The atheist delusion

Dear atheists.


Here are some questions that will prove to you that God exists.

Have you ever seen a house without a builder?

Have you ever seen a car without a maker?

Have you ever seen a watch without a watchmaker?

Have you ever seen a TV without a TV-maker?

If yes, please explain.


Now life is far more complex than any of these things. If you can’t have any of them without makers, surely you cannot have life without a Creator. This is so evident, in fact, that even Richard Dawkins argues that life on Earth was designed! Don’t believe me? Here’s proof!

Dawkins tries to back off and hide by saying that the Designer must have evolved, but he runs into massive problems here. If life on Earth is so complex it had to be designed, then the designer must be even more complex to have designed it. Therefore, the designer that designed life on Earth must have also been designed, and so on, in Dawkins’ model. Let’s cut the bullshit. Let’s get rid of these stupid arguments. Let’s call a spade a spade. The designer is God. Not evolution, not aliens, but God. Plain and simple. Dawkins is so deluded that he has to hide behind strawmen and infinite regressions to defend his atheism. Maybe one day he’ll see the truth.



16 thoughts on “The atheist delusion

  1. Martin Baker says:

    Dawkins probably had some involvement in the sacreligious Ridley Scott film Prometheus, which mocks God as the true creator of Man and wants us to believe that some aliens made us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There’s a problem with that video. Namely that I’ve seen it, and the thing you say happens in it isn’t what happens. Dawkins is asked by the creationist Ben Stein to imagine a way in which Intelligent Design could ever possibly be right, and Dawkins says it could be the case if aliens intentionally seeded Earth with life. And that such an explanation would then apply to Earth but shift the question to where did the aliens come from?

  3. “Have you ever seen a house without a builder?

    Have you ever seen a car without a maker?

    Have you ever seen a watch without a watchmaker?

    Have you ever seen a TV without a TV-maker?”
    Those things are made by a group of people, not a specific person.

    I’ll give you one possible explaination for life.
    Life appeared on Earth, because the Earth just happened to be at a distance from the sun that doesn’t make it too hot or too cold, the Earth just happened to have conditions that support life and the processes that formed life just happened to occur here. In other words, everything was by chance, and Earth is probably one of the planets that happened to have life.

    • sigh. You don’t understand at all. Life is far too complex not to be created. Have you not seen the comment made by Dawkins and my expose of it?


      • Bevan says:

        Or, just a thought to randomly put thought out there……
        EVOLUTION FTW!!!!!!!

    • Martin Baker says:

      You see, life is too complex for evolution to spontaneously erupt from ooze to man. We can’t create a tree, a frog, a grain of sand, or any other form. Only by knowing God shall we get the answers to our purpose in life.

      • “spontaneously erupt from ooze to man”
        That’s where you’re wrong, Evolution is change in the population over LONG periods of time(a few million years).

        “We can’t create a tree, a frog, a grain of sand, or any other form.”
        We currently cannot create life, but we can modify it, ever heard of GM food? Do you know how they manufacture insulin for people with diabetes?
        Sand is silicon dioxide, also known as slica. Silica is manufactured in several forms including fused quartz, crystal, fumed silica (or pyrogenic silica), colloidal silica, silica gel, and aerogel.

        Aliens creating us wouldn’t really be a surprise, but I find it weird that you guys worship a being that “created” us and doesn’t accept that aliens created us. If I remember correctly, God made us in his image, hence he would look like a human, he would probably be a human from a civilisation with insane levels of technology, creating us as a “back-up” just in case they destroy themselves.

  4. weerd0 says:

    Well i am going to try and explain some difficult physics concepts here, I apologize if i phrase something incorrectly but I do hope i can communicate this appropriately. Quantum Physics one of the most complex branches of science does allow for something from “Nothing” (Nothing is an inaccurate term as you can never truly have a state of nothing.)
    Every atom within the universe is surrounded by the electron cloud, now this cloud produces the Strong force, which gives matter electrical repulsion and the illusion of solidity. Now this cloud around an atom gives off waves of minute energy constantly, (entropic decay) these waves travel through the entire universe permeating everything and amplifying their effects on one another, it is actually this energy which is slowly expanding the universe.
    Now in order for this waveform to remain constant and not blow the universe apart at its seems this very moment requires that it receives the equal and opposite waveform from another source. This interference which holds the universe together is either coming from the leading edge of the big bang in the 4th dimension or from an anti-matter parallel universe. Science is not quite sure.
    Now due to their being no perfect system the waveforms do not always cancel one another out, which consequentially causes ruptures in the fabric of space time and spontaneous releases of energy from what was previously though to be “nothing.” Note that when this occurs energy is not added to the system, the resulting rupture and whatever matter is randomly produced from it has less energy then the waveform which created it.
    Their is also the Quantum foam and micro wormhole phenomena which can theoretically produce something from nothing.
    Anyone whom can better explain this subject please forgive my errors in the above explanation if present. I have only a cursory knowledge on the subject and please feel free to correct me.

    I.E. Something = Nothing

    • your science means nothing to my faith.


      • weerd0 says:

        You see that is the wonderful thing about science, it does not require faith it stands on its own.

        And if it means nothing to you please don’t be hypocritical and use it for your benefit, which means.
        No computers – Gay inventor
        No Facebook – Atheist inventor
        No Unix – hundreds of Atheist inventors
        No Apple – Agnostic inventor
        No Windows – Atheist inventor
        No vaccines – Proof of evolution
        No corn / soy beans / wheat – all genetic modification
        No acknowledgement of a spherical earth.

        And so on and so forth.

      • Bevan says:

        That’s all you have In response to that?
        Are you like 9, do you want a chocolate milk?
        Go back to MW3, actual decent human beings that bothered to go through evolution reside in the Internet.

  5. voz says:

    You’re right, I haven’t seen the creator of the universe. It happened LONG before humans and any of our methods for recording history. And we still don’t have the technology to look at it.

    However, not knowing the answer does not immediately require the god(s) default.

    Complexity doesn’t mean creator. Why would it?
    It just means complexity.

    (I didn’t bother with the video because I don’t believe the earth was designed by anything. We’re mixed up in the patterns and cycles of the universe, which is pretty large and magnificent. I usually don’t even bother with the creation of the universe, because we probably will never truly figure it out.)

  6. Bevan says:

    No , life evolved. I mean aliens using suspended animation to get here alive is much more likely than an omnipotent and omniscous being simply ‘popping’ into existence and making life especially since the alien probe would be unmanned for such a trip like the Voyager space probe it would then be able to travel faster (or use warp power or dimensional jumps) in order to get to earth and could transmit back information.

  7. Larry says:

    God is not of this world
    ergo: God is an extra-terrestrial
    ergo: God is an alien

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