Duane T. Gish in Hell

Greetings true Christians!

Today I want to talk to you about the unfortunate postmortem fate of deceased Creation Scientist, Dr. Duane T. Gish, of the Institute for Creationist Research. As many of you know, Dr. Gish died on March 6th of this year. I have prayed heavily about Gish, and the Holy Spirit has guided me to the following conclusion. Duane T. Gish, once a True Christian, forsake God and died without the friendship of Christ. In his pursuit for fame, Dr. Gish forgot the Biblical message of honesty, and often took to lying and distorting facts in an attempt to line his own pockets and make fools of the evilutionists. My brothers and sisters in Christ, it deeply saddens me to inform you that today, this very instant that you are reading this post, Dr. Gish is most likely burning in the fires of hell. This shows us how far one can fall from grace when one rejects the Truth of the Bible.

What happened with Dr. Gish? Gish started out as a True Christian soldier, often arguing heavily with evolutionists, and in fact, most of the time, besting them in debate. However, later in his career, Dr. Gish became increasingly known for his dishonesty. Gish would debate an evilutionist such as Michael Shermer, Shermer would point out an error in Gish’s presentation, and the very next night, Gish would repeat the exact same presentation, without correcting the errors that he was made aware of. This is both sloppy science and dishonest debate. It is clear that, unlike true Christian scientists such as Ken Ham and Kent Hovind, that Gish preferred to lie and invent facts rather than appeal to the Truth of science and Scripture. There is plenty of scientific evidence against evolution and in favor of a young Earth, yet Gish continuously resorted to misquoting evilutionists and twisting facts. Why did Dr. Gish do this? The answer is clear. Gish cared more about lining his own pockets than he did about proving the Truth of the Bible. The Lord, our Savior, Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross at Calvary and rose from the dead to defeat death, does not need false prophets. Indeed, He once told us that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a wealthy man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. And Dr. Gish was, by all accounts, a very wealthy man. Combined with a life rife with dishonesty, it is clear that Dr. Gish is, most likely, in hell.

Gish’s story is a sad story, but one which we, as Christians, must consider. Gish started out as a True Christian. It is clear from his early work that he truly DID believe in God, and sought to fight for Christ. However, at some point in his career, his attention shifted from Christ to cash. I personally believe that this shift occurred shortly after his debate with Ian Plimer, in which Plimer offered Gish a live wire and the opportunity to electrocute himself with the “theory of electricity”. You can still easily find this “Gish-Plimer debate” on youtube. Dr. Gish was never quite the same after this incident. I believe his faith was shaken by Plimer, and this led Gish to question the Truth of the Bible. Yet after this moment, Gish continued to operate publically as a Creationist, lying ostensibly for Jesus and making a bad name for True Christians such as Martin, myself, and many of our readers. Gish is burning in hell as we speak because he mis-used God and the Bible for his own economic gain in life. Do not follow his lead into hell dear readers.

What can we learn from the sad fate of Dr. Gish? Any True Christian can be led astray by earthly temptations. Satan is heavily active in the world, even today. We must fight against his influence in our own lives and in the lives of our loved ones. We must be ever vigilant in the fight against Satan. It’s time to take back the world for Jesus. It’s time to take back America for Christ.

From your friends at Creation Science Study,

Jim and Martin.

7 thoughts on “Duane T. Gish in Hell

  1. Holy crap, I didn’t even know he died. Even so, I think you’re wrong about the status of his afterlife. As far as I’m aware, there is no commandment against lying … only bearing false witness against your neighbor. In other words, don’t provide false testimony against him under oath.

    You might also want to pray for that hack Ray Comfort and his washed-up crony, Kirk Cameron. If anyone is following in Duane’s footsteps, it’s those two.

    • Martin Baker says:

      Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron are following in the steps of Jesus, not the devil like Gish did! Gish allowed himself to be lead astray by Satan and now he is paying for it.

  2. Neither of the commenters above know anything about the grace of God or the satisfaction for the sins of His people wrought by the atonement of the Lamb of God. You are both bearing false witness. You both must repent.

  3. Mike Weaver says:

    I am not sure why you and also evolutionists constantly make fun of Dr. Gish and rejoice over his death and assign him to hell rather than address point by point thoroughly what you disagree concerning his debate points. It appears your gallop is just plsin old meaness. Sometimes the measure of a man is demonstrated more by the overreaction of his enemies than the love and respect of friends.

    • Martin Baker says:

      Dear Mike Weaver,

      Duane Gish was easily tempted by Satan to lie and to also make sales for his own profit instead of giving to the poor as Jesus commanded. He also broke Jesus’ advice by making sells inside the churches, which is what Jesus spoke against. Gish would have been better if he decided to remove an eye instead of continue sinning. After all, Jesus said it is easier for the camel to enter the eye of a needle, rather than a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven!

      Martin Baker

    • Dear Mike,

      We are not evilutionists. We are Young Earth Creationists just like Dr. Gish was. However, unlike Dr. Gish, we were not lead astray by the devil. The point of our post was to warn other Christians that even the strongest supporters of Creation can be led astray by Satan, not to mock Gish.

      Yours in Christ,

      Jim Solouki

  4. OMG! Really! Devil??? Dr. GISH???
    Christians Damming people/fellow christian to Hell???

    Who are you related to or following? Pat Robertson the War Monger Anti Christian?

    The name Gish is rare and important to Christ/God the name shall not be defiled by Christian Wannabes or the Miss Led! Let us let the Truth/Lord Only be the Judge…The only true justice is the truth, so what is true justice?

    I have not even watched the debate, but I was called to respond to it with a message to you without preparation. Take heed or not, Our God is of Choice. And I am being apparently his servant at this time. 😉

    My brothers/sisters who so quickly attack one out of the flock that you feel was so different was sent to help you to discover the truth!

    He did not fully understand the truth but was trying to prematurely bring up a very confusing question and most took it wrong.

    Oh yea of little faith, you question Gods teachers and warriors from the comfort of your Fatted Chair so easily passing the ultimate judgement when you stand without a clue to the truth? You so easily take over Gods Job of Judgement? (what is the saying?) judge ? unless you ? be ?… If you don’t get that please refer to the BOOK. 🙂

    My Jesus said those without sin cast the first stone. What is your Jesus telling you brothers and sisters? 😦

    Yes, think about about your persecution of Mr. Gish. When did God give you the right to judge something and someone he is entirely in control of? You did not hear his message and shot the messenger and condemned him as evil?

    I was sent here to straighten that out cause, God apparently cares for someone more than I fracking do and I want to be done with this hopeless nonsense! Oh ya,

    I am to remind you we are to follow the teachings of Christ not Mans Religion. They have held back and lied to us. Deciding what we should and should not see, like we have no soul or mind of discernment of the truth.

    The Power of Christ resides in us all. Actually all that will except him on Gods/His terms.

    That is why I swear to you I am responding to your comments without viewing the subject matter and am to witness to you. As Jesus Christ my personal savior, I ask that my soul join Mr. Gish’s by your wish/prayer my fellow posters on this page if my testimony is a lie or to meant to deceive. A man is only as good as his word and his soul is only as good as the man.

    Just to get you to think?

    Remember we have been warned to be diligent in these times. And I have no choice to follow what I am told to do as I am compelled to do so at this very moment or be fracked by God, I believe, with madness! :/
    How do you say times are changing and when EF Hutton whats to be heard! God is more bad ass than EF Hutton, Right? So you might want to listen up my brothers and sisters in Christ and Ponder Hard!
    (I did not ask for this) But Glad, to be chosen, for the probably, sacrifice 🙂

    But When You Are A Teacher You Are A Teacher… 🙂

    Your Message: :/

    Science by Itself is Not Evil, But, Man Can Be.
    Science, Without Man is Neither Evil Nor Good.
    Man without Science However, Is; Still Evil or Good.

    Man by his self is either evil or good.
    Man with a God, now has a choice, to be either, evil or good.
    That is why we are so special to God. 🙂 But, Remember God is the Way the “Truth and the Light”.

    Anyways, Science deals with All Gods Creation or as many as they can find. Only for them to find out that; God, is, Science and Creation. And one without the other is a Total Disaster!

    Do you not think the Ultimate Creator is Not a Scientist??? Really?
    Were we not created in his image???? Really?

    But, we are limited and God is not!

    So let me explain what has been put on me to share to you without review of Mr. Dr. Gishes Mind set of communication to you via my message from? and your Righteous Indignation? of Him. 😦

    The truth. Man Has Lied to us and not told the truth. Therefore altering and filtering Jesus’s promise to us that the truth shall set us free!
    We must seek the truth!

    Even the truth today is not free. get it?

    Christ is not a Lier!

    Jesus not only died for our sins but for a reason? (please feel free to comment on the reason) (just doing what I am told. :/)

    My Lord Christ and His True Followers Are NOT About:

    Hate, War, Greed, Coveting Our Neighbor to Include (other countries resources.) and Killing. Show me one person that my Jesus, killed or even wished to go to Hell?

    Next, Science is there and will always be there. As the Ultimate Creator Is. Or, Science would not exist. Get it? 🙂

    Man can take both God and Science away from us by blaming science or by blaming God, for his own misunderstandings, and, then only showing us what he wants us to know of God and that is the god we are to worship.

    Is that what Jesus Teaches?

    Did He the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Not tell us the Kingdom of Heaven is in and around Us???

    Ok, another way, I am instructed to put it. Rarely do any of Gods creations really get to start questioning things. Until they are in danger or trapped?

    God gave us like him, the ability to avoid that trap and danger. Get it yet?

    When people with other religions and christians are asked what is God? Most respond without much thought, God is everything!
    Really??? Cheap out but very true!

    Unfortunately, with lack of knowing that even a poker card has three flat surfaces? Many of you condemned a Gish for the truth as he understood it at the time and then poorly and prematurely acted as he had committed blasphemy! And sentenced him to hell?

    That! Me Brethren is why, I feel, I have been tasked with bringing you the truth. God is sad my fellow Christians? Sad! 😦

    I know, just when you hoped I was done! 😉 Not! 🙂

    No,… I want to be done….But…not my “smart choice” if you know what I mean. (I’m learning) 🙂

    We are told and meant to to seek the truth as “Christians” and are supposed to share. So:

    I am told/compelled to say (by my lord) this at the expense of me totally sounding like a dumb ass. (won’t be the last time I’m sure? 🙂 But He has my back. 😉

    There is a set of Ions negative and positive that I call Gods Ions.
    Yes, I too have electrical knowledge and how it mostly all works, but!
    I am no rocket scientists the spirit does give you the wisdom you seek. sometimes not the way you expect or the way you want it lol. 🙂

    I have been in devout prayer and meditation and now am sure I went over the edge. 🙂 Best edge to go over. lol

    Here is what happened my brothers and sisters.
    I was on face book and a friend of mine shared a link to research on the orgone chamber. Then on to something called orgonite.

    Remember I said I do have a knowledge of Electrical and stuff, Gish thing, lol.

    But I was trying to disprove it because It was not what I was taught as a an electrician, steam plant operator and mechanical engineer? And if true could mean there were far more than local towers and cell phones we should be worried about.?

    God gave us a good mind to be his managers. God warned of greed money and power many times. (Eye of the needle?)

    OK here it goes. In direct way operating on faith I “feel” that Mr. Dr. Gishes intent was not to be demonised but, to draw you to the fact of the God Ion/Ions (Give him a break he was an old guy, I am only 51 🙂
    Yes, Gods Ions.

    These are the Ions that exist all around us and link us from space, our sun and earth. I showed this with a simple set of tests. set out to disprove the orgonite? But showed we are transmitters and receivers to the surroundings and to earth/ground.

    They are not magnetics but gravitational/plasma/electrical links just like how a homing pigeon finds home. By a wave that they are keyed too. Or like the Veins of God. Yes the main streams of God. His direction! See?

    People are Bio Batteries. Yes like a potato you can stick a probe in them in a series and gain voltage/energy.

    Did not God/Jesus instruct that where ever two ore more are gathered together he will surly hear? Transmitters? Linking our bio batteries together in one frequency/thought/prayer?

    How many times have we been taught there is power in numbers?
    And faith can move a mountain? The power and the kingdom is within us right?

    Faith like a mustard seed can become a mighty plant?
    Think about it?

    Bottom line, my brethren, wrong devil and you owe an apology to his spirit and God. 😦 (seriously or I would not be doing this!)

    The same God Ions I spoke to you about are being manipulated by the Us in a project called HARP and are causing massive destruction like:

    Massive fish kills, birds fall out of the air, beachings of our precious sea mammals that God has give us special care over, possible creation of hurricanes and they want to punch holes in our ionosphere?
    Brothers, Sisters, your wishing the wrong one to hell? Although, We, should never do that. 😉

    NOW FOR THE MESSAGE: (take it or leave it, God of choice)
    They are messing with something they do not understand. We cannot let the mind over rule or negate the heart or we are not good managers.
    HARPs research with the God Ion has led them to the ability to to use the link frequency to change weather, heat the ocean, cause earth quakes and now control thought. Sorry, but that is too far and and that is where we must draw the line, amateurs are not to try do Gods Job, that will be our destruction!

    Remember you hard ass christians, God is “All” and “One” in the Universe, we are, and part of the kingdome that is within us.

    Ask yourself as christians are we to spread the word by mouth more than than by example?

    Don’t limit God to your way of thinking nor take hostage or persecute his or any messenger that his soul feels is part of the truth. (divine inspiration) ever heard of that?

    In closing, we need to get behind what our souls and true christian hearts feel is the truth really is. We have been told, when we find out we were a patsy or miss led, then we must once again seek the real truth.
    God Be With You.
    With Love, Your Brother In Christ.
    Bryan L. Gish (Wolf)

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