Baptists don’t listen to Slayer.

Dear Christian friends,

I just recently stumbled upon this disturbing video on the youtube. It shows True Christians worshipping in a Baptist Church, but with the music replaced by a Slayer song. Here’s the video.

Baptists don’t listen to the ungodly metal band Slayer. Baptists listen to true Gospel music. Do you want to see what really goes on inside of a Baptist service? This is the true music for dancing Baptists:


And this Christian brother speaks truth. Let us listen to his True Christian words. Baptists don’t just dance, they also pray. And some of them speak truth:

So join me in combatting the evil video “slayer goes to church.” Next time somebody shows you this video, you can honestly and sincerely tell them that Baptists don’t listen to Slayer. They listen to Gospel music. Let us stand up for our brothers in sisters in Christ. Let’s take back America for Jesus.

Yours in Christ,


9 thoughts on “Baptists don’t listen to Slayer.

  1. Martin Baker says:

    I was left in tears when I saw some teenagers of the church youth group wear shirts from the satanic bands Slayer, Iron Maiden, ACDC, and Metallica. We need to do something to address this. It doesn’t seem we are doing a good job at fighting Satan.

  2. Reason says:

    Okay I just laughed so hard at “slayer goes to church” I’m pretty sure they weren’t actually dancing to Slayer. You guys do realize it’s just taking clips of people dancing in church and adding in Slayer music right?


    on an unrelated note, after finishing that video, the embedded video player showed me some suggested videos. One of which was “bikini girl fails”. Featuring two girls in bikinis dancing, when one falls. They had a good laugh about it and moved on their way.

    I was able to access this video from your site. do you guys support this stuff or something?

    • Exactly! That’s what I was saying! We don’t support the mocking of Christians through the use of Slayer!


      • weerd0 says:

        Did you even read Reason’s comment in its entirety? And i have to agree with him on this one, someone mashed up a bunch of clips from other worship videos to the song of Slayer (Personally I don’t listen to it,i don’t like heavy metal. I like DUBSTEP!) But even if its not a mix up are you truly trying to dictate how people worship? COME ON! If you want to see truly crazy worship which is not Christian or of middle eastern origin look up, well forgive me people but this guy JIM is going to completely misunderstand this. sigh… look up the church of Scientology. Which does not actually involve any science, they manipulate people with its name. They believe that an Alien Overlord will come to save them in the next 50 years while simultaneously stripping people of all of their money. Crazy. Again i’ll repeat that it is not science. Although you will ignore me on that…… But my point is that this is America you are free to worship whatever and however you want. DEAL WITH IT!

        Again Scientology not science, And I would be willing to say that they are worse than you Fundies.

      • you worship science you heathen. Turn to Jesus.


  3. weerd0 says:

    i worship nothing least of all science. If their is one thing i come close to worshiping it would have to be my friends.

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