David Bowie: Hell’s Newest Heathen.


Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that David Bowie has died and is being tortured in Hell as we speak?  That’s right, boys and girls! The bisexual ball-obsessed goblin loving drug using homoerotical friend of Freddie Mercury has now joined Mr. Mercury in Hell.  Perhaps Satan is torturing them both together as an ironic punishment for their many homosexual acts.  One thing is for sure. The world is a far better place now that this fag enabler has died! Thank you God for removing him from our planet!


David Bowie loved playing with balls and summoning Satan’s minions.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, did you know that David Bowie even tried to steal the minds and souls of our children for Satan?  In 1986, David Bowie starred in the satanic and occult film the Labyrinth, a film of Satan made to make Satanic concepts palatable to children. The heathen girl in the movie does a ritual which makes David Bowie appear and kidnap her baby brother.  I stopped watching the movie attentively after this heathen moment, but I did skim the rest of the film as it played. And let me tell you, there is lots of heathen smut in that film! Not only does Bowie prance around in homosexual clothing playing with goblin puppets, but the filmmakers also appear to have an ungodly obsession with David Bowie’s bisexual genitalia.

bowie bulge

Bowie’s Satan Bulge!

Look at the above photograph. Many young girls and homosexual boys are obsessed with this photograph.  If you look at the crotch of Bowie, you see what is known across the internets as the Bowie Bulge.  It is purported to be Mr. Bowie’s genitalia.  In fact, if you look closely, you can just barely see a face at the bottom of the bulge.  My brothers and sisters in Christ, that face is the face of a demon.  Even more proof that Bowie was of Satan!


The above photograph shows heathen David Bowie with his homosexual lover Freddie Mercury.  These sodomists even made a song called Under Pressure about being gay and coming out of the closet.  It was meant to be supportive for all the world’s faggots, and has become a fag anthem. The ungodly and evil Vanilla Ice borrowed the music from that song for his song Ice Ice Baby.  Why? Because the beat of Under Pressure makes children and teens receptive to homosexual feelings.  Satan made that possible.

David Bowie also played the ungodly Nikola Tesla in the movie the Prestige.  Tesla sold his his soul to the devil in return for his electrical knowledge.  As punishment, later in life God punished Tesla by taking away his prestige and fame.  Tesla was in fact possessed by a demon.  David Bowie was possessed too! Consider the following photograph, and look very closely as David Bowie’s eyes.


Note how one of Bowie’s eyes has a much larger pupil than the other. Bowie’s minions will tell you that the difference is the result of an injury sustained by Bowie as a result of being punched in the eye as a child (and really, who wouldn’t want to punch Bowie?).  However, have you ever seen that happen when someone is punched in the eye? No. They get a black eye. Their eyes do NOT change shape.  The eye injury story is a cover story and an attempt to hide Bowie’s Satanic ties. You see, that is a trait that is extremely common with demoniacs, and Bowie became possessed some time after making a pact with Satan to become a famous rock and roll artist.

Now that Bowie is dead, he will be tortured in Hell forever.  He will be in constant pain, constant anguish, and constant sorrow.  Nobody forced Bowie to go to Hell. He went to Hell of his own free will.  He reject God, and as such, embraced an eternity in Hell. Had he just accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior, he would have been saved.

Do not make the same mistake as David Bowie! Do not embrace sin and burn in Hell! Repent and go to heaven!  Embrace Jesus today as your personal Lord and Savior! I will be praying for you.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

God Bless Hyeon Soo Lim!


Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that True Christian pastor Hyeon Soo Lim is being held in prison by the ungodly atheist North Koreans as we speak? That’s right, boys and girls. This True Christian soldier has entered behind the lines of North Korea, allowing himself to be imprisoned by the North Koreans, to spread the TRUTH of Christ behind enemy lines. He has put his own life at risk to spread God’s Word. This is a man who deserves our respect, love, and support as Christians.


The evil atheist leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, sports a bulging belly and a rather unsightily bulbous bouffant.

Lim was imprisoned by the evil atheist dictator Kim Jong Un, who hates Jesus, Christ, and all things Christian.  It is rumored that in his obese (and highly indoctrinated) childhood, Un was told by a Christian missionary that he should share some of his food with starving refugees.  Kim Jong Un responded by convincing his father to have the missionary shot.  That may be the source of Un’s hatred for Christianity, since Un hates the poor and wants all things to be his. Kim Jong Un’s inprisonment of Lim is surely the work of a servant of Satan, and God will send Un to Hell immediately after his death (since heathens as far gone as Un do not repent).

Lim, on the other hand, is a True Christian hero.  If he is harmed in prison, he will surely immediately ascend to Heaven. Remember my brothers and sisters that Jesus Christ told us that we are blessed if we suffer and are persecuted because of Him.  Martin and I are regularly persecuted for Jesus and we feel His Holy presence in our lives every day. Holier still is Lim, who actually faces IMPRISONMENT by the atheists for his holy work.  There will be great rewards for him in Paradise.  Martin and I pray that we, too, may be persecuted like Lim so that we can share in his heavenly glory.  All you atheist scum who mock us, our website, or our True Christian mission, you all are contributing to our heavenly glory just as Un is contributing to Lim’s heavenly glory.  All you who mock us or Lim, all you who mock God, all you who reject God or His messengers, you will be cast into the lake of fire at the last day, where there will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth.  I’m looking at YOU, haters.  Illogical Reaper, SF Paper Dragon, Cassandra von d’Nacht, PauSeen Phasefaller, and all haters, you will ALL burn in Hell forever next to Darwin, Hitler, Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Karl Marx, Stalin, Nixon, an Kim Jong Un forever unless you repent.  TURN OR BURN, HATERS. TURN OR BURN.

Let us celebrate the True Christian service of Lim and remember that Christians are persecuted all across the world, just like our blog is persecuted by heathens from all across the world.  However, the light of the Lord will show through.  Lim’s story is known across the world because he preaches the Truth.  Our True Christian website will prevail just as Lim’s story has prevailed. You see, the more the heathens persecute the Truth, the more the Truth spreads.

To the heathen commenters mentioned in this blog, it is not too late to save your souls. Embrace Jesus and accept His death as a sacrifice for YOUR sins.  Change your life to conform to HIS ways.  Turn to the Truth and the Truth shall set you free. I will be praying for each and every one of you so that your souls will be saved.

Thank you Lord Jesus for the wonderful sacrifices made by one of the few non-heathen Koreans, Hyeon Soo Lim. While Lim may be one of the only Saved people on the Korean Peninsula, that has not stopped him from working hard and endangering his own life to spread YOUR Truth.  Let us pray for Lim and in thanksgiving for Lim so that his story may become known and bring glory to God every time his name is mentioned. Although he will not likely be martyred, Lim understands that it is better to die for Jesus than it is to live for sin. We must all follow Lim’s example and follow Jesus wherever he leads us! Let us pray:

Lord Jesus, please help us to be strong like Lim in the face of adversity. Let us embrace YOUR Truth no matter what. Let us witness to the atheists no matter what. Let us save all the heathens so that they may enter heaven and not Hell. Please allow Martin and Jim to bring the truth to all heathens, and if they refuse to accept Your Truth, then please send them to Hell, where all who reject You are headed. In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.

Let us support Lim, his family, and all Christians who face oppression!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.