Darwinists like Dikes

Dear Christian friends,

Did you know that the teaching of evolution in our classrooms has led to such horrors as the feminist movement and lesbianism in America? Before Darwin’s dreadful idea, women were quite happy at home in the kitchens and living rooms while men went to the workplace each day to win the bread.  This, dear friends, was a True Christian society. God created man for certain tasks and women for certain tasks. Women are meant for domestic labor such as cooking,cleaning, and childbirth, and men are meant for hard work in the field. Look at our bodies. They’re absolutely designed for these different tasks. Men are hard and muscular, while women are soft and sweet.  Different bodies for different tasks. Our Heavenly Father is certainly a great Designer, and had the family unit in mind when he designed men and women differently. This, boys and girls, is why marriage is only and will only ever be between a man and a woman. No man on man, no man on boy, no man on dog, no girl on girl, no woman on donkey.  Man on woman sexuality, within marriage, is the only non-sinful sexuality.

What happened when Darwinism came into the world? Women rejected their traditional roles, leading Roseanne the mother to turn into Rosie the Riveter. The teaching of Darwinism led to the so-called “liberation” of women, who are now raped and left chained in basements by freaks far more often than before Darwin because now women feel like they can stay outside of the home and have sex with whoever they please.  It is this Darwinian mentality that leads to all of the world’s evils. And women are in deep trouble, right now, because they have rejected God’s plan for them.  It is a shame that after Eve got Adam thrown from the Garden of Eden by sharing the apple, today’s men are now condemning well-meaning women to hell by leading them to reject traditional Godly roles.

Without Satan, there is no apple. Without the apple, there is no Fall. Without the Fall, there is no Darwin. Without Darwin, there is no liberation of women.  Don’t you see that Satan himself is behind this breakdown in traditional gender roles?  We must reject the so-called liberation of women (and faggotization of men).  We must cling to our True Biblical beliefs in these trying times.

The teaching of Darwinism leads people to believe that they can act like monkeys, because the teaching of Darwinism leads people to believe that they came from monkeys. And what do monkeys do? They bounce and they bang and they screw and they suck and they just have sex with everybody. Don’t believe me folks? Look up the bonobo. They have orgies all the time. In fact, their entire society is based on them. And not just heterosexual orgies either. They have homosexual ones too!

This acceptance of evolution by today’s teens has led to abominations such as Katy Perry kissing a girl (and liking it).  Does this look natural to you boys and girls? Look at it!:

Katy Perry doing sinful things


Why does this send shivers to our spines (and blood to the crotches of impressionable young boys who might be led astray by this evil deed)?  Because this comes straight from Satan. Not just from Satan, but from Satan through Darwin.  This does not come from Jesus, boys and girls:

what happens when we teach Darwin in our classrooms


This is sinful stuff. And Darwinists like lesbians. Just look at the sheer number of google searches referring to lesbianism. take a walk through google images, and see the smut that comes up when you search it. I did, but I was doing the work of the Lord so it wasn’t sinful. Why? Because I did it with pure thoughts and hands above the table.

We must put an end to the myth of the “liberated” woman, who is only leading herself straight to the pit of hell.  This is where the orgiastic, orgasmic obsession with Satan, Darwin, and all things demonic will lead us. Don’t believe me? Here is photographic proof, a woman embracing her role as a victim of Satan:

this demonic woman is going straight to hell.


We must return to a pre-Darwinian world where men and women accepted and respected their traditional roles. We must reject the evils wrought upon society by Darwin and Satan. No more kissing lesbians. No more Satanic whores of Babylon. Let us take back woman for Jesus. Let us take back this world for Christ.

Yours in Christ,


your True Christian friend (along with Martin) at http://www.creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com




13 thoughts on “Darwinists like Dikes

  1. Reason says:

    First you say the hot women won’t be in hell… Now you say they will… Which is it Jim? Unless you’re referring specifically to lesbians? In which case, I must inquire about the bisexuals. Are they gonna be in hell too?

    Please clarify.

    • I am saying that these lesbians and heathen women WILL be in hell. I am also saying that hell is not a place where you’ll get your penis polished by beautiful young women which you lust after.

      • Reason says:

        Oh… Well it’s not a huge loss. As long as the intelligent ones are there (Sagan, Feynman, Tyson, etc..), I’ll have more than enough to keep me busy… At least for a few thousand years.

        Assuming hell exists in the first place.

  2. Guueeesss who? I am here once again to crush your theories of bullshit and bigotry! Here we go again, dissecting your stupid and ignorant posts. But before i do, i must express how much i sincerely hate you, my poor misguided, foe. You are possibly the most bigoted sexist asshole that i have ever met. At the end of this speech, i half expected there to be an audio file of a slap and a man screaming “Bitch, go make me a sandwich!”. You have truly shattered my preconceived notions on how sexist somebody can be within a period of time, and i live in the deep south, surrounded by conservatives, so that takes some true skill. Okay, first of all, there is nothing wrong with gay people. Your bible says it is, but that thing is a crock of shit anyways. The entry where it condemns homosexuality, Leviticus has many ridiculous rules (it says one can’t cut their hair a certain way, you can own slaves, don’t wear multi-fibered clothes etc) thrown in with the rule, so thats one thing. Another is that the bible originated around a set of rules that a leader of a tribe of desert nomads created. The rest was put in to enforce it. Many of the rules God put forth describe closely what any average man would instinctionally put in there. Give me any rule in leviticus and i can explain why the leader would make it. I would imagine that the leader of said cult was quite homophobic, and deemed homosexuals worthy of death. Makes sense, right? Ok, on to your article. Okay, first of all, darwinism does not create lesbians. Genetics does. One is born with it. Trust me, i’ve been bisexual for as long as i can remember. Next, the feminist movement is a good thing. I’m not even going to argue this with you because i know i am right and you are wrong, but feel free to bring it up so i can further destroy you. For now, i am going to continue debunking this article. Next, you say that women were caused to “come out of the kitchen” due to darwinism? Wrong, sir. Women first (in large amounts) started working at factories and such because there were no men to do it, not Darwin. When? World War II. Women took up the cause of providing our brave forefathers the means of eradicating the evils of the Axis Powers by taking up the jobs the economy would have failed without. So you basically wanted us to lose WWII. As a person whose grandfather got three purple hearts, a silver star, four bronze stars and the goddamn Congressional Medal of Honor in that war, fuck off. Asshole. Upon returning home, the GIs saw the women working and saw it was a good thing. They provided more for the families of America in a time where we certainly needed it. And many women were quite bored with housework and child-rearing. The jobs they recieved were quite exciting to them, and many loved the refreshing change of pace. “Rosie the Riveter” is a good example of the tone the women had at the tine. They felt they could make a difference, which they sure as hell did. “It was a true Christian society”. Replace christian with sexist, and you are spot on. Next, for your comment on how men and women are meant to do specific things. Question: Then how the hell are women still doing it? They are supposedly not fit for the work you described, so how are they doing it so well even today? Men and women can both do most jobs ( i say most because some jobs require certain anatomical parts) that either sex can do. My aunt is happily married to a man and she worked as a mechanic for many years (her boss was horrible so she quit). They have two children and are doing just fine. Women are just as capable as men. And i know some pretty soft guys myself that are straight. I myself wanted to be a chef for many years. Does that mean any man who wants to be a chef shouldn’t? Next. Wrong. Man on man and woman on woman marriages have occurred. Sorry. And man-on-woman sexuality within marriage is the only non-sinful? Typical of one whose religion allows you to have multiple wives. Do three ways between married people count? Just wondering. Again, a need for production in WWII caused a surge in women working in factories. Man, you are really insistent, aren’t you? Next, rape occurs all throughout history. Jack the Ripper comes to mind. Those poor women were raped and murdered during a time of great religious revival in england. Women are raped no matter how much they get out. It happens often even in saudi arabia, where women are required to stay with a man at all times. So your argument against the liberalness of women and rape statistics has failed. Oh, and men get raped too, not just by other men. One out of ten men gets diddled at some point. Should we all start wearing chastity belts? And women CAN go out and have sex with whoever they please. You live in a democracy friend. They can fuck whoever the hell they want,
    So stop trying to be so controlling. In today’s society, men can have lots of sex too, but they aren’t called derogatory titles. If a girl does, they call her a slut, a whore, and all kinds of awful things. If a man were to say that he had sex with eight girls at once, the general consensus would be “Hell yeah, man!”.  I’m not even sure how to respond to the rest of the paragraph there, other than a resounding “No, you are wrong, sir.”, as i have made my point clear on most matters you speak of.  This next paragraph confuses me a bit. Are you saying all women are devices of Satan? Also products of the (imaginary) fall include all of civilization. One could argue George Washington Carver’s invention of peanut butter lead to homosexuality by that argument. A sophisticating society lead to the liberation of women, along with other factors (WWII, devices that make housework easier like the washing machine that allowed women freetime, etc… Wait, are you Amish?!), not a book on evolution that the very religious society of the day rejected. You make it sound like everybody accepted it. Most people back then were very christian. Next paragraph. Okay, the theory of evolution doesn’t teach people that we can act like monkeys. It teaches that we descended from an ape (austrolopithicus). That’s it. It doesn’t say we should throw our shit, it teaches our origins. If all atheist people who believed in evolution (not all do) began acting like monkeys, then we would all be dead, wouldn’t we? Look at most men in jail. Less than five percent of them are atheist. Next. Okay, we humans have been having orgies and sucking and screwing long before darwin was alive. Romans were very notorious for having gigantic orgies. Pretty much every successful empire with a lot of people ended up exploring the sexual possibilites. Look it up, man. How about the hippies? Do they really seem the type to study the origin of species? No, we have orgies not because of darwins theories, but because we can and we want to, dammit. It is awesome. And the monkies aren’t the only species that can have orgies. Snakes, wolves, bears, moose, deer, cats, lions, squirrels, platypii, and pretty much every species that can put a penis in a vagina/anus have them. We as humans are the only ones who frown upon homosexuals. That’s a weird coincidence, huh? And even before i even knew what evolution really was, i loved lesbian porn. The first time i saw it, it freaked me out, but it looked right, man. Same as gay. It just felt right. I honestly don’t see the correlation between homosexuality and Darwin. He says that yes, we are animals, but just because animals can be gay doesn’t mean we all will be. I watched spongebob a lot when i was young. That doesn’t make me want to be a frycook. As to the acceptance of homosexuality being accepted by teens, yes. It being related to Darwin? No. Teenagers are simply becoming nicer people because they see that homosexual people are often normal, and nice. I know several homosexual people in my community who think evolution is complete bullshit. And they’re nice, too. As to the picture, it looks completely natural. And hot. Next. I’m just gonna say this next part. Satan doesn’t exist. He’s a boogeyman. Fake. A phoney. Made up so we wouldn’t have sex with other peoples wives and cause trouble in the tribe. Dumbfuck. And Jesus, as i have said, is just a copy of other religions. And another picture. Dammit, you are making it hard to concentrate. Next. Okay, this next statement is one any man could tell you. Darwinists aren’t the only ones who like lesbians. Pretty much all straight men think women doing it is yes, awesome. Darwinism  doesn’t make men like lesbians. Our penises do. Did you seriously not feel that boner you got when you were googling that shit? Men. Like. Boobies. 2+2=:) As for the final picture, ive never been into cosplay. She’s hot, but meh. Look, just because she’s dressed as the devil doesnt mean she is a demon. What if she is just dressing in a way her husband finds attractive for foreplay? What if she was dressed as an angel, would that be okay? Fuck, man, you’re too judgemental. And you treat women like shit, I’d imagine.

    In conclusion, men and women are equal today because we are a civilized society, and not an overly religious third world country struggling in the dirt.

    Darwinism doesn’t encourage liberated women or homosexuality. Rather, women earned their right to be free and liberated and are our equal in society today, instead of following the ancient and retarded rules of nomadic desert dwelling people that were afraid they would lose one of their eighteen wives to a more attractive man/woman. Homosexuality is determined at birth, as genetic science has shown ever since the seventies, and “re-education” of homosexuals will only serve to hurt the individual.

    Lesbians are okay. No boogeyman will claim them.

    Cosplaying is kinda weird, but acceptable.

    Let us laugh at this sad excuse of a homophobe whose life probably left him for a beautiful woman.

    Let us take back this world for tolerance of women and those with sexuality that differs from any religion. Let us advance science, and shun this wretched idealogy this man is insistent on pushing, as it only serves to hinder the advancement of mankind. Brothers. Sisters. Transvestites who im not sure what to call. Let us all mock this site. And remember: Gay rights are going to succeed. Statistics show that support for anti-gay societies is dwindling. Remember the racial inequality over half a century ago? Well in 50 years all who oppose gay marriage are going to look just as ignorant. Remember that well.

  3. Reason says:

    Sir. That wall of text? Impressive.

    (I read most of it.)

  4. Humans are animals and some animals do indeed have homosexual activities, or does things that are different from the norm.

    Seriously, if you think about it, Satan isn’t that bad, like someone said on this site, he accepts those that god rejects unconditionally and also killed far less than god has ever killed.
    Found this from Wikipedia, thought I’ll share it with everyone here.
    “The 18th-century Anglo-American philosopher Thomas Paine wrote in The Age of Reason that “Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness, with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the word of a demon, than the Word of God.”

    • Yeah, yeah, just don’t go religious, man. While the character called Satan is nicer than God in some ways, it’s still stupid to praise either one.

      • whatshtisthis says:

        Not that I actually meant to praise them, just pointing that Satan probably isn’t as evil as what the guys on this site say, and since he links evolution and stuff to Satan, I thought I’ll start by talking about how Satan isn’t necessarily evil.

  5. Karsten Steinmeyer says:

    If the theory of natural selection and other works of Charles Darwin make girls lesbian then why is like 5% of the population of my school either lesbian, gay or bisexual and my school is a fairly large, tolerant one.

    • Karsten Steinmeyer says:

      Why no more girls bisexual I WANT THE GOOD KINDTHREESOME in case Martin and Jim decide to say “you, your wife and god” well you’re wrong it’s girl on girl on guy

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