam.

It is time to declare a war on MILF and all Muslim extremist groups. They must all be destroyed. It is time to take back the world for Jesus. It is time to take back the planet for Christ.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.