Star Wars and Satan’s War!

The choice is yours!

Greetings True Christians! That dastardly heathen Mormon George Lucas is at it again with Star Wars Episode 7. That’s right boys and girls! Lucas the soldier of Lucifer has a new movie coming! This one is called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Lucas is still marketing his ungodly evil myth and false religion of the force, and this newest movie is yet another in George Lucas’ 40 year assault on the Truth of Jesus! Why doesn’t George Lucas see a problem with what he is doing? Probably because, like all Mormons, George Lucas believes that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, children of the magical mystical sky-man who is having sky-sex with his collection of sky-wives and making spirit babies. George Lucas also wears magical Mormon underwear most likely, so its not surprising that he is willing to invent this ungodly Hindu-esque myth that he calls the force! I have news for you George Lucas and all of you Star Wars treckies! There is only one “force,” and that force is the force of Good created by Jesus through the Holy Spirit! Those heathen treckies have tried to turn Jedi Night into a religion based upon George Lucas’s mythological Satanic ungodly films, and are trying to replace Jesus with a fake “spirit” based on his movies. Lucas’s latest film has even mocked the Crucifixion, with a Cross-shaped laser-sword!

This Cross-shaped laser sword mocks the Cross of Christ!

George Lucas’s ungodly evil movies also glorify the Darwinist dogma of playing god! Lucas made up an ungodly story about about “clone wars” and cloning warriors. Everybody knows that cloning is of Satan and not of God! God is the only person who is allowed to create life! First, the evil Darwinists cloned a sheep and named it Dolly after large-bosomed whore of Babylon Dolly Parton, and now George Lucas is making up fantasy stories about cloning! Why? Because George Lucas is a sexual pervert who wants to make veiled references to Darwinism in order to make it more palatable to our young ones. This is sinful stuff, and Lucas should be arrested for his abuse of our children. He even uses children in his film to cater to kids!

George Lucas is a kinky sinner!

Natalie Portmans is a satanic slut!

George Lucas’ glorified “clones”

Star Wars victimizes children!

Did you know that the ungodly and evil George Lucas also supports the many-worlds mythology pushed by Mormons and atheists? Lucas wants us to believe that there is human-like life on planets all across the universe, because his ungodly Mormon faith teaches him that when he dies he will be allowed to create his own planet and make millions of spirit babies with his many spirit wives for all eternity. Joseph Smith believed in polygamy in this life, and Lucas wants it in the next life. This many-worlds doctrine is also a veiled attempt to support Darwinism! By claiming that life exists all through the universe, it undermines the special creation of life on this earth by God. That’s just stupid, boys and girls! The Bible tells us that God created life on THIS world, not anywhere else! Therefore, there is no life anywhere else! It’s as simple as that! We are God’s chosen people, and God’s privileged planet. Shame on George Lucas for trying to teach our children otherwise!

This talking dog-man is one of Lucas’ evil aliens!

George Lucas also wants to teach our children that it is ok to use man-made machinacal creatures to replace interaction with real humans. Lucas creates the ungodly droids, both for a military and for servile tasks. Look at C3Do and C2-D2, the ungodly homosexual droid partners that date each other in a veiled homosexual relationship in the first three films! This is sinful stuff! God hates faggots, and God hates faggot robots! Therefore, God hates Star Wars!

These evil droids are planning a riot somewhere in the Star Wars universe!

The Faggot Droids Satan is looking for!

George Lucas’ ungodly human-robot hybrid!

Did you know that George Lucas also glorifies slavery? Lucas wants to own a collection of slaves, and he shows this with his  characters “Slave Leia” and “slave Anapkin.”  It is fitting that Lucas wants to own both women and young boys, as this is an allusion to Islamic beliefs. Muslims buy little boy slaves and slave women all the time! Here are Lucas’s slave creations:

slave Anapkin

Slave Leia

It is not surprising that Lucas glorifies the owning of young boys. Half of his Star Wars saga is a direct glorification of the Roman Catholic Church! Did you know that the Empire on Star Wars was based entirely on Catholicism? I have proof! First off, compare the Pope and the Emperor:

The symbolism is the same!

Next, note the similarities between the Pope arriving and the Emperor arriving:

This is evil, boys and girls! Lucas also glorifies the evolutionist missing link the crocoduck! Where is the Crocoduck? The Crocoduck is featured in one of George Lucas’s movies in the character Jar Jar Stinks! Here’s the crocoduck:

The Crocoduck!

Lucas also features Satanic teddy bears in his movies:

These Teddy Bears are from the Devil!

The only thing George Lucas got right in his Star Wars films was his portrayal of Muslims. He portrays them as heartless killers fighting in the desert with spears and ugly outfits. That is the only correct representation of anything in Lucas’ films! All other things are of Satan! Here is Lucas’ portrayal of a typical Muslim:

A Typical Muslim

God hates Star Wars! God hates George Lucas! And if you are a Star Wars fan, God hates you! Let us boycott the new Star Wars movie and keep our children and our families away from it! Let us take back our TVs for Jesus! Let us take back our cinemas for Christ!

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

Mohammad’s Birthday….in HELL

this heathen is barbecuing in Hell as we speak!

Greetings True Christians!

January 3rd this year marks the heathen Islamic celebration of the false “prophet” Muhammad’s birthday. This year, just like every year since his death, Muhammad will be celebrating it in the fires of hell. Why? Because Mohammad was a false prophet deceived by demons into doing the work of the devil and has led many people away from the True God and into the hands of Satan! He is the creator of a false religion that strives to kill the Christian and remove Christ from our classrooms and our hearts. Even today, members of ISIS are killing and crucifying Christians in the Middle East, because their false prophet Mohammad told them that was the thing to do. Let us take a look at the evils of Mohammad and his false religion before we go on:

Muslims on parade!

what Muslims do for fun!

This man is about to marry this young girl, just like Mohammad!

This Muslim is molesting a little boy, just like Mohammad!

Did you know that Mohammad supported the molestation of both male and female children? He believed that it was ok for a man to have as many concubines as they wanted to as long as they were under sixteen years of age. Boys could only be molested until the age of 14.  In fact, Muslims believe that if they kill themselves and kill a sufficient number of Christians in the process, they will receive both male and female virgin sexual slaves in their “paradise.” Truth is, if they do acts like these, they will go to Hell!

Did you know that Osama bin Laden is Mohammad’s most famous follower? That’s right boys and girls, the world’s biggest terrorist,  bin Laden, is Muslim! So was Saddam Hussein. So is Barack Hussein Obama! So is every member of the Taliban! Muslim leaders are ungodly leaders that can only lead their subjects to Hell. And God hates them all! Any religion that supports homosexuality and spawns murderers should be wiped from the face of the planet. Who is responsible for the evils of Islam? The answer is simple. Mohammed the deceiver, who was led by demons and the devil, is responsible! He is barbecuing in Hell, where Satan and the demons are torturing him endlessly as we speak!

how Mohammad celebrates his birthday now!

This is what Mohammad wants for your soul and for the souls of all!

God hates Mohammad and all of his heathen followers! Let us celebrate Mohammad’s birthday by leading the ungodly heathen Muslim hordes to Jesus and turning them away from the false prophet of Satan! Let us feed them pork chops and bacon and remind them of those wonderful words of Jesus that teach us that nothing that a man eats can make him unclean, but rather that the only source of uncleanliness is that which comes from inside a man. It is what is in our hearts that makes us unclean, not what we eat. What is in a Muslim’s heart? Let me show you:

Muslims often fantasize about crashing airplanes into buildings.

Muslims love to blow themselves up!

Muslims worship bin Laden too!

Are you a Muslim? Are you a Muslim sympathizer? Reject the religion of Satan in honor of Mohammad’s birthday! God detests Mohammad and you should too! the Koran is a false book inspired by demons and should be destroyed. All Muslims should be converted, imprisoned, or at the very least watched very closely, because a free Muslim is a Muslim who might blow themself up to kill a Christian. Why? Because Muslims hate Christians and all that comes from Christ. This is because they know in their hearts that Christians are going to heaven and Muslims are destined to burn in Hell.

Islam is the religion of death. Islam is a false ungodly religion that seeks only to kill and to terrorize. Islam was inspired by the devil, for the devil, to lead people away from Christ and into Satan’s grasp. A devout Muslim is a dangerous Muslim. If you don’t believe me, just look at what happened to this wonderful nation on September 11th. Let us pray that God leads the Muslims away from their camels and to Christ!  Tell these people to stop fingering children and to start fingering a Bible.

this is where bin Laden will be tortured forever!

Heaven is a lot like a fancy country club, unsaved unwelcome! The Muslims are all unsaved because they reject the divinity of Christ! They are unwelcome in heaven just like the atheists, agnostics, post-Jesus Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Shintoists, pagans, Darwinists, and other heathens are unwelcome in Hell. Let us spread the Kingdom for Jesus! Let us baptize the world for Christ!

Shame on all of those who reject Jesus for Mohammad! Reject your evil ways or you will surely burn in Hell! Turn or burn, Muslims, turn or burn. Reject Mohammad on his evil birthday! Repent and choose Jesus instead! I’ll be praying for you.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

Rick Santorum is not a Muslim sympathizer! Rick Santorum is God’s choice for president in 2016!

God Damn the NFL, the NFL Draft, and its supporters!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that every spring the NFL teams of the American nation get together and pick which players they are going to force to play for them? That’s right boys and girls. After college, athletes get to choose to go into a “draft” and then be selected by a given team. Those players are forced to wear numbers and are kept away from society with millions of dollars as cogs in a depraved system filled with whoremongering adulterers and crack-guzzling drug dealers. The NFL is the path to Hell, and players that enter the draft are heading straight to hell in most cases (with the exception of God’s favorite player Tim Tebow and other rare NFL players).

Typical whores of Babylon in action during an NFL game.

Did you know that the NFL Draft has two games that their people use to pick their players? One of them is called the Senior Bowl and the other one is called the Shrine Game. The Shrine Game was named the Shrine Game as a way to mock Christianity; these players play a game dedicated to a shrine built for wealth and women instead of a True Christian shrine to God.  Look at how these heathens celebrate this shrine to ungodly sports by worshiping the players instead of Jesus!

No woman should be dressed this way in public on a Sunday or on any day!

I have just recently visited one of the many ungodly sports websites on the internet, On their homepage they claim to be different than other websites, but they are just as ungodly as all of them. Nowhere on their page do we find a celebration of or tribute to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! These heathens are wishing people a Happy Hanukkah! During Christmas time!  They took Christ from Christmas by celebrating the holiday of Hanukkah, Christ’s killers’ favorite winter celebration. That’s just stupid, and God will punish them for it.

On their ungodly page, they do much celebration of players that hit each other hard. The NFL Draft people like to celebrate violence, pain, and ungodly behavior. Look at this ungodly tribute to Linestopper Denzel Perrymane. They make a false god out of him and worship him as if he were God. That’s a sin boys and girls. And what do NFL fans do with their Sundays? They ignore the Sabbath and make a false sabbath out of the Superbowl! That’s ungodly, folks.

This is the only type of praying NFL fans do on Sundays!

This is the problem with the NFL Draft! Instead of celebrating the ways that our young people can further Christ’s work, fans of the NFL Draft instead worship players that will help replace God on Sundays, the day the NFL plays almost all of their games. They are replacing Christ with football and they know this. The NFL Draft is the day that the NFL career begins for each of these players, and it must be destroyed. God hates the NFL’s fans, God hates the NFL’s players, and God hates the NFL!  Why should players reject the NFL and the NFL Draft? Because the NFL is Satan’s favorite football league!

the NFL supports faggots!

This ungodly abomination supports homosexuality, promotes violence, de-sanctifies the Sabbath, destroys the sanctity of marriage, promotes alcohol consumption, promotes gambling, promotes lustful behavior, and leads our children to idolize professional athletes instead of Jesus! I have put much research into this post, and will share it all with you here.  The NFL is Satan’s sport, and it must be destroyed immediately!

There is just too much ungodlyness in this league to go around, so I’ll take it by team:

Arizona Cardinals. The Arizona Cardinals are ungodly to the core. Did you know that their mascot, the cardinal, was named after the Roman Catholic Cardinal? The Arizona Cardinals, much like the New Orleans Saints, glorify that whore of Babylon, the Roman Catholic Church. Not only that, but they have heathenistic drug addict Tyrann Matthieu on their roster. They even signed Osama bin Laden supporter andd Muslim sympathizer Rashard Mendenhall! Shame on you Arizona.

Atlanta Falcons. The Atlanta Falcons brought ungodly dogfighting master Michael Vick into the NFL, and allowed him to launch a gambling and dogfighting ring while on their team.  However, the Falcons are not as bad as some teams!

Baltimore Ravens. The Baltimore Ravens are an affront to God and Jesus! God hates them! Not only do their fans engage in a heathenistic ritual of massaging Johnny Unitas’ “golden toe” before home games (just like the Jews with the Golden Calf!), but they support murderers! The Baltimore Ravens kept murderer Ray Lewis on their roster. However, they threw Ray Rice off of their team for hitting his wife. Well guess what boys and girls, that’s ungodly. While we do not condone domestic violence, what happens between a man and a woman should stay between a man and a woman and God.  The Bible says that women should obey their husbands. Ray Rice’s wife even supports him. Shame on you Baltimore! Shame on you! Repent or burn in Hell Baltimore.

Buffalo Bills. OJ Simpson is headed straight to hell. Other than OJ Simpson, nobody cares about this team, not even Satan.

Carolina Panthers. The panthers really aren’t that bad, but they do have criminal mastermind Cam Newton on their team. God hates Cam Newton for stealing computers, and you should too.

Chicago Bears. The Chicago Bears are one of Satan’s favorite teams. Not only did they film the Superbowl Shuffle in 1985, selling their souls to the devil in return for winning the Superbowl that year, but they also had ungodly and evil womanizer Walter Payton on their team, as well as horrible people such as Dick Butkiss and murderer Mike Ditka. This team is truly Satanic.

Cincinnati Bengals. God abhors the Cincinnati Bengals. There is no bigger collection of criminals, druggies, and alcoholics in the NFL.  Not only that, but the Bengals owner, Mike Brown, cares more about money than he cares about God. Everybody knows that Mike Brown is one of the cheapest people in the world, and by holding onto his money, he is sealing his fate in Hell. After all, the only way for things to be loosed to us in heaven is if we loose them in this life. Repent or burn Mike Brown.

Cleveland Browns. The Cleveland Browns are one of the many playgrounds of Satan in this league! The Browns have a history of evil. First, they were founded by father of Mike Brown Paul Brown, who is burning in hell as we speak. Second, they have Johnny Manziel, an evil, evil person and a bad, bad man that Satan loves. They also have drug addict Josh Gordon on their team.

these whores of Babylon want your soul!

Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys are the seat of the whore of Babylon in the NFL. Team owner Jerry Jones is a notorious sex and wealth addict. All cheerleaders are ungodly tools of Satan, but the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are especially Satanic. God hates them and you should too! The Cowboys also signed homosexual servant of Satan Michael Sam!! God hates Michael Sam!

Denver Broncos. The Denver Broncos were  once God’s favorite football team, drafting God’s favorite player  Tim Tebow. However, they later released Tebow, replacing him with Satanic servant Peyton Manning. The Denver Broncos are now a cursed abomination that the Lord hates.

Detroit Lions. Defensive tackle Ndamakung Suh is an ungodly servant of Islam and acts like a gorilla on the field. The Lions play in Detroit and many players are tied to the drug and gang scene in the city. God hates this team.

Satan’s favorite homosexual NFL couple!

Green Bay Packers. The Green Bay Packers are an extremely ungodly team. Brett Favre was an early homosexual icon in the NFL, having a closeted relationship with Analyst John Madden. Aaron Rodgers has been seen with many bikini models and other whores.  The name “Packers” refers to a homosexual act of intercourse. I will not go into details on this act. Needless to say it is ungodly and sinful. God hates the Packers, and you should too.

Houston Texans. This team is young and has not yet upset the Lord our God.

Indianapolis Colts. The Colts horseshoe logo is ungodly and supports gambling. They also drafted servant of Satan Peyton Manning.

Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars refused to sign God’s quarterback, Tim Tebow. For that alone, they are cursed. Repent Jacksonville, fix your evil ways, and sign Tim Tebow!

Kansas City Chiefs. The Kansas City Chiefs signed the ungodly Joe Montana instead of letting him fall into retirement. The Chiefs also signed Satan’s favorite runningback Jamaal Charles. God hates Charles so much that he used Miami’s mascot to end his season!

Miami Dolphins. In 1972, the Miami Dolphins sold their souls to Satan in return for an undefeated season. Now God hates them with a fiery passion.

Bill Belecheck kissing Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski

New England Patriots. The Patriots coach, Bill Belecheck, is on extremely friendly terms with Satan and may be possessed by a demon.  Belecheck also cut God’s favorite quarterback Tim Tebow, and the team is cursed for that in itself!  Tight end Rob Gronkowski is a party boy and Aaron Hernandez is a murderer. Repent New England! Repent!

The NFL. The NFL is thoroughly ungodly in all ways. First, they mock the sanctity of the Sabbath by playing games for profit on Sunday! Second, they support homosexuality but punish men for embracing their roles as head of the household. They have spent much time making rules to improve player safety, but in reality the only thing players need to be safe is Jesus. Turn to Jesus, and Jesus will protect you! God hates the NFL in all possible ways.

New Orleans Saints. The New Orleans Saints are affiliated with Catholicism and are cursed for that alone. Not only that, the violent bounty scandal funded by coach Sean Payton spread violence instead of love. God hates the Saints!

New York Giants. Peyton’s brother Eli Manning plays for the Giants. God hates Eli Manning too.

Tim Tebow, God’s favorite quarterback!

New York Jets. The New York Jets released God’s quarterback Tim Tebow and signed Satan’s servant Michael Vick! That is enough reason for god to hate this franchise!

Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Raiders support gang violence and drug dealers. God hates them thusly.

Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles signed Michael Vick right out of jail, bringing him back into the NFL. That is ungodly! Repent Philly, repent!

typical ungodly Steelers fans

Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pittsburgh Steelers are a very terrible organization. Their quarterback, Ben Wafflesburger, is a well-known rapist. Their former kicker, Jeff Reed, was often seen at parties with many women. Their mascot, Steely McBeam, is an obviously homosexual figure. Their players are dirty, and their fans are slutty. God hates this team with a fiery passion, and the Steelers and their fans are all heading straight to Hell.

San Diego Chargers. Chargers linebacker Manti Teo created an imaginary girlfriend in college.At least that’s what the media wants us to think. In actuality, he summoned a succubus and had sexual relations with it on a nightly basis. All who are close to Manti will go to hell, the San Diego Chargers included.

San Francisco 49ers. Joe Montana sold his soul to Satan in return for success at the NFL level. He found it, and cursed this franchise in the process.

Seattle Seahawks. God loves the Seattle Seahawks.  Russell Wilson is a good Christian and Pete Carroll is a good man. This is why God allowed them to vanquish Satan’s servant Peyton Manning in the Superbowl.

St. Louis Rams. The Rams signed ungodly homosexual heathen Michael Sam! They brought this openly gay homosexual heathen into the NFL, and they will be punished by God for it. God allowed their quarterback Sam Bradford to be injured as punishment for this roster move.

Tennessee Titans. God hates this team for their supporter of adulterer Steve McNair. Adultery is an affront to God.

Washington Redskins. The Redskins are working for Satan! Not only do they glorify the ungodly savage, but they also reject the true nature of this nation! The NFL is right, the team name should be changed…but not to something that glorifies the heathen savage. Instead, they should change the name to the the Washington Christians or the Washington savages!

The NFL is an abomination to Jesus. God hates the NFL, and God hates the NFL Draft! We should all boycott it! It is time to take back our Sundays for Jesus! It is time to take back our TVs for Christ! God damn the NFL Draft! God Damn the NFL! And God Damn ungodly websites like which are working for Satan! Repent sinners, or you will all be punished like Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. God will smite you all and send you straight to Hell unless you repent. The only way to heaven is to be born again in Christ. Reject the NFL and embrace Jesus. I will be praying for you.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian!

Rick Santorum Will Stop the Atheistic Holocaust on Unborn Babies!

Visit Rick Santorum on the facebook to learn more about how to win!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Rick Santorum is fighting every day to save the innocent unborn? Even now, Rick Santorum is supporting congressman Ander Crenshaw’s ABLE act, which will stop parents from being able to abort disabled children and will also stop our nation from descending deeper into a eugenic state.  Granted, the act, on its surface, says only that medical care must be equal for disabled and non disabled people, but the way the heathens are taking this nation, it would quickly descend into aborting the disabled before birth to avoid financial difficulties faced by parents of disabled children if this discrimination were to continue.

More important even then the ABLE Act, however, is Rick Santorum’s March for Life! Rick Santorum is God’s choice for President, and he seeks to fight both Islamic extremism and atheist extremism. Rick Santorum believes in the rights of the unborn. Santorum knows that an unborn child is still a child. Santorum knows that these children are created by GOD. Rick Santorum knows that the problem in society isn’t pregnancy, it’s behavior. Unwed pregnancies are increasing in America because America is turning away from God and God’s law! We need to reject the Islamic unAmerican Barack Osama and elect Rick Santorum in 2016!

Abortion is murder, boys and girls. It’s as simple as that. God isn’t making more people get pregnant outside of wedlock. The Bible teaches us that sex is supposed to be between a married couple. A married couple consists of one man and one woman. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. If people didn’t have sex outside of wedlock, there would be no need for abortion. The real problem is a breakdown of Biblical Law in American society.

If women didn’t go to bars dressed like this, there would be no cases of rape!

In modern-day America, women are no longer staying at home raising families and making homes. They are now going to bars dressed in unchaste clothing searching for men to fornicate with. Woman should stop going to heathen bars to avoid getting pregnancy! Don’t tell me that abortion is ok in cases of rape either. God created a perfect law for cases of rape. If a man rapes a woman, he is required to provide for her and any children that come from the rape until death. The Bible couches it in terms of “marriage,” but God really meant that the man is supposed to provide for his victim, who, in the culture at the time when the book was written, would not be able to find a husband after being raped and would starve.

This whore of Babylon is asking to get raped! If she gets pregnant, it is her duty to choose life!

Before you tell us that it is a woman’s right to choose, I have nothing against women making choices. They have every right to be responsible. They have every right to choose to be chaste until marriage. They have every right to not go out in public dressed like whores of Babylon and get raped. They have every right to be responsible and raise their babies if they do get raped and pregnant. After all, God didn’t make them go out half naked and show off for all the guys! Why should God change His law for them when they disobeyed His law first? Rick Santorum believes in God’s Law and will fight against the Obamanation of abortion! You can believe in that! Abortion is Satan’s favorite practice since it takes many new souls away from a potential full life. Rick Santorum is God’s choice for President because Rick Santorum will fight against abortion!

Rick Santorum chose life. You should too!

Even Hitler’s mom chose life! Doesn’t your unborn child deserve the right to life that Hitler was granted? The evil atheists only want more evil atheists like Hitler to be born. Don’t believe in the atheistic Satanic “miracle” of abortion! That “miracle” comes from the devil! Know who supports abortion? These sinners:

Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson both believe in abortion!

You can see, in the above photograph, Bill Clinton and Hell’s singer Michael Jackson mock-aborting a child. Note how Bill Clinton is pretending to “eat” the baby, much like atheists joke about eating fetuses. Note how Michael Jackson is looking on in encouragement. Why did Bill Clinton support abortion? Because he fathered many children out of wedlock. Here are just a few of Clinton’s whores of Babylon:

Bill Clinton reportedly engaged in heathen sexual acts with these women.

Clinton and his most famous fling

Bill Clinton with yet another lover

Why did Bill Clinton engage in sexual promiscuity outside of wedlock? The answer is simple. He has been deluded by Satan and his wife is a lesbian. Here’s proof:

This is why we can’t elect another Demoncrat as president. The Demoncrats support sexual promiscuity, tolerance towards non-Christians (even though America is a CHRISTIAN nation!), abortion, heathenry, homosexuality, atheism, Darwinism, and rape! We need a True Christian Candidate for president. We need a man who is fighting against abortion and walking the walk for life! We need Rick Santorum in 2016! Compare Santorum to the above pictures of the ungodly Clintons:

We must stop the Holocaust against the unborn! We must stop abortion across America! Elect Rick Santorum and end the war on the unborn! It’s what Jesus would do! America needs a full time president like Rick Santorum, not a part time crook like Barack HUSSEIN Obama! Elect Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president, in 2016! It is time to take back America for Jesus! It is time to take back America for Christ!

We support Rick Santorum in 2016! We support Rick Santorum’s march for life! A vote for Rick is a vote against Satan. Make the right choice. Vote Santorum in 2016.

From your True Christian friends,

Martin Baker and Jim Solouki

Retail Employees are Satan’s favorite Servants!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that retail employees are working directly for Satan and headed straight to hell? These sinners are Satan’s storm troopers, working on the front lines in the war on Christmas. These heathens are helping the atheists and the devil by taking Santa out of our stores and taking Christ out of Christmas! It’s not even Christmas anymore! It’s now “Happy Holidays.” These low-wage workers are sinners in the worst way. They are taking money away from the poor as they try to steal Christmas from Christians! They must be stopped!

Consider this woman from Walmart. The heathen Walmart employees didn’t even try to stop her from wandering through the store! This woman is a whore of Babylon and is showing Satan’s approval of Walmart! Instead of stopping her, you can see the lady in red looking upon her with approval. Why? Because whoreism is approved in retail stores! A True Christian would have stopped her from wearing these clothes. But Walmart doesn’t employ True Christians. They employ heathens! You can tell this by the shirts they wear during the holiday season:


Walmart isn’t only forcing their employees to reject Christmas. They’re also forcing their heathen “happy holidays” message upon their customers. The employees are the ones selling the product, and they could stop it, but they don’t. Here’s a heathen walmart gift card:

This gift card is of the devil.

Walmart isn’t the only retail outfit serving Satan! Target is of the Devil too! They put up Christmas decorations, but they’re actually very, very scary decorations. These decorations showcase headless Santas, and prove that not only is Target working for Satan, but they also embrace Isis’s acts of violence towards Christians, namely beheadings:

Christmas by Isis!

Target also sells the ungodly Redcard. Do you know what the “red” in “redcard” represents? Communism! Target considers itself a Communist stronghold in America. They call their customers “guests,” their workers “Team members,” and have a system of acronyms secretly created by Satan worshiper and devil’s disciple George Dayton to force his employees to embrace the Devil’s will. Here’s Dayton:

George Dayton, the devil’s disciple

By working for these retail giants, the retail employee is a direct player in the war on Christmas. These employees are often older people of working age who, rather than using these jobs as part time jobs in high school, are trying to use them to support themselves. These workers are commonly on foodstamps and other public aid programs because they are too lazy to find other jobs. They choose to work in retail because it is an easy job where they don’t have to do any hard work.  These workers are taking valuable resources away from the real poor, people who didn’t choose poverty but were forced into it by conditions out of their control. The True Christian thing to do would be to leave these jobs and get real jobs with which the worker can support themself with. But this doesn’t happen because retail workers like working for the devil!

this is where the retail employee is headed. Straight to HELL!

Have you ever seen an unhappy retail employee? I certainly haven’t. They always greet me kindly and have smiles on their faces. They even thank me for coming in. That’s not a person who is unhappy with their job. By thoroughly embracing the retail experience, retail employees directly seal their own fates in Hell. By buying into the anti-Christmas, anti-God retail establishment, the retail employee becomes an agent of Satan and damns himself. By placing consumerism before Christ, they place themselves in hell instead of heaven for all eternity.

Jesus would never shop or work at Walmart!

If you are a retail employee reading this post, remove yourself from the war on Christmas! Find a new job that supports the splendor of Christ instead of the false promises of capitalism and wealth! Reject the number of the beast that is found on every credit card and embrace the truth of Salvation. Give your heart to God and your mind to Jesus. Otherwise you are going to burn in Hell for all eternity.

So I implore you, servant of Satan. Repent or burn. Retail employees will go to Hell for being part of the retail system that rejects Christ and replaces Him with consumerism. Where will you go after you die? If you want to go to Hell, stay in retail. If you want to go to Heaven, repent!

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’mm a True Christian.

Join us and Rick Santorum and stop the war on Christmas! Rick Santorum 2016!

Satanic books that you must avoid!

Did you know that Satan is using children’s books to steal your children from Jesus? Winnie the Pooh, Curious George, Dr. Seus, and many other popular children’s books are tools of the devil. Don’t just take my word for it! I’ll prove it to you! We will look at these ungodly children’s books and explain why they are designed to steal the souls of your children. Here they are:

Curious George
Curious George is one of the Devil’s FAVORITE children’s series! First, Curious George celebrates the evil ungodly atheist theory of evilution! George is a monkey that lives with a man! The “Man in the yellow hat” is the only name that we are given for this man, who talks with George the evil monkey. The man in the yellow hat is a Darwinist that works at a museum with ungodly displays of dinosaurs. The book series teaches the false “millions of years” ideology of the Darwinists. The series also glorifies bestiality by showing George and the man in the yellow hat sharing a bed. George never goes to Church in the series, he only goes to unchristian places. This is sinful stuff!

The Curious George series is a wolf in sheeps clothing designed to indoctrinate your children in the false religion of Darwinism from a young age. Good parents don’t let their sons and daughters become Darwinists! Keep your children away from this ungodly Satanic series! They’re indoctrinating your children with evolution by showing an extremely anthropomophic monkey doing very human things with a very ungodly man! Keep your children far away!

Winnie the Pooh and Satan too!

Did you know that the Winnie the Pooh books are a direct attempt by Satan worshipers to get your children to join their ungodly flock?  That’s right boys and girls. Not only do we have little stuffed animals coming to life in a manner reminiscent to voodoo and black magic, but there are many Satanic themes in Winnie the Pooh!  The character Piglet is, in fact, a representation of Satan. Not only does Piglet represent pork, an “unclean meat” in Biblical terms, but Piglet also, like Satan has cloven feet. Not only that, but he also is red, the color of evil.

The character “Rabbit” is a reference to the Pagan worship of hares. They believed that the souls of deceased children could, in fact, be turned into hares. These hares would play in the fields all day and talk. Rabbit talks, just like one of these pagan hares, and nobody seems disturbed at all. Christopher Robin, the only human in the books, even talks with these animals! That’s smutty, sinful stuff!

Perhaps most frightening is the cartoon of Winnie the Pooh actually worshiping the devil. This was an attempt by the authors of the series to lure our children into worshiping Satan. Here’s the video. Do not watch this around young children.

Where the Wild Things Are

This book is purely Satanic. Not only does the boy in the book run away from his home and disobey his mother, an affront to the 4th commandment to Honor thy mother and father, but he also goes to an island filled with demons.  On this island, he becomes a demon king, and leader of the demons. Then they give him a boat and send him back home. This is a representation of a Satanic black magic ceremony set up just for our children.  Alone in his room, the child summons these creatures and is guided by them. This reeks of old-school, goethic satanic ceremonies and may have been written as a way to expose our children to it. Note how the “wild things” look a lot like representations of goethic demons:


This is Satanic stuff, and should be avoided at all costs! If your child brings home this ungodly book, BURN IT!

Harry Potter

Witchcraft, wizardry, Satanism, magic, and more! I shouldn’t even have to discuss these ungodly works in this post, but they are worth noting. They score a -666 out of 100 on our scale of Christian friendliness for children’s books. These books WILL lead your child to become a World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons playing, pentagram wearing, evil child of Satan. Keep your child far away from these books, as well as the ungodly Lord of the Rings series! They should all be destroyed!

The Water Babies

I throw this one in since I would be remiss not to discuss it. The Water Babies is a Darwinist propoganda book specifically designed to lead our children to believe in evolution. It was written by a fan of Darwinists and all the characters are based on defenders of Darwin from the 1800s. This is as sinful as they come, and all copies should be burned. If your child ever brings one of these home, destroy it immediately. This action will help save your child’s very soul.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is the worst book on our entire list! First, it teaches our children to run away from home so that they never have to grow up! Then it suggests that they can live in some sort of ungodly imagination-land where they never have to work and can exist in constant rebellion. This is ungodly stuff, and also stands against the 4th commandment to honor one’s parents.

Peter Pan also celebrates pagan beliefs through the use of primitive Native American peoples. These people were ungodly when they held land in the Americas, and God allowed the Christians to conquer them for a reason. They are led by Satan and can only lead you to Satan. Any book that celebrates them must be avoided at all costs.

Peter Pan also has representations of fairies. The particular one in this book, Tinkerhell, is a particularly smutty one. She dresses in skimpy clothing and gets jealous when Peter Pan talks with girls. This implies that Peter Pan and Tinkerhell are in a pseudosexual relationship, implying that it is natural for men to have sexual relationships with fairies. This representation is derived from a Druidic belief in nymphs and dryads.  This is ungodly stuff!


Dear readers, these are some of the dangers of the secular media. Please keep your children away from these ungodly heathen books. It will save their souls from eternal damnation. God did not intend for your children to believe in this smut. Instead, God intended for your children to believe in and worship Him.  If you are looking for some books for your child, here is a good place to begin.

It is time to destroy the ungodly grip on children’s literature. Let us take a stand against Harry Potter, Peter Pan, Curious George, Winnie the Pooh, and all ungodly children’s books! Let us take back our children’s libraries for Jesus! Destroy these evil books and replace them with Bibles. Let us take back the bookshelf for Jesus! Let us take back our children for Christ!

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker


Labyrinth is for Satanists

Hello viewers,

David Bowie representing witchcraft by using a crystal ball.

David Bowie representing witchcraft by using a crystal ball.

Have you indulged in a film that is full of sexual immorality, witchcraft, beastiality, hate, homosexuality, deceit, and other Anti-Christian themes that is called Labrynth? Labrynth is a heathen film that is loaded with all these themes, and its content truly comes from the depths of Hell. The film is an example of how Satan corrupts the minds and works with Hollywood in an attempt to De-Christianize America. Read on to learn the evils of the film, and also be sure to check out this analysis by Capalert:

This film has all the hints that glorify Satan.

This film has all the hints that glorify Satan.

The film starts off with a teenage girl who is disobedient to her parents and does not follow the commandment that is about honoring thy parents. After being told to babysit her two year old brother, she utters a reference to witchcraft by commanding demons to take him away. Following the scene, we are treated to scenes of demons and a pro-evolution scene where an owl enters her room and turns into a man of evil powers played by David Bowie, who is well known for committing homosexual acts in real life. What an offense to God and Christians! But that is not where it ends.

Bowie’s character abducts the baby for his heathen pleasures, probably like atheists that would abduct babies for eating, and the girl is forced to walk a maze to find her brother in 13 hours before he is turned into a demon. The girl befriends a demon by the name of Hogwarts, which the name refers to the witch craft academy from the evil Harry Potter books.

Meanwhile, we are treated to scenes of witchcraft and Pagan rituals from David Bowie. As an example, Bowie sings about using voodoo in his ungodly song “Dance magic dance.” Here are the lyrics that prove the ungodliness of this film:

“you remind me of the babe…what babe..the babe with the power…what power? the power of voodoo!”

As he is singing about using black magic, we also see his cult of demons dancing and worshiping him like a god. This is a violation of the Ten Commandments that instructs us not to worship false gods. However, it doesn’t end there. Bowie commits other acts of witchcraft by using crystal balls to see events that are happening. The perverted filmmakers also make multiple camera angles focus a lot on what fans love to call, the “Bowie Bulge”, which results in the audience being forced to see a ghosting of his private parts. This film is undoubtedly about furthering the homosexual agenda.

This is the perverted

This is the perverted “Bowie Bulge” that sick minded people love to talk about!

The homosexual appearance of Bowie was also used to inspire these other homosexual characters in following movies:


There are other sinful acts in this film. The girl does beastiality and sexually immoral scenes with weird creatures that Darwin would have dreamed of for his “Missing Link” for evilution. A fox commits sexual acts with his dog. Characters deceive each other by telling lies. God’s name is taken in vain many times without calling him for prayer. We don’t see scenes where God is called upon to help the protagonist rescue her brother, but instead she uses various forms of evil magic that is offensive to God. Nonliving objects, such as doorknobs and stone faces can talk, and this shows evidence of demonic possession of the nonliving.

These creatures are exactly what Darwin imagined as

These creatures are exactly what Darwin imagined as “Missing Links”, but it’s too bad they are fake like evolution.

Horrifying scene of the girl committing beastiality with these weird creatures only Darwin and other evolutionists would have dreamed of to support evolution.

Horrifying scene of the girl committing beastiality with these weird creatures only Darwin and other evolutionists would have dreamed of to support evolution.

Nonliving objects talk as if they were demonically possessed!

Nonliving objects talk as if they were demonically possessed!

Watch in this clip how Bowie is based off Satan who tried to tempt Jesus into sin. Also try to avoid gazing at the “Bowie Package.”

The film is why we see children become rebellious to their parents and commit acts of drug use and sex before marriage, and it truly glorifies Satan and his demons. The film has also resulted in people dressing up in gothic clothing, atheism, rise in witchcraft and satanism, pedophilia, kids bringing pornography magazines and DVDs into church, believing in evolution, teaching evolution, strip clubs, doing drugs, and other sins that result from the Tree of Evil that produces these bad fruits. This film, just like other films that promote such smutty material from Hollywood, must be sent back to the depths of Hell where it came from. Let’s take a stand for Jesus and tell Satan that he is not welcome in our lives. Let’s cut down and burn the Tree of Evil that is producing these bad fruits. Let’s take back Hollywood for Christ.

Martin Baker and Jim Solouki