sinful google searches

Dear Christian friends,

Clearly this blog is reaching the heathens! Let me share with you some of the google searches that have led to this post, probably as a result of our earlier post “The Internet is for sin“.  We are clearly bringing in the heathens. Hopefully we have managed to bring at least some of these sinners to Christ. I will, with no further ado, share the search terms that have come up. Look at these sinful internet searches:


playboy bunnies

teen bikinis

bar refaeli ass

playboye photo

play boy girls

best playboy bunnies

bar refaeli pink bikini

bar refaeli nude

bar refaeli sex

playboy girls

hot playboy bunny

bikini teen

playboy women

playboy bunny girls

old woman in bikini with fake tits

megan fox naked legit

swimsuit masturbating

priest with a woman wearing bikini photos


My true Christian friends, this is but a sampling of the search terms that have come to this site. There are many more LEGITIMATE Christian search terms, and many more searches for heathen smut. Hopefully we have managed to save at least one heathen through this blog. I will be praying for their souls.

Your friend in Jesus,


6 thoughts on “sinful google searches

  1. weerd0 says:

    huh, googling time thanks for the list!

  2. Martin Baker says:

    These are the kind of perverted searches you stumble upon when you teach evolution in the schools.

    • TheWhiteBee says:

      What? That came out of left field! What on earth does teaching evolution have to do with this?


        How does Kate Upton not make this list? Soooooo much hotter than Megan Fox! You probably want to add “Pterodactyl Porn” too, I mean with the whole not liking dinosaurs and women thing you’ve got going on this is really a 2 for 1!

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