True Christian Sites

Dear fellow soldiers for Christ,

let us proceed to link a couple of true Christian sites, useful for fighting against the heathens.

First, Ray Comfort’s blog. Ray Comfort is one of the most brilliant of us Creationists. You can find his blog here.

Second, the Answers in Genesis blog, available here.

And we cannot forget the amazing Kent Hovind, who continues his ministry even from prison. His blog is here.

And Eric Hovind’s page, available here.

Join us in using these true Christian blogs to combat the heathens.

Your friends at Creation Science Study

4 thoughts on “True Christian Sites

  1. Martin Baker says:

    Jim, God bless you for these wonderful sites!

  2. weerd0 says:

    I have to deal with you all of the time. Why would i want to browse the literature of other idiots? You are about as much as i can handle.
    Oh, yeah.
    CRAZY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRANAn:LAJKhfljahs;glka sldkaksjda;slkdhga sdkjalskdfhaskjdflakshkgjasdlfasojlhgalkwn4tkhawbdhasljkdngalkwoaiwhekjasdlfkasdjaksdlahsjalksdajslkaskahjwhelijweogawgjawlgh

    That was me banging my head into my keyboard. Thank Evolution for the thick skull i posses which protects me from killing myself when i read stupid stuff.


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