21 thoughts on “CUA Law Professor Supports Bill Allowing Creationism in Classrooms

  1. weerd0 says:

    Ok jim you posted a lot of bs today. But im at work so you’ll have to wait until tonight to hear from me.


    P.S. I am going to go apeshit crazy.

    • Martin Baker says:

      You should be happy that the weaknesses of evilution are now being challenged in the school systems. We don’t want America to sprout out more criminals, pornography, racism, rape, illiteracy in the schools, drug addiction, and other various problems.

      • TheWhiteBee says:

        Agreed, “we don’t want America to sprout out more criminals, pornography, racism, rape, illiteracy in the schools, drug addiction, and other various problems.” Why education being compromised is considered a sound way of combating these issues is beyond me.

  2. Martin Baker says:

    Had evolution been taken out of the schools earlier, there would have been no socialistic and mandated health care from demoncrats in office such as Obama.

    • TheWhiteBee says:

      Good thing it wasn’t then, hey?! Really dodged a bullet there. Imagine how many people would still be without affordable healthcare if they’d taken evolution out of schools!

  3. weerd0 says:

    If this is going through schools i propose my own mandate. Abraham Lincoln, He killed vampires during the civil war. My proof i read a book and it said so.

    Seriously, and quite honestly Scientists and Biologists would be nothing short of delighted to have evolution proven wrong, Science holds no bias. I mean look at Stephan Hawking, he did for nearly ten years hold to his theory that Black holes were capable of destroying information (Information paradox) but eventually another scientist proved him wrong. Instead of trying to tie the man up in legal battles he conceded and the two worked together to from the hypothesis for Hawking radiation. (Wherein matter and information are not destroyed in a black hole but rather smeared across the event horizon.)

    Science is based on provable repeatable evidence and experimentation, it is constantly testing itself and trying to prove that every aspect of it is wrong. Their is no conspiracy to hide the evidence of creationism and it’s not even necessary because their is no evidence for it. Holding up a book and saying it is correct does not make it so. You must prove it.

    The THEORY of evolution is just like the THEORY of gravity. And if you want to test that one go jump off a bridge.

    • lmao. scientists would be delighted to have evolution proven wrong? Then why is every person that denies evolution barred from tenure? You can’t answer that! Checkmate, atheist!


      • weerd0 says:

        They don’t have evidence that’s why.

      • They are barred because they cant offer proof, or even any sort of verifiable scientific process to back up those claims, so they are, in fact, very bad scientists. The scientific process is not about proving yourself right. That’s easy, and results are easily manipulated to do that (as evidenced by the “science” most creationists quote to support there claims, which is all tenuous at best.). No, Science is one hundred percent about proving your self wrong. If it turns out you cant do that, then good for you, but the process is all about trying to find away that your idea fails, and the only way to do that is to explore all of the angles. Scientists don’t just come up with an idea and then try to prove it right. Instead the ideas are formed (typically) by studying what came before and trying to prove them wrong, which frequently sheds light on new areas of science.

      • there is plenty of proof in favor of creationism! The mainstream scientists just ignore that proof!


      • weerd0 says:

        Listen to this guy. He knows what he’s talking about.

      • There is no proof in favor of it, actually. You have a multitude of hypotheses, a large amount of people who assume that because someone notable stated said hypothesis that means that it is fact. The science involved, as i said, is pretty much universally bad science, as these scientists are simply trying to prove the hypotheses right with little, if any, objectivity. If you are going in to the scientific process trying to prove that you are right with out objectivity, you will succeed 100% of the time, because you will never see any of the evidence that doesn’t support your claims. Those that have gone in to the experimentation objectively have all come to the conclusion that there is no verifiable evidence found as of yet to support any of the hypotheses about creationism. Seriously, if you can show me 1 piece of actual proof, that is not hear say, rumor, conjecture and actually has a real, verifiable scientific basis, that is one thing, but such evidence doesn’t exist anywhere as of right now. And no, telling me that the bible is proof does not make it so, as there is no evidence involved there.

      • Your heathen nonsense has no place in a true intelligent discussion. You claim “magic” with no magician, we show you God.


      • Jim,

        I never claimed Magic. What i said was that there was lack of sufficient evidence to even begin to claim that creationism is a fact, whereas, there is a lot of evidence to the contrary. You tell me that this a true intelligent discussion, but i am talking intelligently, where as you are sticking your fingers in your ears screaming “nu-uh, i don’t hear you, lalalalalalalala” instead of responding with real, intelligent and thought out points. More over, you post things that are complete nonsense to support your beliefs, and then get angry at the people that point out the flaws in your arguments. If you believe the earth is created, that is fine (great even), and i cant say that that belief is wrong. What i can say is that all of the evidence says the earth is not young, as you believe, and that there is sufficient scientific proof that indicates that the earth formed over a large period of time rather than just appeared. There is no evidence that anyone has ever presented using real, verified, scientific processes that can offer any sort of explanation for the world if it is just a few thousands years old and was just magicked in to existence.

        For experiments sake, i present to you a few examples of scientific phenomena present here on earth every day. Though i know you will just yell at me that i am a heathen and ignore everything else, please try to explain these things from your viewpoint:

        Earths molten core is heated by the decaying radioactive isotopes, like Uranium 238, which has a half life of about 4.68 billion years or so. This was determined simply by observing how fast uranium 238 decays, and then calculating out how long it will take for it to disappear and be replaced by another, or a daughter, element. As radioactive material decays, they give off heat, which in turn keeps our core molten, but the core is slowly cooling down, again normal as radioactive isotopes decay. If the earth were a few thousands years old, as creationism suggests, the radioactive material could not have possible had time to cool down enough to habitable on the surface. In fact, it is unlikely at that point that there would actually be a surface at all, due to the extreme amounts of heat being generated by the decaying Uranium keeping everything molten. Based on this, we can take the cooling cycle or Uranium as it decays and use that to determine how long it would need to sufficiently cool enough to create the crust that we currently stand on (as molten material cools, it becomes rocks, a phenomena we can see regularly in active volcanoes, which in turn has become the earth that we stand on) based on the verifiable knowledge that we do indeed stand on top of about 20 to 30 miles of crust, which is in fact on top of the less cool outer mantle, and then the inner mantle, and so on. Just based on that number alone, we can determine that it would have taken at least a few billion years to create the earth as we know it.

        Continents and the shape and structure of land on the earth: While some of this can actually be explained by the above phenomena (the molten core is in fact constantly in motion, which is what keeps the earth in motion, which in turn provides gravity and magnetic force [yes, i am aware that that is an oversimplification] and as the core continues to move, it can, and does, cause the inner mantle to shift, which in turn causes the outer mantle to quake, and then up here on the crust we have what is known as an earthquake. Earthquakes of extreme magnitudes can cause some pretty extreme damage to the crust it self, and can also cause the mantle move, as is evidenced by continental drift.) my point here is more about the overall shape of the earth and geography in general. The earth, as it formed, slowly cooled, creating the crust, and in turn land. By that, the land is jagged, random, and frequently inhospitable. There are jagged cliffs, and rough edges. The earth is in constant motion and is constantly working on rearranging it self. The point here is that the earth is in a constant state of flux, and will continue to be until the molten core cools enough to become solid, at which point we will lose a few things, like our magnetic poles and gravity and so on.

        These are just a few of the many points i would like you to actually think about and address how they fit in with your beliefs.

      • The Bible is Truth. Anything which contradicts it is not truth.

  4. Christian says:

    Exactly! Evolution should not be taught in schools! The Earth is not even4.55 billion years old like those scientists say it is jeez! Here look at this you Atheists!

    Refute this! The Earth is not 4.55 billion years old!
    I love ya Jim!

  5. CUA stands for Catholic University of America, BTW.

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