Another reason to boycott Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Dear friends,

Just look at that laser sword that looks like an upside down cross wielded by the villain who looks like one of the Horseman from the Book of Revelations.  Obviously no ideas like this ever come from Godly people but by Hollywood and others who allow Satan in their lives.


We must boycott this film and take back the cinemas for Christ. At least Lucas gets something right by portraying the muslims as they truly are in the film!


Those certainly look like barbaric terrorists.

Martin Baker

God Hates Minecraft!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that there is a ungodly game where evil Mormons and atheists can create their own heathen universes through the use of genetic modification and building blocks? Did you know that pedophiles and child predators like Andrew Hartung are using this game to feed upon innocent children?  Did you know that this ungodly and satanic game embraces pornography, Darwinism, and the ungodly heathen Mormon belief that we may one day become “gods” of our own planets and create our own universes? What game am I talking about? I’m talking about the Minecraft!

This ungodly Satanic castle is of the Devil!

This ungodly Satanic castle is of the Devil!

Proof that Minecraft is of Satan!

Proof that Minecraft is of Satan!

A Minecrafter....30 seconds after death.

A Minecrafter….30 seconds after death.

Did you know that Minecraft is filled with perversion, pornography, and other hedonistic ungodly smut? That’s right, boys and girls! Not only do pedophiles and Catholic priests use Minecraft to lure their victims into danger, but many innocent boys and girls are introduced to the evil and sinful pornography industry through Minecraft. Did you know that many Minecrafters spend much of their ungodly Minecrafting time making evil and crude penises out of the Minecraft blocks? Did you know that Satan loves nothing more than young girls being introduced to the penis at an early and impressionable age? Did you know that Minecraft encourages masturbation and studies have proven that female adolescents who play Minecraft are at least 13% more likely to enter the sex industry than females who never play Minecraft? You can’t argue with those numbers, atheists. They were in one of your atheistic “peer-reviewed (censored)” journals.  I burned it after reading it because so-called “scientific” journals censored by the atheistic elite are ungodly and of the Devil. This is the evil for what Minecraft is notorious:

a Satanic Minecraft penis

a Satanic Minecraft penis

a typical Minecrafter

a typical Minecrafter

Did you know that Minecraft pushes genetic engineering? By slowly changing pieces of their creations’ “DNA,” players can create new lifeforms. This is ungodly and reeks of Satanic Darwinism.  Man cannot create new life forms, only God can! Is there a false religion besides Darwinism  and atheism that believes that man can create monkeys out of molecules? Yes! The ungodly doctrine of Mormonism actually preaches that people can become gods like “God” (who is actually a man living on a planet called Kolob making millions of spirit babies by having spirit sex forever) in what they call the “celestial realm” of Heaven.  Mormons don’t believe in Hell either, which is one reason that so many misguided souls have embraced Mormonism and are headed to Hell. Did the Mormon missionary tell you Kolob is a lie? He was lying for scamming, rambling Joseph Smith! Consider the following Mormon hymn:

“Or see the grand beginning,
Where space did not extend?
Or view the last creation,
Where Gods and matter end?
Methinks the Spirit whispers,
“No man has found ‘pure space,’
Nor seen the outside curtains,
Where nothing has a place.”

That’s right, boys and girls. The ungodly Satanic Mormon hymn says “gods,” not “God.” This is because the Mormon Church believes in many ‘gods’ having spirit sex and making spirit babies and creating their own worlds.  In fact, Satan is working through the Mormon Church to make people believe that they can actually become God and replace Him. The Minecraft Game is in fact a secret Mormon propaganda game where players can believe that they are gods.  Once they play Minecraft, their computers are linked to the Mormon missionary servers, where IP addresses are monitored and where missionaries are sent out on visits.  Don’t believe that Minecraft will bring the Mormons to your door? Buy a copy and they’ll show right up.

the Mormonjugen greeting an old man, just before stealing his wallet.

the Mormonjugen greeting an old man, just before stealing his wallet.

Oh, and another thing about the Mormons that is ungodly. They require everyone to pay 10% of their income to their church.  Everybody.  Even the poor family who cannot afford their own food.  Even those students struggling to afford college.  Much like the evil Jewish temple that took the poor widow’s last two copper pieces in Mark 12:41-44, the Mormons are stealing money from the poor who cannot afford to even feed themselves. This is not something that Jesus would do.  In fact, Jesus would say that the Mormons should do more to feed the poor instead of trying to get rich.  Remember, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven (MT 19:24). The Mormons are stealing from the poor to support their evil Masonic illuminati leaders. Do you know who else likes stealing from everyone to support the few elite members? The Demoncrats and Hitler. Jesus cleansed the temple of moneylenders, and yet the Mormons will only allow those who spend 10% of their income on the “church” to enter their temples.  That’s not what Christ would do!


But I digress.  The Minecraft is not only dangerous to our children because it supports Mormonism. It is more dangerous because it supports the devilish doctrine of Darwinism.  Darwinism is responsible for all evils, including atheism, rape, hedonism, heathenism, the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union, the Holocaust, sodomy, hedonism, abortion, drug addiction, alcoholism, rock and roll, fornication, sodomy, and the Jerry Springer Show.  God hates Minecraft because Minecraft is based on ungodly Darwinist ideas.  God hates Darwinists and Darwinism.  God hates all things that lead our children away from Him.  Remember what the Bible says about leading our children astray (Matthew 18:6): But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to have a large millstone tied around your neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea. –JESUS!

Minecraft is evil because it leads children to believe that they can become gods.  Minecraft is evil because it supports Darwinism.  Minecraft is evil because it is a tool easily utilized by pedophiles and rapists to engage their victims. Minecraft is evil because it is a recruiting tool used for the ungodly Mormon Church and is based on atheistic ideas. Minecraft is evil because it leads to pornography, sex addiction, and participation in the sex industry. God hates Minecraft! God hates Minecraft purchasers. And if you’re a Minecraft lover, God hates YOU!!! Repent or burn in Hell.  The Kingdom of God is like an exclusive club. Unsaved unwelcome.  If you want to enter the Kingdom of God, the entry is narrow, but easy to find. You must be born again.   Are you born again at this moment? Are you saved? Unless you know the answer to that question is “yes,” I implore you to pray the following prayer, right now, and to ask God for salvation. Then consecrate your life to Jesus, leave sin behind, and live according to His orders. That, my friends, is the only way to heaven.  Let us pray:

Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner. I know that much like Nelson Mandela and Gandhi, who died unsaved, that my soul is in grave danger of Hell. I ask humbly for forgiveness for my sins.  I accept your sacrifice on the Cross for my salvation and am grateful for it. I will live my life according to Your rules, and like Christopher Hitchens on his deathbed, will reject all false truths in favor of the one True Truth, the Truth of Christ.  I reject Darwinism.  I reject false notions of God. I reject atheism. I reject sin.  And I embrace You, Lord Jesus, and dedicate my life to You, my Lord and Savior.  I know that the Father hates sin, but I know through Your sacrifice, my sins may be forgiven, IF, and only if, I live my life according to Your commands. Command me, O Lord, and make me Your instrument.  Amen.

Friends, it is time to destroy the ungodly Minecraft.  It is time to destroy Satan’s influences in our lives. We must reject Satanic programming and take back our internets for Jesus! We must take back our computers for Christ!

From your True Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

P.S.  Allow us to leave you with two great Christian videos in conclusion of this post!

Christopher Lee, in Hell, Eternally!


Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that the famous actor and Illuminati servant of Satan Christopher Lee has died and will now face his eternal punishment in Hell for all his ungodly deeds? Moments after Lee’s death, he was forced to face his Creator face to face to account for his sinful life. As he died an unrepentant sinner, he was denied entry into heaven and, instead, cast into Hell. For, God never condemns anyone to Hell on His own. Instead, the denizens of Hell have chosen their own fate. By rejecting Christ’s salvation and the call to follow Him, Christopher Lee died without accepting salvation, and therefore, died unsaved. All unsaved sinners burn in Hell. Therefore, Christopher Lee is burning in Hell as we speak.

Does Christopher Lee deserve an eternity in Hell? I believe he does.  Look at his body of work. His earliest movie was the Dracula movie, a film which celebrates the occult, vampires, and other Satanic stuff. It didn’t get any better with the Wicker Man, where Lee plays a pagan mayor who, as far as I can tell, burns a Christian in a Wicker Man just for being Christian, and does so in a celebratory manner. Then he acted in the ungodly and Satanic Lord of the Rings movies where he played a wizard. Do you know what wizards use, boys and girls? Witchcraft.  Witchcraft is a surefire way to send yourself to Hell!

Christopher Lee is an agent of Satan!

Christopher Lee was an agent of Satan!

Christopher Lee died a very wealthy man, and even if it wasn’t for his sinful life, it would be difficult for him to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, for Christ taught us that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a wealthy man to enter Paradise.  Had Lee lived a True Christian life, both on and off the screen, then perhaps he would have had a chance. However, Lee’s entire life was a life lived in sin.  Satan and all the demons in Hell are enjoying the chance to torture him at this moment, I am sure. What is he experiencing right now? Probably something like this:

If you need to actually see a possible glimpse of what Hell looks like to scare yourself away from sin, this video works. Keep in mind that this is far more merciful than all the tortures Satan has planned for YOU if you fall into his grasp!! Keep this in mind the next time you consider sinning:

My brothers and sisters, Christopher Lee is burning in Hell as we speak, but you don’t have to! Turn away from your lives of sin and give your heart to Jesus. If you already have, preach to your brothers and sisters.  Christopher Hitchens entered the Kingdom of Heaven after repenting and accepting Jesus on his deathbed. If God can forgive a repentant atheist, God will forgive YOU!  The only way to Heaven is to be born again. Accept Jesus as your savior! Embrace Christ and His lifestyle!  Don’t die unsaved and go to Hell! Die as a friend of Christ, and you will join Martin and I in Paradise. Don’t go to Hell like Christopher Lee! Join us in Heaven after death! We will be praying for you!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

Grace Mann in HELL!

Dear friends,

Did you know that Hell has another resident, Grace Man? That’s right. Grace Mann is burning next to perverts like Joan Rivers, Michael Jackson, Anne Nichole Smith, Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II, and Richard Nixon.

For her punishment, Grace Mann was a feminist. Feminism is an ungodly offense that makes our woman transform into whores of Babylon by no longer taking on the responsibilities of child caring or other simple acts commanded by God. Feminism is a dangerous and ungodly ideology. Did you know that feminism made the largest Holocaust ever, abortions, happen? That’s right, feminism is allied with the godless “Planned Parenthood,” and the evil ideology has helped Satan’s organisation get away with killing millions and millions of unborn children. This evil scandal is on the same level as Hitler who tried to get away with murdering millions of God’s innocent people, the Jews. Feminism also makes our woman want to work as strippers, prostitutes, and adult actors in the porn industry.

Grace Mann also probably supported the demoncrat Hitler Clinton for her run as president in the office. Did she know that Hillary Clinton is an agent of Satan who has continued the war on unborn children? Hillary is well known demoncrat who is notorious for being allied with “Planned Parenthood,” strikes a similar resemblance of evil with Adolf Hitler, wants to take away our gun rights, and is known for advancing the gay agenda into our churches and schools. Heck, Grace probably also did not know that God created Adam first, not Eve, since men are only qualified by God to serve as President, not woman.


It is unfortunate for somebody who has lived a life of sin to be cast into Hell following death. I pray that her murderer comes to know Christ, repents for his or her actions, and is given everlasting salvation in the Kingdom of Heaven. Grace Mann should have become a Truthful Christian and work for Pro-Life organisations who continue the good fight against the evils that Satan has spawned in America. She never knew this day would come when she would be dragged down to Hell following her unexpected death. Grace should have supported Rick Santorum for President of America.

Martin Baker

Please support Rick Santorum for 2016 as President. We can’t afford to allow many millions more of innocent and unborn children to be killed.


Michael Jackson is truly of Satan

What do these two men have in common? Both are sexual perverts, and unless Bill Clinton changes his ways drastically, both will spend an eternity in HELL!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Martin and I were truly right about Michael Jackson burning in the fires of Hell for all eternity? Some of Jackson’s ungodly defenders came out and defended him on our first post on the topic, saying that Michael Jackson did not molest children, that he was innocent, that he was not guilty of those heinous crimes. You can see our original post here! The Truth is that Michael Jackson paid millions of dollars in hush money to silence his victims.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, the Holy Spirit spoke to us of the Truth of the Michael Jackson situation far before this came out, and we told you that he was in Hell.  The ungodly heathens and Michael Jackson supporters, such as a certain Allison who commented often in defense of him, claimed that we just had to be wrong, that he was a good man, that he was of God. I will quote one such comment:

“Allison says:

Dude relax why don’t u do some research on mj and learn something he’s a good man!”

Here’s some more research for you Allison. Michael Jackson most obviously was NOT a good man, and this further proves that he is even now burning in the fires of Hell forever. FOREVER. Heaven is like an exclusive club. Sinners and unsaved unwelcome. Know God, know peace. No God, no peace. Michael Jackson made all the wrong choices and now he’s being barbecued for his sins.  Reject his ungodly work or you will join him.

Michael Jackson is clearly a pedophile who will be tormented by Satan forever.  The Catholics should learn from his mistakes and stop touching the altar boys.  This is one of many reasons why God hates the Roman Catholic Church and why the Catholics are of Satan too.  We can only hope that Michael Jackson is being tortured extra hard this Easter Sunday as punishment for the suffering that his sins inflicted on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, let us reject Michael Jackson and all of his works. He was a bad tree, and a bad tree bears only bad fruit. He is of Satan and so is all his music.  Let us remove Michael Jackson from our radios and our homes! It is time to take back our airways for Jesus. It is time to take back our radios for Christ!

From your True Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

Why do People Laugh at Evolutionists? Part 3

Dr. Kent Hovind gives an educational lecture disproving the atheists that want you to believe dinosaurs and man did not live together. You will never find something this informative from a professor at a deluded University that wants you to act like a monkey and do as you want as if there is no God watching us! The video destroys the lies from secular scientists like Richard Dawkins and Stephen Jay Gould.

human and dinosaur tracks




If dinosaurs and man never lived together, why do we see human footprints with dinosaur tracks? Why do we find pottery made by man that proves dinosaurs and man lived together and that the Book of Genesis is true? Why are we not afraid of birds if dinosaurs turned into them? Checkmate atheists and deluded professors that spread lies to the public. Also, why is there a famous museum in Kentucky that gets more views from Christians than the deceiving museums like the Smithsonian? Atheists, you can’t explain that!

Martin Baker

God Hates TransAsia!

The hand of God at work!

Greetings True Christians!

The glorious and good Heavenly Father has taken down another Asian plane as punishment for the sins of the Asians! We have warned the anti-Christian Buddhist, Muslim, Shinto, Hindu, and jungle voodoo worshipping heathens of Asia many times that God is punishing them and will continue to punish them with plane crashes until they repent. They have chosen not to repent, and now God has punished the heathen nation of Taiwan with a plane crash that has killed at least 26 heathens! They are all in hell now!

Why does God hate Taiwan? The Taiwanese are unsaved sinners! They are taking jobs away from God’s true people, the Americans, and forcing millions of Americans out of work and into poverty! This cannot stand, and  God will continue to punish the heathen evil Asian servants of Satan until they repent! Hell is eternal, and as a warning to those of you in the ungodly Asian nations, you will go to Hell if you fail to embrace Christ in this life. What will you do if too soon comes too late? You could die tomorrow, and like the passengers of the TransAsia flight, you’ll go straight to hell if you die unsaved!

Let us offer a prayer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Dear Jesus, savior of all who accept Your gift of salvation, please continue to punish the heathens and to break their spirit until they embrace you. Continue to reap vengeance upon those who reject You until they open their hearts to Your glory and mercy. Break them down so that they will turn and embrace You. This will save the remainder who do turn to You, and will allow at least some to enter Paradise, where we want to see all people go. In Your name we pray for this, Amen.

REPENT ASIA, lest you be punished with more crashes and disasters! God will smite you until you turn to the Truth. Open your hearts and reject the ways of Satan and of sin. Repent Asia, repent!

A message from your true Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker!