Mr. Rogers and the Highway to Hell

this man has destroyed the souls of many young children

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Mr. Rogers is an evil heathenistic servant of Satan that is now burning in the depths of Hell? Sure, Fred Rogers had a good front as a Presbyterian minister, but he wasn’t REALLY Christian. If Mr. Rogers was a real Christian he would have talked about Jesus in his shows more often. Mr. Rogers is a dangerous man, even after death, and we should keep his heathen smut away from our children.

Mr. Rogers’ career started out as a US Marine sniper. Before his time on television, Mr. Rogers was hanging out in the jungle, blowing the heads off of any Communists that came his way. While I agree with killing Commies, any man that kills people with glee is obviously deranged. Know why Mr. Rogers always wore sweaters? That was to hide the tattoos covering his arms!

After leaving the Marines, Fred Rogers became a heavy drug user, which is most likely what caused this man’s peaceful, calm demeanor. In fact, it is rumored that Mr. Rogers was even using marijuana during the filming of some of his shows. While this is a disturbing revelation, it is not surprising. Many twisted, twisted things happened in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. For example, what non-disturbed man would wear this mask on a show intended for children? See below:

Mister Rogers’s Clown Mask

Is there a reason that Mr. Rogers is dressed up like a creepy clown? Yes. It was part of his master plan to lead our children into depraved lives of homosexuality and bestiality that would make even the Sodomites blush and cringe. The Mr. Rogers clown costume was a tribute to Tim Curry’s clown outfit in Stephen King’s It. Tim Curry is the crossdresser in the Rocky Horror Satan Show that embodies all forms of homosexuality and sexual depravity.

Tim Curry is another depraved clown

Tim Curry in his most recognizable outfit. This is the man that Fred Rogers was emulating with the clown mask.

I also mentioned that Mr. Rogers was into bestiality. Where’s my evidence for that? Right in one of his television shows. Mr. Rogers actually engaged with psuedosexual activities with a gorilla on television. Here’s photographic proof:

Fred Rogers preparing to engage in an act of bestiality.

Not only was Mr. Rogers into bestiality, but he was also a pedophile, in fact the worst kind, the type that touches boys! He wasn’t even a straight pedophile, he was a gay one! Mr. Rogers was no better than those black-wearing, pope-loving, little-boy-touching Catholic agents of the antichrist! Let’s take a look at a picture of Fred Rogers with one of his victims:

Why does the kid in the striped shirt look scared? Because Mr. Rogers sodomized him first that day.

What other people have joyfully embraced children that they have no connection to with open pants and creepy smile? Let’s take a look:

Pope Benedict, kiddie fiddler and agent of Satan. This kiddie-fiddler is headed straight to Hell.

Hitler loved touching children, as long as they weren’t Jewish children. This little girl is most likely cringing as a result of being sodomized by the Fuhrer before this photograph was taken.

Pope Benedict, Adolf Hitler, and Mister Fred Rogers. A menage-et-trois of sinfulness. What binds these agents of the devil together? The doctrine of Darwinism. Hitler’s entire racist hierarchy was based on Darwinism. Pope Benedict is a member of the Catholic Church, a sinful body that embraces Darwinism. Fred Rogers is a public servant of PBS. PBS is a huge supporter of Darwinism. In fact, PBS has launched many attacks on God and Godly science and virulently supported evolutionism.

After Fred Rogers died, he was cast straight into Hell, where has been tortured and tormented ever since. Mr. Rogers knew that he was going to Hell. He always celebrated the fact that was alive.Rather than teach our children to accept that the Kingdom of Heaven is waiting for them after their deaths if they die in Christ, Mr. Rogers was afraid of death. He often sang a song about “it’s a good feeling to know you’re alive.” Why was it a good feeling? Because every day that Mr. Rogers lived was a day which he was not being tortured…in Hell.

Mr. Rogers is an ungodly abomination that we must keep away from our children. Let us reject this agent of Satan and keep him off of our televisions and out of our homes. Fred Rogers is already in Hell, do not let him lead your children there as well.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

We all know what Mr. Rogers wants to do in your pocket…

A note to atheists and a call to action

Dear atheists and other heathens,

It pleases me to hear about the fate of Ray Comfort. He has been assaulted online by atheists, has been ripped off by the atheists, and has consistently been mocked. While some of Ray’s work is correct, and the banana is indeed the atheist’s worst nightmare (well second worse, after Hell), Ray has been led astray. Ray has made a false god out of wealth and replaced the True God with his wealth. Jesus the Christ tells us that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a wealthy man to get into heaven.

It saddens me, however, that our fellow Christians aren’t also working against Ray. Ray is headed to Hell if he doesn’t repent. Do you want to follow him there? Let us pray that Ray repents for his sinful ways. It also saddens me that this particular atheist act was misguided, as it ultimately took money away from a children’s cancer charity. Let us take money away from Ray Comfort, not from those in need.Shame on the atheists that did this, as Satan will enjoy torturing them in the fires of Hell. Let this serve as an example of how not to combat Ray Comfort. I’ll quote and link from Mr. Comfort’s facebook page here:

“Important Message for Atheists
If you remember, the money from my painting sales was going to children’s cancer research. When an atheist bid $7,600 for a painting of JFK and deliberately pulled out, we contacted the second bidder (who had bid $7,000) and told him that the bidding was unfair–that it was an atheist who hiked the price.

He said that he loved JFK, so I sent him the painting free of charge (for the shipping and the painting). However, he turned out to be another atheist (or the same atheist using a different name), and you can see what he did with the painting.

On his Facebook page he said, “Remember, if you want to help us with the war on Ray, flood his page with debates. Be sure to make a disposable FB page, and not your main account, so if he bans the page you can make another (but if he bans your main account none of the pages you create will work!)”

For the past year I have moderated my own page and I’ve been extremely lenient as to what I let through, because I think discourse is healthy. However, from now on I will have other moderators who will be instructed to ban anyone who doesn’t give “God” or “Jesus” capitals, anyone who shows even the slightest disrespect for Christians, God, the Bible, or Jesus.

If anyone mocks Christians or Christianity in any way they will also be banned. That means that it’s over for most atheists who come here. I’m sorry to have to do this but I have no choice. You can thank “Atheist against Ray” for this (

I have noticed that he has received a number of followers since we linked to him, so perhaps you could go there and post your thoughts and arguments. I wish you well.”

Perhaps we should join together as True Christians (and even atheists and heathens), and call on Mr. Comfort to reject his material wealth and truly embrace the way of Christ. Unlike Ray Comfort, Martin and I are unafraid to tolerate atheists on our site. Ray, however, is a coward that hides from the heathens because he knows that his own faith is in tatters. One cannot serve two masters, and Mr. Comfort needs to choose between money and God. So far, he has chosen his wallet.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

UPDATE! Ray Comfort is now bragging about banning people on his facebook. The guy has even banned people for questioning his motives, and for calling him pompous. I call on Mr. Comfort to repent, embrace Christ, and serve as a witness to the atheists, not to cut them off! Shame on you Ray Comfort! Shame on you!

Yogi is also of the Devil!

Dear parents,

Just like the Smurfs, Pokemon, The Grinch, and Winnie the Pooh, Yogi is also the epitome of living sinful and performing ungodly acts. Yogi satisfies his glutinous urges by STEALING picnic baskets, and he serves as the ungodly role model for children who watch this heathenistic cartoon. But what would Jesus say about this: “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God”, Matthew 4:4.


Furthermore, Yogi rebels against Ranger Smith, who is supposed to represent the authority of God. In other words, Yogi is used by the creators as a tool of the Devil to divert children from God. This cartoon, just like other trash from the secular media, teaches our children to become disobedient and rebellious to their parents. We must keep Yogi and Satan away from our children and save them for Christ.

Martin Baker

Winnie the Pooh is from the devil!

Greetings fellow Christians!

Please take this post as a direct warning; Winnie the Pooh is a Satanic television show, and you should keep it away from your children. Here we have a scene from an early episode of the show where Winnie the Pooh actually worships the devil. This is sinful stuff!

Let us keep Winnie the Pooh (and Satan, too) away from our children. Let us take back television for Jesus.

From your friends at Creation Science Study,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

Where Demons Dwell: Tajikistan

Tajik women have unibrows, and are proud of them.

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to warn you about the evils of Tajikistan, a nation in the Middle East. The Tajik people are an inscrutable, heathen race tied to the Iranians and Afghans, and engage in many heathen practices. Not only are the Tajiks Communists (they lived under Soviet rule), but they also speak Persian. Everyone knows that the Persians are evil, and have a habit of attacking God’s chosen ones.

Tajikistan’s location

There are around 8 million people in Tajikistan, and most of these people have unibrows. In Tajik culture, the unibrow is apparently attractive. Why is it attractive? Nobody knows. One thing is for sure; the Tajik unibrow is an ungodly abomination that should be destroyed.

behold, the disturbing Tajik unibrow

Tajikistan has a large population of witches, sooth sayers, gypsies, and fortune tellers. Many Tajiks are extremely superstitious. These people are being deluded by Satan, and should not be trusted. Everyone knows that divination and any other sort of occult practice is sinful and will lead you straight to Hell. In fact, these practices have led demons to dwell within Tajikistan.

A Tajik Gypsy

Tajikistan is home to many Muslims. Unlike America, which observes True Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter, Tajikistan only recognizes Muslim holidays. These Sunni Islam scumbags are no different then those Islamic terrorists that crashed airplanes into American buildings. God hates the Tajiks, just as he abhors all other Muslims.

In fact, the Holy Spirit has told me that God has declared a holy war against Tajikistan. God will punish them with fire, and earthquakes, and famine. God will starve their people and kill their children. In fact, God is already raining down boulders on their roads and injuring their citizens as a punishment for their sinful ways. Proof below:

behold, the wrath of God

God is a powerful, awesome God.

Consider this your final warning Tajikistan. Repent or burn in Hell for all eternity. There is no salvation except through Jesus the Christ. Embrace Him, or God will destroy you.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

We support Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president in 2016!

Rick Santorum 2016!

Greetings True Christians!

Today Martin and I would like to ask all of you to join us in an important cause. America is a nation on the decline. Barack Hussein Obama has led this nation down the path of socialism. America is embroiled in a war against Christianity, even though this great nation was built upon a firm Christian foundation.

America needs a presidential candidate that will defend her Christian ideals. We need to elect another Republican like George W. Bush. America needs a True Christian leader. We don’t need Paul Ryan. We don’t need Mormon maniac Mitt Romney. We need the True Christian candidate, God’s choice for president, Rick Santorum.

Join us in calling for Mr. Santorum to seek the 2016 Republican nomination for president. You can find his facebook here. You can find his twitter here. His campaign page from the 2012 election is here. Run for president Rick! America needs you!

Even if Rick Santorum does not declare as a candidate, you can still help elect him president. If he’s not on the presidential ballot in 2016, each and every True Christian reading this post should join us in writing in Santorum as our candidate.

We’re behind you Rick! America needs you now more than ever!


From your friends,

Jim and Martin

God Hates One Direction

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that God hates that Satanic homosexual teenaged British boy band called One Direction? One of their members, the American one, Justin Bieber, just got arrested for drunken driving. All of the members are homosexuals, as evidenced by their chosen genre of music. Much like Insink and the Backstreet Boys, all “boy bands” are homosexual. It’s a proven fact. Let’s take a look at these “boys”.

One Direction….to HELL!

The music videos released by One Direction are laced with homosexual themes. Consider their video for their song “Wrecked Ball”. In the video, one of the members cross-dresses, mimics the act of giving a blowjob on a hammer, and even rides a giant ball. This is a blatant embrace of homosexual themes if I have ever seen one! Here’s proof:

singer from one direction kissing a hammer

singer from One Direction riding a ball and dressed as a woman

While the crossdressing moment by the One Direction singer is disturbing, One Direction is not the first British band to dress as women. Queen did the same thing for their music video “I Want to Break Free.” Why did they do this? Because Freddie Mercury, their singer, was a raving homosexual that embraced the spirit of sodomy, moved to Denmark, and bought little boys as sex slaves. This is sinful stuff, and One Direction is following Freddy Mercury, who died of AIDS as a punishment from God for homosexuality, straight to Hell.

these aren’t the girls you’re looking for

Freddie Mercury, Satan’s plaything

In an attempt to dispel their homosexual image, the boys from One Direction have allied themselves with Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is a sinful, evil, woman that may in fact be the human embodiment of the whore of Babylon. One thing is for certain, she is an agent of Satan, and was perhaps sent by Satan to recruit One Direction to Satan’s cause.

One Direction and the Whore of Babylon

The American and British support of One Direction has been overwhelming. This has led to a quick deterioration of the American and British image overseas. In fact, things have gotten so bad that the American government has warned Olympic athletes to not wear Team USA gear outside of the Olympic Stadium in Sochi, Russia. This is because Russia has remained staunch in the fight against homosexuality. There is fear that the Russians will attack Americans for their support of sodomy.

We need to reject One Direction and send them back to the depths of Hell where they came from. God hates One Direction and will cast their fans into the depths of Hell with the band. Anyone that supports One Direction supports homosexuality, a sin that God Himself tells us is an abomination in the Bible.

Let us take back the radio with Johnny Cash and other True Christian artists. Let us take back the airways for Christ.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

Elect Rick Santorum as president in 2016!