Eric Hovind and the truth about atheism

Dear True Christians,

Martin passed this True Christian Video along to me for all of you to see. True Christian Scholar Eric Hovind shows that atheists are indeed deluded in this video. Watch and learn.

From your friends at Creation Science Study

7 thoughts on “Eric Hovind and the truth about atheism

  1. weerd0 says:

    They have a point here. Most people are morally superior to God. He killed Millions simply because he did not like them. If he stepped down in front of me i would ask him why he was such a jerk. Simply because he made me does not equate him to being better than me.


    • Dude, these atheists say that even if God is proven to exist they wouldn’t believe in Him. Now that’s just stupid.


      • If God really exists, he is an asshole, letting africans suffer from starvation, letting people kill in his name, and sending people that doesn’t believe in him because he didn’t appear in front of them to hell.

      • But he loves you! God loves you! Don’t reject Him, and you’ll go straight to heaven.

      • If he really loves us, he would allow entry into heaven regardless of whether we believe in him and would forgive all our sins. Heck, he should first stop the suffering in Africa first.

      • voz says:

        Dude, NONE of them said that if he was proven to exist they wouldn’t believe in him. That makes NO sense.
        WORSHIP means “a. The reverent love and devotion accorded a deity, an idol, or a sacred object.
        b. The ceremonies, prayers, or other religious forms by which this love is expressed.”
        We would not WORSHIP him because we are morally opposed to the things that are said that he has done and would do. We can’t love a jerk.
        I would look straight at him and say, “Alright, you are real. I have scientific evidence to prove that you are real, I believe in you because of this proof, but I do not love you and I will not worship you.”

  2. weerd0 says:

    No they said that they would not worship him. That is different then believing in him.


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