Brainwashed (in the blood of Christ)

Dear true Christian friends,

Many of our readers have accused us of being “brainwashed”, as if our unwavering faith in the True Divine Word of our perfect Lord and Savior, the Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ, is somehow something to be ashamed of.  Dear friends, Jesus Himself told us that we would be ridiculed for our faith in Him, abused for our obedience to His orders, and mocked for our embrace of His holy word. Can’t you see that all of the mocking posts that our blog has been receiving is just more proof that Jesus was right? He told us that we would be mocked and ridiculed for our faith in Him. And lo and behold, we are. The atheists and heathens come on here and make fun of us for our embrace of the word of Jesus, and think that they are somehow going to make us less resolved in our mission to defend God’s Word.  We must embrace the mocking words of the heathens and move on, much like Christ moved past the mocking words of the Romans as He carried His Cross to Golgotha.  A little ridicule is something to be embraced. Heathens, I will endure your taunts for Jesus.


Am I brainwashed? YES. I am brainwashed in the most holy of holy things, the pure and untainted Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Christ’s blood was shed so that we might all live forever in His kingdom after death. Christ came to lead us to Salvation. And yet I am brainwashed because I embrace Christ. And who accuses me of being brainwashed? The evolutionists and atheists who are doing the work of Satan the deceiver.  You evil men and women. How dare you mock a servant of our Lord?  Do you not realize that you will be cast into Gehenna for rejecting the way of our Lord?  Don’t you know what we learned from the Old Testament? If you mock a servant of God, you will be punished. God even sent a bear to attack children for attacking one of God’s prophets. God will not forgive you for attacking those who do His holy work.  And God has a special place called hell awaiting all those who reject Him and His prophets.  Hopefully you won’t be among the unsaved.

So how was I brainwashed in the blood of Christ?  I was born again in Him. The Bible tells us that in order to be saved, we must be born again. We must reject our sinful ways. We must embrace Jesus Christ as our Savior, and embrace His sacrifice on the Cross.  We must accept Jesus, and we must accept God’s word as true. Dear friends, it is a difficult path at times, but it is far easier to accept Jesus the Christ than it is to spend an eternity in hell.  Open your heart to Him. Embrace His salvation. It is the best choice that you can ever make.

I will be praying for all of you.

Yours in Christ,


11 thoughts on “Brainwashed (in the blood of Christ)

  1. Derp says:

    cool story bro

  2. We’ll be thinking for you.

  3. weerd0 says:

    Yep not much to say here. I’m brainwashed too, I cracked my skull open when i got thrown through a window (long story), so i later got to look at some pictures of the medical recovery (surprisingly short, a few staples in my head.) and they had to clean the exposed part of my cracked skull to make sure their was no contaminants floating into my cranial cavity. So i quite literally had my brain washed! And then promptly re-cracked the skull 4 months latter. (I think my subconscious is a masochist.)

  4. (I typed this out earlier, and for some reason it didnt post, so here goes for a second time…) For me at least, it is not your beliefs that are the problem. I could care less what you or anyone choose to believe, and wouldnt bother reading if this was what your blog was about. No, the problem resides in what you say, how you act to defend an in the name of that belief. You spout off about things that you know absolutely nothing about and try to sound like an expert about things that dont even make and sense, even from the point of view of a christian. Then you use those things to condemn those that dont agree with you (News flash: no one on this earth, based on the word of Jesus found in the bible, has any right to do that at all). You damn those to hell that disagree with your points of view, You go around (and even write whole blog posts about) how those that comment are heathens, sinners, and going to burn in hell, yet you call yourself a christian, but that is not at all what christ stood for. This makes you a hypocrite on a very large level.

    That is why i (and im sure most of the others here) have a problem with you.

  5. Martin Baker says:

    Amen to Jim for this entry. It is time for the atheists and evilutionists to turn and accept Jesus into their lives. Stop accepting Richard Dawkins and Charlie Darwin into your lives, and think how Jesus committed the ultimate sacrifice for your sins on the cross. Jesus is the way because he says so in the bible, and embrace him with an open mind. He will set you free and lead you to salvation.

  6. Damn, this just makes me sad. I
    pity you in this section, so I’m not even gonna try to trash this thread. Hope you’ll wake up soon, man.

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