Dr. Mike Sutton, a servant of God!

Dr. Mike Sutton, God’s Hidden Witness

Greetings True Christians!

Today I would like to share with you a wonderful, outstanding Christian website! Dr. Mike Sutton is an anti-Darwin author, who, like Martin and I, are doing the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Mike Sutton seeks to throw over the Darwinist evilutionist paradigm, making way for True Christian thought. Here is a link to his wonderfully wonderful website.

Darwinists worship Charles Darwin!

Did you know that Mike Sutton establishes Charles Darwin as an intellectual fraud who stole his ideas from other people and was working for the Devil? That’s cool stuff.  However, Sutton needs to go farther with his analysis! He proves that the evil Satanic Darwin was a liar and a fraud. This is true. What Sutton fails to do is declare the truth. The truth is that Darwin was working for the devil and this theft of intellectual property is yet one more proof that Darwin was ungodly and evil.

We challenge Mike Sutton to take the next step and declare Christ as King now that he has shown that, once again, the Darwinian “emperor” has no clothes. It is time to take back the science classrooms for Jesus. It is time to take back the classroom for Christ!

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

Remember to vote for God’s Candidate Rick Santorum in 2016!


The Pinky and the Brain is from the Devil!

These mice are Satan’s mice!

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to tell you about the ungodly and Satanic cartoon the Pinky and the Brain. I was flipping through the channels on my television set today and came across this evil show! Did you know that this show is a tool created to lead our children away from God and towards the devil? That’s right boys and girls. Hollywood is a servant of Satan, and Hollywood is using cartoons such as the Pinky and the Brain to lead our childrens away from God and into the grasp of the devil! This must not be allowed to continue.

The Brain is a cartoon version of Richard Nixon!

The Brain is a cartoon version of Richard Nixon!

Did you know that the evil character the “Brain” was designed to look like Satan’s president Richard Nixon? The similarities don’t stop there! Much like Nixon (who was a servant of the Illuminati and craved world domination), the Brain always talks about taking over the world. In fact, the entire world is predicated on global conquest, and glorifies the idea that the world can be taken over. The Brain’s companion is a particularly evil character named Pinky. Pinky is portrayed as an extremely unintelligent, gullible individual who does anything the Brain tells him to without question. And guess what boys and girls? This is exactly what the Antichrist seeks from you! He wants you to do his bidding instead of the Lord’s, and he doesn’t want you to ask any questions. This is why I think that the Brain is, in fact, a representation of the Antichrist, and this show is an attempt to teach our children to obey the Antichrist!

Did you know that the Pinky and the Brain also supports sexuality outside of wedlock? IN the show the Pinky and the Brain, the cohorts of the Brain, the Animalianiacs, are sexual addicts who constantly kiss and fondle unsuspecting women followed with the statement “Hello nurse.” The show also supports beastiality since these Animalianiacs are non-human creatures engaged in sexual acts with a human! That’s sinful smut that can easily poison the minds of our young ones and it must not be tolerated!

A heathen beastiality moment!

Not only that, the Pinky and the Brain was made by the ungodly and Satanic Steven Spielberg, author of the Jurassic Park and other evil movies! Spielberg hates Jesus and God and always glorifies evil ideas in his film. Evolution? Check. Millions of years mythology? Check. Science? Check. Rape? Check. Homosexuality? Double check. Adultery? Check. World conquest by the forces of evil? Check. Ungodly savage belief systems? See the below image:

Brain with a savage creature’s voodoo doll.

This show is clearly attempting to introduce our children to pagan belief systems that are of the Devil and will only lead them to Hell for all eternity. The Satanic pagan doll in the above photo comes from an episode where the Brain seeks to enter into the homes of children all around the world and hypnotize them all into obeying him. Who does that sound like to you? Oh wait, I forgot, Brain is a cartoon representation of the Antichrist, and that’s why this is happening!  The show even glorifies evolution through the use of a crocoduck-type creature!

There’s no proof of Darwinism here!

Perhaps the most obscene part of the series is where the Animalianiacs mock God! They talk about liking to paint naked people on the side of a church. They like to talk about watching adult tv shows and doing ungodly things! They even mock the story of Noah’s Flood, as shown below:

Worse yet, this ungodly show created by Spielberg tries to indoctrinate our children into accepting non-christian historical false doctrine! Take for example this ungodly celebration of sinful false science. The Brain here is acting as a heathen tribute to Thomas Huxley, who’s work on the brain was one of the Darwinists’ favorite weapons to use against Creation Scientists in the 19th century. This is sinful smut.

Still not convinced?  The Pinky and the Brain also glorifies the Satanic children’s series Winnie the Pooh! Proof below:

The Pooh is Satanic too!

Steven Spielberg is using this ungodly show to brainwash your children and steal them from Jesus. Don’t let him succeed. We must keep Speilberg’s ungodly smut away from our children and off of our TVs. It is time to take back the televisions for Jesus. It is time to take back our cartoons for Christ. Two thousand years ago, Jesus died on the cross for our sins. It’s time to take a stand for Him. Join us and reject the Pinky and the Brain. It’s what Jesus would want us to do.

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

Don’t forget to vote for Rick Santorum in 2016!

God Damn the NFL, the NFL Draft, and its supporters!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that every spring the NFL teams of the American nation get together and pick which players they are going to force to play for them? That’s right boys and girls. After college, athletes get to choose to go into a “draft” and then be selected by a given team. Those players are forced to wear numbers and are kept away from society with millions of dollars as cogs in a depraved system filled with whoremongering adulterers and crack-guzzling drug dealers. The NFL is the path to Hell, and players that enter the draft are heading straight to hell in most cases (with the exception of God’s favorite player Tim Tebow and other rare NFL players).

Typical whores of Babylon in action during an NFL game.

Did you know that the NFL Draft has two games that their people use to pick their players? One of them is called the Senior Bowl and the other one is called the Shrine Game. The Shrine Game was named the Shrine Game as a way to mock Christianity; these players play a game dedicated to a shrine built for wealth and women instead of a True Christian shrine to God.  Look at how these heathens celebrate this shrine to ungodly sports by worshiping the players instead of Jesus!

No woman should be dressed this way in public on a Sunday or on any day!

I have just recently visited one of the many ungodly sports websites on the internet, www.mattandmikesports.com. On their homepage they claim to be different than other websites, but they are just as ungodly as all of them. Nowhere on their page do we find a celebration of or tribute to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! These heathens are wishing people a Happy Hanukkah! During Christmas time!  They took Christ from Christmas by celebrating the holiday of Hanukkah, Christ’s killers’ favorite winter celebration. That’s just stupid, and God will punish them for it.

On their ungodly page, they do much celebration of players that hit each other hard. The NFL Draft people like to celebrate violence, pain, and ungodly behavior. Look at this ungodly tribute to Linestopper Denzel Perrymane. They make a false god out of him and worship him as if he were God. That’s a sin boys and girls. And what do NFL fans do with their Sundays? They ignore the Sabbath and make a false sabbath out of the Superbowl! That’s ungodly, folks.

This is the only type of praying NFL fans do on Sundays!

This is the problem with the NFL Draft! Instead of celebrating the ways that our young people can further Christ’s work, fans of the NFL Draft instead worship players that will help replace God on Sundays, the day the NFL plays almost all of their games. They are replacing Christ with football and they know this. The NFL Draft is the day that the NFL career begins for each of these players, and it must be destroyed. God hates the NFL’s fans, God hates the NFL’s players, and God hates the NFL!  Why should players reject the NFL and the NFL Draft? Because the NFL is Satan’s favorite football league!

the NFL supports faggots!

This ungodly abomination supports homosexuality, promotes violence, de-sanctifies the Sabbath, destroys the sanctity of marriage, promotes alcohol consumption, promotes gambling, promotes lustful behavior, and leads our children to idolize professional athletes instead of Jesus! I have put much research into this post, and will share it all with you here.  The NFL is Satan’s sport, and it must be destroyed immediately!

There is just too much ungodlyness in this league to go around, so I’ll take it by team:

Arizona Cardinals. The Arizona Cardinals are ungodly to the core. Did you know that their mascot, the cardinal, was named after the Roman Catholic Cardinal? The Arizona Cardinals, much like the New Orleans Saints, glorify that whore of Babylon, the Roman Catholic Church. Not only that, but they have heathenistic drug addict Tyrann Matthieu on their roster. They even signed Osama bin Laden supporter andd Muslim sympathizer Rashard Mendenhall! Shame on you Arizona.

Atlanta Falcons. The Atlanta Falcons brought ungodly dogfighting master Michael Vick into the NFL, and allowed him to launch a gambling and dogfighting ring while on their team.  However, the Falcons are not as bad as some teams!

Baltimore Ravens. The Baltimore Ravens are an affront to God and Jesus! God hates them! Not only do their fans engage in a heathenistic ritual of massaging Johnny Unitas’ “golden toe” before home games (just like the Jews with the Golden Calf!), but they support murderers! The Baltimore Ravens kept murderer Ray Lewis on their roster. However, they threw Ray Rice off of their team for hitting his wife. Well guess what boys and girls, that’s ungodly. While we do not condone domestic violence, what happens between a man and a woman should stay between a man and a woman and God.  The Bible says that women should obey their husbands. Ray Rice’s wife even supports him. Shame on you Baltimore! Shame on you! Repent or burn in Hell Baltimore.

Buffalo Bills. OJ Simpson is headed straight to hell. Other than OJ Simpson, nobody cares about this team, not even Satan.

Carolina Panthers. The panthers really aren’t that bad, but they do have criminal mastermind Cam Newton on their team. God hates Cam Newton for stealing computers, and you should too.

Chicago Bears. The Chicago Bears are one of Satan’s favorite teams. Not only did they film the Superbowl Shuffle in 1985, selling their souls to the devil in return for winning the Superbowl that year, but they also had ungodly and evil womanizer Walter Payton on their team, as well as horrible people such as Dick Butkiss and murderer Mike Ditka. This team is truly Satanic.

Cincinnati Bengals. God abhors the Cincinnati Bengals. There is no bigger collection of criminals, druggies, and alcoholics in the NFL.  Not only that, but the Bengals owner, Mike Brown, cares more about money than he cares about God. Everybody knows that Mike Brown is one of the cheapest people in the world, and by holding onto his money, he is sealing his fate in Hell. After all, the only way for things to be loosed to us in heaven is if we loose them in this life. Repent or burn Mike Brown.

Cleveland Browns. The Cleveland Browns are one of the many playgrounds of Satan in this league! The Browns have a history of evil. First, they were founded by father of Mike Brown Paul Brown, who is burning in hell as we speak. Second, they have Johnny Manziel, an evil, evil person and a bad, bad man that Satan loves. They also have drug addict Josh Gordon on their team.

these whores of Babylon want your soul!

Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys are the seat of the whore of Babylon in the NFL. Team owner Jerry Jones is a notorious sex and wealth addict. All cheerleaders are ungodly tools of Satan, but the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are especially Satanic. God hates them and you should too! The Cowboys also signed homosexual servant of Satan Michael Sam!! God hates Michael Sam!

Denver Broncos. The Denver Broncos were  once God’s favorite football team, drafting God’s favorite player  Tim Tebow. However, they later released Tebow, replacing him with Satanic servant Peyton Manning. The Denver Broncos are now a cursed abomination that the Lord hates.

Detroit Lions. Defensive tackle Ndamakung Suh is an ungodly servant of Islam and acts like a gorilla on the field. The Lions play in Detroit and many players are tied to the drug and gang scene in the city. God hates this team.

Satan’s favorite homosexual NFL couple!

Green Bay Packers. The Green Bay Packers are an extremely ungodly team. Brett Favre was an early homosexual icon in the NFL, having a closeted relationship with Analyst John Madden. Aaron Rodgers has been seen with many bikini models and other whores.  The name “Packers” refers to a homosexual act of intercourse. I will not go into details on this act. Needless to say it is ungodly and sinful. God hates the Packers, and you should too.

Houston Texans. This team is young and has not yet upset the Lord our God.

Indianapolis Colts. The Colts horseshoe logo is ungodly and supports gambling. They also drafted servant of Satan Peyton Manning.

Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars refused to sign God’s quarterback, Tim Tebow. For that alone, they are cursed. Repent Jacksonville, fix your evil ways, and sign Tim Tebow!

Kansas City Chiefs. The Kansas City Chiefs signed the ungodly Joe Montana instead of letting him fall into retirement. The Chiefs also signed Satan’s favorite runningback Jamaal Charles. God hates Charles so much that he used Miami’s mascot to end his season!

Miami Dolphins. In 1972, the Miami Dolphins sold their souls to Satan in return for an undefeated season. Now God hates them with a fiery passion.

Bill Belecheck kissing Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski

New England Patriots. The Patriots coach, Bill Belecheck, is on extremely friendly terms with Satan and may be possessed by a demon.  Belecheck also cut God’s favorite quarterback Tim Tebow, and the team is cursed for that in itself!  Tight end Rob Gronkowski is a party boy and Aaron Hernandez is a murderer. Repent New England! Repent!

The NFL. The NFL is thoroughly ungodly in all ways. First, they mock the sanctity of the Sabbath by playing games for profit on Sunday! Second, they support homosexuality but punish men for embracing their roles as head of the household. They have spent much time making rules to improve player safety, but in reality the only thing players need to be safe is Jesus. Turn to Jesus, and Jesus will protect you! God hates the NFL in all possible ways.

New Orleans Saints. The New Orleans Saints are affiliated with Catholicism and are cursed for that alone. Not only that, the violent bounty scandal funded by coach Sean Payton spread violence instead of love. God hates the Saints!

New York Giants. Peyton’s brother Eli Manning plays for the Giants. God hates Eli Manning too.

Tim Tebow, God’s favorite quarterback!

New York Jets. The New York Jets released God’s quarterback Tim Tebow and signed Satan’s servant Michael Vick! That is enough reason for god to hate this franchise!

Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Raiders support gang violence and drug dealers. God hates them thusly.

Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles signed Michael Vick right out of jail, bringing him back into the NFL. That is ungodly! Repent Philly, repent!

typical ungodly Steelers fans

Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pittsburgh Steelers are a very terrible organization. Their quarterback, Ben Wafflesburger, is a well-known rapist. Their former kicker, Jeff Reed, was often seen at parties with many women. Their mascot, Steely McBeam, is an obviously homosexual figure. Their players are dirty, and their fans are slutty. God hates this team with a fiery passion, and the Steelers and their fans are all heading straight to Hell.

San Diego Chargers. Chargers linebacker Manti Teo created an imaginary girlfriend in college.At least that’s what the media wants us to think. In actuality, he summoned a succubus and had sexual relations with it on a nightly basis. All who are close to Manti will go to hell, the San Diego Chargers included.

San Francisco 49ers. Joe Montana sold his soul to Satan in return for success at the NFL level. He found it, and cursed this franchise in the process.

Seattle Seahawks. God loves the Seattle Seahawks.  Russell Wilson is a good Christian and Pete Carroll is a good man. This is why God allowed them to vanquish Satan’s servant Peyton Manning in the Superbowl.

St. Louis Rams. The Rams signed ungodly homosexual heathen Michael Sam! They brought this openly gay homosexual heathen into the NFL, and they will be punished by God for it. God allowed their quarterback Sam Bradford to be injured as punishment for this roster move.

Tennessee Titans. God hates this team for their supporter of adulterer Steve McNair. Adultery is an affront to God.

Washington Redskins. The Redskins are working for Satan! Not only do they glorify the ungodly savage, but they also reject the true nature of this nation! The NFL is right, the team name should be changed…but not to something that glorifies the heathen savage. Instead, they should change the name to the the Washington Christians or the Washington savages!

The NFL is an abomination to Jesus. God hates the NFL, and God hates the NFL Draft! We should all boycott it! It is time to take back our Sundays for Jesus! It is time to take back our TVs for Christ! God damn the NFL Draft! God Damn the NFL! And God Damn ungodly websites like www.mattandmikesports.com which are working for Satan! Repent sinners, or you will all be punished like Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. God will smite you all and send you straight to Hell unless you repent. The only way to heaven is to be born again in Christ. Reject the NFL and embrace Jesus. I will be praying for you.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian!


AirAsia flight QZ8501. God’s true warning!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that God has made an Air Asia plane flying into Singapore disappear with 162 passengers on board as a punishment for their sinful behavior? That’s right boys and girls, much like the Malaysian Air disappearance and crash, God has made a plane filled with mostly Inonesian passengers disappear. Why are planes carrying Indonesians disappearing more than any other types of plane? The answer is simple! The Indonesian people are a heathen people! They failed to keep Christ in Christmas, and now Christ chose to not keep their airplane in the air!

God is striking down planes from this region of the world because these people are unwilling to embrace the Truth of Christ! If they would just embrace Jesus, then God would stop taking their planes! These people are ungodly heathens who are either Muslims, Buddhists, or Hindus. They worship in the jungle and reject Jesus! They are all going to burn in HELL unless they repent!

Unlike True Christian nations like America that never have planes disappear, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia have tons of planes disappear. WHy did this plane go down? The answer is simple. God is punishing the nation and the airline. The disappearance of this plane is a warning from God. If the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore do not repent, Jesus Christ and God the Father will continue to take airplanes from you.

Repent Malaysia! Repent Indonesia! Repent Singapore! Stop allowing prostitutes to run around on corners in your midst! Get rid of those heathen Hindus and Muslims! Reject Satan and embrace Jesus! Your ungodly sinful tolerance of homosexuality will get you nowhere. God will keep punishing you until you repent!

The disappearance of this plane is another judgment from God issued against these heathens. How can they stop this from happening in the future? They must be Born Again in Christ! Reject Ramadan, reject Muhammad, reject Buddhism, reject stupid heathen ways and embrace Jesus. That is the only way to heaven and to safety. All of the passengers on that flight were probably non-Christian and are truly in Hell.

Let us pray. Dear Lord Jesus, please continue to take planes from the heathen parts of Asia until those sinners repent. Punish them for tolerating the gays, the non-Christians, and the ways of the savage. Crush them until they reject prostitution and embrace your holy word. Please lead the heathens to the Father and away from sin. Until then, continue tor reap punishments upon them until their ungodly spirits are broken. Then they may be reborn as children of Christ. In this your name we pray. Amen.

God hates AirAsia. God hates the heathens. And if you’re a heathen sympathizer, God hates YOU. Repent heathens, or further judgment awaits.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.


Rick Santorum is NOT a heathen sympathizer. Rick Santorum is God’s choice for president! Vote for Rick Santorum in 2016!

P.S. Fans of the NFL, you are next! God will torment you all in eternity for ever and ever until the end of time! This is why God will send NFL fans all to hell!

Also, note that the authors of this site do not support violence in any form, nor do we hope to see it, nor do we hope to see any more incidents such as this. Anyone who attempts to physically harm another person is of the devil and will spend an eternity in Hell. We are merely seeking to guide the sinners from the South Pacific back to Jesus.

Bill O’Reilly, Deceived by the Devil!

Greetings True Christians! Did you know that Fox News star Bill O’Reilley has been deceived by Satan into ending his War on Christmas? That’s right boys and girls! This week, Bill O’Reilly claimed that the “War on Christmas is over.” Why? Because of a pew survey that shows that Americans love Jesus and know the Christmas Story is true. That being said, the atheists have not given up the war. They are still, even today, preparing to celebrate their ungodly celebrations of Newtonmas, mocking the True Christian holiday of Christmas! On December 21st, the pagans get together to celebrate the winter solstice, another ungodly “holiday” created to take away from the glory of Christmas. The War on Christmas has not ended, and will not be over until all the atheists are silenced and America is once again led by Christians and not Muslims and atheists! This is why we need to elect Rick Santorum in 2016!

Rick Santorum won’t back down in the War on Christmas!

Bill O’Reilly needs to repent immediately and recognize the evils of his ways, or he will be sent straight to Hell along with Darwin, Nixon, Feynman, Hitler, Robin Williams, Nelson Mandela, and all the heathens. The Devil is deluding Bill into believing that the war is over. We have won a battle, but we have not yet won the war. The War on Christmas will not be won until atheism and heathenism is eradicated from America! We must take back the country for Christ! Here is a picture of what Hell will look like when Bill O’Reilly is cast into the pit. Note Pope John Paul II covered in unquenchable fire and Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro engaging in sodomy.

This is what is in store for Bill O'Reilly if he does not repent!

This is what is in store for Bill O’Reilly if he does not repent!

How are the heathens propagating the War on Christmas in America? They are taking “under God” out of our pledge of allegiance and taking “in God we trust” off of our currency! Don’t turn away from the war Bill! Every time the atheists take the ten commandments off of a public building, Satan wins a major victory. Every time someone says Happy Holidays or “happy solstice” instead of Merry Christmas, Satan wins a major victory. The War on Christmas is but one campaign in Satan’s larger campaign to take Christ out of Christmas and out of our world. Don’t leet the devil win. Keep Christ in Christmas, and never give up the fight until we have won! The war on Christmas is not over Bill! Open your eyes!

the Ten Commandments being removed by the forces of Satan

Every single year, around America, children go to the mall to sit on the lap of a fat man posing as “Santa.”  If you change the letters just a little, its easy to see the truth of Santa. Santa is really symbolic of Satan! Don’t bring your child to see Santa on Christmas, take him to worship Christ! We must keep Christ in Christmas!

We should only celebrate Jesus on Christmas!

The only way to win the War on Christmas is to effectively keep Christ in Christmas. Remember, Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. Yet the modern American celebration of Christmas is all about wealth and money. That’s hypocrisy, boys and girls. Jesus wouldn’t want you to look for presents on Christmas, He’d want you to celebrate His birthday and worship the Father!

Rick Santorum will ALWAYS fight for Christmas, unlike the deluded Bill O’Reilly!

Shame on Bill o’Reilly for allowing himself to be deceived by the Devil! The war on Christmas is not over! O’Reilley needs to stop doing the devil’s work or he’ll find himself in Hell with Robin Williams, Mandela, the scientists, the popes, and Darwin! Repent Bill O’Reilly! Consult the True Christian politician Rick Santorum, who knows that the war on Christmas is not over! Santorum for President in 2016! To Hell with Bill O’Reilly! Keep-christ--anim+big And remember to keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas! Yours in Christ, Jim Solouki and Martin Baker http://www.creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

Rick Santorum Will Stop the Atheistic Holocaust on Unborn Babies!

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Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Rick Santorum is fighting every day to save the innocent unborn? Even now, Rick Santorum is supporting congressman Ander Crenshaw’s ABLE act, which will stop parents from being able to abort disabled children and will also stop our nation from descending deeper into a eugenic state.  Granted, the act, on its surface, says only that medical care must be equal for disabled and non disabled people, but the way the heathens are taking this nation, it would quickly descend into aborting the disabled before birth to avoid financial difficulties faced by parents of disabled children if this discrimination were to continue.

More important even then the ABLE Act, however, is Rick Santorum’s March for Life! Rick Santorum is God’s choice for President, and he seeks to fight both Islamic extremism and atheist extremism. Rick Santorum believes in the rights of the unborn. Santorum knows that an unborn child is still a child. Santorum knows that these children are created by GOD. Rick Santorum knows that the problem in society isn’t pregnancy, it’s behavior. Unwed pregnancies are increasing in America because America is turning away from God and God’s law! We need to reject the Islamic unAmerican Barack Osama and elect Rick Santorum in 2016!

Abortion is murder, boys and girls. It’s as simple as that. God isn’t making more people get pregnant outside of wedlock. The Bible teaches us that sex is supposed to be between a married couple. A married couple consists of one man and one woman. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. If people didn’t have sex outside of wedlock, there would be no need for abortion. The real problem is a breakdown of Biblical Law in American society.

If women didn’t go to bars dressed like this, there would be no cases of rape!

In modern-day America, women are no longer staying at home raising families and making homes. They are now going to bars dressed in unchaste clothing searching for men to fornicate with. Woman should stop going to heathen bars to avoid getting pregnancy! Don’t tell me that abortion is ok in cases of rape either. God created a perfect law for cases of rape. If a man rapes a woman, he is required to provide for her and any children that come from the rape until death. The Bible couches it in terms of “marriage,” but God really meant that the man is supposed to provide for his victim, who, in the culture at the time when the book was written, would not be able to find a husband after being raped and would starve.

This whore of Babylon is asking to get raped! If she gets pregnant, it is her duty to choose life!

Before you tell us that it is a woman’s right to choose, I have nothing against women making choices. They have every right to be responsible. They have every right to choose to be chaste until marriage. They have every right to not go out in public dressed like whores of Babylon and get raped. They have every right to be responsible and raise their babies if they do get raped and pregnant. After all, God didn’t make them go out half naked and show off for all the guys! Why should God change His law for them when they disobeyed His law first? Rick Santorum believes in God’s Law and will fight against the Obamanation of abortion! You can believe in that! Abortion is Satan’s favorite practice since it takes many new souls away from a potential full life. Rick Santorum is God’s choice for President because Rick Santorum will fight against abortion!

Rick Santorum chose life. You should too!

Even Hitler’s mom chose life! Doesn’t your unborn child deserve the right to life that Hitler was granted? The evil atheists only want more evil atheists like Hitler to be born. Don’t believe in the atheistic Satanic “miracle” of abortion! That “miracle” comes from the devil! Know who supports abortion? These sinners:

Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson both believe in abortion!

You can see, in the above photograph, Bill Clinton and Hell’s singer Michael Jackson mock-aborting a child. Note how Bill Clinton is pretending to “eat” the baby, much like atheists joke about eating fetuses. Note how Michael Jackson is looking on in encouragement. Why did Bill Clinton support abortion? Because he fathered many children out of wedlock. Here are just a few of Clinton’s whores of Babylon:

Bill Clinton reportedly engaged in heathen sexual acts with these women.

Clinton and his most famous fling

Bill Clinton with yet another lover

Why did Bill Clinton engage in sexual promiscuity outside of wedlock? The answer is simple. He has been deluded by Satan and his wife is a lesbian. Here’s proof:

This is why we can’t elect another Demoncrat as president. The Demoncrats support sexual promiscuity, tolerance towards non-Christians (even though America is a CHRISTIAN nation!), abortion, heathenry, homosexuality, atheism, Darwinism, and rape! We need a True Christian Candidate for president. We need a man who is fighting against abortion and walking the walk for life! We need Rick Santorum in 2016! Compare Santorum to the above pictures of the ungodly Clintons:

We must stop the Holocaust against the unborn! We must stop abortion across America! Elect Rick Santorum and end the war on the unborn! It’s what Jesus would do! America needs a full time president like Rick Santorum, not a part time crook like Barack HUSSEIN Obama! Elect Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president, in 2016! It is time to take back America for Jesus! It is time to take back America for Christ!

We support Rick Santorum in 2016! We support Rick Santorum’s march for life! A vote for Rick is a vote against Satan. Make the right choice. Vote Santorum in 2016.

From your True Christian friends,

Martin Baker and Jim Solouki


George Lucas is at it again!

Not too long ago, Lucas has posted a preview on YouTube for his new Star Wars movie. Star Wars is an unholy abomination that is based off the False Religion Buddhism and is related to witchcraft, the Illuminati, and other New Age filth. We have had gun shootings, Christian kids being bullied in school, and other problems related to the release of these films. Please read our previous entry “Star Wars is for Sinners” and help us take our cinemas back for Christ.