Pray for Santorum 2016!

Dear friends of Jesus,

It is that time again when the evil spreads its shadow on God’s nation, America. Evil, in its many forms, has made homosexual marriages legal in America, forced evolution to be taught in the classroom, covered up the systematic baby killings by Planned Parenthood, taken away nativity scenes and the Ten Commandments from the public, made it illegal for us to say “Merry Christmans”, and also wants us to believe that muslims are not terrorists. Satan’s evil has once again taken over the 2016 presidential elections just like 2012 when a godless mormon was chosen instead of God’s One and only candidate: Rick Santorum. In this election, we have Donald Trump who is a fan of adultery and is headed to Hell for being rich and accepting money as his personal god. On the other hand, we have Hillary Clinton who has lied in oath after placing her hand on the Bible and is also a woman. As we Christians know, woman are not qualified to take high positions given to men by our One and True Creator. Hillary does not believe that God created Adam first before Eve. RIght now, there is still time to fight the evils from Satan cast into American Christiandom. We must pray for Santorm to be accepted as the true candidate and President of America. He is pro family, pro life, pro military, pro God, and is pro marriage between a man and a woman. America needs Rick Santorum more than ever to save the Whitehouse and America from Satan’s grasp. Join us in prayer right now to cut down the tree of evil producing the bad fruits that have misplaced our Christian values.


Martin Baker