Jurassic World: Satan’s Campaign for Evolution

Jurassic World, the sequel to the unholy abomination known as Jurassic Park, is another snide attempt to spread the teaching of evolution to the public and to brainwash God from the public. Like other godless movies from Hollywood, Jurassic World was praised by the secular critics who are known to condemn Christian movies. This film is just another one of many offenses to God that must be banned and not used to indoctrinate our children into rejecting God and believing in evolution.


Jurassic World wants you to believe dinosaurs turned to birds, but could this T rex fly with those tiny arms or chirp or peck at things?

The film starts out with two young brothers given a vacation by their divorcing parents. We know from the bible that divorce is unbiblical, but that doesn’t matter to the parents as they plan on letting their children venture to an Island that glorifies sinner scientists like Darwin and Stephen Hawkins.

Chris Pratt plays a scientist who is an obvious disciple of Darwin in the movie but also serve as a homosexual lust vector since he wears skin tight clothes worn by gay men. Bryce Dallas plays some lust influencing woman who exposes lots of cleavage and runs in high heels. Obviously Jurassic World is full of sexual immorality that is known to further Satan’s favorite agenda in America: Homosexuality and the spread of gay marriages.

Throughout the film, the scientists play God by creating dinosaurs from fossil bugs trapped in amber. This is simply an ungodly offense in the film. Why? Only God himself has the power to create living things as proven in the Book of Genesis. The film further dives into evolution as the scientists glorify Darwin by creating a dinosaur that is supposed to be a mix of other dinosaurs. Again, this is an ungodly offense as God can only create life and that this ungodly invention was created by the scientists to prove evolution. Did you know evolution was favored by Cultural Marxists like Mao, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela, Hitler, Stalin, and other godless communists? This film should have been correctly titled “Evilution.” You can bet that the so called indominus rex will be featured in text books from our public schools to teach evolution to our children.

There are other offenses to God throughout the film. The boys disobey authority from their superiors many times. God’s name is taken in vain multiple times without being called for prayer. Evolution is mentioned many times in the film. Bryce Dallas’ character takes on a role in the film that is supposed to be reserved for superior men. Sexual immorality is evident between Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas. Bestiality between a black man and several trained raptors is suggested since the raptor trainer is intimately connected to them. The film also wants the viewers to believe that dinosaurs turned into birds, but how can a T.rex with tiny arms fly? How can a brontosaurus or stegosaurus chirp and fly? Thankfully God’s name was not taken in vain and ended with the curse word “damn” because that is not his last name.

Jurassic World is another unbiblical abomination from Hollywood that makes movies to make fun of Christians. The goal for this film is to indoctrinate its viewers into believing evolution, which is after all a theory, and to make the viewers reject God. Believing in evolution simply means you can do whatever you want as if there is no God. That means committing evil acts like homosexuality, teach evolution, steal, pornography, and other acts of sin. How do I know this to be true? Ever since this movie’s release, more atheistic inspired gun shootings have been happening. Movies like Jurassic World are responsible for the rise of atheism, people believing in evolution, racism, rape, murders, stealing, bullying in the schools, people looking up pornography on church computers, and other sins. Again, building a foundational belief in evilution allows us to do whatever we want as if there is no God watching us. Perverted filmmaker Steven Spielberg and other secular jews are responsible for making this godless filth to make lots of money so they can purchase oil from Saudi Arabia. If you purchased a ticket to see this film, then you definitely purchased a ticket to HELL. As Christians, we must take a stand against Satan and his agents. The movies must be taken back for Christ. Let’s unite as Christians and demand that Satan take his presence away from America. AMERICA is a Christian country and Satan is NOT invited to spread his evil.

Martin Baker

Rick Santorum 2016: For God and America.

Dear friends,

America is no longer recognized as a Nation under God. Our constitution, written by our Founding Fathers who were our Christian disciples, has been demolished by legions of demoncrats and other godless heathens who want God taken away from our schools, the courtrooms, and the public. It’s time for a change, America, and Rick Santorum is the one True Candidate chosen by God to save this great nation from the evils terrorizing this great nation. It is time for us as Christians to come out of the closet once more, go to our churches, and tell Satan he is not welcome in America!


America is losing its Christian values everyday. Obama, who we know is a muslim and no friend of Christ, destroyed the sanctity of marriage by allowing gay marriages in America. This means we will see people marrying dogs and cars. Obama also did some other evil acts such as free drug dealers from prison and contribute to the largest Holocaust ever by allowing “Ungodly” Planned Parenthood to sell aborted baby parts. Heck, he is also trying to pave the way for Hillary Clinton (who should appropriately be known as Hitler Clinton) so she can take over the White House and spread vile acts of feminism and other unholy abominations. Oviously, Obama is not aware God created Adam first, that it is Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve, and that woman are not capable of taking such a high position in America!



The government, which is now controlled by the demoncrats, atheists, feminists, muslims, Anti-Christian Lawyers Union and other sinners against Christ, are making it illegal for the Ten Commandments to be displayed in the courtrooms. Furthermore, Nativity Scenes are now banned from the public and schools. Obama has lawfully allowed the offensive and Anti-Christian saying “Happy Holidays” to be forced in businesses. Satan is invited in our lives and America when the War on Christmans continues to be waged against us Christians.

America is slowly transforming into a godless nation that evil socialists like Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Jimmy Carter, and Mao would ever dreamed of. But who is the one candidate, chosen by God, to save this great nation and bring it closer to God?

Rick Santorum!


As a True Christian, Santorum promises the best for American Christiandom. Santorum is Pro-Life and will do what he will to stop the Holocaust of unborn babies. He is pro-military. He will stop evolution from being taught in the schools. He will ban pornography so it will not be brought into the churches. Merry Christmas instead of “Happy Holidays” will be said in public. The Ten Commandments will stay in our God-given court rooms. He will protect our Christian rights. He will stop the War on Christmas.
But most of all, Santorum will tirelessly fight to make sure America is one nation under God.

Santorum promises to be a Mandela for Christians, and we need him more than ever to stop the satanic secularism spreading in America. Remember, vote Santorum 2016. Santorum was not chosen by the people, but by God.


Martin Baker and Jim Solouki

Rick Santorum, God's candidate for president.

Rick Santorum, God’s candidate for president.



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God Hates TransAsia!

The hand of God at work!

Greetings True Christians!

The glorious and good Heavenly Father has taken down another Asian plane as punishment for the sins of the Asians! We have warned the anti-Christian Buddhist, Muslim, Shinto, Hindu, and jungle voodoo worshipping heathens of Asia many times that God is punishing them and will continue to punish them with plane crashes until they repent. They have chosen not to repent, and now God has punished the heathen nation of Taiwan with a plane crash that has killed at least 26 heathens! They are all in hell now!

Why does God hate Taiwan? The Taiwanese are unsaved sinners! They are taking jobs away from God’s true people, the Americans, and forcing millions of Americans out of work and into poverty! This cannot stand, and  God will continue to punish the heathen evil Asian servants of Satan until they repent! Hell is eternal, and as a warning to those of you in the ungodly Asian nations, you will go to Hell if you fail to embrace Christ in this life. What will you do if too soon comes too late? You could die tomorrow, and like the passengers of the TransAsia flight, you’ll go straight to hell if you die unsaved!

Let us offer a prayer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Dear Jesus, savior of all who accept Your gift of salvation, please continue to punish the heathens and to break their spirit until they embrace you. Continue to reap vengeance upon those who reject You until they open their hearts to Your glory and mercy. Break them down so that they will turn and embrace You. This will save the remainder who do turn to You, and will allow at least some to enter Paradise, where we want to see all people go. In Your name we pray for this, Amen.

REPENT ASIA, lest you be punished with more crashes and disasters! God will smite you until you turn to the Truth. Open your hearts and reject the ways of Satan and of sin. Repent Asia, repent!

A message from your true Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker!

Mohammad’s Birthday….in HELL

this heathen is barbecuing in Hell as we speak!

Greetings True Christians!

January 3rd this year marks the heathen Islamic celebration of the false “prophet” Muhammad’s birthday. This year, just like every year since his death, Muhammad will be celebrating it in the fires of hell. Why? Because Mohammad was a false prophet deceived by demons into doing the work of the devil and has led many people away from the True God and into the hands of Satan! He is the creator of a false religion that strives to kill the Christian and remove Christ from our classrooms and our hearts. Even today, members of ISIS are killing and crucifying Christians in the Middle East, because their false prophet Mohammad told them that was the thing to do. Let us take a look at the evils of Mohammad and his false religion before we go on:

Muslims on parade!

what Muslims do for fun!

This man is about to marry this young girl, just like Mohammad!

This Muslim is molesting a little boy, just like Mohammad!

Did you know that Mohammad supported the molestation of both male and female children? He believed that it was ok for a man to have as many concubines as they wanted to as long as they were under sixteen years of age. Boys could only be molested until the age of 14.  In fact, Muslims believe that if they kill themselves and kill a sufficient number of Christians in the process, they will receive both male and female virgin sexual slaves in their “paradise.” Truth is, if they do acts like these, they will go to Hell!

Did you know that Osama bin Laden is Mohammad’s most famous follower? That’s right boys and girls, the world’s biggest terrorist,  bin Laden, is Muslim! So was Saddam Hussein. So is Barack Hussein Obama! So is every member of the Taliban! Muslim leaders are ungodly leaders that can only lead their subjects to Hell. And God hates them all! Any religion that supports homosexuality and spawns murderers should be wiped from the face of the planet. Who is responsible for the evils of Islam? The answer is simple. Mohammed the deceiver, who was led by demons and the devil, is responsible! He is barbecuing in Hell, where Satan and the demons are torturing him endlessly as we speak!

how Mohammad celebrates his birthday now!

This is what Mohammad wants for your soul and for the souls of all!

God hates Mohammad and all of his heathen followers! Let us celebrate Mohammad’s birthday by leading the ungodly heathen Muslim hordes to Jesus and turning them away from the false prophet of Satan! Let us feed them pork chops and bacon and remind them of those wonderful words of Jesus that teach us that nothing that a man eats can make him unclean, but rather that the only source of uncleanliness is that which comes from inside a man. It is what is in our hearts that makes us unclean, not what we eat. What is in a Muslim’s heart? Let me show you:

Muslims often fantasize about crashing airplanes into buildings.

Muslims love to blow themselves up!

Muslims worship bin Laden too!

Are you a Muslim? Are you a Muslim sympathizer? Reject the religion of Satan in honor of Mohammad’s birthday! God detests Mohammad and you should too! the Koran is a false book inspired by demons and should be destroyed. All Muslims should be converted, imprisoned, or at the very least watched very closely, because a free Muslim is a Muslim who might blow themself up to kill a Christian. Why? Because Muslims hate Christians and all that comes from Christ. This is because they know in their hearts that Christians are going to heaven and Muslims are destined to burn in Hell.

Islam is the religion of death. Islam is a false ungodly religion that seeks only to kill and to terrorize. Islam was inspired by the devil, for the devil, to lead people away from Christ and into Satan’s grasp. A devout Muslim is a dangerous Muslim. If you don’t believe me, just look at what happened to this wonderful nation on September 11th. Let us pray that God leads the Muslims away from their camels and to Christ!  Tell these people to stop fingering children and to start fingering a Bible.

this is where bin Laden will be tortured forever!

Heaven is a lot like a fancy country club, unsaved unwelcome! The Muslims are all unsaved because they reject the divinity of Christ! They are unwelcome in heaven just like the atheists, agnostics, post-Jesus Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Shintoists, pagans, Darwinists, and other heathens are unwelcome in Hell. Let us spread the Kingdom for Jesus! Let us baptize the world for Christ!

Shame on all of those who reject Jesus for Mohammad! Reject your evil ways or you will surely burn in Hell! Turn or burn, Muslims, turn or burn. Reject Mohammad on his evil birthday! Repent and choose Jesus instead! I’ll be praying for you.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

Rick Santorum is not a Muslim sympathizer! Rick Santorum is God’s choice for president in 2016!

Eric Garner, killed by the forces of the Antichrist!

Greetings True Christians!

It brings me great sadness to report the death of true Christian servant of Christ Eric Garner, who is living in heaven as we speak.  Garner was lynched by American policemen who were agents of the Antichrist’s grip on America. You see, boys and girls, the Antichrist is currently trying very hard to take over America, God’s true nation.  He started with the election of Obama and is continuing by killing all those who resist.  Garner’s crime? He was selling cigaretttes out of pocket and not giving taxes to the illuminati elite that has currently taken over the US government and made America a safe haven for atheists! They only arrested Kent Hovind illegally because he was a white man. Garner, being an African American, was an “inferior” in their secret Darwinist racial schema, so Garner was punished with death.

How many cops does it take to murder an enemy of the Illuminati?

It is telling that no charges were brought against Garner’s killers. Why? Because the atheist illiminati agents of the antichrist operating within America’s elite rigged the jury so that his murderer would be set free unscathed. These are the same agents who released the pedophilic heathen denizen of Hell Michael Jackson from prison after Jackson was caught molesting little boys! Jackson is in Hell now, and Garner’s killer will surely be in Hell as well.

white gloves. All the better to molest little Timmy with!

It is telling that this event has happened just recently.  Pope Benedict stepped down from the popeacy over a year ago, and has been tightening his grip on the Illuminati forces across the world. Notice that you have now seen fewer cases of priests molesting people. It’s still happening, but now the governments are sweeping it fully under the table. Why? Because the antichrist is among us and pulling the strings trying to make Catholicism look like the true religion. In truth, Roman Catholicism is the Beast spoken of in Revelation. You can’t buy anything without the number of the beast. Know what the number of the Beast is? Membership in the Catholic Church. Remember that many are supposed to believe that the antichrist is of Christ before Jesus returns. Aand this is exactly what has happened! Just look at the glory that Pope Francis is bringing to the Catholic Church even today!

The Antichrist is among us!

That’s right boys and girls. The Antichrist is among us. The Catholic Church is pulling the strings with the antichrist, and the forces of the antichrist illuminati have invaded the American government, murdering Eric Garner and countless other innocent Americans! we must stop this now. We must take back America for Jesus! We must reject the illuminati and the forces of the Antichrist! Just must be served in the case of Eric Garner.

It’s time to take back America for Jesus. It’s time to take back this country for Christ!!

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian!

combat the forces of the Antichrist! Elect Rick Santorum president in 2016!

Retail Employees are Satan’s favorite Servants!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that retail employees are working directly for Satan and headed straight to hell? These sinners are Satan’s storm troopers, working on the front lines in the war on Christmas. These heathens are helping the atheists and the devil by taking Santa out of our stores and taking Christ out of Christmas! It’s not even Christmas anymore! It’s now “Happy Holidays.” These low-wage workers are sinners in the worst way. They are taking money away from the poor as they try to steal Christmas from Christians! They must be stopped!

Consider this woman from Walmart. The heathen Walmart employees didn’t even try to stop her from wandering through the store! This woman is a whore of Babylon and is showing Satan’s approval of Walmart! Instead of stopping her, you can see the lady in red looking upon her with approval. Why? Because whoreism is approved in retail stores! A True Christian would have stopped her from wearing these clothes. But Walmart doesn’t employ True Christians. They employ heathens! You can tell this by the shirts they wear during the holiday season:


Walmart isn’t only forcing their employees to reject Christmas. They’re also forcing their heathen “happy holidays” message upon their customers. The employees are the ones selling the product, and they could stop it, but they don’t. Here’s a heathen walmart gift card:

This gift card is of the devil.

Walmart isn’t the only retail outfit serving Satan! Target is of the Devil too! They put up Christmas decorations, but they’re actually very, very scary decorations. These decorations showcase headless Santas, and prove that not only is Target working for Satan, but they also embrace Isis’s acts of violence towards Christians, namely beheadings:

Christmas by Isis!

Target also sells the ungodly Redcard. Do you know what the “red” in “redcard” represents? Communism! Target considers itself a Communist stronghold in America. They call their customers “guests,” their workers “Team members,” and have a system of acronyms secretly created by Satan worshiper and devil’s disciple George Dayton to force his employees to embrace the Devil’s will. Here’s Dayton:

George Dayton, the devil’s disciple

By working for these retail giants, the retail employee is a direct player in the war on Christmas. These employees are often older people of working age who, rather than using these jobs as part time jobs in high school, are trying to use them to support themselves. These workers are commonly on foodstamps and other public aid programs because they are too lazy to find other jobs. They choose to work in retail because it is an easy job where they don’t have to do any hard work.  These workers are taking valuable resources away from the real poor, people who didn’t choose poverty but were forced into it by conditions out of their control. The True Christian thing to do would be to leave these jobs and get real jobs with which the worker can support themself with. But this doesn’t happen because retail workers like working for the devil!

this is where the retail employee is headed. Straight to HELL!

Have you ever seen an unhappy retail employee? I certainly haven’t. They always greet me kindly and have smiles on their faces. They even thank me for coming in. That’s not a person who is unhappy with their job. By thoroughly embracing the retail experience, retail employees directly seal their own fates in Hell. By buying into the anti-Christmas, anti-God retail establishment, the retail employee becomes an agent of Satan and damns himself. By placing consumerism before Christ, they place themselves in hell instead of heaven for all eternity.

Jesus would never shop or work at Walmart!

If you are a retail employee reading this post, remove yourself from the war on Christmas! Find a new job that supports the splendor of Christ instead of the false promises of capitalism and wealth! Reject the number of the beast that is found on every credit card and embrace the truth of Salvation. Give your heart to God and your mind to Jesus. Otherwise you are going to burn in Hell for all eternity.

So I implore you, servant of Satan. Repent or burn. Retail employees will go to Hell for being part of the retail system that rejects Christ and replaces Him with consumerism. Where will you go after you die? If you want to go to Hell, stay in retail. If you want to go to Heaven, repent!

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’mm a True Christian.


Join us and Rick Santorum and stop the war on Christmas! Rick Santorum 2016!

Star Trek is for sinners!

Dear Heathens,

Do you enjoy indulging in a sinful series, Star Trek, that is chock-full of Anti-Christian themes from the Devil? The show came from the mind of a perverted atheist who we know is burning in Hell, and it has also spawned a bunch of films from godless Hollywood, which were given two thumbs up for Satan by Siskel and Ebert and other film critics that were screenwriters for the porn industry! In addition, the marketing of Star Trek through the secular media was also used to make the worship of the occultism popular in America! Targeted to our children and the public, Star Trek is riddled with ungodly themes, and it time for us Christians to stand up against the evils in our media and take it back for Christ. Just as the Word of God commands us:

But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil. –1 Thessalonians 5:21-22

The show is full of New Age godless themes such as telepathic communication, psychic phenomena, atheism, prostitution, feminism, paganism, homosexuality, telekinesis, witchcraft, mind transference, wiccanism, and many occult themes.

But did you also know that Star Trek is a mockery of The One and True Creator, God, by having false gods that are always mentioned and worshiped? An alien race known as the Vulcans rampantly worship a false god while holding pagan rituals, based on Greek mythology, at some location called “shak key ree”, and their beliefs are a mockery to the Creation in the Book of Genesis because their false god is believed to have created everything! Also don’t forget that the Vulcans use telepathy, mind reading, fortune telling with crystal balls, and other forms of witchcraft. An evil sorcerer by the name of “Q” calls himself a god, and he is worshiped on-board the Enterprise by Captain Picard and the other crew members in order to gain special powers. Other races of aliens worship many false gods and never is there any mention of our One and True Creator. This is clearly an offense to Truthful Christians and our Heavenly Father. Just as Moses informed the public about the Ten Commandments: Thou shalt not have any other gods before me. Truly there is no way Star Trek could have been made by people who call themselves Christians, and the show is clearly an offense to God.


Spock’s hand signal refers to his paganism religion he worships.

Bill Nye, an agent of spreading the lies of evolution to the public, is also a follower of the Star Trek cult.

Bill Nye, an agent of spreading the lies of evolution to the public, is also a follower of the Star Trek cult.

Did you know Star Trek is full of sexual immorality? That’s right. There are many images of female crew-members scantily dressed in prostitute clothing, and it looks like  Gene Roddenberry loved smutty stuff. Captain Kirk, played by William Shatner, has an obsession for Orion Slave girls and other space whores of Babylon who work for con-men and space pimps. (By the way, Shatner today supports sinful adultery and other smut by working for Price Line Negotiator and advertising cheap hotel rooms for fornication to happen. He is probably making lots of money so he can buy and build new strip bars.) In one show we see a female disobeying authority and falling in love for a criminal by the name of Khan. In addition, Counselor Dianna Troy, exposes lots of cleavage and the perverted directors use close-up camera views that force us to see these weapons of mass lust.

An example of lust forced onto the viewers.

An example of lust forced onto the viewers.

We see other hints of sexual immorality as men choose to become crossdressers. Look below:

What does the Bible say about this? Deuteronomy 22:5A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.”

Homosexuality is also rampant in the series. A cult of males, known as The Borg, is a reference to the alliance of homosexual men who were in defiance to God during the times of Saddam and Gomorrah.  Apparently Patrick Stewart’s character who loves to cross-dress joins this unholy cult for reasons that are obvious, since he is known to be friends with Ian McClellan who is known for committing acts of homosexuality. Actor George Takei is also known for committing homosexual acts and it is said his performance in Star Trek was used to further the Gay Agenda in America.


The characters in Star Trek also worship science, but not the science that was given to us by God; only the evil and ungodly science that comes from the minds of sinner scientists, who rejected God, like Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, and Von Dannekin. Star Trek has lots darwinistic propaganda based off the views from Von Dannekin, who has written many books saying that God and humans came from space aliens! Obviously Danneken’s work, Chariots of The Gods, was possible in making this godless filth  happen on the media. We also know that aliens are unbiblical and demonic constructs from the Devil, and that The Book of Genesis refutes aliens because they are never mentioned. But also don’t forget that it was evolution that Hitler, Mandela, and Marx used for their communistic propaganda!

As creation scientist Ken Ham puts it: “Understanding the Gospel that God’s son became a man, became a descendent of Adam, became the God-man (and) remains the God-man – our savior – and that only humans can be saved, so obviously Jesus didn’t become a God-Klingon, he became a God-man.” Ken Ham also rightfully argues that these demonic constructs should be condemned to Hell because they are unbiblical.

Now look at these abominations Gene Roddenberry made so that he could make us believe in evolution:


A violent race called the Kardashians.


These aliens are a mockery of the Jews, God’s chosen people.



Another half human, half alien abomination used to make us believe in evolution?

Another half human, half alien, half elephent abomination used to make us believe in evolution?

Is this the reference to Whore of Babylon?

Is this the reference to Whore of Babylon?

Man also pretends to be God by creating un-human objects. Take for example a cyborg named Data that likes to sexually fondle cats with a black man who wears a funny visor, and a hologram that acts as a real doctor. While the creations have human personality, they are in fact a representation of demonic possession of the non-living, just like the toys from Toy Story. It is also clear that the hologram in Startrek Voyager is an insult to the miracles Jesus performed when healing the sick!


The hologram brought to “life” by man to perform miracles is an insult to what Jesus did to heal the sick. It also represents demonic possession of the non-living.

As the website Answers In Genesis puts it, “….science fiction is firmly rooted in Darwinism and presents a distorted view of reality.

Source: https://answersingenesis.org/culture/science-fiction-a-biblical-perspective/

Overall, Star Trek is an unholy abomination full of sinful and Anti-Christian themes coming from smutty Hollywood and the heathens who made gay marriages and the teaching of evolution in the schools possible. We see woman such as Captain Jane being first in command, which is reserved only for men, and is unbiblical since God created Adam first. Signs of witchcraft and pagan worshiping is glorified, and we know that people doing this stuff back in biblical times would be stoned to death, but tolerant Christians today would not let this happen by preaching the word of God!  Many times has this fictional fantasy offended God by taking his name in vain without being used for prayer and we Christians are also offended by seeing the worship of false gods. Star Trek is why we hear of bullying of Christian kids in the schools, rape, the Comic-Con, teaching and believing in evolution, children bringing pornography in the churches, Christian Rights being taken away in America, racism, and other problems relished by Satan and the secular media. Star Trek is a representation of the Walls of Jericho that must be taken down immediately. All Christians unite and take a stand for good and fight the evils spawned by Satan and his delusional “science” known as “Darwinism.” Let’s chop down the Tree of Evil that produces these bad fruits and BURN it to the ground.

At least Gene Roddenberry got one thing right in Star Trek. He depicted the muslims as they truly are.
Now those barbarians certainly look like terrorists that would make 9/11 possible if I never saw a terrorist.

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker