Online dating that Jesus would approve of

Dear fellow soldiers for Christ,

If you are searching for a Christian partner who might one day become your wife, and don’t know where to begin looking, may I suggest Christian mingle?  This is a website where True Christians can actually go to search for people to date! This is a wonderful, wonderful website, and allows true Christians to have the same tools available that all of pagan society has with If you are looking for a true partner in Christ, ask yourself the following question. If Jesus was looking for an online dating site, where would He go? The answer is obvious:

This post brought to you by your friends at Note that we are not affiliated with this website, we merely approve of it. Online dating with no fornication? Sounds like a good Christian thing to us!

sinful google searches

Dear Christian friends,

Clearly this blog is reaching the heathens! Let me share with you some of the google searches that have led to this post, probably as a result of our earlier post “The Internet is for sin“.  We are clearly bringing in the heathens. Hopefully we have managed to bring at least some of these sinners to Christ. I will, with no further ado, share the search terms that have come up. Look at these sinful internet searches:


playboy bunnies

teen bikinis

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playboye photo

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old woman in bikini with fake tits

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swimsuit masturbating

priest with a woman wearing bikini photos


My true Christian friends, this is but a sampling of the search terms that have come to this site. There are many more LEGITIMATE Christian search terms, and many more searches for heathen smut. Hopefully we have managed to save at least one heathen through this blog. I will be praying for their souls.

Your friend in Jesus,


Why Mormonism fails. A True Christian critique of the Mormon religion.

Dear True Christians, let us today consider the wrongs of Mormonism.  These people have a belief system that is not at all Christian, yet they publicly claim to be Christian. If we dig deeper, and probe the Masonic and heathenistic underpinnings of the Mormon Church, it is clear that the true head of the Mormon Church is not God, but Satan himself.

The Mormons believe that Jesus came to the Americas and that the savage peoples in the Americas are actually the descendants of Israelites. Anyone in their right mind can just see that this is just plain stupid! Native Americans can’t even grow facial hair, and we’re claiming they’re the descendants of Israelites, who have beards? Forgive me for jumping on so harshly so early, but that’s just stupid!

And here’s another thing! Mormons believe in baptism for the dead. What’s that? What’s baptism for the dead? A bunch of Mormons get together in their Masonic Mormon temples dressed in full masonic regalia or Magic Mormon underwear and baptize themselves multiple times because they believe that they are baptizing dead souls for Jesus, and that somehow this will allow these souls to enter Paradise. That’s just stupid folks.  Everybody knows that the only way to enter heaven is to be Born Again in Christ! We must accept Jesus BEFORE we die if we expect to be with Him after death! To believe that we can somehow avoid hell by proxy is just plain stupid! They even baptized little Annie Frank, the Jewish girl made famous by her diary. Unfortunally, little Annie may be in hell as we speak since she failed to accept the light of Christ. I hope that I am wrong, and I have no proof that she did not know Jesus, but unless she accepted Him, she’s likely not in heaven, sadly.

Mormons also believe in having many wives rather than one. This is probably because Joseph Smith, a known swindler, wanted to have his own collection of women, much like Charles Manson would later build a collection of women to do his bidding. Joseph Smith claimed that an angel gave him the book of Mormon on golden plates, that only he could see, and only he could read, through magical Mormon glasses. That’s just sinful! Mormons don’t even understand how magnets work, and yet they expect us to believe that Joseph Smith could use magic glasses? That’s just purely stupid folks.

Mormons also require a 10 % tithe out of everyone’s income. That includes the poor, folks.  Now let us think for a moment. Jesus preached that we should help the poor, and the Mormons want to tax them?  That’s just heathenistic, folks!

And let us not forget that Mormons believe in modern day revelation. They actually believe that they have a prophet, that lives in Salt Lake City, and receives daily revelations from God.  Well that’s just not Christian, folks! The Bible tells us everything we need to know about God’s divine plan. We don’t need a million and one new holy books from a group of people that seriously believe that “God” lives on a planet called Kolar and is constantly fornicating with women in order to produce millions and millions of spirit children. That sounds like some sort of Pagan demon worship to me.

So the next time you have a pair of Mormon missionaries knock on your door, introduce them to the true, Biblical Christ. Ask them why they believe that God is a man that lives on Kolar. Ask them how they know that this “God” is the true God, or just a creator of a small part of the heavens. Ask them where the archaeological proof of Israelites in the Americas is. Ask them where the golden tablets are. I promise you that you will not get a legitimate answer to any of these questions. And if all else fails, ask them how magnets work. They can’t explain that.

Let us not give the Mormons more souls to lead astray. Let us take back America for Christ.

Yours in Christ,



Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Let us pray for Christian Brother Kent Hovind, who is wrongly in prison. Hovind has been jailed for doing the Lord’s work. The feds expect tax money from Dr. Hovind, who has strong academic credentials including a PhD from Patriot Bible University. What they refuse to tell you is that Dr. Hovind is constantly investing his money back into his Christian work, which is, as it should be, tax exempt anyway.  You can’t put tax on God, and you shouldn’t tax His servants either. Anyway, my point is, Dr. Hovind is a brilliant, brilliant man who is being wrongly imprisoned in Colorado as we speak.

What can we do to combat this evil? First, we can pray for him. The Lord listens to and answers our prayers whenever it fits His divine plan.  Second, we can write our congressmen asking their support for Dr. Hovind. Third, we can pressure President Barack Obama to pardon Dr. Hovind, for even though Dr. Hovind is innocent, he is still in prison and a presidential pardon would remove him from prison. Hovind is a great man and a great mind and deserves freedom, so let us hope that we can help him achieve that freedom.

Let us protest the sinful heathens that have thrown Dr. Hovind in prison! Let us protest the fact that Dr. Hovind is sitting in a cell while murderers and rapists run the streets. In fact, I bet that the jailing of Dr. Hovind is a direct response to the fact that this nation’s prison systems are laced with Darwinism. The jails believe that they are keeping those people unfit to reproduce off of the streets and out of the gene pool. The prison system is a eugenical system attempting to kill Christianity itself. Ever notice that most of the people in prison are, in fact, Christian? Look at all the Cross tattoos on the bodies of True Christians from prison. These brothers and sisters in Christ are true Christians just like you and me! And Dr. Kent Hovind is perhaps the truest Christian of us all.

Free Dr. Kent Hovind you Egypt of a nation. Let my Christian brethren go! Release my people so that they may practice their faith in peace and harmony. Let us protest the unlawful and ungodly jailing of Dr. Kent Hovind. Let us take back America for Christ.

Yours in Christ,


True Christian Sites

Dear fellow soldiers for Christ,

let us proceed to link a couple of true Christian sites, useful for fighting against the heathens.

First, Ray Comfort’s blog. Ray Comfort is one of the most brilliant of us Creationists. You can find his blog here.

Second, the Answers in Genesis blog, available here.

And we cannot forget the amazing Kent Hovind, who continues his ministry even from prison. His blog is here.

And Eric Hovind’s page, available here.

Join us in using these true Christian blogs to combat the heathens.

Your friends at Creation Science Study

Dear true Christians, we must reject the Pope

The Roman Catholic Church is the most sinful so-called Christian establishment on the face of this planet.  The Catholics collected indulgences, undertook the crusades, started the Inquisition, and performed numerous other sinful and hateful acts. Rather than save the sinner, the Catholic would prefer to torture him. And what’s even worse is the Catholic clergy structure.

Did you know that the Catholic Church teaches that God won’t forgive your sins unless you talk to a priest and tell him everything bad you did? This is totally wrong! We need only to answer to God! Clergy should be our guides, not forgive our sins! That is God’s job, and God’s job alone. If we are born again in Christ and repent from our sins, then God will forgive us. If we go to a priest and just tell him we sinned and hope for an easy out, that’s not going to get us forgiveness. I mean, come on! Who would trust a sect that believes they eat Jesus’ body and blood every Sunday and worship saints and idols instead of Jesus anyway?

These people even worship the pope! In the midst of all these allegations of child molestation by the Catholic Church, the Pope is, so Catholics believe, still INFALLIBLE. I.E. Whatever he says is true! This is a lie! The Pope is not Jesus! The Pope is not God! This Pope worship is idolatry. Although we do not agree with the sinful nature of the work of Tim Minchin, I have to agree with his sentiments in the following song, in which he attacks the pope for covering up the abuse scandal in the Church.

The song has been treated to censor all obscenity within.


Yours in Christ,


The atheist delusion

Dear atheists.


Here are some questions that will prove to you that God exists.

Have you ever seen a house without a builder?

Have you ever seen a car without a maker?

Have you ever seen a watch without a watchmaker?

Have you ever seen a TV without a TV-maker?

If yes, please explain.


Now life is far more complex than any of these things. If you can’t have any of them without makers, surely you cannot have life without a Creator. This is so evident, in fact, that even Richard Dawkins argues that life on Earth was designed! Don’t believe me? Here’s proof!

Dawkins tries to back off and hide by saying that the Designer must have evolved, but he runs into massive problems here. If life on Earth is so complex it had to be designed, then the designer must be even more complex to have designed it. Therefore, the designer that designed life on Earth must have also been designed, and so on, in Dawkins’ model. Let’s cut the bullshit. Let’s get rid of these stupid arguments. Let’s call a spade a spade. The designer is God. Not evolution, not aliens, but God. Plain and simple. Dawkins is so deluded that he has to hide behind strawmen and infinite regressions to defend his atheism. Maybe one day he’ll see the truth.



Baptists don’t listen to Slayer.

Dear Christian friends,

I just recently stumbled upon this disturbing video on the youtube. It shows True Christians worshipping in a Baptist Church, but with the music replaced by a Slayer song. Here’s the video.

Baptists don’t listen to the ungodly metal band Slayer. Baptists listen to true Gospel music. Do you want to see what really goes on inside of a Baptist service? This is the true music for dancing Baptists:


And this Christian brother speaks truth. Let us listen to his True Christian words. Baptists don’t just dance, they also pray. And some of them speak truth:

So join me in combatting the evil video “slayer goes to church.” Next time somebody shows you this video, you can honestly and sincerely tell them that Baptists don’t listen to Slayer. They listen to Gospel music. Let us stand up for our brothers in sisters in Christ. Let’s take back America for Jesus.

Yours in Christ,