God Damns the Demoncrats! Trump will win 2020!


Greetings True Christians (and heathen swine)!

On this first day of 2020, I have decided to take a step away from my role as an official prayer warrior for our glorious president Donald Trump and bring enlightenments back to the internet.  When we started this blog, I never thought that the Lord Jesus would call me to back a president such as Trump, but Trump was the nation’s choice for the Republican nomination, and God Himself called us, through the Holy Spirit to back Donald Trump in all things.  We became Prayer soldiers for Trump, and Jesus gave Trump the 2016 election victory over that Whore of Babylon and Bill, Crooked Hellary Clinton!

Now that the Demoncrats realize that they stand absolutely no chance against our glorious, God-chosen President Trump in 2020, they have created false impeachment charges against him.  Much like the Pharisees and Romans created a false trial against Jesus our Lord to have Him Crucified, our Great American President Donald Trump undergoes a similar false trial at the hands of the House of Representatives.  The Demons and Demoncrats are numerous in the House of Republicans, and the Enemy has used his strength among them to make this impeachment happen.  Of course God works with the Republicans in the Senate, and God’s soldiers in the Senate, the Godly Republicans, will right the wrongs caused by the Demoncrat heathens.


Did you know that the evil Demoncrats claim to be anti-gun but they are really pro-death and doing the work of the antichrist?  Pelosi, Schumer, and all the Demoncrat spawn want to give Planned Parenthood money to kill babies, but they want to take away your guns! Guns are a God-given right to Americans, inspired by the Lord and proven to protect us from evil.  You see, when someone commits a mass shooting, they don’t care if the gun they use is legal.  They will use a gun anyway because if they shoot 10 people they are already facing life in prison.  Anti-gun laws empower the criminal and make law-abiding citizens defenseless. This is Satan’s way of wreaking havoc on God’s chosen Americans.

Donald Trump has vowed to create the Great Border Wall to keep the drug dealers, gangsters, and prostitutes from Latin America from invading our great nation.  The Demoncrats vowed to put a stop to this and have fought him every step of the way.  Donald Trump has fought against the socialism of Obama and taken a stand for our democracy.  The Demoncrats have hated him for it.  Donald Trump has taken a stand for the life of the fetus and against homosexuality and other sins. The Demoncrats simply embrace hedonism and the death of the God-centered family. Donald Trump is protecting our True Christian values, and God Himself will protect our Great American President from the Evil One. This impeachment process is a simple attack by Satan himself unleashed against the vessel that God has chosen to lead this nation.

The Holy Spirit has given me the gift of a prophetic vision for America this day, one that I have been called to share with you.  Donald Trump will not be removed from office by the Senate! Instead, by attempting to strike him down, the Democrats have made him more powerful than they can possibly imagine.  Through my work as Donald Trump’s personal prayer soldier for Christ, I am doing the Lord’s Work to guarantee that Donald Trump will win in 2020.  Four more years of Republican-led America inspired by Jesus. Although this site has not been updated in a long while, I have been doing the Lord’s work for our Great American President.  My Brothers and Sisters in Jesus, will you stand with us?

Join God’s True Christians in taking a stand with President Trump in 2020! 

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian

Dunkin Doughnuts, REPENT! Keep Richard Dawkins out of Christmas.

Dear Christians,

We continue to live in a world where we walk in the footsteps of Jesus and live in daily persecution like he did when he was preaching the Gospels. Every December that is supposed to remember Christ’s birth is heavily mocked by heathens that take many forms: atheists, muslims, gays, the Anti Christian Lawyers Union, Pagans, and the demoncrats. Together, these God mockers helped create an unholy attack on Christians known as “The War on Christmas.”

Not too long ago, a popular business, Dunkin Doughnuts, has joined the War on Christmas by handing out offensive coffee cups with atheist apostle Richard Dawkins on it waving his middle finger! Richard Dawkins is responsible for embracing evilution over Jesus and wanting to indoctrinate our children into believing the goo turned into monkeys and then us. Why can’t Dunkin Doughnuts put a nativity scene onto the cups and make their employees greet their costumers with “Merry Christmas” as Jesus wanted?



We know that Dunkin Doughnuts was inspired by the ungodly deeds of Starbucks who also decided to insult us Christians by handing out coffee cups saying the offensive “Happy Holidays.” Let’s also not forget that the demoncrat Obama also contributed to the War on Christmas by hosting a “Holiday Dance”,  acknowledging atheists and other sinners who worship false gods, not mentioning Jesus or Christians, and replacing Christ with Santa who was based off the infamous Anti Christian Karl Marx. We know that Obama did this as an ungodly gesture to not only offend Christians but also to smoothly transition the end of his term to the ungodly adultery billionaire Donald Trump into the White House, which should have been handed over to the One and Only True Candidate of God, Rick Santorum.


As Christians, we continue to live in persecution from the everyday evils planted by Satan. Satan has his eye over America after the disastrous election that excluded Rick Santorum and guaranteed more attacks on our Conservative Judeo Christian Values. We must continue to take a stand for Christ as he did for us and we must cut down the Tree of Evil that bears bad fruit and burn it until its branches whither. And remember, keep Christ in Christmas.


Merry Christmas Button

Martin Baker

Pray for Santorum 2016!

Dear friends of Jesus,

It is that time again when the evil spreads its shadow on God’s nation, America. Evil, in its many forms, has made homosexual marriages legal in America, forced evolution to be taught in the classroom, covered up the systematic baby killings by Planned Parenthood, taken away nativity scenes and the Ten Commandments from the public, made it illegal for us to say “Merry Christmans”, and also wants us to believe that muslims are not terrorists. Satan’s evil has once again taken over the 2016 presidential elections just like 2012 when a godless mormon was chosen instead of God’s One and only candidate: Rick Santorum. In this election, we have Donald Trump who is a fan of adultery and is headed to Hell for being rich and accepting money as his personal god. On the other hand, we have Hillary Clinton who has lied in oath after placing her hand on the Bible and is also a woman. As we Christians know, woman are not qualified to take high positions given to men by our One and True Creator. Hillary does not believe that God created Adam first before Eve. RIght now, there is still time to fight the evils from Satan cast into American Christiandom. We must pray for Santorm to be accepted as the true candidate and President of America. He is pro family, pro life, pro military, pro God, and is pro marriage between a man and a woman. America needs Rick Santorum more than ever to save the Whitehouse and America from Satan’s grasp. Join us in prayer right now to cut down the tree of evil producing the bad fruits that have misplaced our Christian values.


Martin Baker

Building up grace in Bozeman!

Greetings True Christians!

If any of you happen to be in the Bozeman, Montana region from April 1st through April 3rd, our True Christian friends at Grace Bible Church will be holding a Young Earth Creationism conference at their church (schedule here). We invite you all to visit, and am proud of the work that Mike Oard and his fellow scientists have put in to make this happen.

Michael Oard is one of God’s true gifts to the Creation Science world. His work on the Ice Age as a creation of the Flood is absolutely brilliant and deserves to be applauded. Oard is the Isaac Newton of meteorologists and is worth seeing any chance you get.

We invite you to visit our True Christian friends and attend this outstanding conference. Martin and I have attended a number of times, and it is truly an enriching and outstanding experience.  We have both been very busy doing outreach and presentations but we will be picking things up again now. Please we beg you, if you are in Bozeman the first three days of April, attend this conference.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker


This question scares atheists!

Dear friends,

Here is something good I found on the internet you can not only share with your Christian friends, but also with any atheists who would rather fill their hearts with evolutionary fairy tales from Satan instead of Jesus. Even Richard Dawkins is afraid of this question and knows the truth about The One and True Creator.

Now think why people laugh at evolutionists!

Yours in Christ,
Martin Baker

Richard Dawkins: Saved by Jesus!

Description=Richard Dawkins Photograph: Jeremy Young 05-12-2006

Richard Dawkins, saved by Jesus!

Greetings True Christians (and heathen scum)!

Did you know that Jesus Christ attempted to save Richard Dawkins just yesterday?  That’s right, boys and girls.   Well-known atheist author Richard Dawkins  was hit with a stroke, but our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ healed him and allowed him to survive. Why? So that Jesus Christ could save him and lead him to heaven, just like Jesus Christ saved Christopher Hitchens on his deathbed.

Richard Dawkins has spent his life as a horrid heathen writing books like the God Delusion and espousing his belief that aliens created life on Earth.  He has engaged in war against God, but Jesus wants to save him and lead him to conversion.  Why? Because Christ has the power to save all sinners.  Just as Jesus Christ converted Christian-hater Saul (who became Paul) and used him for spreading the word of God, so too does Jesus want to save Dawkins and use him for spreading God’s word.

Why Dawkins? Why didn’t the Lord just let him die and send him straight to hell to be tortured forever by demons? Jesus can work miracles through broken vessels such as Dawkins.  Just as Dawkins has spent his life attacking Christians, so, too, did Saul in Acts of the Apostles.  After Christ blinded and restored his sight, Saul became Paul and spent the rest of his life spreading the word of God.  Now it is Dawkins’ turn to be saved.

Richard Dawkins, today we challenge you to embrace Christ’s presence in your life and show gratitude for the fact that Jesus has healed you. Know that the Lord has allowed you to be afflicted on the birthday of Charles Darwin, and also know that it was Jesus, and not Darwin, that healed you of your stroke.  If you embrace Christ today, you will be able to spend an eternity in heaven.  If you reject Christ until your death, you will surely burn in hell forever.  Make the right choice. We will be praying for you.

Your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

David Bowie: Hell’s Newest Heathen.


Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that David Bowie has died and is being tortured in Hell as we speak?  That’s right, boys and girls! The bisexual ball-obsessed goblin loving drug using homoerotical friend of Freddie Mercury has now joined Mr. Mercury in Hell.  Perhaps Satan is torturing them both together as an ironic punishment for their many homosexual acts.  One thing is for sure. The world is a far better place now that this fag enabler has died! Thank you God for removing him from our planet!


David Bowie loved playing with balls and summoning Satan’s minions.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, did you know that David Bowie even tried to steal the minds and souls of our children for Satan?  In 1986, David Bowie starred in the satanic and occult film the Labyrinth, a film of Satan made to make Satanic concepts palatable to children. The heathen girl in the movie does a ritual which makes David Bowie appear and kidnap her baby brother.  I stopped watching the movie attentively after this heathen moment, but I did skim the rest of the film as it played. And let me tell you, there is lots of heathen smut in that film! Not only does Bowie prance around in homosexual clothing playing with goblin puppets, but the filmmakers also appear to have an ungodly obsession with David Bowie’s bisexual genitalia.

bowie bulge

Bowie’s Satan Bulge!

Look at the above photograph. Many young girls and homosexual boys are obsessed with this photograph.  If you look at the crotch of Bowie, you see what is known across the internets as the Bowie Bulge.  It is purported to be Mr. Bowie’s genitalia.  In fact, if you look closely, you can just barely see a face at the bottom of the bulge.  My brothers and sisters in Christ, that face is the face of a demon.  Even more proof that Bowie was of Satan!


The above photograph shows heathen David Bowie with his homosexual lover Freddie Mercury.  These sodomists even made a song called Under Pressure about being gay and coming out of the closet.  It was meant to be supportive for all the world’s faggots, and has become a fag anthem. The ungodly and evil Vanilla Ice borrowed the music from that song for his song Ice Ice Baby.  Why? Because the beat of Under Pressure makes children and teens receptive to homosexual feelings.  Satan made that possible.

David Bowie also played the ungodly Nikola Tesla in the movie the Prestige.  Tesla sold his his soul to the devil in return for his electrical knowledge.  As punishment, later in life God punished Tesla by taking away his prestige and fame.  Tesla was in fact possessed by a demon.  David Bowie was possessed too! Consider the following photograph, and look very closely as David Bowie’s eyes.


Note how one of Bowie’s eyes has a much larger pupil than the other. Bowie’s minions will tell you that the difference is the result of an injury sustained by Bowie as a result of being punched in the eye as a child (and really, who wouldn’t want to punch Bowie?).  However, have you ever seen that happen when someone is punched in the eye? No. They get a black eye. Their eyes do NOT change shape.  The eye injury story is a cover story and an attempt to hide Bowie’s Satanic ties. You see, that is a trait that is extremely common with demoniacs, and Bowie became possessed some time after making a pact with Satan to become a famous rock and roll artist.

Now that Bowie is dead, he will be tortured in Hell forever.  He will be in constant pain, constant anguish, and constant sorrow.  Nobody forced Bowie to go to Hell. He went to Hell of his own free will.  He reject God, and as such, embraced an eternity in Hell. Had he just accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior, he would have been saved.

Do not make the same mistake as David Bowie! Do not embrace sin and burn in Hell! Repent and go to heaven!  Embrace Jesus today as your personal Lord and Savior! I will be praying for you.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.