Michael Jackson in Hell!

Dear friends,


Did you know that Michael Jackson is burning in Hell right now and that he is Satan’s favorite plaything? That’s right, the “King of Pop” or “King of Rock n’ Roll”, is now the King of HELL. He used his music to corrupt the young generation into sin, and he is now paying for it.

Michael Jackson used to be a follower of the Mormon Church, and he believed in the cult idea of going from black to white to be cleansed of sin. Besides following the cult’s abominable ideas, he also worshiped Darwinism. As you can see, he continuously bleached his skin to make himself appear white. He believed that he was evolving into a white male as he bleached his skin and continued to follow the Mormon Church and Darwinism.

Going from black...

Going from black…

to white!

to white!

What else did Michale Jackson do to glorify Darwin? He transformed his God-given looks by using plastic surgery and removed part of his nose to make himself look like a monkey. Charles Darwin would have used Jackson’s transformation as evidence of the “Missing Link”!

The missing link Darwin tried looking for!

The missing link Darwin tried looking for!

Besides worshiping Darwin, Michael Jackson also hosted pajama sleepover parties with nine year old boys in his mansion. That’s right, just like the very best of the Catholic Church, he traumatized them for his own homosexual acts. Michael Jackson was also good at luring the boys with his own theme-park called “Neverland”. Instead of being promised all the riches and candy from the park, the boys were all Jackson’s playthings to satisfy his sexual favors.

While being a billionaire, Jackson was clever to use all his money to save himself from being incarcerated by the Justice System. It is well known that he was raping the children, but he had very crooked lawyers and corrupt judges to cheat the Justice System. Michael Jackson could walk in the courtroom, dressed in pajamas, and enjoy cheating the system.

As the “King of Pop”, Jackson corrupted the youth with songs of vulgar content that easily offend God. His song titled “Beat it” supported ungodly masturbation, “I’m Bad” is about being a sinner, and his song “Thriller” supported paganistic rituals. Heck, he even glorified the ungodly rituals in a music video.

Jackson loved satanic stuff!

Jackson loved satanic stuff!

Being lead astray from God and worshipping all the money, darwinism, homosexual acts, and fame as his own god, Michael Jackson knew his time was coming up and that Hell was unavoidable. He knew everyday that the time was getting closer and closer and that he could have been saved, but he pretended that he could still get away with this and that Satan was his true god. On the day that he used his recreational drugs as a mockery to God, he passed away and was dragged to the depths of Hell. Being rich could not have saved his life as Jesus made it clear that a rich man can never enter the gates of Heaven. Instead of doing the Christian thing by feeding the needy, he fed the greedy and is burning in Hell for it!

By the way, we do not agree with the Westboro Baptist Church, but they got one thing right:

The Westboro Baptist Church is right about Jackson burning in Hell!

The Westboro Baptist Church is right about Jackson burning in Hell!

Martin Baker and Jim Solouki

P.S., on election day 2016, vote for Rick Santorum as president of America. He is the worthy candidtate chosen by God to lead this nation.

132 thoughts on “Michael Jackson in Hell!

  1. andy says:

    Wow you fuckers are stupid,

    • Martin Baker says:

      At least we’re not the ones who will be burning in Hell!

      • Satan says:

        Hahaha is there any video he’s burning on the hell.STUPID PIG YOU ARE

      • thinkmore says:

        Wow! You guys are really something. First of all he was NOT a
        Morman he was a Jehova’s Witness. Why are you lying on Michael Jackson? What is it the bible says about lying? Oh yeah! ” you are of your father, the devil. For he is the father of lies”. I guess it’s easier for you to tell a lie than to do your research to find the truth. And why in the world would you judge him by saying”he is in hell”? The bible says “judge not that he be not judged”. You had better be very careful when it comes to the word of The Most High God. The bible also says” in it you think you have salvation”. In other words you could very well yourself end up in the very place where you’re trying to condemn Michael to be. Those of us who know Michael and love Michael don’t believe you anyway. Because we know that you are not The Most High God and therefore, have no right to judge Michael. Why don’t you yourself repent and allow the Heavenly Father to change your hearts.

  2. Idiotslovehate says:

    Take your religious propaganda and shove it up your ass you sad excuse for a human being. The hate you spread is a plague on this planet. It’s because of “people” like you that our world is in such a state of decay. Spreading hate and judgment on your fellow man. I hope that when you die you realize that your existence was as meaningless as your opinion was.

    • Martin Baker says:

      This isn’t propaganda. This site is legitimate as Jesus, and you better be careful what you say!

      • Emma says:

        I don’t see any Godly Spiritual Contents here. All hatred. Now I understand why some people have wrong ideas about Christians.

  3. CJackson says:

    Actually Mike is a Christian man, I am very close to him and he’s not even dead. I know you think i’m a fan, no I am not because I prefer classical music. I have good tastes and I do not like pop music or rock but I know Mike and he’s alive, I know the family very close. He’s a good man, you should really ask people about him. He’s not into satan worship, his mother wouldn’t approve. He was brought up right, his mother is a Jehovah’s witness but he was raised around many Christians and is thus a Christian.

  4. Mary Angelou Carbon says:

    False prophet! We all didn’t know where the people that die go. If you don’t know that person, please don’t judge him. Because Jesus didn’t. Don’t judge a person by his appearance. You are just insecure about his talent. Sorry for the words, but this is just an advice: Don’t do the things that God or Jesus didn’t do. Be God-like. If the person is doing like God, then don’t judge him. He is just doing God-like. He helps people, and cares for them. He loves and cares for children because he didn’t experienced to be a child because of Jackson 5. This is his quote: I will never stop loving and caring for people the way Jesus said to. See. Sir, I am just a 12year old girl, but imagine, I have more knowledge than you about God. I know everyone of us has an inspiration, and Michael Jackson is my inspiration, so please stop this. Sorry if I called you ‘false prophet’ sir, I have just said that because I was just hurted by the words you said in your article. We all love Jesus, we also love each other, so please love us, love him. Sorry sir, but I just wanted to tell you to right your mistakes. Sorry. Please research first before you write something like this. Michael loved his fans, his family, you, the children, the people and especially, God and Jesus. By the way, God Bless you sir. I hope that you will change your wrong doings. God Bless!

  5. fuck u says:

    go and fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yourself you and your mother and your father in hell son of the bitch. fuck u.

  6. Franco says:

    Hahahahahahaha Haaahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. wow amazingly ignorant.!!!!! You dont even have his religion right which was Jehovah Witness not Mormon! How dare you call yourself a follower of the Lord! Know what you are talking about before you speak as ignorance is a dangerous weapon.

  8. faith says:

    do you have no answer to give to what i said?
    is that why you are blocking my comment??

  9. Joan says:

    No where in the Bible does it state that a rich man will NEVER enter into heaven. You sir are full of hate and jealousy, and I pray for you and the ones who hear your false teachings.

    • Martin Baker says:

      No, you’re wrong. Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to be lead to the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven. Michael Jackson should have taken heed to the teachings of Jesus, but he is burning in hell right now.

  10. Joan says:

    The Lord said all have sinned , and all can be forgiven, and also said he who is without sin , cast the first stone. My point sir, is if ALL have sinned, then who should cast stones? Neither you nor I. My God is a god of love and forgiveness. Tell me sir , how much love does it take to allow your own son to be sacrificed, not for his own sake, but for others? It is an unimaginable amount of love. I struggle daily with people who have heard people like you, and now have the impression that “religion” in general is all about hate and bashing. I have a gay friend , do I approve? No, do I hate her or bash her? No. I witness to her and pray for her. I let as many people as possible know that God loves them and they are always welcome to talk to him.

  11. Fuck off. says:

    Fuck you your little ugly hater!! If there’s someone who’s burning in hell, it’s you your little nolifer, motherfucker. Hope you kill yourSelf.

  12. MJfan says:

    Michael jackson Is NOT in hell he was a good man and u may think not but keep your opinions to your selves unless it is something nice

    • Martin Baker says:

      He died a rich person and Jesus said it is hard for a rich person to enter the gates of Heaven. Therefore, he is in Hell. You should also make sure you are saved or you will suffer the same fate as Michael Jackson!

      • Dj says:

        He said it’s hard for a rich person to enter the gates of heaven, not impossible. Therefore, a high probability a person dies rich goes to hell instead of therefore he is in hell just because he is rich.

      • Michael Jackson was also a pedophile and a satanic sinner. He’s in Hell. I know this because the Holy Spirit confirms it.

        Jim SOlouki

    • Ana K says:

      If you think that well I dare you to pray for the God to show hell and that way you will understand that we are all in for it. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to burn in hell for all eternal life. I know I am going to pray that you bad people get a vision of hell so that way you’ll turn your life around yeah that’s what I’ll do. Since Satan has got you soo blind. ALL OF YOU WHO DONT CARE AND CURSE!

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    Learn the truth about Michael Jackson and how you can avoid his fate.

  14. Jayde nicole larsen says:

    That is full of shit

  15. Elijah says:

    i have been an impersonator for michael for over eight years and i will tell you that theres nothing satanic about any of his stuff in fact the church in stillwater plays thriller every year on halloween so shut up you obviously know nothing about him he was a wonderful man who was misunderstood

  16. MJgirl says:

    Michael Jackson was a good man. I’m only eleven and even I know what you r saying is wrong. This is the reason our society is so corrupt. Get your facts right. Think before you speak.

  17. MJgirl says:

    Martin I don’t know who the fuck you think you’re talking to,but you should think before you speak too because you are saying a lot back to people. If you keep agreeing with this guy it’s not going to benefit you at all. Save yourself before it’s too late.

    • Martin Baker is my fellow soldier in Christ MJgirl. Jesus doesn’t like people who swear. Foul language is from the devil and is ungodly, just like you. You are not from God if you are against God and for Michael Jackson and rock and roll. Choose the right path or burn in Hell.

      Jim Solouki

      • too cute too smart too says:

        How the [Edit] are you gonna tell a “little girl” that shes [Edit]? you [Edit]

        This message has been edited by the Creation Science Study staff for hate and profanity.

    • Martin Baker says:

      How about stop your cussing and lying. This site is as real as Jesus!

  18. […] Masturbation is a sin that Satan wants you to do. Do not do it. If you feel the urge, remember to place your hands on the Bible to save yourself from this unholy abomination. Michael “pedophile” Jackson encouraged his followers to masturbate with the song “Beat it”, and he is burning in Hell for it. https://creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com/2014/02/16/michael-jackson-in-hell/ […]

  19. MJgirl says:

    It says it is hard to have a rich man come into the gates of heaven, but it never said it was impossible. Eleven year old here. This is starting to get sad now. People hating on their fellow man. It’s just ignorance, hate ,and jealousy being spread around our communities, our nation, and our world. I can’t believe you sorry excuses for human beings. Notice how every word in my comment is wiser than anything in your article. You and all your messed up followers disgust me. Uggggghhhhhhh. It annoys me and hurts me to read this article. My aunt, my mom, my dad, and almost all of my family are Christians and we all loved Michael Jackson and his music. Please correct your wrong doings. I pray for you and anyone who believes this propaganda. God Bless

    • You must not be Christian if you love Michael Jackson. You must be Catholic. Catholics know all about touching babies. Jesus doesn’t love anyone that loves Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is an agent of Satan!!

      You do know that in order to go to heaven you have to be born again in Jesus, right? God hates Rock and Roll! Rock and roll music teaches us to behave like animals and believe in Devilution!

      A good tree can never bear evil fruit. Look at the “fruit” Michael Jackson bore. He didn’t do any good. He only had sexual relationships with Michaule Kulkin, the sad, unfortnuate, home alone kid.

      Michael Jackson recognized that he was terrible and even tried to turn himself into a white man. Why? Because he was RACIST! He touched little boys and became an abomination unto God.

      Michael Jackson is rotting in Hell with Pope John Paul II, Hitler, Charles Darwin, Carl Sagan, Bon Scott, John Lenon, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and many other terrible, terrible people. He wants to lead you there too MJgirl. Satan is using Michael Jackson as a tool to lure you to Satan!

      You cannot be a Christian and like Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is an agent of Satan working for the devil, and he wants your soul. If you are a Michael Jackson fan then you are going to Hell. It’s as simple as that.

      Your aunt, your mom, your dad, and almost all of your family are fake Christians! No real Christians like Michael Jackson! Repent or burn in Hell. God hates Michael Jackson. God hates Michael Jackson fans. ANd therefore, God hates you until you repent.

      I will pray for your soul. And show this page to other people. They will tell you that we are indeed servants of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, who died so that we might be saved.

      Yours in Christ,

      Jim Solouki

      • Claire says:

        Martin, I am genuinely curious about how you can possibly think that such a great man and saint, Pope John Paul II, can be in hell. None of us can say for sure whether anyone can be in hell. God is loving and merciful, and opens His arms to anyone who wishes to come into them. I am praying for you.

    • I think you need to ask your pastor about our site. He will tell you that we are spreading the Truth of Christ. We are well known by Christian pastors around the world. In fact, we’ve been featured by many websites for our work on the Philippines and on Nelson Mandela. Our website is as legitimate as Jesus, and to question us is to question Him.

      Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

    • Martin Baker says:

      Oh, I can’t wait for the killer RAPTURE to arrive from the Book of Revelation. That will be the special day when those like YOU have fallen away from the Glory of God will be PUNISHED and BURN IN HELL in a beautiful lake of brimstone. You and your family continue to glorify Satan’s dealings by worshipping a heathen that was a false Christian, used young boys for homosexual favors, and was a rich person who believed all he needed was money to save him and not Jesus.

      The Good Lord doesn’t take too kindly to heathens like you that propagate such sinners into the very fame Satan wants. You selfishly allow Satan and his Demons to blind you. You and your family do not surrender yourselves to God. You and your family also refuse to be born again.

      You also LIE for Satan by saying that rich people are never despised by God. False Christians like Paul Crouch have learned the hard way. Read our entry “Paul Crouch. False Christian, Truly in Hell.” Here are the wholly and goodly scriptures that speak out against being rich:

      ” There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day: And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores, And desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table: moreover the dogs came and licked his sores. And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried; And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame. But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented. — Luke 16:19-25
      Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. — Matthew 19:23-24, Mark 10:23-25
      But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation. — Luke 6:24
      Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. — James 5:1 ”

      You and your family that support this perverted sinner that started abominations like pornography, teaching of evolution in schools, liberals, demoncrats, Obama elected as president, Rick Santorum not allowed as president, abortions, 9/11, altar boys raped by priests, pedophilia spreading in the churches, strip bars, and so on. Turn or BURN!

    • Jack says:

      Dear brothers and sisters, fanatism of this way is worst. Micheal is living his life wherever he is. God needs you to keep your goal and separate you from the evil. Your comments about Micheal Jackson are insane.
      The bible says Judge not, that ye be not judged. EBD NTB
      2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. EBD NTB TTT
      3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? EBD NTB TTT
      4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
      5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

  20. MJgirl says:

    I don’t think you want to talk about misguided souls, because you are no way near better. Cursing isn’t like me but you really got me mad so I did what I did. I take responsibility for that. Now it’s your turn. I don’t even know you and you are talking about my family. Now you’ve gone way too far. Leave my family out of this. We are Christians, not Catholics. Our family loves the Lord. Besides, what kind of monsters tell an eleven year old girl that she will go to hell if she likes Michael Jackson. God doesn’t hate Michael Jackson and he doesn’t hate Michael Jackson fans. He hates nobody. He doesn’t hate me or my family and how dare you say they are fake Christians. Please change your wrong doings and I pray for you. By the way, I told my family what you said about us and they pray for you too. God Bless you

    • You need to find Jesus very quickly. I am prayign for your family. God hates those that reject Him. Michael Jackson rejected God and is in HELL. Those that listen to him go…to HELL….repent or follow the highway to Hell!

  21. Cheryl Mae C. Monderondo says:

    To All who loves Michel Jackson – Did you know that idolizing anybody is not a Christian character? Jesus is a jealous God. Idolatry is a passport to hell.
    I agree that maybe MICHAEL jackson is now in hell and all people who idolize him will be destined to hell. Sad but true.

  22. Martin Baker says:

    Amen, Cheryl. You do understand God’s word.

  23. MJgirl says:

    I didn’t say that I was idolizing him. I like a lot of artist and I bet you like at least one artist. It doesn’t mean that we idolize him. I don’t know why I even bother trying to help you. All you do is hurt people and their families. I really hope you start thinking before you speak. Just ask yourself one simple question. ” What if that was me?” What if people constantly accused you of touching kids and other satanic things like that, just because you were well known and they were jealous of your fame. And please don’t talk about me or my parents. Thank you and God Bless you.

    • Michael Jackson DID touch kids. The Holy SPirit told me so. Michael Jackson is an abomination and is burning in hell as we speak. repent, or you will join him.

      • Allison says:

        What is wrong with you people Michael Jackson did not touch a child ever in his life and he never would do such a thing so he is not burning in hell he is an angel in heaven!!!!!!!

      • Allison, are you an agent of Satan? You must be if you’re defending Michael Jackson. Everyone knows he is in Hell. He was involved in the ungodly Rock and Roll industry. He molested kids and paid off judges. AND he was homosexual. Hell, hell, hell. Repent and reject him or you’ll go to hell too.

        Yours in Christ,

        Jim Solouki

      • Allison says:

        Yes I am defending him and iI am proud to be defending him because to me he was perfect he was everything you could ask for nothing you could say would change my mind

      • he was perfect? There was only ONE perfect person and that person was Jesus the Christ. I highly suggest you turn your heart towards Jesus and away from Michael Jackson. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy barbecue, because in Hell you’re going to be the main course if you don’t repent.

        Yours in Christ,

        Jim Solouki

      • Allison says:

        I really don’t care! Because when you’re a true moonwalker you defend Michael and I live to defend Michael never in 1 million years will he be in hell!

      • Allison, I fear for your heathen soul!!!!!!! What is a moonwalker? Some type of Satan worshiper? You are going to be in Hell right next to Jackson. Hope you enjoy it. Repent Allison, repent!

      • Allison says:

        FYI a moonwalker is a mj true fan who is loyal to him and not in one million years will he be in hell!

  24. Smriti says:

    It is shame on our part to humiliate a Musical genius of the era..He was kind generous & giving,.world has ever seen..He stood for the people in need..People in the world are nasty & ugly who still believe & keep publishing bad & lies about such a Gem..neither they are talented nor they are generous to make the World better place ..

  25. Allison says:

    FYI a moonwalker is a mj fan!!!! And again Isay he will never be in hell not in a million years

  26. Joseph the born again Christian says:

    Wow !! Holly spirit spoke to you ?? You think holly spirit speak freely to people like you ? Jusus is misrepresented here, ” on that day ( day of judgement ) many of you will come to me and said,” load ! Load! Didn’t we worship in thy name, and I will say unto you depart away from me, I never knew you”. Why would he say that to you ??? You are the one preaching Jusus, repent is something you do between you and god, you do not have to show off your cleansing. Just leave the child alone and let her have her beautiful life without your foolishness, I am not a music lover but after reading your many comments, I went to do some home work on the song “Beat it, I did not see anything about “jacking off”. I think you missed the boat sir. Did Jusus told you not to judge ? Do you want me to ready the bible for you ? How do you know which church is the right house of God out of 160 different denomination in the would ? Wow !! Are you really spending your worshipping time in church talking about John Paul and mother Teresa ? I want to find Jesus but you just confused me even more now, and don’t tell me I just have to believe and I will find him. Every church believe as Jesus instructed, ” believe is great, once you believe any thing is possible” God bless you all, amen

    • Joseph, you need to trust the revelations of the Holy Spirit. Pray to the Spirit and the Holy Spirit wil give you truth. And Beat It is all about jacking off! It was named after the heinous act!

      We do not judge, we inform. We are doing the Lord’s work and trying to bring people closer to Christ by leading them away from things which are not of Christ.

      Accept Jesus, or burn in Hell forever.

      Jim Solouki

      • Joseph the born again Christian says:

        Which denomination are you ? I just want to know who I am dealing with if you don’t mind please, it sounds like Scientology, I am correct ??

      • Scientology is the devil’s cult! We are not Scientologists! Martin and I are born again fundamentalist True Christians.

      • rosie says:

        stupid! i have no religion, never believe in who the hell is Jesus and i’m very happy now. but i will more happy if stupid religious bigot like you disappear so that this world will be more peaceful.

  27. Joseph the born again Christian says:

    Doing the loads work ? What about “inviting people to the wisdom of our knowledge and reason with them with beautiful preaching and if they refuse the call of God we tell them to you , your way and to me mine.” Isn’t that the loads work ? Change your approach, otherwise we will loose track of what the purpose of our commitment to the load, I am just helping you fish the heart of men. God bless you

  28. Joseph the born again Christian says:

    Again, you must have a denomination on which you ID yourselves, why not say it ? Any good reason ? I am just interested, I am not here to judge you or anyone.

  29. Emily says:

    Actually this true. You guys need to listen to Angelicas story. Those that worship Michael Jackson (listening to his music,dancing,singing etc.) Will go to hell. The moonwalk is the dance of the devil they do it when people are getting burned. And Michael Jackson WAS a satanist Even when people say they believe in God and Jesus. They can be faking it. Michael Jackson had a meeting with the devil to make him more famous Michael Jackson was not real in what he was doing all of it was the devils work

  30. Jenny says:

    This is the most sick article I’ve ever read in my whole life. Michael Jackson is harmless! All those things you accused him of is fake fake FAKE! He did not worship Satan or rape young children. Do you really believe that? Do you honestly believe that, because I think you are the only ones who believe that. There is no evidence to suggest that The King Of Pop was raping children, and those who accused him of that were simply looking for money. Many people wanted Michael Jackson ruined or dead. This article is stupid.

  31. Hannah Kim says:

    Michael Jackson is BURNING IN HELL. Obviously, I will not be 15 until September 13, but Michael Jackson is burning in hell.
    I am a fundamentalist Christian and the reason why Michael Jackson is in hell is BECAUSE HE LOVED CHRISTIAN SCIENCE! HE LOVED SCIENTOLOGY!

  32. MartaLovesMJForAllTime says:

    for those of U who think that MJ is in hell!!!!!!
    U are full of crap he is not in hell!!!!!!!!!!!
    he is in heaven with Jesus & God.
    by the way MJ had a skin condition, he also lupus ect.

    • Martin Baker says:

      Wrong, Heathen. He is in Hell because this site is legitimate Christian News. Leave this site. Unsaved are unwelcome on this site.

      • Michael Jackson was a born again christian, wherever you like to believe it or not. His christians friends also claim his belief. His bodyguards witnessed Michael reading the Bible DAILY! He was a christian. Just do some research please, I beg you… Michael Jackson denounced satanist during his WHOLE life. I wish you’ll get to know a person instead of believing false things about him…
        Michael was innocent AND HE WAS A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN. I think everyone here can say that a person who is born again, who believe in Jesus, who try to live like Jesus IS A CHRISTIAN. Even if his name is “Michael Jackson”.
        I suppose you’re like these people who believe everything that it’s told on the TV? I hope you’re not. Michael Jackson has a skin desease like a lot of people have (yeah i know, I teach you some news here!) called vitiligo, he NEVER TOUCH CHILDREN, that’s a horrible thing to say! If you want to say something about someone, please, I beg you, DO SOME RESEARCH!
        I am not catholic, I am a christian well informed UNLIKE YOU! God is judging you right now for saying HORRIBLE AND FALSE thing about one of your brother in Christ. Because yes, Michael Jackson is your brother because he WAS A CHRISTIAN! Not a satanist, not a child molester ! You have ZERO proof to prove that Michael Jackson was a satanist and a child molester. ON THE OTHER HAND, ME I have TONS of proof proving that Michael Jackson was innocent, a christian. Please educate yourself before it’s too late… you’ll regret this moment when you’ll be before God because few of the things He hates are: “A lying tongue, [..], A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.” (Proverb 6:16-19)

  33. Truth19 says:

    Alot of these morden day ‘celebrities’ are leading people to hell. I believe MJ was a satanist. Its just a shame really. A wasted life. He had all the time in the world to repent but he did not, hence – eternal damnation.
    I can list a few of these ‘celebrities’ that are leading alot of people down to hell.
    Beyonce – she is a Satanist. She gives the facade she is a holy woman when she is not. Perhaps she was BEFORE she got involved with JayZ. But look at her now. Shes grinding around in skimpy outfits and using sex to sell like many other stars
    Kardashian Family – A bunch of self righteous and vain women who came to fame through pornography. They are nothing more than prostitutes PLUS they taint God’s image with plastic surgery. God made people as they are for a reason!
    Kanye West – He calls himself Yeezus and claims himself a genius and a God
    Jay- Z – Or as you people will call him ‘Jay-ho-vah’ He’s hellbound and is dragging Beyonce with him. She needs to break free from him and change her ways.

    All i have to say is that it is a shame really. I pity all these rich people who dont know God. The Devil tricks everyone. ‘Live your life the way you want to!’ Thats what he wants people to believe; he wants them to life a life that will bathe them in sin and when they die, they are dragged down to Hell. Life is short. Just give your life to the Creator and you will be saved. This world is coming to an end. Im not saying its wrong to indulge in worldly pleasures but just remember this – when you die, you will leave all your worldly pleasures behind and it is Heaven or Hell. There is NO inbetween. God gave us all the power of choice. You choose where your soul will end up. Your soul is eternal, your vessel is made us from the dust of the earth and dust it will became once you die. Before anyone says it, no, i am not jealous of any of these so called celebs . Frankly , they are not celebrities to me. They are all tramps. But there are a few celebrities who ARE born again and saved who i like. Mainly Terry Crews and Neal McDonough. I dont know about any others but i know one thing:
    The Devil and God exist. Anything to do with either of them exist. The Illuminati is VERY real but every soul can be saved. Thats all i have to say. You choose to ignore me or insult me. I really dont care because i know the TRUTH.

    • Marie says:

      DONT YOU DARE SAYING THAT MICHAEL JACKSON IS IN HELL! MICHAEL IS NOT IN HELL! Michael Jackson was a born again christian, wherever you like to believe it or not. His christians friends also claim his belief. His bodyguards witnessed Michael reading the Bible DAILY! He was a christian. Just do some research please, I beg you… Michael Jackson denounced satanist during his WHOLE life. I wish you’ll get to know a person instead of believing false things about him…
      Michael was innocent AND HE WAS A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN. I think everyone here can say that a person who is born again, who believe in Jesus, who try to live like Jesus IS A CHRISTIAN. Even if his name is “Michael Jackson”.
      I suppose you’re like these people who believe everything that it’s told on the TV? I hope you’re not. Michael Jackson has a skin desease like a lot of people have (yeah i know, I teach you some news here!) called vitiligo, he NEVER TOUCH CHILDREN, that’s a horrible thing to say! If you want to say something about someone, please, I beg you, DO SOME RESEARCH!
      I am not catholic, I am a christian well informed UNLIKE YOU! God is judging you right now for saying HORRIBLE AND FALSE thing about one of your brother in Christ. Because yes, Michael Jackson is your brother because he WAS A CHRISTIAN! Not a satanist, not a child molester ! You have ZERO proof to prove that Michael Jackson was a satanist and a child molester. ON THE OTHER HAND, ME I have TONS of proof proving that Michael Jackson was innocent, a christian. Please educate yourself before it’s too late… you’ll regret this moment when you’ll be before God because few of the things He hates are: “A lying tongue, [..], A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.” (Proverb 6:16-19)
      You are spreading LIES, repent IMMEDIATLY !!!!
      Stop doing Satan’s work!!! Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, NOT LIES!
      God is judging you right now. Repent.

    • Marie says:

      Michael Jackson denouced satanist, abortion, illuminati, satan worshipper in his songs… how can he be satanist when he strongly denounce those people? He had a lot of TRUE christian friends who SAY THAT MICHAEL JACKSON WAS A TRUE CHRISTIAN. Michael Jackson was a born again christian. You should learn about MJ a bit because he is your brother in christ.
      Listen to his songs like “Song Groove/Abortion Papers”, “Money” and “Tabloid Junkie”. He called Jesus his Lord. His christian friends claim that he was a born again christian.

  34. Marie says:

    1. Jordan Chandler’s description of MJ’s private parts DID NOT MATCH
    3.Evan Chandler was RECORDED saying that his son’s well-being was “irrelevant” to him, and that if he didn’t get what he wanted, Michael was going down: video called “Dave Schwartz Evan Chandler Tape Recording 1993″
    4. Michael Jackson was forced to pay the CIVIL case before the CRIMINAL case by his insurance company : Get this, after MJ “paid them off” they VANISHED without a trace. The 1993 trial never got a chance to go to court because the family was LYING and just wanted money
    5. Now, let’s move on to the 2005 trial. Michael made sure that when he was investigated in 2003 that this case went to court because he KNEW he would be acquitted! Both families sought out a PAYOUT before going to the police! Former staff bodyguards sought a pay out from tabloids and they NEVER contacted the police on what they described as “inappropriate behavior” at Neverland. The Arviso family admitted that they lied on the stand! They are also proven in court to be extortionists and con artists. look at the court transcripts, people! Why is it that the public has to do the job the media should be doing responsibly! Why is it that journalism is not honest anymore? It sickens me! None of the “evidence” seized in Neverland in 2003 was found to be child porn, or illegal at all, so why are people lying, saying it was child porn? If it were, like I said, MJ would be in jail. because possession of Child pornography is a FEDERAL OFFENSE, it could have definitely been used against MJ for the prosecution, and Jackson SURELY would have been in jail. Simple logic.
    6. On to Tom Sneddon, the DA that was prosecuting this case. First of all, he should be in jail for PLANTING EVIDENCE: (Tom Sneddon SLAMMED on LIVE TV) Secondly, the fact that Sneddon was so desperate to make up evidence means the case should never have went to court! All of the prosecution witnesses were found to be not credible, lying. So, if you consider all the evidence, and the fact that the biased media refused to report the positive facts outside of the courtroom and only the negative things, there’s no way that MJ could be a child abuser. I’m not basing this solely on his personality, but on the FACTS, unlike tabloids and media stations who lack morals. Every single “allegation” has been proven FALSE, and people need to DEAL WITH IT.
    Finally, here’s something to consider. Listen to the man’s words himself before you judge: Rare Michael Jackson Interview 1999 “The Mirror” (audio)
    You don’t have to be an MJ fan to know these facts. If anyone is interested in knowing more, you can visit the VindicateMJ website , Michael Jackson Vindication 2.0 website (, Team Michael Jackson ( (court transcripts on the Jacksons vs. AEG trial), and you can read short but factual books by Karen Moriarty, Geraldine Hughes, Aphrodite Jones, and Leonard Rowe***. It’s a shame that all the media has to do is say “according to our sources” (when they actually don’t have any) and people will instantly believe something. This is part of how the media operates. Journalists know you won’t try to take the time out of your life to research something, so they take advantage of that. People need to wake up and demand better press, and think for themselves.
    And here’s a post I did debunking the Daily Mirror article about the supposed ‘FBI files’: ——>
    “I told the truth and told them everything about me and they twisted it around. I don’t know what to do anymore”. -Michael Jackson.

    I don’t understand. Most people will say he is a pedophile based on how he looked, most will say “because he was always around children”, or because he “slept” with children, implying it in a sexual way when that was never the case. MJ repeatedly said he didn’t think it was wrong, he didn’t think it was inappropriate because that was how he was raised. He expressed that he didn’t get to have sleepovers and all the normal experiences of childhood, so he was making up for it in adulthood. The only thing on his mind when the children were in his room was going to sleep. And then you have to realize: firstly, Michael didn’t invite people into his room. They asked to be in there. He even had grown people staying and sleeping in his room. Second: his room was two stories. it had an upstairs and a downstairs. it’s in court transcripts. So there was extra space in his room, and he would take the floor and let the children have the bed. The children asked permission and Michael would only let them come in there if their parents are alright with it. It may have not been normal for an adult to sleep in the same room as children, but nothing went on but sleep. If Michael was a female (let’s call him Michelle lol) I wonder if anyone would have a problem with that (random thought)) but anyway, let’s move on.

    1993: Michael was accused by Evan Chandler, who had become jealous of Michael’s relationship with his son and daughter and his wife, June. To sum this case up, Evan threatened to accuse MJ of molestation if he didn’t get what he wanted: money to produce a movie. When Michael refused to pay, Evan went public with the allegations. they chose a civil case instead of a criminal one first. Michael planned to fight the case in court all the way to the end, but he was very badly advised by his lawyers to pay a settlement. This was not a wise decision on Michaels part but also consider his insurance company forced him to pay the settlement.
    Consider this also: if someone had molested your child would you seek money first? or would you want that person prosecuted put in prison and charged formally as a child molester? Why didn’t the Chandlers first off go to the police? More information about the 1993 case can also be seen in the books by Geraldine Hughes (Redemption) and the GQ Article “Was Michael Jackson Framed?” by Mary Fischer And if you want to hear a recording of Evan Chandler plotting to extort money from Michael.

    Next, let’s talk about the 2005 trial, which was a result from the Martin Bashir interview that aired in 2003. Basically, Bashir tricked Michael into thinking he would be fair and honest in his portrayal of Michael’s life and the truth, when in actuality he lied about working with Princess Diana (who Jackson admired), and he didn’t portray him fairly at all. Bashir sought to portray Michael as a self mutilated freak who could possibly be a child molester. He completely twisted the program to his own agenda and edited out parts that would not have made MJ look guilty.

    Garvin Arvizo comes into play when his mom Janet Arviso realizes that her son is in the Bashir documentary without her permission. at first she wants to sue Bashir for having her son in the program, but nothing comes of it. Garvin first met Michael through a request to see him before he died. He was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to visit Neverland. To sum this all up, Janet Arviso and her family started to take advantage of Michaels kindness just like the Chandlers and they started acting like they owned neverland, trashing everything, Janet spent thousands of Michael’s money on spas, facial treatments, jewelry, etc. Not to mention Chris Tucker warned Michael about the Arvisos when they first met, that their was something off about them. When Michael started to push them away, that’s when the allegations came out. The Arvisos sought money before a criminal case, They went to the SAME lawyer the Chandlers went to for the civil case, but this time it went to court. Cops raided Michael’s ranch, and NOTHING was found.

    I am tired of all these ignorant people saying Michael was a pedophile based off of false claims and tabloid magazine reports. Tabloids aren’t even a reliable source. Don’t try to disprove a Michael Jackson fan by stating we will defend him because of his celebrity. Don’t try and disprove us by saying that we worship him because that is NOT the case. I only worship one god, but I am sensible enough to see the logic in everything and use it as well. So are Michael’s fans, and even non fans! He was investigated for 20 years by the FBI and they found nothing but false claims! You cannot pay off the FBI! Michael could not pay off the DA Tom Sneddon because they strongly disliked him in the first place! Do you really think they would do him any favors when they were so blood hungry and eager for their reputations to soar? Give me a break please.The FBI files are NOT what the tabloids like the Daily Mirror and the Sun, etc. have been reporting. They are fabricated. Really all it takes is a little knowledge, common sense and the use of logic, but people are too blind by prejudice and an unwillingness to find out things for themselves. They do not want to accept the truth when it stares them in the face. Some are jealous. Fans have actual COURT DOCUMENTS, and even if they are on a blog, no major news station has taken the time to broadcast Michael Jackson’s innocence around the world because the truth DOESN’T SELL. WE have taken the time to do the research and haters have not.
    And then you have the disgusting haters who say they wish children had been molested by Michael, they make jokes about child abuse, which isn’t even funny. If you have the nerve to even wish that on someones child, maybe you are the monster. Maybe something isn’t right with you. Michael had an innocent love for children, not the obsessive kind that real pedophiles have. Real pedophiles see children as objects and show no genuine affection for them. Michael was more than genuine to everyone. Real pedophiles have up to hundreds of victims in there lifetime because they can’t stop, not 2 or 3 who have a history of making up false allegations for money. Michael wanted to help the children of the world after seeing the poverty stricken ones in Africa in his youth and he vowed he would help to make things right and he did that. That’s all I will say on the matter because it is so easy to do research, it was merely a click and type to find the FBI files that the media claimed that he abused 24 boys (FALSE). The media has the power to make anyone look like a monster, look bizarre, etc. They know people won’t take time out of their day to know more about a story and they take advantage of that. That’s why it’s good to not believe everything you hear and think critically. If you live your life believing everything that is not much of a life don’t you think?

    Sources: Credit: Helena from Vindicate MJ (Blog)
    Michael Jackson Vindication 2.0 (Blog)
    Lacienega Smiled (Blog)

  35. Marie says:

    I am sorry for my harsh words but I’m telling you the truth. No man can know if Michael Jackson is in hell or not but I KNOW and it is PROVEN that he was a christian so I would like you to believe the truth please. Only God knows and not people who say they have been told by God that a celebrety is in hell blabla etc.
    I am BEGGING YOU, please! Don’t believe everything the media says, you should know that the media tell and sold lies! Michael Jackson was innocent. Period.

    • Michael Jackson is in hell. All who buy into the illuminati money-laundering mind-controlling schemes launched by Satan go to Hell, and Michael Jackson was one of the leaders of these ungodly schemes. Ask your pastor about it, he’ll tell you that we’re right.

      • Marie says:

        Michael Jackson denounced Illuminati during his life. How could he be illuminati himself when he denounced them? Use some logic.
        You’re wrong because you have believed lies that media told you.
        I know about the illuminati, I know that the music industry is filled with illuminati but Michael Jackson wasn’t one. He denounced it. He had A LOT of problems because of his christian faith and because of not wanting to join the illuminati. Why do you think the media lies so much about him?! It’s because he was innocent.

      • Marie, you do know that Charlie Manson always maintains that he’s not a criminal and never hurt anyone, right? So is he innocent? By your logic, he’s not a criminal at all and should be freed.

        I hope that you’re born again in Jesus Marie. You seem like a good person and I’d like to see you in Heaven.

      • Marie says:

        Michael Jackson is not the only one to say that he is innocent. Facts are saying so too. Did you read all my posts/comments, facts about Michael’s innocence? I hope you did !

        Yes I am a born again Christian.
        You will know when the Books will be open and the truth revealed that Michael Jackson was indeed not a pedophile nor a satanist, nor a muslim etc. It’s too bad that you will know only then the truth.
        And I know that on that day you will feel guilty to have spreaded lies like those on Michael Jackson. I only wish for you to repent but if I can’t make your eyes open, I wonder what can.

      • I read them but I’m sketical. I am sure that he is there because the Holy Spirit told me so.

      • Marie says:

        How the Holy Spirit told you that? How do you know it was the Holy Spirit and not yourself, or someone else? There are no proof that Michael Jackson was a pedophile. I am not kidding, ZERO proof. In the trial, there was NOTHING against MJ, everything the kids says was proven to be false immediatly. I read what has been said, the dialogue etc during the trial and all of this was proven to be false. Plus, the family has stole money from MJ even before the trial but Michael Jackson didn’t take charges because they were in difficulties and because he was nice , too nice even… The family is a known family for being liar even before the “Michael Jackson thing”. For example, the book “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” from Aphrodite Jones (who were a journalist, reporter who believed that Michael was a pedophile thanks to the media) was PRESENT During the trial and report EVERYTHING in her book and being here during the trial prove her that MJ was innocent because nothing was against him, every “proof” that the family claimed was proven false. They were getting money and Tom Sneddon falsified a “proof” and yet this man is not in jail…It’s sad because Tom Sneddon couldn’t stand his family loving Michael Jackson and he was a racist. He tried for YEARS to get MJ in jail and this is ridiculous. Anyway, “How the Holy Spirit told you that? How do you know it was the Holy Spirit and not yourself, or someone else? I know that the Holy Spirit can told us things but we need to be very careful because the Holy Spirit cannot lie, we know this.

  36. Martin Baker says:


    This is proof he is in HELL. All you fans of his must repent now before it is too late!

    • Madison says:

      This is really sad that you are actually speaking for God himself. You’re not doing anything to help. “Beat It” is not about masturbating, it’s about gang violence. Get your facts strait If anyone is going to be burning in hell it will be you, don’t tell us who will be burning in he’ll as you are not the Lord himself. You have no authority as to say something so unbelievable.

      • Martin Baker says:

        Repent for spreading lies on this Godly site. You are actually on the way to Hell if you keep this up by worshipping this “smooth criminal”. You are not God.

      • Madison says:

        Sir, I never said I was. I am trying to be as nice as possible, and I would appreciate it if you would stop telling me I’m going to Hell everytime I comment, as I would like to have a chance to explain. Please, just have an open mind.

        You sir are not God himself, therefore you cannot make judgement on where someone will spend an eternity. Just because we admire someone’s work ( Michael’s music, his charity donations,) doesn’t mean we worship them, it simply means we like what they do. And by this I do not mean molesting children (Which Michael was found totally innocent for) , but by helping the world. I myself like listening to rock. Now, I’d like to know from a Christian like yourself, will this immediately send me to Hell? If so, may you provide me with a Bible verse to prove it? Thank you in advance, and God bless.

  37. Martin Baker says:


    More proof from Christians that know he is in Hell!

  38. crystal says:

    You are obviously delusional and need to seek psychiatric help, immediately!! If you had any brain cells what so ever you would realize all the garbage you spewed out is just that, garbage!! Michael Jackson’s music is absolutely beautiful and speaks about peace and love. If you truly believe everything you said about him and his music then there is something wrong with your perception and my guess is that you are an hateful, bitter individual that needs to find God!!

  39. nicole says:

    are u dumb no he may of bleached his skin but that was because he had skin disease were he would turn white… he didnt want to walk around having white patches all over his skin. ye he may of had plastic surgery but that was because his dad use to bully him about the way he looked. michael jackson was the most loving and caring man that ever lived on this planet. he loved kids ye not in a sexual way. all he ever wanted was for this world to be a better place and for poor children to have a home and food and clean water he didnt want them ebing ill atoll. he visted hostpitals and stayed by this child that needed a liver and he scearched ever where just to find that childs liver because he didnt want that kid to die. all of that bad stuff that u said about him is just aload of rubbish and isnt true. no he isnt going to be goig to hell he is going to go to heven for all the amazing and caring things he has done. ur the one that will be going to hell not him….!!!! urgh this makes me sooo mad when people say horrible shit about him like theres no need. he inspired all of his fans by everything that he did. so just shut up!!!!!!!!!

  40. Satan Fighter says:

    MJ is not a godly person!!! First of all his songs give all these innocent children bad messages in his songs!!!
    People look up to him and that is why people like him our going to hell!!! God does not reward the rich and the selfish! In fact he pushes them away!!! People who have singers and famous people as their idols are not living their lives up to Gods standards!!! In fact it says in the Ten Commandants, not to have an idol or worship an idol as many people did and still do!!! In Conclusion they are going to hell!!! MJ is in hell in which many singers will soon come to join them, along with, Taylor Swift, Any non-Christian Rapper such as, Nicki Minaj who is the Devil herself and Eminem, Drake, and tons more!!! Iggy azalea, Selena Gomez, Beyonce is the Queen of the Satantist, Miley Cyrus, Many actors such as Robin Williams are there too so… To worship these people is just a sentence to burn in hell. If you idol these people you too will there with them having a good time burning in river styx with your devil worshiping friends

  41. Satan Fighter says:

    First of all MJ was not the nicest guy on the whole earth. The nicest guy that ever lived was Jesus!!! His songs not only were sexual but gave kids the wrong impressions on daily life!!! His songs presented bad messages to little kids all over the world!!! God does not support the rich and famous!!! In fact he separates himself from them!!! The richer they get the farther you get from entering the gates of heaven!!! Anyone who listens to MJ is truly not a Christian!!! First of all he had bad messages in his songs backwards with stuff about the devil and demons and the underworld and stuff far from God! Second he was very sexual and vulgar. Third he got plastic Surgery and bleached his face. This shows that he was unsatisfied with the shape got sculpted for him. He is burning in hell this very moment and every time his songs gets listen too he burns in hell!!! Many singers and entertainers are going to hell because in the Ten Commandment it says not to idol anything over him! In which is exactly what people do to every Celeb there is! In conclusion MJ is not a good godly person and is burning in hell right now for it!!! Soon to join him is…

    Angelina Jolie has long been associated with the Illuminati. Her film “Tomb Raider” was largely based around an Illuminati filled storyline. More recently, Jolie’s decision to undergo a double mastectomy has been viewed as a larger plan to benefit the Illuminati. Her decision to have the procedure coincided with a Supreme Court ruling to approve the BRCA1 patent which tests for the genetic possibility of breast cancer in women. If women embrace this BRCA1 test, Illuminati run pharmaceutical companies stand to make billions of dollars in profits.

    Britney Spears is widely believed to be another victim of Illuminati mind control. Also she has featured Illuminati symbolism in her videos for “Work Bitch” and “I Wanna Go.”

    Kim Kardashian has denied that she is a member of the Illuminati, but her soon-to-be husband Kanye West is alleged to be a prominent member. Also, the Kardashian’s 2013 Christmas card is full of Illuminati symbolism.

    Rihanna’s music video for “What Now” is full of Illuminati imagery. She also has been known to publicly flash the Illuminati hand symbol, in which you make your hands into a diamond.

    Jay-Z and Beyonce are believed to be prominent members of the Illuminati. Beyonce regularly integrates Illuminati symbols into her videos and performances. She even made the Illuminati hand symbol, of a diamond, during her Super Bowl performance in which she admits that she got possessed. She says that every time she gets on stage something comes inside her and controls her. She says she cant stand watching her own self. It disgusts her

    Miley Cyrus has fully embraced Illuminati symbolism. She also has a tattoo of the all seeing eye on her finger and a tattoo of Leonardo da Vinci’s, who is associated with the Illuminati, heart drawing on her forearm.

    Like Beyonce, Madonna also used her Super Bowl performance as a platform to showcase Illuminati symbols and imagery.

    Kanye West is widely believed to be in the Illuminati. His video for “Power” is filled with Illuminati symbols and imagery.

    Barack Obama has been photographed making the Illuminati sign of the devil. His administration have also made several decisions that directly benefit several businessmen that are believed to be in the Illuminati. For instance, the government bank bailout directly benefits the most powerful men in the world.

    Lady Gaga frequently highlights Illuminati symbols and imagery into her music videos and performances. She has been photographed several times covering one eye, which leaves one “all seeing eye” revealed.

    Justin Bieber has denied being a member of the Illuminati, but he has several Illuminati themed tattoo. Biebs has an “all seeing eye” on his forearm and a tattoo of an owl, which is believed to represent Moloch an Illuminati God.

    Jay-Z has fully embraced the diamond hand sign of the Illuminati and he frequently encourages his fans to join him in “raising their diamonds.” He also features occult phrases on his Rocawear clothing line.

    On Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire” album cover, she is standing in what may be an Illuminati symbol. She is also closely associated with suspected Illuminati members Jay-Z, Eminem and Beyonce.

    Lil’ Wayne frequently uses Illuminati symbols and imagery in his music videos

    Eminem has frequently incorporated Illuminati imagery into his album covers. He presented himself as a devil for his single “Berzerk” and he covered one eye on his cover of “Relapse.”

    Nicki Minaj has incorporated Illuminati symbols and imagery into her music videos. She is especially fond of the “all seeing eye.” She is called the Whore of Babylon She says she has altar egos and calls spirits to her body. Such as Roman. She says she can’t perform without him. And when she makes that face with the lip thats Roman inside her controlling her while shes on camera.

    LeBron James has frequently been photographed displaying hand symbols associated with the Illuminati. He is also very close to Jay-Z, who is considered to be an influential Illuminati member.

    Chris Brown is believed to be involved with the Illuminati because he has a tattoo of a devilish snake with and “all seeing eye” inside a pyramid at the tip of its tail.
    It is believed that evangelist Billy Graham was using mind control on his ministry in order to benefit the Illuminati

    It is believed that Whitney Houston was killed for a blood sacrifice of the Illuminati.

    It is believed that Tupac Shakur sold his soul to the Illuminati in order to have success. Once he had a public outlet, Shakur was able to speak about anything he wanted, even if it did not align with the Illuminati’s vision. Many believe that Tupac’s death was both a sacrifice and a way to quiet his objections to the powers that be.

    It is believed that Tupac Shakur sold his soul to the Illuminati in order to have success. Once he had a public outlet, Shakur was able to speak about anything he wanted, even if it did not align with the Illuminati’s vision. Many believe that Tupac’s death was both a sacrifice and a way to quiet his objections to the powers that be.

    LMFAO promote Illuminati symbolism and imagery in their live performances.

    Drake has been photographed displaying the diamond symbol with his hands. He also has a tattoo of an owl, which is a symbolic figure for the Illuminati.

    All these people are associated with the illuminati! I used to want to be a singer and be famous but with all these things going on!!! I don’t want anything to do with it. I’m afraid people are going to idol me over God and i’m going to be disowned by God for doing so. I love God!!! People will try and make you turn but thats never going to happen with me.I’m going to be ready for the end of the world because its coming!!!

    ^^^ These are some good websites to visit
    First one is the 76 people we know are in the Illuminati and
    The Second one is the signs of the end of the world

  42. Martin Baker says:

    Let us celebrate for Michael Jackson is truly in Hell!

  43. Abdulmalik mansur sharif says:

    I am mj fan so that i can’t blieve mj is satanic worshiper

  44. Abdulmalik mansur sharif says:

    You idiot you dont know anything about mj

    • Martin Baker says:

      I prayed to the Holy Spirit and he told me all about MJ. He’s in HELL.

      • Madison says:

        Hey! Remember me from like two years ago? Haha, yeah. Thank you so much for making me question the religion I was following. Now I’ve opened my eyes and realized how stupid I was. I’m an atheist now.

  45. Martin Baker says:

    Thank God for mj in Hell!

  46. Allison says:

    All of you fuckers are fucking stupid.
    1. If y’all hate Michael so much why does this page exist and why do you even take time to spend time on a man you “hate”?
    2. There’s proof that Michael is indeed an innocent person and was no criminal or did anything completely wrong and/or illegal
    So try again.

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