Beware the Obama Youth!

Dear fellow patriots,

Did you know that the Obama Administration’s next move is to indoctrinate our children as a part of the new socialism wave that is changing America? Obama successfully got away with socializing the health care system so that it would be impossible for the hard working class to afford health care. Thanks to the ACLU for backing him up, he got away with making every unborn child unsafe and other heinous acts that Marx and Stalin would have dreamed of. Besides glorifying fallen communist Mandela by attending his funeral, as opposed to attending the funerals of fallen troops, Obama now wants to recruit our children to further his socialist agenda.

Just like Hitler, Obama will use our children as a political force so that he can stay in office longer. He is also using his great speaking abilities to rally support from the Demoncrat Party, the muslims, gays, abortionists, feminists, atheists, the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union and other groups that are an offense to God. Right now, Satan is looking over America as we speak. Here is a bumper sticker produced by Obama’s agents of evil that was recently sighted on a vehicle:

Obama wants to indoctrinate children like Hitler did, and he has marketed these bumper stickers.

Obama wants to indoctrinate children like Hitler did, and he has marketed these bumper stickers.

We must not let Obama get away with this, and we must also stop him from trying to serve more terms and transform this God-given country into a communist dictatorship! There is one person we must elect in 2016 who will put an end to the evils of the Obama aka Satan’s Administration:

Rick Santorum!

Rick Santorum, God's candidate for president.

Rick Santorum, God’s candidate for president.

This should be Rick Santorum’s theme:

Remember to vote for Rick Santorum, God’s one and only candidate, to stop the evils of the Obama Administration from acheiving the same goals Hitler did. Imagine if our children are taught by the Obama Youth to discriminate Christians, to promote evolution in our schools, to do away with the Ten Commandments, to make it illegal to say “Merry Christmas”, to force churches to sell abortion causing pills, and other sinful acts if Obama has his way. As Christians, it is our duty to protect our children, since they are the future doctors, lawyers, preachers, police, and military that we need. Get right with Rick and continue the good fight against Satan. Do not allow this great nation to perish under the grasp of Obama’s Anti-Christian agenda.

Martin Baker

Proof Nelson Mandela is in Hell!

Here is undeniable evidence that Nelson Mandela is burning in Hell as we speak:

Mandela was friends with Communist leader Joe Slovo.

Mandela was friends with Communist leader Joe Slovo.

Mandela engaged in rampant homosexual acts.

Mandela engaged in rampant homosexual acts.

Mandela is happy to be a member of the Communist party after being inspired by Darwin, Marx, and Hitler.

Mandela is happy to be a member of the Communist party after being inspired by Darwin, Marx, and Hitler.

Mandela is paying tribute to Hitler by mimicking the Nazi Salute!

Mandela is paying tribute to Hitler by mimicking the Nazi Salute!

So there you have it. Mandela is burning in Hell for the sins he committed as well as idolizing Charles Darwin and becoming allied with the godless communists. Godless demoncrats may mourn for his death, but he deserves no honor by the grace of God. He died unsaved and was not allowed in the Kingdom of Heaven because of this known fact: Unsaved unwelcome!

Martin Baker

Red Bull: The Devil’s Drink!



It is time we say no to Red Bull products and boycott the FDA for approving products with hidden drugs in them. The drink is corrupting our youth as we know it right now. Please read the report from Landoverbaptist and take action. We must boycott the deception of the FDA for being in alliance with Satan!

Please remember the FDA is also responsible for promoting GMO foods with dangerous cancer-causing chemicals and harmful “medicines”, such as Tylenol and Advil. The GMO foods are made to ruin God’s creations and also to promote evolution, which we know is just a Fairy tale for Grown-ups!

And while your at it, look how Redbull was used to make fun of Jesus and offend Christians worldwide:


In the name of Jesus I say, Shame on you – Food and Drug Administration! Shame on you for allowing this addictive drug to come into our Christian nation from some Godless foreign country. And shame on you again for placing it in convenience stores without a warning label!

It’s time for Redbull and the FDA to repent!

Why Santorum matters for America


Rick Santorum is important for America since he professes to be a True Christian, and he also wants to restore America back to they way it was when the Pilgrims founded this great nation. Santorum is also well informed about the attacks on our Religious Freedom when the atheists and the ACLU tag team to take away Christian rights, when evolution is forced into the classrooms, when it is made illegal to display the Ten Commandments in the courtrooms, when state governments are forcing gay marriages, when abortion causing contraceptives are being offered in the schools, when our gun rights are being violated, and many other problems that have happened since the Obama Administration started in America. America has been entering dark times since the atheists, pagans, feminists, scientists, ACLU, abortionists, gays, muslims, communists, and other radical godless groups have been working to take this great nation away from Christ.


Ever since the Obama Administration, America has slowly transformed into a socialist nation that somebody like Marx or Stalin would have dreamed of! Obama has decided to control the wealth of the law abiding, hard working American taxpayer, and he has also socialized the health care system so that would it impossible to afford healthcare; many health care professionals have been laid off because of this action. The president has refused to say “Merry Christmas” when it is the season for Christmas, and he also barely attends church service; this all explains why he is does not take part in The National Day of Prayer! He has also put America into debt by borrowing from China and Canada, and he has also made deals with the Saudi Arabian government so that he can purchase his own foreign oil. Obama has been in secret ties with Muslims, and he had a lot of Americans upset by allowing the 9/11 Mosque to be built near the fallen World Trade Center.

However, it’s never too late to have America fixed. That is why it’s time for us to have Santorum elected in office and restore America back to the way it was founded by the Pilgrims. Imagine prayer restored in High School football games and High School graduations, that it is alright to say “Merry Christmas” in public without being persecuted, that the atheists and the gays are stopped from ruining our American values of marriage and Christmas given to us by the One and True Creator, that there is no Anti-Christian Lawyers Union stepping on the toes of good Christians, and many other possibilities with Santorum in office. On 2016, get right with Rick!


Why is Stephen Hawking crippled?


It has been asked why Stephen Hawking is crippled. To put this simply, Hawking decided to declare a war on Christianity when he released his book “A Brief History of Time” as a way to mock God, so God punished him for this sinful act. Hawking thought he knew everything and that he could play God when he wrote his book, so God made Hawking crippled, and he also made it impossible for Hawking to speak without a microphone.

Today, Hawking continues to offend the Christian community by talking about aliens, which We know are impossible because they are not mentioned in the Bible, and he continues to be worshiped by many Universities that support the work of godless heathens. He still defies God by living his life as a heathen, and it is time for Stephen Hawking to repent and accept God into his life!


Remember to accept Christ, and you will be free and live everlasting salvation!

It’s Jesus Time!

Dear fellow Christians,

We have seen recent disasters happening today in a world where the end of times is upon us. The atheistic mindset we hear asks the question of “Why would God allow bad things to happen if he is all loving?” Bibically speaking, what do these disasters really mean? Quite simply, the disasters we see are a warning that the rapture is coming as it was written in the Book of Revelations; and Occam’s Razor is the simplest explanation we have that allows us to prove these facts from the Bible! It also confirms that the Antichrist is among us! What are causing these disasters?

Many of the states in the Northeast coast, such as New York and Vermont, were responsible for electing Obama in office and also for allowing forced gay marriages in America. But these are not the heathen problems that have happened in the east coast! Remember the Dover Trial which ruled that it was alright to teach evolution in the classrooms instead of the Genesis account? Also don’t forget that atheist Jessica Alquist declared war against God by taking away prayer banners from the schools while tag-teaming with the ACLU (Anti-Christian Lawyers Union). The states are also blue, and we know that the blue states are dominated by supporters of the liberal-atheistic party. Since these states support heathenism, God had to punish these states with Hurricane Sandy. After all, scientists have failed to explain how the hurricane formed.


Look at the political map and you will see the blue states that were punished by God in the East Coast:


Russia was also punished for communism and for forcing atheism. Look at the picture and you will see a comet that is about to hit Russia.

APTOPIX Russia Meteorite

Let’s also not forget that Hurricane Katrina was caused because of Ellen DeGeneres’s lesbianism, and that God had to punish New Orleans for this sinful behavior. God’s presence was also there when he made the 2004 tsunami happen to the countries for supporting Islam and fighting Christianity, and he also punished Haiti and China with earthquakes for causing other sorts of heathenism. Someday God will pour his wraith on San Fransisco just like he did to Saddam and Gomorrah for homosexuality!

So, why do these sins happen?

Obviously it is the Anti-Christ that is behind this! The Anti-Christ is diverting people away from God, and he is making them commit sinful acts that are offensive to God. He is tempting people into doing sins just like Satan tried to tempt Jesus into sin. Such sinful acts we see being commited are pornography, teaching evolution in the classroom, looking up Miss Teen Delaware, the election of Obama for a second term, homosexuality, rock n’roll, rape, strippers, atheism, lap dances, playboy magazines, murders, bars, Maxim magazines, marijuana usage, taking Christ away from Christmas, and other various sins.

Look at these heathens that are headed to Hell if they keep this up:


R/Atheism, the Gateway to Hell






As we can see, the Anti-Christ is behind all these problems, and we must fight back or God will no longer bless America. Let’s take a stand for Jesus and cut down the tree of bad fruit that is making all these sins happen.

Martin Baker

Rick Santorum 2016!


Dear fellow Christians,

Who is the one true candidate that will restore America to the way it was since the Pilgrims first settled it?


Who voted for the Patriot Act?

Who openly criticized the selection of Romney as the presidential candidate for America?

Who has addressed the problems facing America today such as forced gay marriages, terrorism, marijuana and other illegal drugs being legalized, communistic socialism, the Universities that are forcing secularism onto students, the rising national debt, the teaching of evolution in the classroom, the ban of school prayer, abortion causing pills, and other problems tearing up this nation?


Who recognizes that we have inalienable rights from our Creator?

Who defended Todd Akin from the organized atacks by the liberal media?

Who is the one and only candidate God approves?


Rick Santorum! As a true Christian, Rick Santorum knows how to unite all Christians together to take a stand against the evils of oppression we have seen since the election of Obama. Get right with Rick and let’s take a stand for America!


Remember, Rick Santorum 2016!

Jim and Martin