Why Mormonism fails. A True Christian critique of the Mormon religion.

Dear True Christians, let us today consider the wrongs of Mormonism.  These people have a belief system that is not at all Christian, yet they publicly claim to be Christian. If we dig deeper, and probe the Masonic and heathenistic underpinnings of the Mormon Church, it is clear that the true head of the Mormon Church is not God, but Satan himself.

The Mormons believe that Jesus came to the Americas and that the savage peoples in the Americas are actually the descendants of Israelites. Anyone in their right mind can just see that this is just plain stupid! Native Americans can’t even grow facial hair, and we’re claiming they’re the descendants of Israelites, who have beards? Forgive me for jumping on so harshly so early, but that’s just stupid!

And here’s another thing! Mormons believe in baptism for the dead. What’s that? What’s baptism for the dead? A bunch of Mormons get together in their Masonic Mormon temples dressed in full masonic regalia or Magic Mormon underwear and baptize themselves multiple times because they believe that they are baptizing dead souls for Jesus, and that somehow this will allow these souls to enter Paradise. That’s just stupid folks.  Everybody knows that the only way to enter heaven is to be Born Again in Christ! We must accept Jesus BEFORE we die if we expect to be with Him after death! To believe that we can somehow avoid hell by proxy is just plain stupid! They even baptized little Annie Frank, the Jewish girl made famous by her diary. Unfortunally, little Annie may be in hell as we speak since she failed to accept the light of Christ. I hope that I am wrong, and I have no proof that she did not know Jesus, but unless she accepted Him, she’s likely not in heaven, sadly.

Mormons also believe in having many wives rather than one. This is probably because Joseph Smith, a known swindler, wanted to have his own collection of women, much like Charles Manson would later build a collection of women to do his bidding. Joseph Smith claimed that an angel gave him the book of Mormon on golden plates, that only he could see, and only he could read, through magical Mormon glasses. That’s just sinful! Mormons don’t even understand how magnets work, and yet they expect us to believe that Joseph Smith could use magic glasses? That’s just purely stupid folks.

Mormons also require a 10 % tithe out of everyone’s income. That includes the poor, folks.  Now let us think for a moment. Jesus preached that we should help the poor, and the Mormons want to tax them?  That’s just heathenistic, folks!

And let us not forget that Mormons believe in modern day revelation. They actually believe that they have a prophet, that lives in Salt Lake City, and receives daily revelations from God.  Well that’s just not Christian, folks! The Bible tells us everything we need to know about God’s divine plan. We don’t need a million and one new holy books from a group of people that seriously believe that “God” lives on a planet called Kolar and is constantly fornicating with women in order to produce millions and millions of spirit children. That sounds like some sort of Pagan demon worship to me.

So the next time you have a pair of Mormon missionaries knock on your door, introduce them to the true, Biblical Christ. Ask them why they believe that God is a man that lives on Kolar. Ask them how they know that this “God” is the true God, or just a creator of a small part of the heavens. Ask them where the archaeological proof of Israelites in the Americas is. Ask them where the golden tablets are. I promise you that you will not get a legitimate answer to any of these questions. And if all else fails, ask them how magnets work. They can’t explain that.

Let us not give the Mormons more souls to lead astray. Let us take back America for Christ.

Yours in Christ,


9 thoughts on “Why Mormonism fails. A True Christian critique of the Mormon religion.

  1. If that’s what you’re going to say to Mormons at your door, it probably won’t have much effect. Just a quick check of their internal website, http://lds.org demonstrates that much of what you say is not what they actually believe and teach, but rather what someone has told you that they believe. That website contains all of their scripture, lesson manuals, magazines and such. If it’s not there, it’s not taught and so the Mormons at your door won’t be impressed that they’re wrong for believing things that they don’t actually believe.

    • I’ve actually had good long talks with Mormons and they have confirmed that they believe in that material.


    • Rev says:

      I have spoken with several Mormons over the years. There are in essence 2 Mormon Churches – the one portrayed to the public, of which most Mormon’s are followers and the “inner” church which does involve Masonic style rituals, belief in Kolar and numerous other things that those not trusted to be in the “inner circle” are not told about.

  2. Anna says:

    This is ridiculous. I am LDS, and I believe in the same God that you do. I am a Christian. I read the King James bible. Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet. Our Temples are not masonic, and our temple garments harness no magical powers. Baptisms for the Dead are very special occasions that bring those that never knew the truth back to Jesus. The thing that irks me the most, though, is your little spiel on Joseph Smith. He was a prophet, not a swindler. He was a wonderful man whom Heavenly Father had chosen to restore the gospel. And HOW DARE you compare him to Charles Manson?! That is just wrong, sir! You call yourself a Christian, yet you spread hate with false words. You only fear what you don’t know. But if you opened your mind, and listened to the Missionaries, maybe you, too, could find the truth. Bless you.

    • TheWhiteBee says:

      It is well known that Joseph Smith was a con man. He was arrested for it at least once.

    • Rev says:

      Do some checking into the secular criminal records and you will find that Joseph Smith was arrested more than once for “Fraud” and “Swindling”. I am not on either side of this debate. I am just pointing out the facts of history. The facts are the facts, regardless of who likes them.

  3. TheWhiteBee says:

    I hate to break it to you, but the idea of tithing? Giving ten percent of everything to the church? That’s a central tenant of your Christianity too, whether it’s observed now or not. Study your history, and you’ll find countless examples of the poorest of peasants being required to give ten percent of the little they had to the church.

  4. Irv says:

    BSA Prez’s Faith Promotes Porn !

    by Aaronita Smith

    Yes, the religion of Wayne Perry (who’s been behind gay Boy Scouts) actually promotes illustrated MALE porn!
    Scholars, including Mormon ones, know of a hard-core porn sketch in the Mormon-approved “Book of Abraham.”
    This Book is part of the “Pearl of Great Price” which, along with the “Book of Mormon,” is LDS-authorized scripture.
    Figure 7 in Facsimile 2 in “Abraham” shows two beings facing each other. Joseph Smith described them as the “Holy Ghost” and “God” (the Father), the latter showing an erect male sex organ.
    Mormons were offended when Smith’s newspaper published this sketch in 1842, so the phallic part was whited out for a century until the “restored” LDS church restored the X-rated drawing in 1981!
    LDS scholars have hushed up the fact that the “Book of Abraham” is not about the biblical Abraham but actually portrays ancient Egyptian documents showing occult obscene sketches.
    Those scholars also know that Smith fraudulently altered them so that he could (blasphemously) portray the Christian trinity as sex fiends in order to promote polygamy among his followers!
    For more info see “Book of Abraham” (Wikipedia). And check out the Tanners’ “Mormonism – Shadow or Reality?” which reproduces the original Egyptian sketches Smith plagiarized and exploited. Also Yahoo “Facts From Mormons (By a Utah Resident)” and “What LDS Leaders Say.”

    [Saw the above interesting article on the informative web.]

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