Slavery is not against God!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that slavery is of the Lord? That’s right, boys and girls, the Bible, and also our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ condone the idea of slavery. While American-style slavery, with its tortures and abuses and cruelties, was clearly an ungodly, abominable practice, there is a Biblical foundation for some sort of slavery.  In modern terms, one might consider this a form of “debt slavery” or “indentured servitude,” but the Bible clearly stipulates a set of rules by which slavery is, in fact, ok.

First, for male slaves. Take a look at Exodus 21:2-6. This passage tells us that if one is to buy a Hebrew slave, that slave becomes yours for a period of six years.  In the seventh year, the slave must be freed, unless he CHOOSES to remain a slave. Of course, being the Godly people the Israelites were, they would never compel a man to stay enslaved against his will since that would be against God.  However, the man’s offspring and “wife” would stay with the owner indefinitely, since the Bible has separate rules for female slaves. The man had the option to stay on as a slave and stay with his family, or go to freedom in the seventh year. The man was purchased, often as the result of debt. Also in the Bible, thieves were to be sold into slavery if they could not pay back the price of what they stole. That’s a GOOD IDEA! We should bring it back!

The Bible has slightly different things to say about female slaves. Let us go to Exodus 21 7-11:

And if a man sell his daughter to be a maidservant, she shall not go out as the menservants do.

If she please not her master, who hath betrothed her to himself, then shall he let her be redeemed: to sell her unto a strange nation he shall have no power, seeing he hath dealt deceitfully with her.

And if he have betrothed her unto his son, he shall deal with her after the manner of daughters.

10 If he take him another wife; her food, her raiment, and her duty of marriage, shall he not diminish.

11 And if he do not these three unto her, then shall she go out free without money.

Why the difference in treatment? Women were “purchased” from their family for the purpose of marriage. A woman who had been dealt to a male and rejected would have faced ostracism from her neighbors and community, so this law was clearly meant to honor the rights of the woman and the man involved. This is a good idea. It allows poor parents of women to gain access to wealth by marrying their daughters off to wealthy men.  As long as the marriage stays within Biblical terms, I see nothing wrong with it. This is of God and should be allowed in modern society.

Jesus and His followers did not reject slavery either, and neither should we. Consider 1 Timothy 6: 1-2:

Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. of slavery should consider their masters worthy of full respect, so that God’s name and our teaching may not be slandered.Those who have believing masters should not show them disrespect just because they are fellow believers. Instead, they should serve them even better because their masters are dear to them as fellow believers and are devoted to the welfare of their slaves.

So slaves should care for their masters, and masters should care for their slaves! This is simple stuff, and clearly not what American slavery (which was an ungodly abomination from Satan) was like! This is Judeo-Christian slavery, a milder form of “debt slavery” or short-term servitude that was often good for both parties involved. For the slave, obedience was imperative and expected. Consider Ephesians 6:5:

Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.

Clearly, rebellion was unbiblical and ungodly. So was disobedience. Clearly, the Bible suggests that slavery is ok. And clearly, the Bible is of God. So some form of slavery must, then, be ok. But how would that form of slavery look?

The answer is simple. We are looking at a system in which a person is paid to serve for a period of years to make up either for a crime or a debt. The person is freed at the end of the sentence. The person works for that period, and is then freed. However, the person must obey their master completely for that period. That really isn’t much different than how the modern work world works. You are paid to work, and you obey your boss while at work.  It really shouldn’t be too difficult to revive Biblical slavery, and I feel that it would do great wonders for the American economy.

Slavery for women is slightly different. Since a woman’s place is in the home as an obedient servant to her husband, all women are, in a sense, meant to obey anyway.  I believe that an impoverished family should be allowed to receive money from a wealthy family in return for their daughter’s hand in marriage if all parties agree. Upon marriage, it is the woman’s duty to obey her husband, and that duty must be fulfilled.

I would like to challenge the world to bring back a Biblical form of slavery. Instead of throwing thieves in prison, allow them to be sold for the period of their jail sentence so that their labor can benefit society. Instead of forcing people into homelessness due to debt, allow them to be sold to pay off that debt, and then freed upon the finish of their sentence. This is a True Christian idea that is far better than how capitalism approaches debt, and should be considered.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, it is time to bring slavery back to America! Not in the bastardized American form of our past, but in a True Christian Biblical form! Biblical slavery is a truly good thing that can bear many wonderful fruits. We must take back America for Jesus, and we can accomplish this at least partly on the backs of slaves, who can be brought to Christ if they are unsaved.  It’s time to save this country for Christ! Write your local representatives and ask them to consider backing a Biblical based form of slavery. It just might save America’s devastated economy!

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian!

The Cash-in of Christ

Holy story, unholy use of Jesus’ suffering for profit. That’s why the Passion of the Christ is an evil film.

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that the Passion of the Christ is of the Devil? That’s right, boys and girls. One of the movies commonly used by moderate so-called Christians to show the suffering of Jesus the Christ is evil.  Why? For many, many reasons. I will explain some of them here, and prove that God Himself hates this film.

Satan in the Cash-in of Christ

Spiderwort from the Harry Potter witchcraft films

This evil film glorifies Satan and pagan beliefs. In the Garden of Gethsemane scene, for example, it is Satan who prods Jesus into asking the Father for a reprieve from the Crucifixion, as if Satan had complete control over Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross.  That’s just foolish. Also, Satan looks like Spiderwort from the ungodly and Satanic Harry Potter witch movies. That’s because the film glorifies pagan reliefs. Heck, in the film, when Jesus prays, he is shown praying to the moon in Gethsemane, probably because Mel Gibson is an ungodly pagan Catholic who believes in many saints who are to be prayed to like God and who celebrates many pagan holidays like All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

How do we know that God is displeased with this film? The answer is simple. Many actors in the film were struck by lightning during filming. Jim Caviezel, the man who played Jesus in the film, was even struck by lightning while on the Cross! We know that God controls the elements; the story of Noah’s Flood proves that. God chose to punish Caviezel with lightning for his ungodly participation in this evil film because it was a painful but not lethal way to warn him of the torments of hell in the hope that he would repent.

Mel’s making his millions!

Unfortunately, Mel Gibson and nearly everyone involved with this film refuse to repent. They see the movie as a money-making machine. However,  Caviezel has seen the light and recognizes Mel Gibson for the sinner he is. He has called Gibson a horrible sinner. It is now up to Caviezel to give up his own sinful ways and turn fully to Christ. Mel GIbson has made more than 600 MILLION dollars off of this film, and where did the money go? To the poor? No. To spread the mission of Christ? No.  The money went straight into the pockets of Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson is profitting off of spiritual goods. Do you know what that is boys and girls? That is called simony. One does NOT sell spiritual goods for profit! What would Jesus have to say about someone using God’s Truth for profit? I think the answer is actually kind of obvious to all True Christians.

Jesus cleansed the Temple!

What happened when Jesus found moneylenders making profits in the Temple? He chased them out! Jesus said He would destroy the temple of His body and then rebuild it in 3 days, and the ungodly Mel Gibson is now making money off of that Temple. Jesus will destroy Mel in Hell soon enough. However, this offers me a good moment to warn all of you who go to churches who are acting with Satan.  Have you found booksellers in your churches?  Has your church had a Creation conference that was filled with book sellers trying to make a profit in God’s house? This happens across America and it is wrong. One place where it is happening is at Grace Bible Church in Bozeman, Montana, where the agents of Satan are trying to infiltrate God’s house and act for the Devil.  When visiting Montana one year I visited their conference, and found the church riddled with books for sale, flying spaghetti monster fliers (a sure sign that this place is of the Devil and accursed), and constant prompts to buy books and spend money.That’s ungodly at it’s core. God’s house should not be a place for profit, but a place for prophecy and truth.

Michael Oard and friends are smiling because they are cashing in on Christ.

These evil ungodly churches that cash in on Christ are no different than Mel Gibson cashing in on Christ with the Passion of Christ. If your church is selling books in the lobby and hiring speakers who are obviously profiteering, then it’s time to reject your Satan-infiltrated church and find a church that is truly tied to the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. If you are a True Christian, you will be at Church this weekend to celebrate Easter. Look around. What does your church value most? Saving pennies or saving souls? Churches like Grace Bible in Bozeman obviously put money before God and are ungodly.  Martin and I only worship at churches that actually follow God’s mission instead of trying to line their own pockets. While it is necessary for all churches to have money to survive, that should not be the goal of services! That’s simple Truth boys and girls. If the church is doing the work of God, then the money will come.

Satan and Satan’s demon minion in the Cash-in of Christ

These false churches and the Cash-in of Christ have a lot of things in common.As is the case in the film, in churches which put money first and God second, Satan is to be found everywhere. Satan and Satan’s demons hold much power in these places, because they have chose to worship money over God. The actors in the film were struck by lightning. These ungodly evil false churches are struck by either dwindling numbers, or, in the successful ones, atheist trolls and devilish mischief. These punishments are things that God allows to happen in an attempt to get these evil false churches to change their ways before Judgment Day. What will be the fate of all those who do not repent from their evils, either in these false churches or in the Cash-in of Christ? They go to Hell!

Heaven is an exclusive club. Unsaved Unwelcome.

Do you want to go to Heaven or Hell after you die? If you want to go to Heaven and live forever in God’s presence, reject sin and Satan’s churches and Satanic films like the Cash-in of Christ! An evil seed cannot bear good fruit, and Mel Gibson is a very bad seed. Do not let Gibson narrate your Easter celebration. Read the Bible instead. That’s God’s Word! Reject Mel and the ungodly churches, and go to one of God’s Churches this Easter Sunday. You’ll find something far more rewarding there than you can get from tv….you’ll find salvation.

The only way to heaven is to be born again, my brothers and sisters in Christ! We must only go to churches that stress that Truth. Money will not get you there. Watching Mel’s ungodly movie certainly won’t get you there. Good works won’t even do it. You MUST be born again in Christ, or you will burn in Hell forever. Heaven is like an exclusive club, unsaved unwelcome. All others will be sent to Hell, cast into the lake of fire, where there will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth. Where do you want to spend eternity? Make the right choice.

This True Christian message brought to you by your friends,

Jim and Martin.

Happy Easter, and remember to vote for Rick Santorum in 2016!

Bill O’Reilly, Deceived by the Devil!

Greetings True Christians! Did you know that Fox News star Bill O’Reilley has been deceived by Satan into ending his War on Christmas? That’s right boys and girls! This week, Bill O’Reilly claimed that the “War on Christmas is over.” Why? Because of a pew survey that shows that Americans love Jesus and know the Christmas Story is true. That being said, the atheists have not given up the war. They are still, even today, preparing to celebrate their ungodly celebrations of Newtonmas, mocking the True Christian holiday of Christmas! On December 21st, the pagans get together to celebrate the winter solstice, another ungodly “holiday” created to take away from the glory of Christmas. The War on Christmas has not ended, and will not be over until all the atheists are silenced and America is once again led by Christians and not Muslims and atheists! This is why we need to elect Rick Santorum in 2016!

Rick Santorum won’t back down in the War on Christmas!

Bill O’Reilly needs to repent immediately and recognize the evils of his ways, or he will be sent straight to Hell along with Darwin, Nixon, Feynman, Hitler, Robin Williams, Nelson Mandela, and all the heathens. The Devil is deluding Bill into believing that the war is over. We have won a battle, but we have not yet won the war. The War on Christmas will not be won until atheism and heathenism is eradicated from America! We must take back the country for Christ! Here is a picture of what Hell will look like when Bill O’Reilly is cast into the pit. Note Pope John Paul II covered in unquenchable fire and Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro engaging in sodomy.

This is what is in store for Bill O'Reilly if he does not repent!

This is what is in store for Bill O’Reilly if he does not repent!

How are the heathens propagating the War on Christmas in America? They are taking “under God” out of our pledge of allegiance and taking “in God we trust” off of our currency! Don’t turn away from the war Bill! Every time the atheists take the ten commandments off of a public building, Satan wins a major victory. Every time someone says Happy Holidays or “happy solstice” instead of Merry Christmas, Satan wins a major victory. The War on Christmas is but one campaign in Satan’s larger campaign to take Christ out of Christmas and out of our world. Don’t leet the devil win. Keep Christ in Christmas, and never give up the fight until we have won! The war on Christmas is not over Bill! Open your eyes!

the Ten Commandments being removed by the forces of Satan

Every single year, around America, children go to the mall to sit on the lap of a fat man posing as “Santa.”  If you change the letters just a little, its easy to see the truth of Santa. Santa is really symbolic of Satan! Don’t bring your child to see Santa on Christmas, take him to worship Christ! We must keep Christ in Christmas!

We should only celebrate Jesus on Christmas!

The only way to win the War on Christmas is to effectively keep Christ in Christmas. Remember, Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. Yet the modern American celebration of Christmas is all about wealth and money. That’s hypocrisy, boys and girls. Jesus wouldn’t want you to look for presents on Christmas, He’d want you to celebrate His birthday and worship the Father!

Rick Santorum will ALWAYS fight for Christmas, unlike the deluded Bill O’Reilly!

Shame on Bill o’Reilly for allowing himself to be deceived by the Devil! The war on Christmas is not over! O’Reilley needs to stop doing the devil’s work or he’ll find himself in Hell with Robin Williams, Mandela, the scientists, the popes, and Darwin! Repent Bill O’Reilly! Consult the True Christian politician Rick Santorum, who knows that the war on Christmas is not over! Santorum for President in 2016! To Hell with Bill O’Reilly! Keep-christ--anim+big And remember to keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas! Yours in Christ, Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

Bobby Keys in Hell!

this is where Bobby Keys is now!

Greetings True Christians!

Today, Rolling Stones Saxophone Player was cast eternally into the fires of Hell for his sins against God and God’s people. He was a rock and roll musician who put sexuality and fame before Christ, and died as a very wealthy sinner. Does everyone remember what Jesus said about wealth? Let’s look at Matthew 19:24:

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.“—JESUS!

So there you have it boys and girls. Keys’ wealth in itself was enough to condemn to an eternity in Hell! But that’s not all he wrote! Bobby Keys was also extremely sexually unchaste, having engaged in countless orgiastic pleasure-filled debaucheristic parties with fellow sinner Keith Richards. Keys had sex outside of wedlock with many women, and that’s called adultery! God has a special place set aside for adulterers. It’s called Hell.

Bobby Keys was also a rock and roll musician, which automatically qualifies him for a one way ticket to Hell. Rock and roll music is the devil’s music and must be avoided at all costs! When he wasn’t playing with the Rolling Stones, Bobby Keys played saxophone for John Lennon, who imagined no religion and is now imagining what heaven must be like from his place of eternal torment in Hell.

Let the death of Bobby Keys be a warning upon all of those who are unsaved. Repent now. Tomorrow may be too late. Accept Jesus and go to Heaven, or reject Him and go to Hell. The choice is yours. The only way to heaven is to be born again in the blood of Christ. Again, the only way to heaven is to be born again! Choose heaven, choose Jesus. Even if you repent upon your deathbed like Christopher Hitchens did, you will find your way into heaven if it is done with a pure heart. But if you live a life of sin and die in sin like Bobby Keys did, you will be cast into Hell to burn with Darwin, Carl Sagan, Robin Williams, the Popes, and Hitler!

Repent America, repent! Reject all rock and roll bands!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

Darwinists want to steal your children!

this is where the Darwinists want to lead your children.

Greetings True Christians!

Today I was looking around the internet and stumbled upon the blog of Niles Eldredge, paleontologist and Darwinist on staff at the American Museum of Natural History. Eldredge is one of the co-developers of the Hopeful monster saltation theory with Stephen Jay Gould. This theory suggests that stasis, or no change, is the rule in the fossil record, and new forms appear suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere. Eldredge and Gould suggest that some kind of magical evolutionary pathway must be behind these appearances. True Christians have the true answer. These appearances are consistent with divine intervention in the history of life.

While looking at Eldredge’s ungodly blog, one post stood out to me. Here’s the link. The first part of the post isn’t too ungodly. In fact, it’s basic, typical, evilutionist drivel. The guy talks about going to conferences, worshiping Darwin, and doing ungodly “scientific” things. That’s typical for a blog on Darwin. The second and third parts of the blog post, however, disturb me.

First, Eldredge has a freshman in college, Mike Bartesso, write a post on Darwin that is extremely anti-Christian. Bartesso has been deluded into believing that God and evolution can co-exist, and cites Pope John Paul II (who is burning in Hell as we speak) and the Catholic Church as support for his claims. He then professes the glory of Darwinism and mocks Creation Science. Eldredge, of course, introduces Bartesso’s post with excitement and zeal. What we have here is the Darwinists at work. First, they latch onto your children. Then they nudge them towards the Darwinist atheist faith in science. Finally, they make your children feel welcomed and at home with recognition such as this. As you can see from the link, they are often successful. Mike Bartesso is probably on his way to hell with a solid, unshakeable faith in Darwinism as we speak. And that, my friends, is a sad, sad fact. While Eldredge and the Darwinists will be in hell for deceiving Bartesso, Bartesso will be there through no fault of his own. He has merely been misled by his peers and elders. This is a sad truth that we must face. What are your children learning in college? For the sake of their souls, make sure that it isn’t Darwinism!

Second, Eldredge describes an outright act of necromancy. Eldredge claims that Charles Darwin “emails” him, and posts these emails on his blog. Either the guy is extremely mentally unstable, or he is attempting to channel the spirits of the dead. What does the Bible tell us about necromancy? Let’s take a look at Deuteronomy 18: 9-12:

“When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you.”

The truth is clear. This man is engaging in the devil’s work, and is an abomination to the Lord. He is in dire risk of Hell, and needs to repent, accept Jesus, and be saved.

My friends, we need to keep our children away from the secular Darwinist universities to save their souls. Do not let your children be deluded by Darwin. Do not let your child face the same fate faced by Mike Bartesso. He seemed like a well-meaning, intelligent young man in his “guest blog”, but this young man is going straight to Hell for accepting Darwinism unless he rejects Darwin and embraces Jesus. Right now, unless he has repented, he is acting as an agent of Satan. Let us pray for him and for all of our youth that have been misled by the Darwinists. Let us save the souls of our children. Let us take back our campuses for Christ.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

Rick Santorum would never stand by and let our youth be misled by the Darwinists. Let’s elect Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president in 2016!

the Truth about the Titanic

Greetings readers!

Did you know that God sank the Titanic? When the Titanic was built by the British, it was heralded as an unsinkable ship, immune even to acts of God. This obscene lack of respect offended and angered God, and God looked with anger upon the Titanic. Let us, for a moment, step back to Genesis 11, and consider another moment when God acted against humanity with anger. In Babylon, some people tried to build a tower so high that its peak would reside in Heaven. God saw this as an affront to His divine authority, and destroyed the tower of Babylon. The ruins are still visible today.

the remains of the Tower of Babel today!

The Titanic is nothing more than a modern day Tower of Babel. Mankind is an arrogant, selfish group that believes that they are somehow better than God in some cases. The atheists even go so far as to claim that man created God in our image, rather than the other way around! God hates our lack of faith and our utter disregard for His Word, and so he deems it necessary to act with vengeance against man. So it was with the Titanic.

When the Titanic set sail for New York from England, it was launched with a huge amount of fanfare. It was the most luxurious, most expensive, largest passenger ship ever built. And it was supposedly unsinkable. Its individual compartments were designed so that even if one was flooded, the others would not flood. However, as we should know from the Genesis narrative, if God wants to make something flood, it floods! Heck, God flooded the entire Earth in the time of Noah! But I digress, and will restrict my discussion to that of the Titanic.

the Titanic, before sinking

So anyway, when the Titanic set sail, the poor were kept below decks while the rich people were kept in luxurious quarters. This angered the Lord, who teaches that all are equal in His eyes. We will be ranked by our faithfulness and by our good works, not by our money and our possessions! In fact, Jesus tells us that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Many rich people, I assume, learned that lesson the hard way the night the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic.

In sinking the Titanic, God issued a challenge to mankind. God, in the form of Jesus the Christ, died on the Cross at the hands of the Jews and the Romans and rose from the dead in three days. Jesus did not say that He was un-killable. However, He came back from the dead after His crucifixion, and through that divine act, finalized our salvation, and showed us that life can only come through Him. The Titanic, on the other hand, was claimed to be unsinkable, and when it sank, there was no bringing it back. Jesus came back from the dead, and the Titanic still sits on the bottom of the North Atlantic. Let that be a lesson to all of us. Jesus and God are far more powerful than mankind ever will be.

Did God place the iceberg in the North Atlantic? I believe He did. There were an inordinate amount of iceberg sightings around that time, far more than normal. And the one that hit the Titanic appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. In fact, I believe that the sinking of the Titanic was an act of God intended to teach us a lesson and warn us of the evils soon to come. Only a few short years later, the First World War broke out in Europe, largely as a result of the failures of human political systems not governed by God.

the Titanic under water, or God’s power in action!

The sinking of the Titanic was also intended to teach us that we needed to have better safety provisions on passenger ships. There were not nearly enough lifeboats on the Titanic, and many people drowned because of this. The deaths resulting from this fact served as a warning to ship builders, who later put many life boats in their ships. This development saved many lives during the First World War, when German U-boats sank many passenger ships.

What lessons can we learn from the sinking of the Titanic? First, God loves humanity but hates human arrogance. The arrogant builders of the Titanic lost huge amounts of money with the sinking of the Titanic! Many people that believed in the unsinkable nature of the ship died for their misplaced faith. If these people trusted in God instead of in the lies of man, then they would have never drowned.

Jesus is the only thing unsinkable in this world or in the next.

Let us reflect on the lessons of the Titanic and end in prayer. Dear Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for blessing us and for keeping us or our ancestors off of Satan’s ship, the Titanic. Please be merciful with us and not send us to Hell but rather accept us into Heaven if we are Truly saved. We know that the Father loves True Christians, and we pray that You will be ever vigilant against heathens and false Christians, and that You will cast the unsaved into Hell so that they might not taint Heaven. Amen.

A True Christian message from your friends at

Life’s little joke. 101 reasons why people laugh at Darwinists!

Greetings True Christians! Tonight we will share with you 101 reasons why people laugh at evilutionists. So let’s laugh at the Darwinists and their fake theory of evolution, so stupid a Caveman can disprove it! Here’s the list, and please note that there are thousands more reasons that we could have added! Enjoy!

  1. The Darwinists say that we came from monkeys. If we came from monkeys, then why are monkeys still around? Checkmate Darwinists!
  2. Transitional fossils? What transitional fossils? There are no transitional fossils of the type required to prove evolution true. All fossils are easily classifiable within one created kind or another. There are no crocoducks! Checkmate Darwinists!
  3. If evolution is true, then why do we still get diseases? Wouldn’t disease have evolved out of the gene pool by now? The Creationists have a good explanation for the rise of disease, and that is the entering of death into the order of the world after the fall from grace in Eden. Checkmate, Darwinists.
  4. The Darwinists say that random variation can create all the complexity around us! But have you ever seen a B52 spontaneously built from scraps in a junkyard? No! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  5. If evolution is true, then why do people still have abortions? Wouldn’t evolution place a premium on the leaving of offspring, thus rendering abortion extinct? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  6. If evolution is true, then how come we have preserved Tyrannosaurus blood vessels? Those vessels are less than 10,000 years old, and their discoverer, Mary Schweitzer, is a closet Christian! Evolution needs an old Earth to function as a theory, but evidence shows that the world is very young! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  7. If evolution is true, then how come it’s still just a theory? Why don’t the scientists call it a fact or a law if it’s true? Your answer? Because it’s not proven! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  8. If evolution is true, then how come nobody has ever documented macroevolution in action? The only sequences that we can find any evidence for are microevolutionary sequences, and these microevolutionary sequences are completely allowable under the Creationist concept of baraminology, which studies the development of created kinds after the Flood. Checkmate, Darwinists!
  9. If evolution is true, then how come facts show that all languages have their origin in one very small region, near Babylon? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  10. If evolution is true, then how come we don’t see chimpanzees giving birth to human offspring? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  11. If evolution is true, then why do people still commit suicide? Wouldn’t that be evolved out of the gene pool by now? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  12. If evolution is true, then why does carbon dating constantly show flawed results? Carbon 14 dating is as stupid as evolution! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  13. If evolution is true, then how did the eye evolve? Even Darwin said that the eye made his theory completely absurd! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  14. If evolution is true, speaking of Darwin, then how come Darwin repented on his deathbed? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  15. If evolution is a scientific truth, then how come the Darwinists have to sue to keep it in schools? They sue because it is an ideology, not a science! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  16. If evolution is true, then how come the RATE Group has proven that nuclear decay was accelerated during the Flood in a model consistent with Flood Geology and the Biblical sequence? You can’t explain that Darwinists! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  17. If evolution is true, then why do the Darwinists still appeal to a mythological god-figure called the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Because they know they still need a creator! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  18. If evolution is true, then how come the Bacterial Flagellum is irreducibly complex? Checkmate Darwinists!
  19. IF evolution is true, then how come the only contributions it has made to science have come in the form of racist models that underpinned the eugenics and  Social Darwinist models of the early 1900s and late 1800s? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  20. If evolution is true, then how did the Tyrannosaurus evolved? The Creationists believe that T-Rex was created as a plant eater, and this is, in fact, logical. Those short arms would be no good for a hunter! T-Rex was designed to eat plants and coconuts in the Garden of Eden, and those teeth were perfect for cracking open coconuts, not for eating meat! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  21. If evolution is true and the Biblical narrative is false, then how come every single ancient people has a flood story? That’s because Noah’s Flood happened! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  22. If evolution is true, then what about the Big Bang? Science teaches that nothing can come from nothing, and that matter cannot spontaneously erupt into existence. Therefore, the Big Bang proves there was a Creator. Checkmate, Darwinists!
  23. If evolution is true, then how do you explain the Cambrian Explosion? That shows a clear act of Creation. Checkmate, Darwinists!
  24. If evolution is true, then why does the fossil record only preserve fossils preserved by disasters or “catastrophic events” like the Flood? The answer is clear. The Flood happened, rendering the Bible true! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  25. If evolution is true, then how come Darwinists Stephen Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge had to make up a theory called punctuated equilibrium to explain away the gaps in the fossil record and the complete lack of evidence for evolution in the fossil record? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  26. If evolution is true, then why does the panda bear eat bamboo? A meat eating animal would never “evolve” to eat plants under Darwin theory! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  27. If evolution is true, then how come every society, ever, has a Creation story? Everyone knows that life had to be created by someone, and that someone is God! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  28. If evolution is true, then why is Richard Dawkins afraid to debate Creationists? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  29. If evolution is true, then why did Christopher Hitchens embrace Christianity on his deathbed? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  30. If evolution is true, then how come there are stories about dragons and dinosaurs in nearly every culture? How come there is a living dinosaur in Africa if they are, according to Darwinists, all extinct? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  31. If evolution is true, then why do people help each other? This behavior comes from God, not from genetic mutations! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  32. If evolution is true, then how come every single mutation ever observed has resulted in a loss of biological information? That is, in itself, a perfect disproof of evilution! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  33. If evolution is true, then why hasn’t the caelocanth evolved at all in the supposed 65 million years between its disappearance from the fossil record and today? The answer is clear! Those fossils are only a few thousand years old, not millions of years old, and evolution doesn’t happen! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  34. If evolution is true, then why did God tell us that we were created in His image? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  35. If evolution is true, then how come God tells us that He created all life, and that 2 of every kind (or 6 in some circumstances) were taken aboard Noah’s Ark, and that all life on Earth today must have developed from those individuals upon the Ark?  Checkmate, Darwinists!
  36. If evolution is true, then how come people get pleasure from masturbation? Wouldn’t evolution only give us pleasure if we were actually engaging in the act of reproduction? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  37. If evolution is true, then why did Hitler fail? According to evilution theory, Hitler and the Germans were the master race. And if that master race fell, then evilution surely must be false! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  38. If evolution is true, then how come archaeologists have found the remains of Noah’s Ark? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  39. If evolution is true, then how come Christ took the Old Testament as Truth when He spoke in the New Testament? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  40. If evolution is true, then why are Jewish males born uncircumcised? Their fathers were circumcised so they should be born circumcised too, since evolution supposedly preserves traits acquired during a parent’s lifetime. Checkmate, Darwinists!
  41. If evolution is true, then why do men have nipples? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  42. If evolution is true, then how come nobody has ever shown how birds supposedly evolved? They only throw a picture of archaeopteryx (which was and always will be a True Bird of the bird kind) out and claim that evolution is true because Archaeopteryx exists. Checkmate Darwinists!
  43. If evolution is true, then why did evolutionists have to invent Piltdown Man? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  44. If evolution is true, then how come we still have appendixes? The appendix is an organ that God has created as a tool to punish sinners with appendicitis! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  45. If evolution is true, then explain how unicorns evolved. You can’t, because they were created by God. Checkmate, Darwinists!
  46. If evolution is true, then why was Isaac Newton, our most brilliant scientist ever, a Creationist? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  47. If evolution is true, then why does the SETI project exist? Evolution, if true, would create biosphere completely different to that which exists on Earth on other planets. Therefore, searching for radio signals is a complete waste of time from an evolutionary perspective. In fact, I believe that the SETI project is, in fact, looking for God! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  48. If evolution is true, then why did NASA astronauts constantly use the iconography and language of millennial Christians in reference to the space program? The answer is clear. Because NASA knows that God is the True Creator and that the Biblical model is correct! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  49. If evolution is true, then how come there’s a giant carved human face on Mars? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  50. If evolution is true, then why are the hands and arms of the bat, the dog, the human, the hedgehog, and the flipper of the whale all made from the same bones? The answer is clear! God used similar design in similar organs! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  51. If evolution is true, then how could the eye have evolved independently at least 6 times in geologic history as the evolutionists would have us believe? The eye is to complex to have evolved once! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  52. If evolution is true, then why was Darwin a Christian? Darwin knew that God’s narrative was the True story of Creation! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  53. If evolution is true, then why is “In God We Trust” on American money? The answer is simple. Because God is the Creator, not Darwin! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  54. If evolution is true, then how come we don’t see fish with legs crawling out of the oceans today? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  55. If evolution is true, then why does paleontologist Robert Bakker talk about pterosaurs as if they sprang into existence suddenly, as from the mind of Zeus? He knew there was no plausible explanation for their evolution! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  56. If the evolutionary model is true, then how come we have fossil seashells on the tops of mountains? The Flood put them there, not evolution! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  57. If evolution is true, then how come Christ had to die for our sins? If we evolved rather than been created by God in the Garden of Eden, then Christ would never have had to die to redeem us! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  58. If evolution is true, then why do we have sex? Sex was created by God, and makes no sense from an evolutionary perspective! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  59. If evolution is true, then why is most of society, minus a few atheist scientists, comprised of Creationists? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  60. If evolution is true, then how in the world did the first cell evolve from mud? You can’t explain that using science! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  61. If evolution is true, then why did Einstein tell us that God does not play dice? Evolution is nothing more than God playing dice with life, and God does not play dice, therefore, evolution does not happen. Checkmate, Darwinists!
  62. If evolution is true, then why did the Jews face extreme punishment in almost all societies following the statement of the Jerusalem Jews that the blood of Christ be upon them and upon their children? Their hardships were a punishment from God for the death of Jesus! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  63. If evolution is true, then how come the fig tree withered and died when Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, cursed it? This event shows that God has complete control over all forms of life! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  64. If evolution is true, then how was Jesus able to heal people just by touching them? Jesus was healing His Father’s creations, not some evolved piece of pond scum that crawled onto a rock and evolved into a man! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  65. If evolution is true, then death is the law of the land. How was Jesus able to overcome death at the Resurrection? This proves that God’s law is always greater than death or than man’s false and incomplete theories. Checkmate, Darwinists!
  66. If evolution is true, then how did the soul come into existence?  Evolution cannot, by its nature, allow for or explain the existence of the soul, and yet the soul exists. Checkmate, Darwinists!
  67. If evolution is true, then Heaven and Hell do not exist, since the evolution model, as argued by Richard Dawkins, disproves God’s existence, if true. Yet we have people that have had near death experiences and seen heaven, hell, or God. Evolution can’t explain that! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  68. If evolution is true, then how come we have no evidence of life on other planets? How come the only planet on which life exists is the planet that God created life on? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  69. If evolution is true, then how can we make moral choices? We can’t if evolution is true, since evolution is patently an immoral process. Since we do make moral choices, evolution is obviously false! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  70. If evolution is true, then why don’t the bodies of holy people decay after death? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  71. If evolution is true, then why do Darwinists still use the false icons of evolution like Archaeopteryx, supposed whale evolution, the origin of life, and Piltdown man in their textbooks? Checkmate Darwinists!
  72. If evolution is true, then how come Darwin’s finches remained stable around basic body plans rather than evolving? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  73. If evolution is true, then why is the universe so finely tuned for our existence? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  74. If evolution is true, then why did Haeckel fudge his embryo drawings in order to show evidence for evolution? Because Haeckel knew that the evidence lead to Creation, not to Darwin! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  75. If evolution is true, then why does God favor Christians with more offspring than atheists? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  76. If evolution is true, then why is the banana perfectly designed to fit the human hand? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  77. If evolution is true, then how come there are human footprints preserved with dinosaur footprints at Paluxy River in Texas? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  78. If evolution is true, and the Flood model was false, then how was the Grand Canyon created? It was created by water, but a great, great amount of water over a period of months, not millions of years! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  79. If evolution is true, then how did an angel wrestle with Samuel? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  80. If evolution is true, then how did Jonah live in the belly of a whale? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  81. If evolution is true, then how come the Old Testament, which tells us about the Creation Story, makes hundreds of accurate predictions about Jesus Christ? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  82. If evolution is true, then how does the Bible Code make thousands of accurate predictions about future events? The answer is clear. The Bible was inspired by God! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  83. If evolution is true, then why are people healed through prayer? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  84. If evolution is true, then how come science shows that certain areas of the brain are directly associated with religious experiences? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  85. If evolution is true, then what came first…time, space, matter, or energy? The answer is God. Checkmate, Darwinists!
  86. If evolution is true, then what came first? Male or female? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  87. If evolution is true, then why do we find tree trunks surrounded by layers of rock supposedly formed over millions of years? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  88. If evolution is true, then why are there so many “living fossils”? Why weren’t they all evolved into extinction? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  89. If evolution is true, then why do people drink cow’s milk rather than breast milk? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  90. If evolution is true, then how does it overcome the second law of thermodynamics? The evidence is clear, it doesn’t, because evolution is a fairy tale for grownups! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  91. If evolution is true, then how what existed before the Big Bang? A Christian can answer “God”. A Darwinist, who is afraid of that answer, can only answer “I don’t know.”  Checkmate, Darwinists!
  92. If evolution is true, then why aren’t there any transitional fossils between dinosaurs and mammals? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  93. If evolution is true, then how come Ussher’s Chronology proves that the world is younger than 10,000 years old? This is far too little time for evolution to explain the development of life! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  94. If evolution is true, then how come Lord Kelvin proved that the Earth CAN’T be millions of years old? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  95. If evolution is true, then why can’t crosses between two “species” reproduce? Why is there a species barrier? Evolution should render such a barrier nonexistent! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  96. If evolution is true, then how can we domesticate animals? The domestication and development of livestock shows artificial selection and design by an intelligence, not by a blind, unguided process! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  97. If evolution is true, then why are Richard Dawkins and EO Wilson, two famous evolutionists, constantly fighting over it?  Because they can’t agree since they are both falsely using a false theory! Checkmate, Darwinists!
  98. If evolution is true, then how come Michael Shermer, world-famous “skeptic”, is a closet Christian? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  99. If evolution is true, then how come its only fruits are evil things like teenage sexuality, pornography, communism, socialism, Nazism, homosexuality, man on dog, rock and roll, murder, suicide, self-mutilation, women wearing pants, and groups like anonymous and the reddit atheists trolling on the internet? Checkmate, Darwinists!
  100. If evolution is true, then why does all evidence point to a very young earth? Checkmate Darwinists!
  101. If evolution is true, then you are nothing more than a monkey in shoes. Checkmate, Darwinist!


Evolution is an obvious lie created by Satan, and a terrible, sinful fairy tale for grownups. The evidence is clear. Creation, no evolution by Darwin, is the True explanation for the diversity in Christ.


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