The Rocky Horror Satan Show

Greetings True Christians.

Tonight I would like to warn all of you about the sinful, Satanic, homosexually explicit Rocky Horror Picture Show.  In this film, we see two homoerotic young nymphomaniacs, Brad and Janet, get hitched after seeing a friend’s wedding.  The presentation of this wedding is Satanic enough; first, the wedding car has a banner which reads “she got hers now he’ll get his”, an obvious sexual reference.  When Brad asks Janet to marry him, he draws a heart….on a church door. You do not disrespect the Lord, our God, who led the Israelites out of slavery, in such a fashion.  See the movie on TV? then you’ve been spared some of the horror. I’ll explain later.

Anyway, after Brad and Janet get engaged, they go driving and get a flat tire, with Richard Nixon’s resignation speech playing on the car radio.  What sinful thoughts hath the directors wrought? Why use Nixon, an obvious agent of Satan? Why not just play some good Christian Gospel music?

Anyway, Brad and Janet see a light “over at the Frankenstein place” and go to this creepy castle.  A hunched over blonde haired man with long hair answers the door. First, it is sinful for men to have long hair. I know this because I asked the Holy Spirit.  Images of Jesus with long hair? Totally false.  Go ahead, pray about it. Second, this man has incestuous relationships with his sister. They kiss on screen, and do this creepy, strange thing called “elbow sex”, if I am to trust the chants of the viewers in the theater. What horror!

Once inside, Brad and Janet witness the “Transylvanians” (from Transexual, Transylvania…an obvious homosexual reference), doing the “Time Warp”, an obviously Satanic dance, as evidenced by it’s orgiastic content (“pelvic thrust!!”) and circles of doom.  Then the true horrors begin.

Tim Curry, “Dr. Frankenfurter”, appears. In drag. As a Transvestite. Wearing women’s lingerie. Don’t believe me? See for yourselves:

This is terrifyingly horrid.  Not only that, but “Frankenfurter” plays God, by creating his own personal sexual toy, a blonde haired man named Rocky.  Rocky is a fine muscular specimen, but no man should lie with another man in bed.  Yet this is what Frankenfurter plans for Rocky.  Later in the film, Rocky plays with Janet’s breasts while she sings “touch me I want to be dirty”, while Frankenfurter does his sinful deeds to Brad in a pink room, initially posing as Janet but later giving Brad what appears to be a “blowjob”. We also find out that Rocky is Frank’s second creation, following “Eddie”, played by Meatloaf.  Frank kills Eddie, and claims it to be a “mercy killing”. This is a clear affront to God! Only God can decide who lives and who dies! It is not Frank’s place to decide whether Eddie should live! And later in the film, at Rocky’s “birthday party” (or should we say “rainbow party”), they actually EAT Eddie, a reference to eating Meatloaf.  Meatloaf is an unclean meat! It is made by re-packaging scrap meat and creating something artificial out of something natural. The cannibalism reference is clearly sinful as well, but I delve less into that since all true Christians can see the sinful nature of it.

Other problems with the film: The film suggests that extraterrestrial life exists. The film shows constant gay pride references such as rainbows and speakers mounted on Greek statues of naked males. The film also shows a man laying with another man. The film also shows a man taking God’s place by creating another man. The film also mocks the Sacred, Holy vow of Marriage.  The film was given an “R” rating. I would give it an “S” rating, for Satanic.

I could go on for hours about the evils of the film itself, but given the absolutely hilariously poor quality of filming and set construction, the creators of the film obviously would not care enough to listen.

What I will critique here is the Satanic goings-ons at Rocky Horror Picture Show showings in theaters. Ever seen it in a theater? Don’t! Here are the problems:

First, every single viewer is slapped with a sexual toy, a “dildo” as their “virginity” is symbolically taken away. This is a clearly Satanic ritual.

Second, viewers scream obscenities at the film throughout the film in an organized, ritualistic fashion. This clearly shows the Satanic nature of the film. And yes, Janet might be a “slut”, but do we really need to hear it every time her name is mentioned?

Third, people throw food around the theater, wasting valuable rice and toast and hot dogs that would serve a far better purpose in the bellies of our poor.

Fourth, people actually DRESS UP as these characters! There are numerous men in drag at every showing, making the theater itself a homosexual breeding ground of orgies and sin.  Do you really want to be caught up in this mess?

Fifth, people actually engage in the “Time Warp”.  They do this Satanic dance as one large Satanic group. This is clearly sinful.  Don’t they know that there is only One True God, and that God is the True God, and not Satan?

I could go on for hours about this Satanic film.  Why is Tim Curry in drag? Why does Rocky play with the breasts of a woman who is engaged to be married? Why does “Riff Raff” have “elbowsex” with his sister?  Why do Brad and Janet run around in their underwear? Why do the stars in the film practice ritualized cannibalism onscreen? Why does everyone in the film wear lingerie? Why is there Satanic dancing? Why is there orgiastic homoerotic overtures throughout the film? The answer is clear. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was inspired by none other than Satan himself.

We must reject the ways of Satan and all his demons. We must reject the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We must, as True Christians, stand in unity against the sinful ways of this film and all of its viewers. We must protect the True Christian faith held by many Americans, as evidenced by the fact that more than 50 % of all Americans believe that the Earth was Created a few thousand years ago by our God (as it Truly was).  We must combat the sinful ways of our theaters. We must take back the theater for Christ.

From your friend

Jim Solouki

And remember, boys and girls:

If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. Leviticus 20:13 KJV)

119 thoughts on “The Rocky Horror Satan Show

  1. It’s like that, because the film is meant as a joke, in case you didn’t recognize that.

  2. weerd0 says:

    And here comes reddit with r/atheism.

    • Dude, you are awesome.

      • Oh I know that I’m awesome, and when I die i will be in paradise with our Lord Jesus Christ, because I was washed in His pure Blood for my sins.

      • Not you, asshole. Weerd0 is awesome. You suck dick, as I will now show.

        Oh, goody, you did an article on one of my favorite movies! All right, lets get started!

        Okay, let’s start with your intro paragraph.

        The Rocky Horror Picture Show does, yes, follow many standards of what you would call “sin”. As for almost everyone else’s, nope. Satanic? The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Bitch please. I actually know a cult nearby, and I’ve seen what they watched. If you thought this was bad, you would piss, shit, kill, and eat yourself if you had seen what I have. Homosexually explicit? You bet your homophobic ass it is! It is so flamboyantly gay that even I, a bisexual, find it quite ridiculous at some points. That’s part of what makes it so funny, man! I laughed my ass off for most of that movie.
        Homoerotic young nymphomaniacs? Well, shit, they’re married, so by all of what you said it doesn’t matter how promiscuous they are with each other. As long as they’re married, it’s fine. You, my friend have been made uncomfortable around anything sexual due to your brain-washing, as evidenced in how you immediately took offense to a very light-hearted sexual joke on a wedding banner. And exactly how is it so bad that he proposed to her by writing a heart on the door? I thought that it was very sweet. And where in the Bible does it state something against it? Even if it did, it’s horse-shit, just like most of the Bible (we still use some of the important rules like murder is bad) is. Man, you take your doors seriously. May they forever rot in hell for drawing a doodle.

        Oh my fuck, dude, now you’re going to rail on Nixon? NIXON for shit’s sake? Ok, for one thing, Nixon did what most U.S presidents did. He just wasn’t able to keep it quiet. Sure, he had Watergate, traded with communist China, and escalated the war in ‘Nam, but he wasn’t evil.  Kennedy employed many of the same tactics he did. He was yes, a bit uppity, but that’s it. Fuck, man, a guy makes a political decision and you jump immediately to “SATAN WORSHIPER!”. Damn. Oh, and gospel music sucks ass. BRING FORTH METALLICA AND SLAYER!!!

        Next paragraph. Okay, long hair? Really? You’re going to nit-pick over that, too? How do you enjoy life if you always look at things so negatively? Never mind, I don’t wanna hear your overly-religious answer. I will imagine your fake prophet with as long hair as I damn please, thank you very much. I will also imagine him with laser eyes, an electric guitar, and a punk rock outfit, because while he’s lame, he looks kinda cool. No, I will NOT pray on it. Don’t tell me what to do! Okay, on to your overreaction regarding Brad’s sister. Dude, a kiss is a sign of love. Didn’t your mum kiss you? Your father? It’s a sign of love. Not just romantic love. In your Bible, Judas kissed Jesus on the cheek. He loved him, even though he betrayed him. Does that make him gay? And “elbow sex” is a gag. The area they rubbed together is also referred to biologically as the weanus, which sounds dirty. Hence the joke. He isn’t actually having sex with her elbow, if you didn’t notice. I hate having to be Captain Obvious. In short, you are too high-strung. You’re seeing incest and Satan everywhere, bro, get a grip!

        Next paragraph. Okay, yes, the town is called Transexual, Transylvania, which is hilarious. Homosexual? A bit. Funny? A lot. The Time Warp? Satanic? No. Now you’re just pissin’ me off, I was able to laugh at some of your post. The Time Warp does feature some pelvic thrusting, which is merely dance maneuvers. You act as though they are actually fucking, which makes me wonder where your mind wanders whilst watching this. “Circles of doom”?! My god, PI IS SATAN!!! REBUKE YOUR GEOMETRIC ABOMINATIONS OF PERFECT ROUNDNESS!!! GOD HATES 3.14!!! Shit, I can’t stop cracking up. They are simply gyrating their hips in a circle, there is nothingnwrong with that. If they weren’t wearing clothes, then maybe.

        Oh fuck yes, Tim Curry. I pissed myself laughing when he started singing. He appeared. In drag. With glam-rock makeup. Women’s lingere. That is the funniest shit i had ever seen. He normally plays these really, dark, villainous characters that are kinda uptight, and to see him dressed up like that is just too funny. He doesn’t seem the type normally, but this is an exception. Trust me, man, when he came in dressed up like that, I could scarcely believe it myself. And the name Dr. Frankenfurter just adds the cherry on top of this disturbing, hilarious character.

        Indeed, it is kinda horrid, but in a way that elicits a bout of laughter, not retching. 
        Yes, he does create life, but it isn’t like they came up with the idea themselves. Blame Mary Shelley, not the director. Rocky is pretty awesome-looking too. I won’t lie, I’d fuck em too. And your religious views on homosexuality come from a book that was made up thousands of years ago by homophobic desert tribals. Sand people. And we all know sand people are not very accurate (just so you know, that’s a Star Wars reference, not racism. Thought I would explain so you wouldn’t throw a shit-fit). If I were Janet, I would totally be on his jock too, especially with that cool name. And the scene where Brad received the Franken-fellatio left me in tears of laughter. Now for the Meatloaf death. That was an awesome joke, cannibalism or no. Serving Meatloaf. Ha! Mercy killing. Your religion advocates killing all throughout your book. How retarded are you? Have you ever even opened Leviticus? “Only God can decide who lives and dies!” 
        A) It looks like they damn sure decided, no problem.
        B) Your religion advocates killing all through the Bible. Therefore, if youndon’t follow who and who not to kill, you aren’t a true christian as you claim you are. That’s why I’m glad to be an atheist.
        C) It’s a joke. Dude, seriously, when you have a heart attack and die over a dick joke, I’m gonna laugh. Hard.
        And now on to the cannibalism. I’m a survivalist. I was a Christian. I did my research in the Bible regarding whether it is a sin or not. I found that it is only a sin to eat your close relatives and yourself. I found that interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to eat people. It is a sin against human nature, not just science. But if push comes to shove, I’d
        Do it. Only if I had nothing else to eat. 
        All seriousness aside, eating Meatloaf is an awesome gag. Meatloaf is unclean? Well, judging on how you make it, yeah. Damn, you can’t even eat meatloaf without enjoying it because of your religion. You really need to at least lower your standards, bub. Be tolerant of people and stop being a shiite-christian! Crazy motherfucker.

        Oh, now we’re getting into aliens! Look, there is other life out there. The odds are astronomically high (pun intended) that we are alone in the universe. There is a picture that i saw once. It was taken by the Hubble Telescope. In this single picture, there were around 10,000 galaxies. Galaxies, as in one of what we exist in. Each galaxy holds betweeb 3 million and 10 trillion stars, which often have planets revolving around them. Often there are planets we find that are a lot like ours, able to harbor life. This picture was just one 37 millionth of the night sky we can observe. Thats 1/37000000x(3,000,000-10,000,000,000,000)x10,000. That’s a big damn number of stars. That’s not all though. Using radio-astronomy, scientists have theorized (and these are good scientiests, not these preachers that call themselves that) that the areas of the universe we can observe measures extremely small in comparison to how big the universe really is. The comparison they make is “a quarter compared to the size of Jupiter”. That’s big. There is life out there. Whether we have contacted it or not is open to discussion. But it is out there. So there goes that statement of yours.
        As for the overall gayness of it, I must say it does get pretty gay. But in the last article younwrote, you claimed rainbows were made by god to grace the earth. Maybe they are simply religious? Also, Greeknstatues aren’t gay. Naked, but not gay. In fact, The Statue Of David, an incredible work of christian art is naked. That doesn’t make it gay. Da Vinci, however, was. Look it up, the man was flamboyantly gay. Yes, it has been made clear this movie is quite homo. Two dudes fucking, blowjobs from trannys yadayada. We get it. Gay. Gay bad. There’s nothing wrong with homosexuality. It’s been proven that it is genetic (not hereditary, genetic). The moment one is born, they recieve the coding for if they are homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual. The genes have been found. Deal with it, man, it ain’t a sickness, and it ain’t wrong. Your dumb book just says it is.
        Yes, Frankenfurter made another man, go blane Shelley (repetitive, aren’t you?). If sluts that marry for cash and whores that change their husband every eight seconds along with miserable straight couples, why not let perfectly happy gay people? It isn’t affecting you. You don’t have any jurisdiction over gay people. Fuck off, let ’em get married. Who made you goddamn king of the world? I think we should have a purely state-marriage. One that isn’t so religious. That way gay people can be bonded in matrimony. Or better yet, have churches actually start doing them and stop being so bigoted. Fuck.
        Oh, dude, you made a rating’s ststem based on religion? Dude, look up a video called “two girls one cup” and rate it for me. I must have your opinion.

        As for the quality of the video, audio, and set, I would rate it at pretty good. The seventies didn’t have the cameras we do, nor recording equipment as clear, but that gives it a kind of grittiness that improves the film, i think. The set is quite good, actually. You probably think it’s bad because of all the marble penises. Penii? No, penises. I agree. I think the makers of RHPS wouldn’t give a fuck what you think because they are brave, bold, and ballsy for putting out this movie. Also, no one gives a fuck on your opinion. Sorry if that’s new news.

        I have never seen it in a theatre, but i will try to after reading this. I will. Don’t tell me what to do!!! Bossy prick. Anyways, it sounds awesome and fun how you described it. 

        First, a dildo smack is funny and different. I’m cool with it (as long as it’s not used). For fuck’s sake, everything is Satan, Satan, Satan with you, isn’t it, Jim? Man, you need to smoke some weed or something to calm down. Trust me, if it were a Satanic Ritual, you’d know.  Trust me, i’ve seen pictures. Pentagrams and such. However, the day you celebrate Christmas is actually the day of a pagan orgy/feast/meat festival. The church adopted the day for Christmas. The imaginary figure, Christ was supposedly born in the summer-time. That you don’t know. Merry Christmas, mothafuckah.

        Second, people all yell the lines out because they’ve all seen the movie and love it. I know all the words to Ferngully because i watched it so much when i was young. They all share a cameraderie in that they all love the film, so nobody minds what they say (personally, I’d be a bit annoyed at first, but i’d get over it). Of course, your first thought was SATAN, which you must hear in your head ALL THE TIME. nothing Satanic here. Just people enjoying a film in a loud, hilarious way.

        Third, i can totally get in on inner-movie theatre
        food-fights. As much as it is wasteful, that food wasn’t going to africa anyways. Don’t act like you really care about them. You don’t think of them all the time (seeing as your number one thought is SATAN). They’re just an idea in your head. Stop being so self righteous, you bag of vaginas.

        Fourth, people dressing up like them? Awesome and hilarious to boot! Men dressed in drag isn’t always gay. They just dress up like the characters. While i wouldn’t take a kid there, it isn’t that bad. People dress up for Batman too. Does that mean they’re orphans? And I highly doubt there are actual orgies occuring. Did anyone actually fuck? Be honest, not manipulative. Sin? Maybe, as defined by your collection of stories i wipe my ass with nowadays (surprisingly absorbant and soft!). Look, it’s just fun. Not exactly good, clean fun, but it’s fun. I wouldn’t dress in drag, but i think it’s a riot that full grown men come dressed up in it. What if i wore a soldier uniform. Does that make me a soldier? How anout an angel costume? A horse mask? Do I magically turn into a wolf if i wear my old papier mache art project? No (sadly. That’d be cool) Don’t be so quick to judge. If you see a guy outside of that situation, though, there’s a good chance he’s gay. Sure, I’ll hang with those moviegoers. Sounds fun.

        Fifth, I could actually get in a group and di the Time Warp? Fuck yeah! Oh, you used the word Satanic twice in one sentence. Well done, you broke a record. I think i’ve already established the dance isn’t satanic. Just minorly sexual. Mostly just cool and geeky. They aren’t. Worshipping. Satan. They could all very well be Christians, and just like the movie. In fact, there’s a good likelihood of it! Man. Satan. Satan. Satan. You’re like a parrot that listened to a recording of the Bible, and the disk started skipping on Satan.

        I will now answer your questions as posed in order.

        Why is Tim Curry wearing drag? It’s funny and weird.

        Why does Rocky play with the breasts of Janet, a married woman? Because it’s funny and boobs rock.

        Why does “Riff Raff” have “elbowsex” with his sister? Because it’s a funny insider joke, idiot.

        Why do Brad and Janet run around in their underwear? IT’S A FUCKING COMEDY.

        Why do the stars of the film practice ritualized cannibalism? It’s not really a ritual, AND IT’S A FUNNY GAG ABOUT MEATLOAF.

        Why does everyone in the film wear lingerie?

        Why is there Satanic dancing?

        Why is there orgiastic, homoerotic overtures throughout the film? BECAUSE IT IS WEIRD, FUNNY, AND REFLECTS THE POP CULTURE OF THE SEVENTIES, YOU (large string of cursing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I think it’s clear, here people. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a comedy/horror/musical, designed not to make you gay, not to make you worship SATAN(!!!!!), but to make you laugh and weird you out a bit, and maybe inspire you to learn some funny songs and dances. We, as normal human beings see that this guy is out of his freaking mind. He is wound too tight, And really needs to stop posting on this site, as it just pisses people off/makes them laugh at him. We must repeatedly disprove his ramblings on how the earth was made or how rainbows are created by god and god alone, among other crackpot theories. We must chill out, and enjoy the damn movies without taking out our Bible every few sentences to make sure what we see isn’t a sin.

        The movie is a joke, not a dick, Jim. Don’t take it so hard.

        From your opponent,
        Not Important

        1) Tim curry has a great singing voice as displayed here.

        2) Gay rights will succeed in the end. You’ll look just as bad as the racists 50 or so years ago. The numbers don’t lie. More and more people in America are accepting gay marriage, and a lot of ’em are of your religion. Stop now, or you’ll regret it later. Cheers.

      • The film is clearly Satanic. do you not graspt hat? I know you don’t! Why? Because you’re a heathen!!

      • Yes. Crawl into the i’m right, you’re wrong argument. It’s like your shell, isn’t it? You can’t come up with a logical explanation or at least try to make a theory based on your rwligion. But no. You run and hide from it. Between rhe two of us, you are the bigger coward. The weak link. The pussy. I remain victorious. Now go hide. I’ll wait for the next post.

    • adara says:

      and rightly so since this is complete tosh. why do people continually buy into this grabage? no wonder christians are unable to discern reality from fantasy.

  3. Train Ronny says:

    Wow… Timely subject…

    • I saw it at a movie theater yesterday.

      • You won't listen anyway... says:

        YOU PAID TO SEE IT! YOU’RE GOING TO HELL FOR SUPPORTING THIS FILM! Paying for it means supporting it, you know. Or, did you sneak in? If you did, you’re going to hell for violating the laws of man. Whatever you hold true on earth, God holds true in heaven, after all. And it is against the law to sneak into a movie. Either way, you’re going to hell for being such a judgmental prick.

        You see satanism everywhere. I feel sorry for you, I really do. There is so much more you could be doing with your time… with your life… Instead of writing hate articles on movies that came out in 1975, why don’t you try to love your fellow man? Isn’t that what Jesus wanted in the first place? For everyone to love each other and not hate anyone? It’s your hatred that is truly satanic.

      • If you saw it at a movie theater, I doubt it was at a reasonable hour, considering that RHPS has been relegated to midnight showings. I thought all good right-wing Christians had to be in bed by 8?

      • God has no bedtimes friend.

      • Buddy, you ain’t exactly God. Good troller reply. Keep it up, man.

      • Pious paul says:

        You are going to hell for posting this review. You have done nothing but given the satanic trash exposure. Martin and Jim might be the antichrist! Everybody with half a brain knows what this movie is about without having to watch it. The demon Martin and the demon Jim watch these movies because the LOVE them! They are the devil’s minions and are poisoning your minds!!! Go back to hell Jim and Martin, where you came from

      • Hell awaits you for being a false prophet, Paul!


      • Pious paul says:

        I am not watching smut, or calling myself by the name of our creator, as you have done with your bedtime quote. But our savior admonishes us to not cast stones and to not judge. But please, stop watching this wretched stuff to give it exposure! Any true believer doesn’t need reviews to know it’s evil!

    • Good christian father says:


      • I will pray for you my True brother in Christ! Keep up your true work of God.


      • Difference of Opinion says:

        I don’t think SATAN cares that you are so obviously an idiot that found a computer connected to ‘Net (need to stop leaving those things around), and like a Monkey doing a math problem, you eventually completed this blog.

        If you feel so strongly about this topic, you should run with Mitt Romney, and get started on burning books, too. Oh, yeah. That little thing called the Internet. Good luck praying THAT away.

        The previous poster mentioned that this film was made almost 40 years ago. Yes, the 70’s were a different time. In the 60’s, ‘Radical’ films also drew the ire of the Religious right. In the 50’s it was scandalous books like “Catcher in the Rye” or “Lord of the Flies”.

        I have found a difference between RELIGION and Spirituality. The problem with RELIGION is people are involved. Do you think if you talked to God through prayer he would still hear you outside of a church? Would his love for you end of you didn’t tithe, wear rubber underwear, or carry out any other trend required by various RELIGIONs? The problem with RELIGION is the people that run it are flawed people with their own agenda. You spoke to the Holy Spirit. I’m glad for you. Did he mention tolerance, and love for diversity in your fellow man? Or is that only if your from the right branch of RELIGION? when you abandon a rational discussion of opinion and retreat into claiming a lack of understanding, your discussion partners recognize that you have no logical argument or comeback to a logical point.

        People are different, and that is unavoidable, unless you WANT to live in a monochromatic, monotheistic society. Go find an island somewhere, or better yet, try another RELIGION, like Islam. They’re just as intolerant as you appear to be, and if people diss Mohammed, you get to kill them. Cool, huh? Want to execute Richard O’Brien or Tim Curry? Send them to Tehran!

  4. Sum Gai says:

    Hey Jim, you’re t it again?


    Jim you stupid fuck.

    • you may call me stupid, but you’re the one that is going to burn in hell, not me.

      • Wasn’t telling someone their fate an express ticket to hell?

      • He brings a point, you evil gypsey, predicting people’s future! Get thee hence!

      • Good christian father says:


      • Ranstpierre says:

        I am a Christian…. and I can assure your misguided self of several things. First, 1 Corinthians clearly states a man is NEVER to cut his hair. So next time you want to look like a good religious scholar, actually read the book you are claiming to know SO much about. It would be one thing if you were actually educated on your own religion, but you aren’t. Therefore your opinion is moot. Second, the bible says very clearly on numerous occasions that those who misquote it are “wiches”, “heathens”, and “charlatans”. Exodus clearly states, in exact language, that “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” Now I admit to misgivings and failures as a Christian. As a result, I shall only beat your witch ass to a bloody, incoherent pulp if I ever see you in the street–I won’t kill you. Also, you are awfully judgmental, telling people they are going to burn in Hell. The bible clearly states that this is the cardinal sin, for by judging, you are doing the work of God and saying you are better than Him. In short, suck a big fat dick you asshole who uses religion only as a tool to spread hate–THAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT CHRIST WANTS YOU TO DO. Wow.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Lol, I went to reddit after browsing /g/ and looked for computer shit, then said fuck it and went to atheism. Only thing i dislike about reddit is that pics dont open new tabs/pages. I also screenshotted all this and ill try to post this to /b/ or something. Anyway, g night redditfags and /g/ents alike.

      • Someone put this site on an extremely popular atheist forum realted to an enormous website called reddit. Expect trolling/hacking.

      • You won't listen anyway... says:

        Jesus didn’t speak English, does that make him a heathen too?

      • Mr.Thornberry says:

        Take your own advice and at least capitalize when necessary. It’s hard to not look like an idiot when you don’t have basic syntax and educated diction. You sound like an ignorant hick. Most because you are. But I have a feeling it’s not entirely your fault. But since I don’t want to waste my time with someone so completely absorbed in ridiculous notions of higher importance and purity, I will only say that this film is one of the greatest. I understand It isn’t for everyone. Which makes me wonder why you went to go see it at the midnight showing. Most likely you did this to have something to complain about and a topic to spew your venom and hate all over. I wasted 10 minutes of my day reading your pompous blog and hateful, blatant disregard for human freedoms. Also, I think its funny how you actually quote Leviticus. I guess this means you also don’t eat any animal other than cows or sheep, don’t jerk off, and practice the sacrificial killing of animals (which Satanists often do). If you say that this is true about you, then you’re a terrible Christian. Because you’d also be a liar. What you can take away from this, is, that you shouldn’t waste people’s time complaining about something that you don’t like. If you don’t fancy the film, don’t watch it. I love it. You have not ruined anything at all for me. In fact, you made me laugh. So I suppose I must thank you for the giggles at your unfortunate ignorance. I think if there was a god, they would want to you to not waste the great gift of life on hate and bullying of others. Others who are happy and proud of who they are.

    • whatshtisthis says:

      Someone posted this site to /sci/ a while back and everyone there was pretty much facepalming and laughing.

      • this is real science, friend.

      • Panda Bear says:

        Replying to Jim. If this is real science than I would really like to see the evidence. Where is the research? What happened to the scientific process? You follow an archaic book. You back up all of your claims of so called “science” with a book that was written for the sole purpose of spreading propaganda. Christianity started as a cult and it became a religion when it got popular. Personally, I love Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is a good laugh when I am going out with friends and having fun. The mere idea of “Christian science” is just moronic! Evolution is not a sin, it has been backed up by tons of research, it is key to understanding biology. I am also gay, my boyfriend happened upon your blog and we are reading it right now. If you think that being gay is a sin, so is judging others. It is God’s place to judge, not yours. You have too much hatred it your heart, and that is a sin. I have read the bible numerous times, and everything you stand for is sin. Homosexuality is one of the most natural things. It is found in many species, it has been a part of human culture for longer than Christianity has been around.

        Why do you believe in God? Do you think you would still believe in God 3000 years ago before Jesus was even born? Would you still believe in God if your parents and the community you grew up with weren’t Christian? The spreading of Christianity is akin to propaganda in North Korea, where the people grow up knowing no other way, truly believing their leader is God-like. You grew up knowing no other way than Christianity and believing that anyone who opposes it is sinning and will go to Hell. I know “True Christians” and they are nothing like you. They are kind, helpful, and do not have any room in their heart for hate. They love all people, whether they are gay, straight, bi, poor, rich, Islamic, or anything else. God loves all His children, which includes the sinners.

  7. willing deciple says:

    Hey pal it’s a movie pure fiction, it hits every cliche for movies and intentionaly so.I’ts harmell fun I am PROUD to have been a rocky cast member for over 30 years. I made some of the best friends in my life there. a couple of girlfriends as well I’m straight as a arrow and never had the slightest inclination to “lie with annother man as a woman” get a life. and my dark master had nothing to do with it’s creation My master has far better things to do then bothwer with a hypotrical limp dick like you. by his horns and the blessed fire of his pit may you come to know his love for your freedom

  8. WOW!!! hahahahahahahahahaha RHPS an awesome fun show, and creation science study…. Who are YOU to judge???? going by your own standards only “GOD” can judge…..

    “creation science study says: August 18, 2012 at 4:40 am
    Oh I know that I’m awesome, and when I die i will be in paradise with our Lord Jesus Christ, because I was washed in His pure Blood for my sins.”

    Wow, really??? In his actual pure blood??? Where did you find that? A time machine perhaps??? and gee, isn’t conceit a sin???

    Sorry honey, take fun for fun and let it go… your seeming like a prejudicial bigot which would also be a sin….. OH!!! and for your Leviticus quote…..
    “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. Leviticus 20:13 KJV)”

    I will never understand how some people can pick and choose which biblical quotes they wish to live by and ignore others… such as: (These are from NIV but the wordings are almost exact and the meanings the same)

    Leviticus 25:44
    “Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves.”
    Sooooooooo we are supposed to own slaves??? Oooookay!!!

    Leviticus 19:20
    “If a man sleeps with a female slave who is promised to another man but who has not been ransomed or given her freedom, there must be due punishment. Yet they are not to be put to death, because she had not been freed.”
    Once again, slaves… See things change, meanings change, life changes as people grow…

    Leviticus 19:28
    “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.”
    Ummmmmm wow!!! Yep all those tattooed people are lost now…

    Leviticus 19:19
    “Keep my decrees. “Do not mate different kinds of animals. “Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed. “Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.”
    WOW! Unless your wearing 100% everything then your lost too!

    Leviticus 26:29
    You will eat the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your daughters.
    Cannibalism????? interesting

    Leviticus 21:23
    “Yet because of his defect, he must not go near the curtain or approach the altar, and so desecrate my sanctuary. I am the LORD, who makes them holy.”
    So, a handicapped person is to be discriminated against?

    Leviticus 27:29
    “No persons devoted to destruction may be ransomed; they are to be put to death.”
    WOW!!! I can think of a LOT of people hat would be put to death, including most of our politicians…

    Leviticus 20:9
    “Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death. Because they have cursed their father or mother, their blood will be on their own head.”
    EEP!!!! Boy, I can think of many many people who would be dead…

    Leviticus 19:27
    “Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.”
    Do you have a beard??? Long hair??? If not your sinning….
    OK OK… I need to stop, I could go on forever here!!!

  9. Reason says:

    Hey Jim. Slightly unrelated topic here, but everyone else has covered most of the other stuff.

    I don’t listen to gospel music.
    I listen to this:

    • Reason says:

      Okay… Not the one I meant to post but still, Not bad.

      I originally meant to post:

      • Reason, there are two things I muet share with you. One, that Poano score is The most beautiful music I’ve ever known, and I simply haven’t been able to sleep for days. Thank you. Two, I am relatively sure this is a troll site now. He will deny it, but that is only to keep things up. Jim is a fake. That’s why he never answers you for more than two or three questions. In truth, he is doing more than you or I could do to stop the spread of Christianity. He’s defaming it better. We should all just leave the site alone and let him work his beautiful, beautiful troll. Trust me, the guys in /r/ atheism helped me see how big of a troll this is. He’s posted the site numerous times to the reddit to spread the site. So spread this genius anti-christian troll site far, and don’t lose four nights of sleep of it like I did. Now, I will listen to your the Kingdom Hearts, and sleep. Goodnight, and remember: atheism isn’t something you do. It is who you are.

      • Dear friend,

        I am not a troll. I am washed in the blood of Jesus. Jesus died for my sins, and I live to serve Him. The reason I do not answer more than a few questions is because I am very busy doing God’s work. I am absolutely and totally sure in my belief in Jesus as my True Savior, and I will pray that you will one day have your heart opened up to Jesus. I am no troll. I am a true soldier of Christ. I am not defaming Christianity; I am merely doing what I can to spread it. Mock me if you may, but I am the most faithful Christian that you will ever meet. I will be praying for you.

        Yours in Christ,


      • Suuuuuure you’re not Jim. Hehe, good one, man, you REALLY had me going. Good job, you marvelous bastard. Oh, keep up the trolling, buddy. And remember, stick to the “I’m right, you’re wrong” argument every time an atheist presents an argument. Very authentic religious nut there, man. Might I add that you need to add a dash of Episcopalian? They are very “hellfire and brimstone”. Quite insane, really. Seriously, keep up the act, it’s beautiful. I don’t mind if you don’t want to admit it openly because it would ruin the whole thing, but I just had to give mad props to ya, bro. Best of luck fooling those idiot Christians/gullible atheists who think you’re for real.

        Derek Staggs.

  10. Reason says:

    If you’re a gamer and haven’t already, play the game. The story is confusing as all hell, but goddammit it has to be the best series I’ve ever played. And as you’ve heard for yourself, the music is simply beautiful.

  11. Reason says:

    Agreed, I admit I enjoy the spin-offs as they flesh out the story a bit. But seriously, it’s time for Kingdom Hearts 3. Hoping to see it sometime in the not too distant future.

    • Seriously, I miss the creepy-looking heartless. Dream Drop Distance made them all fruity. I’d hug one of those, not smash it with a giant key.

      • Reason says:

        I really hope they take a darker tone with the next one. More along the lines of KH1 but just a touch darker, while still maintaining that signature “Kingdom Hearts” feel.

        I’m going to sleep now (6:00 AM). If it’s late where you are, I suggest you do the same. Reese’s peaces out

    • You won't listen anyway... says:

      I know, me too! Been waiting for HOW long now?

  12. Jet says:

    Wow… way to ride the razor’s edge of 1975…

  13. Josh says:

    God damn…you sure think and talk about Satan a lot. You sure it isn’t him you truly worship? I’d think a true worshiper of God and Jesus would talk and think all about that mythos all the time, instead of some other figure. Really, you’re fooling yourself bro…but you’re not fooling us.

  14. Stan says:

    christian person whom is blinded by a false reality and doesn’t know what satanism is even. learn your latin. satan means enemy the more proper wording would be something like Luciferism. than again lucifer means morning star which jesus has taken that name.your bible has changed so much over the years to fit the churches ideas. i bet you don’t even know Lilith was the first woman not eve. god casted her down for not being sexual towards adam for wanting to be equal to him. not his lesser.
    Rocky picture horror show is not remotely close to being “santanic” as you say. i bet in your eyes Jewish Muslim Buddhism and all other religions are “satanist” which i guess technically considering the real meaning behind the word satan (enemy) i guess they are your enemies? even though Buddhism is by far the largest and most peaceful religion Christianity is a only the second largest religion.

    please do not call something satanic that isn’t to start with satanism is the youngest of all religions and is not even a real religion.

    if you don’t know your religion and most western religions including satanism are from pegan roots.

    if i recall your so called religion states for you to not force it onto others and that you are supposed to be loving towards all

    and as for aliens (from space) how is this against the Christians beliefs?
    the catholic church even stated they believe in the possibility of life intelligent life outside our own planet. or are you so dumb that you believe the sun circles the earth and that the earth is the center of the universe that there is nothing beyond that. do you still believe the earth is flat as well? or maybe even that space is made of glass and nothing moves in space? please share i would like to know if people are still that naive to think we are the center of the universe

    • You are the uninformed noe. do you not know what Satanism is?

      • Freeing sheeple one bigot at a time says:

        Actually satanism is a christian believe. You have to believe in the “good book” in order to believe in Satan. So you christians can keep your boogey man and I will just continue to live my life in happiness instead of hatred and judgement.

      • Satan is real, just like you are real…are you real? then so is Satan.

      • Pagan Guy says:

        Satanism is just a form of rebellion created in the Dark Ages (When Christinaity successfully raped half the world) to go against the bible-bangers who had anyone who disagreed put to death. If there is a god, and he’s like the one you worship, then I’d worship Satan over him any day. Any god that tells me to be involved in slavery, rape, and genocide is no god of mine.

      • Pagan Guy says:

        Satanism makes more sense than christianity. I mean, unless you think slavery and beating children makes sense, then in which case you belong on God’s nuthouse/church.
        You should thank Lucifer, actually. He’s the reason you’re wearing clothing, have free thought, and are on the computer, typing out your senseless hate. Without Lucifer/Satan, you wouldn’t have free will or intelligence, as would your god have it.

  15. Tits McGee says:

    Soooooooo I am sure you are going to hate me because guess what? I act in this movie!!!! And guess what?! Everyone with a sane brain in their heads is welcome to come see myself and my friends preform it every other weekend ALL YEAR LONG in Orlando Florida! It is a fun movie, a fun play, and a fun time with my friends. It is a campy movie created to make fun of all the things you seem to hate. It makes fun of horror, incest, gay, cannibalism, little male singing voices, and everything else you can think of. I hope you show up at one of my shows so you can see how wrong you really are. And if I am going to hell, then I shall save a seat on the couch for you because if you are so christian and believe the Bible, then you would know that you are doing wrong by condemning people for enjoying this movie. If God has a problem with it, then let God handle it. Go sing songs with Satan and leave happiness alone.

  16. Tits McGee says:

    Oh oh! Something else to add, you said that for the “de-virginisation” at your theatre everyone was slapped with a dildo…hehehehe…you got off easy. There are many fun little reindeer games that I am sure you would enjoy. Sometimes we make people switch clothes, or eat cream off a tray positioned at each others crotches, sometimes they will do fun dances on random members of cast. But I just want to know, why did you go in the first place? Why did you spend your money on something you believe was made by Satan????

    Anyways, you have issues. It is a fun campy little movie made many years ago so…that answers why the quality was “poor” in your eyes. And as I said before, I shall save you a seat next to me in hell. And don’t worry you will be plenty entertained because I know all the songs and shall sing them to you over and over again. ^_^

  17. Tits McGee says:

    bahahahahahahaha cronies. Love it. I shall if you agree to come to one of my friends Naked shows of rocky :] Fully nude cast.

    • where are you located? I will consider it in order to save the heatehns.

      • Shalamar says:

        Wow! obviously you know nothing I’ve been on my cast for 9 years. We don’t need to be saved! We are a group of people who loves theatre. We do it cause it’s fun! Have a cast member named Satan and he knows a lot about and the satanism religion. More than you would. Your probably one of those people who thinks being gay is a sin! Well I got news for you with gays we would not have someone to design the things you wear, the movies/tv shows you watch, make music, or make anything you do like! We are not heathens, you are! For being stuck in the 19th century! You should go find a cave and live in it. You are not fit to be among the rest of humanity.

      • you need to be saved by Jesus

      • Lucy Füher says:

        Tits McGee left the info on where to find us, and you think this is sinful, you ain’t seen nothin yet wait till you get to the devils carnival, then you will really be pissen yourself in hell. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha!

  18. Lucy Füher says:

    This is rich not to mention free advertising for all the freaks and wierdos out there, you need to stop reading so much into this, I can do the same thing to your book luv, you need to have fun once and awhile. And to all you heathens out there come see rocky horror live, we will not do anything he says we do (unless you ask wink,wink.)

  19. sarah says:

    I’ve tasted blood and I want more… 😉

  20. oddmech says:

    You know what I love? Seeing a heretic saying he’s part of the “Good Lord”, bashing and telling people they’ve sinned and will burn. I love reading the author of this entry over and over again judge others on their faith. Yet, he has no right to it, only his “Lord and Savior” does. That’s heresy and that’s a sin worthy of “hell”.
    Looking forward to seeing ya there you hypocritical preacher.
    -An Ordained Atheist

    • Tits McGee says:

      PREACH IT!

      • Shiny Objects! says:

        Dear Tits McGee,

        you rock. the end. love your face. and happy belated birthday! let’s perform as columbia/magenta and engage in lesbianism in front of a live audience.

        Love, me.

        ps- thanks for all the ass-grabbing at rehearsal.

      • Reason says:

        Hello everyone subbed to this blog.
        I got a song for you guys. I think you’ll like it.

  21. JR says:

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate this amazing critique of Rocky, and all the conversation that has followed. It has grown to be one of my favorite shows, and I am also part of a cast. Yes there may be sinfull parts in it, but it is not devil worship. I would like to point out that if you look DEEP into it, it is actually showing some different, subtle stuff. First off, the Time Warp. Becasue they do it together, it is a satan worship? Watch this video:
    Woah dang. They are all doing it, TOGETHER! Gasp!! Second … A message: Accept people for who they are. Frank tried to create Rocky for himself, but Rocky turned the way God actually made him (not Gay). So, not everyone is Gay . (another gasp). Yes there may be crude parts in this movie … but it is all good clean fun. Also, hey, im a christian. … in fact, im going to go to seminary …. but I allow myself to have fun on the side, knowing it is all for fun and not real. ok?

    Leviticus 20:13 says: If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.


    Matthew 7:2-5 declares, “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    So please, stop judging other people and the shows they watch.

    Finally PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not qoute Leviticus as the word of our Lord in todays language. Do you also believe and follow Leviticus 11:10 : “But whatever is in the seas and in the rivers that does not have fins and scales among all the teeming life of the water, and among all the living creatures that are in the water, they are detestable things to you.” ???? My clam chowder? I want my clam chowder!!

    And the most important question of all ….. WHY IN GODS GOOD GREEN EARTH DOES THE CRIMINOLIGIST HAVE NO NECK>??????

    In Christ,


  22. Hey Jim, the parts in the new testament that are in red are what Jesus said, and He doesn’t even mention homosexuality at all. I believe in Jesus and I try to follow what he says to do, not what a precher thinks He wants to do. i Have yet to find a church that really teaches to love our neighbor no matter who or what they are

  23. Damark says:

    Alright. Where to start? I guess I’ll pull from the bible you claim to know so much about. Remember that passage in Leviticus where it says that ‘a man shouln’t lay with another man’? Well literally one chapter before it in Leviticus 19:27 it states that a man should not cut his hair or trim his beard. So there goes your Riff Raff argument. Next up: the ‘sexual banner’. God gave us sex. He thinks it’s great. That’s why it feels so damn good. Are we seriously about to condemn two newly weds for having sex? Now let’s clear some stuff up about Satanism, shall we? Just because it’s sinful, doesn’t make it Satanism. And though I hated him as a president, what the Hell is wrong with Nixon? I don’t think he’s warranted a title as ridiculous as “agent of Satan”, at least no more than any other political or business man or mega church pastor does. All-in-all, I quite honestly hope Not Important is right and this is all a trolling. I can’t possibly fathom being this unknowing and all-condemning.

  24. willing deciple says:

    Jim I noticed you replied to most of the posters but not to me is that because you fear the truth of my dark master? washed in blood is smelly and stinky and just plain disgusting. fire on the other hand is both cleansing and purefying. all men ( real men) are sinners and all sinners go to the blessed pit. when we get to hell all our freinds will be there. don’t you think heaven is populated by rather strange people that dedicated thier lives to go someplace to strum harps fore all eternity? renounce the hypocrisy of the dead guy hanging on a cross embrace my dark master, and all your wishs will be granted.
    the satanic bibel by anton levey lists the blasphomys as such
    behold the cruficx what dose it symbolisze? palled incompetance hanging on a tree.
    behold the fearsom jehova I uplift a broad ax and split open his worm eaten skull
    blessed are the strong for they will inherent the earth cursed are the meek for they will be trodden under cloven hoofs
    these are but a few. my master has great love for you contray to popular opinion. embrace him and he will embrace you. respond if you dare coward

  25. Andi says:

    If you men and women are true Christians, you would know one of the most important things God has said/ implied “treat others like you would want to be treated.” Do you not watch VeggieTales? Come one man!

  26. me says:

    Okay have to ask if you’re serious or just a stupid hypocrite? That only god can judge someone or something like that? Also you talk about how frank shouldn’t have killed eddie that only god can make those choice? Yet you decided to say that two men that sleep together should be put to death you hypocrite. Also eddie was doctor scotts nephew he was not a creation.

  27. george says:

    you call out cannibalism but, correct me if I’m wrong, don’t you eat the “body” of Christ in church? And drink his “blood”. You have the audacity to make such harsh accusations, like wasting what could be given to the poor when the pope has a fucking golden cross staff? you attack instead of forgive (like a true christian would) and cherry pick what to believe and what to dismiss. why don’t you advocate slavery, genocide, and human and animal sacrifice (awfully pagan of a non-pagan religion, don’t you think?) ? your god does. why don’t you kill disobedient children and wives and those who work on the sabbath (which is actually saturday, but christians changed it to sunday in order to differentiate themselves from the jews who were hated by the romans).

  28. Quaker says:

    Man, you really make me laught a lot with your fine arguments… Thanks for make my day! By the way, I’m a fan of RHPS and I play it in theatre with plenny of success in Mexico. I play Frank’nFurter 🙂 So, I guess I’m doomed.

  29. Megan says:

    Oh shut up you moron. All the hate in this world is fueled by people like you.

  30. Doesn't matter says:

    You are ridiculous. Your arguments for this are soooo far fetched. I feel bad for closed minded people like you. I consider myself a Christian and Rocky Horror Picture show is one of my favorite movies. Oh well I guess im going to hell. I also believe in gay marriage. God made them that way, god wouldn’t make people to just send them to hell. I think god would be more disappointed in people like you for being so judgmental of his children. Learn to see the world with an open mind asshole.

  31. LordRomney says:

    This is the funniest thing I have seen in years! Great joke guys! But this IS NOT REAL. I saw right through this garbage one paragraph in. Christian my ass!

  32. Oh please, can you review Jesus Christ Superstar next? That might be even funnier.

    • JR says:

      Aw that would be amazing!! love JCSS!!!

      • JR says:

        In all seriousness, what IS your stance on Jesus Christ Superstar? Rock musical of the Passion of Christ… It got alot of people to learn the story of Jesus suffering because it was portraed in a more “enjoyable” way. What say you?

  33. Lavonda says:

    Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website?
    My blog is in the exact same niche as yours and my users would truly
    benefit from some of the information you provide here.

    Please let me know if this okay with you. Appreciate it!

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  35. Harley says:

    Please tell me this website is a satire……

  36. 人気のブランドバッグ

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