The internet is for sin. Warning: SINFUL IMAGES WITHIN.

Did you know that the internet is one of the main causes of infidelity among Christians?  Go on the Google and search the images for “boobs” or “bikini” or “girl” or “sexy” or “hot” or “sex” or “kinky” or any term that comes to mind for sexual smut, and you will be bombarded with millions of pictures of pornography.  Pornography leads the mind to wander, and a wandering mind is often a sinful mind. Pornography objectifies women, and makes men tempted to masturbate, a cardinal sin.  Masturbation is a sin, and is often fueled by pornography. Pornography is most often spread by the internet. And pornography ruins the sanctity of marriage. How? By leading one to covet, or even to harbor adulterous thoughts, the internet leads the mind to sin, even if this sin fills the body with pleasure.

A prime example of the sinfulness of the internet can be found through Playboy. While Playboy was (and still is) spread in magazine form, it is most prevalent on the internet. If you search the Google for “playboy,” “playboy girls,” “playboy bunnies,” “playboy sexy,” “playboy hot,” or similar terms, you’ll be assaulted with images of women in nude or half nude presentations. Here are a few examples.  These are mild in comparison to what many of these pictures look like:

My Christian friends, see how sinful the internet is? The increase in sexuality inAmericais one of the biggest problems facing this nation.  It has led to a drastic increase in the number of both bikinis and lingerie. See examples below:

In fact, Sports Illustrated, runs an annual bikini issue! What kind of sport are they trying to illustrate?  My guess is either masturbation or fornication. Here is an example of the traditional “Sports Illustrated” bikini image:

See how far we have fallen? See how we objectify women? See how women have become nothing more than sex objects? An increase in these types of images corresponds directly to an increase in nymphomania, or sex addiction, in America.  The increase in nymphomania in America directly corresponds with the number of abortions in America. Abortion is murder, even moreso than masturbation.  Americans now even buy “Masturbation kits”, such as those shown below:

Another key failure of the modern world is that we have created an unnatural obsession with breast size.  The female breast, a long-time Pagan symbol of fertility, has become an object of obsession among people, Americans especially.  These breasts are now being artificially expanded in size through “breast implants”.  Look at how unnatural these breast implants look:

America is in a bad place.  American men are being taunted for having penises that are allegedly “too small.”  American women are sleeping around at will and cuckolding their husbands. America is in a bad place. A very, very bad place. We, as a nation, are headed straight to hell. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof:

My friends, we need to reject our sinful ways.  It is time to reject the American obsession with sex. We must turn back to a good Christian lifestyle. We must reject the sinful images of women like these:

And replace them with True Christian women such as these:

It is time to repent from our adulterous ways. America has become a nation of heathens, and her citizens are destined to rot in hell. It is time for us to shun sexually liberated women (also known as the whores of Babylon) and embrace chaste, subservient women. It is time to return to a Biblical way of life. Repent America, Repent.


Yours in Christ,



74 thoughts on “The internet is for sin. Warning: SINFUL IMAGES WITHIN.

  1. Shelby says:

    Thanks for compiling a list of porn for me to masturbate to.

  2. OK, im convinced. You are applauded as the best troll i have encountered in a very long time. Bravo. Seriously, Bravo!

    I know, i know, you’re not a troll. Thats OK, you’re secrets safe with me.

    I am not necessarily disagreeing with the basic point of this post, but you cant just post random pictures and just say “this is proof of the random crap im saying” It makes you sound like a moron, but im guessing that is secretly what you’re aiming for, anyway.

    And im not even gonna point out the irony in the last part of the post, as im sure that was what you were going for, anyway!

    • Dear friend, I’ll be praying for you. ANd you are right, I am no troll. I am a soldier, fighting for Christ, and am only calling the heathens to repent. I’m not a moron! That’s real evidence!

  3. Bunny says:

    Wait, wait….so, you first start by saying that porn is objectifying women and making them sex objects, okay, maybe you have a point. Women are people who deserve to be respected.Got it. But then in the last paragraph you say we should “shun sexually liberated women”, call them “whores” and say we should be subservient! You essentially say women should be respected but then go back and say we are less important and should be submissive. Disgraceful, shame on you!

  4. Bunny says:

    This is the twenty-first century. Women and men are equal, and should play an equal role in a relationship. Women are not meant just to serve men, and your storybook has no credibility. Your bigotry and sexist makes me sick.

    It’s getting late…peace.

    • I’ll pray for you. Why don’t you make me a sandwich?

      • Bunny says:

        Haha ya you’re definitely a troll

      • dear heathen, I am no troll. I’m as legit as Jesus

      • weerd0 says:

        And also with the last two pics being such horrible examples im 50/50 on you being a troll.

      • I used those pictures for their attire to make a point. I don’t even know who those people are. And I am no troll! I am a Christian. I’ll pray for you. Sigh.

      • weerd0 says:

        Legit as jesus…. so your fake… and now for a bit of justified yelling. THIS IS THE MODERN AGE YOU NITWIT. A subservant woman? What the hell! Im a guy and the idea of a woman not questioning me on anything is repugnant. I want fire passion and arguments. I do not want the women in america to be subservant, that is what the middle eastern women are. (Because of their religion mostly. And don’t you start christianity was and sometimes still is worse.) I can’t even fathom what age your from are you some 80 year old man stuck I have the past? Heck sure some of the stuff in america is dirty but every society is like that. (Roman brothels… now that was an interesting history project. You think the girls are crazy today.) Point is I can see every woman I know slapping you across the face for being this much of a highly and sexist. And you crying in the corner. LEAVE WOMENS RIGHTS ALONE THEY HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH IN HISTORY. But hey if you get married and have a completely submissive wife I would call any intimate act rape as she has no say in the matter

        Also for being so against this type of thing you collected quite a few images. (Hot ones too) one or two would have sufficed for an example. Not that I am complaining.

      • Dear friend,

        I do not mean subservient as in slave. I mean obedient in a Biblical sense, in which they obey their husbands and do not act out in the place of worship. This is a purely Biblical idea. And my wife is a great Christian. She teaches the kids Bible verses every morning, and reads to them from the Gospel each night before they drift to sleep. Questioning is good. Especially if the man is not acting in his Biblical role and fulfilling his Biblical duties. Both men and women have roles that are given in the Bible, and they should accept them. No men in dresses chasing other men. No women wearing pants in the workplace and taking men’s jobs. The Bible shows us both how to act.

      • weerd0 says:

        So should you go off to war and kill a man will you take his wife as taught in the bible? What about rape? Should the rapist pay his fine to the father and them marry his victim? That is in the bible.

      • Answer the kids question! He messed up a bit or i could not find the verse he was referring too but i did find this.
        “Master, Moses wrote unto us, If a man’s brother die, and leave his wife behind him, and leave no children, that his brother should take his wife, and raise up seed unto his brother.” (Mark 12:19)

        So your brother dies, you bang his wife. yeah that seems right.

        I did find the rape verse however rather easily.
        “If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, he shall pay the girl’s father
        fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the girl, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives. (From the NIV Bible, Deuteronomy 22:28)”

      • the Bible tells us how to live, riend. Let us live by it.

  5. Caboose says:

    Wow. I didn’t even read your article. I’m sure you’re aware, but creation isn’t science. It’s fiction.

  6. chadsexington says:

    I will prey for those women.

  7. Empirical Evidence says:

    Hey Creation Science, weerd0 has a point… How much you gonna charge us to rape your kids? I mean, when they get to the age where they’ll really be able to give it back to us, like a good wife should.

  8. Atheist says:

    “Go on the Google and search the images for “boobs” or “bikini” or “girl” or “sexy” or “hot” or “sex” or “kinky” or any term that comes to mind for sexual smut, and you will be bombarded with millions of pictures of pornography.”

    Well….no shit!

  9. TheAntiChrist says:

    I agree with bunny, the girls were hot.On a side note, if I give my boyfriend a pre-merital, underage handjob, does that count as more murder than if we were both married and of age?

  10. Jesus6969 says:

    Wow I’m horny now.. thanks!

  11. Atheist says:

    Not sure if satirical or severely stupid…

  12. weerd0 says:

    take a look at this picture, it explains allf of the diffrent types of marriage in the bible. we have women’s rights today so that this does not happen again.

  13. Ah, thanks ouch, did not know about some of those. Yeah we should defiantly follow the bible for marital advice. But back on topic these woman can do whatever the hell the want. If that includes dressing with barely anything on that’s their call. And i don’t hear the majority of America complaining. especially the men, well except the homosexual men and those hiding in the closet.

    and also those good Christian women pictures you used.
    Lindsay Lohan (who personally does not do it for me) getting funky

    And Paris Hilton? SERIOUSLY? to easy.

    if these are good christian women I want to see how freaky some of those heathens get!

  14. Arek W. says:

    I think you should post more sinful images to warn faithful christians.

  15. Michael says:

    If the internet is for sin, than you must be sinning. I love how the bible creates a disease, and then gives you the cure. What a joke. You sir, are a troll, just like your religion.

  16. Sneh Dhruv says:

    Christianity is fake. It believes that out of nothing, a god was created, and he created all of us. But the LAW of matter says, matter can neither be created nor destroyed. And the Bible is a poorly thought out hypotheses. At least evolution is theory with multiple evidences. Finally, those pictures are attractive, and that’s why we find them attractive, it’s not a sin to like how someone looks… and enough with the heathen crap, you sound like you’re from the dark ages.

    • you heathen. Please, please accept Jesus. He’ll take you to heaven if you let Him, but if you reject Him you’ll rot in hell for all eternity.

      • weerd0 says:

        Kind of selfish for the 100origin years or so I get on earth im doomed for eternity. This system does not seem just in any way.

      • Well God is the Creator so He can do whatever He wants, now can’t He?

      • That is debatable. Can a being with near infinite power retain a moral sensibility when standards can be modified so that every action is ethically justified? Or does the modification and reiteration of circumstances show the true corruption of a being with near infinite power. Ergo circumstances to our knowledge will remain constant and god performs everything justly, while in reality he simply manipulates circumstances to fit his own ethics. This is not just, this is the manipulation of lower beings to play something less than a game.

        infinite power makes one infinitely corrupt.

        So in conclusion yes God can do whatever he wants (If he is even their, which he is not.) but that does not mean his actions are justified.

      • They are justified by God’s standards, and we live by His laws, not ours.

      • there is absolutely no proof for it. The bible is merely a bad thought out hypotheses. I honestly don’t want to offend you, but you should seriously stop shoving your beliefs down our throats. Wise people say, religion is like a penis. It’s ok to have one, but don’t go around in public waving it around…

      • You were born. Therefore you exist. God created you in His image, therefore, if you exist, he exists.

      • weerd0 says:

        And that class is called circular logic! And I know that because I said that!

      • yeah, well you scientists believe science is true because the scientists say it is. So what’s the difference? THere is none.

      • Well, there is actually a lot of difference. If i want to know something, i open a book, and read other peoples research, a lot of whom were PROVED WRONG during there research, experimentation, and conclusions. I can then go and, if i am still skeptical after reading ALL of the information given and researching all possible outcomes and all possible conclusions, conduct those experiments myself and come to my own conclusions. I can then go and compare that to others works.

        If i want to answer a brand new question that no one has answered, for the sake of argument here i will use the example of a cure for cancer, I would make a hypothesis based on what i think said cure will do. I would then devise an experiment to show that. I would perform said experiment, and several other alternate experiments, thousands of times. That is called gathering data. I would then hand that data over to another group of scientists, that would do the exact same things i did, just to verify, and make sure that my tests weren’t compromised in some way. Then, once we have been able to track a verifiable pattern in the results, we then start testing alternatives, to either try again if the data said that my hypothesis is wrong, or to try to find a similar but better way. Only after that round of experiments, data gathering, and verifying, would i be able to say with any level of certainty that indeed i might have found a cure for cancer. Then there is even more testing, this time probably involving animals of some sort, and so on and so on. Till finally, years later, and countless thousands of experiments performed, thousands of papers written and reviewed, and many questions asked, can we say that it is a conclusion and fact that i have cured cancer.

        By the time that any scientific advancement is taught in schools or believed to be common knowledge, they have had to go through this process. So by the time that most of that information is handed to the masses, we, and you, can be pretty sure that it is, in fact, the truth.

        However, your logic stops at the hypothesis stage. There is no research involved, there is no testing involved, there is no real logical conclusion or explanation. You say “god exists” as if it is a definite fact. But there is no way to test that, no way to provide evidence of that at all. So you cant, EVER tell me that it is indeed a fact. It is a BELIEF, and you are more than entitled to your belief, but you cant insist that you are right about something if there is no way to prove said thing. PERIOD. And you cant point top the bible, or to a priest and say “they say its fact so its fact!” because the bible was in fact written by men, several thousands of years ago, and can, in no way, be proved to be factual at all! That you believe that it is is great, but belief is not fact. EVER. Belief is just that. It is a hypothesis of something.

      • You believe that science is right. that doesn’t make science a fact…

      • Incorrect again. You have a lot of trouble with reading comprehension, i see. Saying that i BELIEVE science is right, first off, lumps all of the sciences together, which is insulting. There are many different areas of science, and i don’t profess to know anything about a lot of them. Look at the science behind the Natural Family Planning technique. I know absolutely nothing about this, so i cant argue its validity, and that i think its probably crap is in fact a belief, and not in any way a fact.

        However, any science i do say is a fact, i say not because i believe it to be true, as belief indicates a lack of direct knowledge and instead a simple statement of faith in other peoples work on the subject. On the contrary, the scientific facts that i bring up and state as facts can be stated that way because i have intimate knowledge of them, i have studied ALL sides of them, and in many cases have even performed my own experimentation. I have argues when the science involved is suspect, and i have even proved that some cases are in fact incorrect. Science is all about logical connections. In nature, it is observable, even from a biased viewpoint, that EVERYTHING effect has a corresponding cause, and vice versa. Science at its basest form is simply about following the effects back to the root cause. So every time that you eat something that has in fact been cooked, every time a baby is born, every time a tree sprouts leaves or a flower blooms, and every time it rains, you are part of science, because all those things are the effects that have causes. This is not a belief, this is life.

  17. Did you not just read what i wrote!

  18. well that’s rather conceited. and laws, HAHA those are meant to be broken. Figure out the difference between morality and law. I’m moral, if not always lawful (Like in Texas for example I slept on top of my fridge in the front yard. Which is for some reason illegal.) As for Gods i shall quote my favorite Klingon. “The Gods were to much trouble, always squabbling with each other and over certain issue. That is why centuries ago we killed out gods.” That is what we are doing today.

    And to counter your argument, what would happen if i were to truly follow Gods laws? I would have to stone hundreds of young women, burn down stores that sold cotton polyester mix cloth. Stone the adulterers, and kill anyone who did not follow my religion and did not convert. That is not moral!

    And I could just say something to really piss you off. What if i decide to follow Islamic law? you do worship the same god after all.

  19. So Math does not apply? Does God ever specifically state that 2 + 2 = 4 ? Math is universal knowledge and is constant across the universe and plains of reality. Math is the only true knowledge.

  20. […] of the google searches that have led to this post, probably as a result of our earlier post “The Internet is for sin“.  We are clearly bringing in the heathens. Hopefully we have managed to bring at least some […]

  21. Matt C says:

    This is quite the debate. The practice of the scientific method is certainly a fortified discipline, and has led to great knowledge and understanding in many areas. It is also a gift from God, as is the human ability to be creative, as the creator is; to use imagination and to think rationally and conscientiously. God has also given us free will- the ability to choose our paths and our actions, our behaviors… to make moral decision. And there are certainly consequences for our actions. There is a way to live, and it is largely, if not completely, outlined in the Bible. Though I will admit, the descriptions in the Bible can be confusing, and easily dismissed as ignorant and inapplicable to the novice student. Nonetheless, a desire to learn and to grow in the spirit will yield amazing results.

    There is much evidence for the existence of God, and for His connection with us, His people. This evidence does not need to be objective empirical evidence, as is used in science. The existence of God is evidenced more by the continued human experience with Him over thousands of years. Just a little focus and prayer, and you will find the human soul sparking to life. The human spirit is just as much a part of us as the human mind, and like the mind, if it is not exercised and utilized, it will go to waste. Reading the Bible doesn’t hurt either. Contrary to popular belief, Biblical scripture is vastly complex and full of depth and meaning directly relevant to the human condition. It is even permeated with an uncanny wisdom that seems to take on an ultimately ancient essence, as if it were passed on by some divine power… And it was.

    Not to mention the historical significance of the Bible. A focused read through the New Testament- the Gospels, Acts, and on to the letters of Paul (use the NSRV translation for an easily understood modern language) may offer some great insight into issues pertinent to the topic of this discussion.

    Lastly, before I type on for hours, the debate of this thread is filled with emotion-fueled posts! The truth is, you will find much conjecture among scientists and among religious scholars alike, even within the same fields. It is important to study and to be knowledgeable about these topics, especially if one is to engage in this great debate, which seems to be ever increasing in popularity and importance in this day and age. It is also important that we do not attack one another, so as not to offend each others’ sensibilities. And maybe most importantly, we must not judge one another. It is good to give guidance in a constructive manner, possibly even in a stern manner at times, but we must leave the judgment to God.

  22. Matt C says:

    As for pornography and viewing sexually stimulating images on the internet, it is probably wise to refrain from this behavior. Sex is like an appetite- the more it is fed the hungrier it gets. Much of the sex we see on the internet distorts the image of what sex and love is supposed to be. It gives false impressions and drives us to unnatural, destructive tendencies. Discipline and restraint in this area is good. Leave the porn alone. Stay off the masturbation if you can. You really don’t need it (despite what the popular media purports). Save your sex and love for someone you do love, and then let your human ability to give love grow.. You’ll be glad you did, and he/she will be too. Sex is a gift from God, as well. And it has a specific place. It is not an act of hedonism, it is an act of love between those in love, and an act of creation- the creation of life.

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