This question scares atheists!

Dear friends,

Here is something good I found on the internet you can not only share with your Christian friends, but also with any atheists who would rather fill their hearts with evolutionary fairy tales from Satan instead of Jesus. Even Richard Dawkins is afraid of this question and knows the truth about The One and True Creator.

Now think why people laugh at evolutionists!

Yours in Christ,
Martin Baker

Christians, Let’s Boycott Star Wars VII

Greetings True Christians. Perverted magic underwear director and Agent of Satan, George Lucas and godless Hollywood are at it once again by releasing the upcoming Star Wars film which is based on Mormon, atheistic, and Buddhist ideas. Little does the public know that the new film spews Marxist ideas that glorify Russia’s rise during the Cold War. It’s also no surprise that the film’s release on Christmas is a political move by America’s Cultural Marxism movement to demonize Christmas and to continue the War on Christmas. The Devil’s favorite sinners, Star Wars fans and Trekkies, will definitely plan on rejoicing this filth by worshiping the “force”, but we Christians know the True Force and that is The One and only True Creator, God.


The film starts on a barren desert planet with a female character and smutty female aliens. Undoubtedly, this planet can be seen as a reference to Lucas’ Mormon belief of the planet Kolob where God lives there and is just a human being who has sexual relations with many woman.


The Force Awakens also has Darwinist ideas in it. The Stormtroopers are originally depicted as white, superior beings in the Star Wars films, but Lucas goes further by having a black person play as a stormtrooper. By pulling this little stunt, Lucas is simply spreading his Darwinist beliefs by making it appear as if black people “evolved” from white people. This is ungodly stuff that Lucas likes to smuggle in his films. Don’t forget that Lucas is also hiding racist themes in the movie. With the black guy dressed as a stormtrooper, Lucas expresses his racist Mormon beliefs that one must be truly cleansed of sin by going from black to white, and this is also probably a reference to former Mormon Michael Jackson who tired to be fully white by bleaching his skin and is now in Hell! Also look at how Lucas likes to depict stormtroopers to look like members of the KKK. Why are they not correctly called Klantroopers in the movies?

The villain is unmasked and next to stormtroopers resembling the KKK!


But there is more that we must warn about this film. Images released of the Force Awakens show how there is an undeniable connection with the Nuremberg Rallies of Nazi Germany.


Nuremberg Rally

The film also tells us Lucas was inspired by the Cold War and the rise of Communism in Russia and China. Just look at that red flag in the background with a symbol used by the New World Order in the movie. Red was the color during the Cold War that symbolized fear and oppression to Christians. By connecting scenes to the Nuremberg Rallies and Communist Russia, Lucas makes it clear that Star Wars is about furthering the communist agenda favored by Hitler, Marx, Mandela, and Carter. Lucas and smutty Hollywood want Cultural Marxism to spread in America and for Modern Day Christiandom to be erased.


What exactly is the force? Trekkies may respond by saying it is a luminous and mystical power, but in reality “The Force” is an unbiblical theme that relates to Buddhism and other Asian religions, like Hinduism, that worship False Gods. Essentially, the “Jedi”, who are actually a cult of monks in disguise, worship this power in order to become ungodly sorcerers. Never in the Star Wars films do the Jedi pray to God for help; they only worship this energy as their own God, which violates the Ten Commandments telling that you should not worship any other gods. Sadly, the fans of these movies also worship their personal idol by the name of Yoda who is a champion of “the force” and clearly Buddha in disguise. Obviously Jesus does not matter to the fans. We Christians know Jesus as the True Force and the way to Heaven. Star Wars gets you nowhere but to Hell!

There are other ungodly themes in Episode 7. Pirates in the movie undoubtedly resemble uncivilized and savage Somalia pirates who want to take our freedoms away from America. And there are also the gay robot pair, R2-B2 and CD3PDO who inspired the homosexual movie Brokeback Mountain. Aliens are unbiblical since they imply God created life elsewhere and not on Earth as stated in The Book of Genesis.


Heathen Pirates.



R2B2 an C3DPO engaging in rampant homosexual acts in the new movie.

It is unfortunate that The Force Awakens is being released this Christmas as an attempt to continue the War on Christmas but also to demonize Christmas. Lucas wants to spread his atheistic, Hindu, and mormon beliefs to the world as an attempt to brainwash Christians and to make more fans follow his cult. The films are an insult to Christianity since Annakan Skywalker, who was destined to become the good guy like Jesus after being born of a virgin birth, turned to pure evil and the opposite of Jesus. Star Wars, or more appropriately Satan Wars, is responsible for causing a rise in New Age practices like witchcraft, paganism, worshiping the Illuminati, and atheism. The films are also responsible for the bullying of Christians, gay marriages, believing in evolution, teenage sexuality, Rock n Roll, and other vile acts that offend God. As we Christians know, anybody who ever claimed to be all powerful with the “force” in biblical times would be stoned to death, but we know the Christian way is to preach the word of God and hope that they become saved. Does God ever matter to Star Wars fans? God is the one and True Force out there who created the Heavens and Earth. As Christians, it is our goodly duty to fight the evils from Hollywood and to take back the movies and TVs for Christ. We must boycott this film, Lucas, and other films that attack Christians.

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker


George Lucas repent!

Dear friends,

Did you know that George Lucas is at it again with his Satanic movie series called Star Wars? Recently, Lucas and Disney have been promoting images of a villain named Kylo Ren who wields a lightsaber that looks like an upside down cross. This is an ungodly offense to Christians all around the world. Heck, this villain looks like somebody from the Four Horsemen mentioned in the Book of Revelations if I haven’t seen them. Look at the image and see how the sword was made to offend Christians.


The villain is unmasked and next to stormtroopers resembling the KKK!

The villain is unmasked and next to stormtroopers resembling the KKK!

Disney and George Lucas need to repent for the marketing of this abomination. It is time for us Christians to take back Hollywood and the cinemas for Christ. We also need to protect our children from this Illuminati filth since this movie will be used for brainwashing our children to follow the Secular Media. It’s time to chop down the Tree of Evil that produces these bad fruits once and for all!

Martin Baker

Satanists are better people than atheists!

Here is an exhaustive summary of why Satanists are better people than atheists.

Atheists want gay marriages to happen in God’s country, America. Satanists do not do this.

Atheists openly deny God’s existence. Satanists do believe in God.

Atheists want God out our currency and our Pledge of Allegiance. Satanists do not do this!

Atheists want evolution taught in the classroom. Satanists do not do this.

Atheists have accomplished the largest Holocaust ever by murdering millions and millions of unborn children with Planned Parenthood. Satanists only burn animals as sacrifices.

Atheists believe there is no Hell, but Satanists do.

Atheists do not believe in the Devil, but Satanists do.

Atheists have been responsible for millions and millions of deaths, from Hitler to Mandela. Satanists have not committed mass murders.

Atheists want abortions to happen. Satanists do not.

Atheists are liars, but Satanists probably do not lie as much.

And that was a summary on why Satanists are better than atheists.

Yours in Christ,

Martin Baker

God bless the Christians against Dinosaurs!

Greetings True Christians!

Please allow us to share a wonderful True Christian website with you all.  Martin stumbled upon the True Christian site of the Christians against dinosaurs while searching on the Google. He then shared the link with me, and they are doing absolutely wonderful Christian work. Their website can be found here, at While Martin and I disagree with some of their statements (some dinosaurs did exist and live with mankind, they are mentioned in the Bible and shown in cave paintings and Ica rocks), one thing is certain, many dinosaurs are faked by the ungodly paleontologists.  Christians against Dinosaurs is right about one thing, the paleontologists are in league with SATAN! Look at this picture for proof of how the paleontologists invent fake skeletons to support the myth of evolution, which is the atheists’ favorite fairy tale:


This is how the Darwinists are lying to you all! They are inventing fake animals in an attempt to create transitional fossils (which don’t exist). They made up the fake Piltdown man and got caught, so now they are making up many fake dinosaurs to mislead our children. This is ungodly stuff, and the paleontologists need to repent. The only good paleontologists are True Christian paleontologists such as Kurt Wise who are working for Jesus. The ungodly Robert Bakker, who is a Darwinist, worships Zeus instead of Jesus, and Robert Bakker is going to go to Hell. How do we know Bakker worships Zeus? He mentions Zeus all the time, even attributing the creation of pterosaurs to Zeus rather than the True God who actually DID create them. Bakker says that pterosaurs sprang from the mind of Zeus! That’s right boys and girls, the Darwinists are ok with Creationism, as long as it’s not Creation by the True Christian God. This is because the Darwinists are enemies of Christ who are working for Satan.

Paleontologist Robert T. Bakker, agent of Satan.

Paleontologist Robert T. Bakker, agent of Satan.


Again, while Martin and I agree that some dinosaurs did, in fact, exist, the Devil and dinosaurs are related! Satan uses him to indoctrinate our children! That’s right boys and girls, dinosaurs are of the devil. Many of the skeletons we see today were, in fact, buried by Satan to test our faith. People scoff at that idea but it is the truth. Satan will do anything he can to destroy our faith, even create fake dinosaur skeletons.  In fact, did you know that the Darwinist paleontologists often hide such ungodly phrases as “Hail Satan” in their papers? This is the result of peer review, which forces all ungodly scientists to submit to Satan’s will. I’m not making this up, here’s proof:


That’s Stuff! Note how “Hail Satan” is in the abstract hidden, and how evolution is a key word. That is because the dogma of Darwinism is key to Satan’s conquest of the world. Satan aims to use Darwinism to lead our children away from Jesus the Christ and away from the Father and into the depths of hell, and he hopes to do this through indoctrination in ungodly sciences. This must be stopped! Darwinist paleontologists are nothing more than clowns!



That’s right boys and girls, the atheist paleontologists and darwinists want us to believe that life sprung out of magic goo magically, poof, with no help. Bakker doesn’t believe this, so he wants to make you believe that Zeus did it. That’s just stupid. The True Cause for life on Earth, for ALL life, is the True Christian God, He who inspired the Bible and created each and every one of us in His image.

While the Christians against Dinosaurs go somewhat too far by denying the existence of all dinosaurs, they are spreading a True Christian message about the lies told by paleontologists and Darwinists, and this should be celebrated by all True Christians. God bless the Christians against Dinosaurs, and we challenge them to think more about the fact that there seems to be good evidence for the existence of at least some dinosaurs. We also thank them for doing such good work to highlight the many hoaxes of the paleontologists, who cannot be trusted.

this child of God knows the Truth!

It is time to take back our museums for Jesus and our college campuses for Christ. We must destroy the myths of the dinosaurs and of the paleontologists. We must eradicate the lies of evolution from our classrooms. It is time to spread the Truth of Christ and end Satan’s lies. Join us in this True Christian mission. Together, we can destroy the Darwinists.

From your True Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

Rick Santorum knows that Darwinism is a lie. Elect Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president in 2016!

Star Wars and Satan’s War!

The choice is yours!

Greetings True Christians! That dastardly heathen Mormon George Lucas is at it again with Star Wars Episode 7. That’s right boys and girls! Lucas the soldier of Lucifer has a new movie coming! This one is called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Lucas is still marketing his ungodly evil myth and false religion of the force, and this newest movie is yet another in George Lucas’ 40 year assault on the Truth of Jesus! Why doesn’t George Lucas see a problem with what he is doing? Probably because, like all Mormons, George Lucas believes that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, children of the magical mystical sky-man who is having sky-sex with his collection of sky-wives and making spirit babies. George Lucas also wears magical Mormon underwear most likely, so its not surprising that he is willing to invent this ungodly Hindu-esque myth that he calls the force! I have news for you George Lucas and all of you Star Wars treckies! There is only one “force,” and that force is the force of Good created by Jesus through the Holy Spirit! Those heathen treckies have tried to turn Jedi Night into a religion based upon George Lucas’s mythological Satanic ungodly films, and are trying to replace Jesus with a fake “spirit” based on his movies. Lucas’s latest film has even mocked the Crucifixion, with a Cross-shaped laser-sword!

This Cross-shaped laser sword mocks the Cross of Christ!

George Lucas’s ungodly evil movies also glorify the Darwinist dogma of playing god! Lucas made up an ungodly story about about “clone wars” and cloning warriors. Everybody knows that cloning is of Satan and not of God! God is the only person who is allowed to create life! First, the evil Darwinists cloned a sheep and named it Dolly after large-bosomed whore of Babylon Dolly Parton, and now George Lucas is making up fantasy stories about cloning! Why? Because George Lucas is a sexual pervert who wants to make veiled references to Darwinism in order to make it more palatable to our young ones. This is sinful stuff, and Lucas should be arrested for his abuse of our children. He even uses children in his film to cater to kids!

George Lucas is a kinky sinner!

Natalie Portmans is a satanic slut!

George Lucas’ glorified “clones”

Star Wars victimizes children!

Did you know that the ungodly and evil George Lucas also supports the many-worlds mythology pushed by Mormons and atheists? Lucas wants us to believe that there is human-like life on planets all across the universe, because his ungodly Mormon faith teaches him that when he dies he will be allowed to create his own planet and make millions of spirit babies with his many spirit wives for all eternity. Joseph Smith believed in polygamy in this life, and Lucas wants it in the next life. This many-worlds doctrine is also a veiled attempt to support Darwinism! By claiming that life exists all through the universe, it undermines the special creation of life on this earth by God. That’s just stupid, boys and girls! The Bible tells us that God created life on THIS world, not anywhere else! Therefore, there is no life anywhere else! It’s as simple as that! We are God’s chosen people, and God’s privileged planet. Shame on George Lucas for trying to teach our children otherwise!

This talking dog-man is one of Lucas’ evil aliens!

George Lucas also wants to teach our children that it is ok to use man-made machinacal creatures to replace interaction with real humans. Lucas creates the ungodly droids, both for a military and for servile tasks. Look at C3Do and C2-D2, the ungodly homosexual droid partners that date each other in a veiled homosexual relationship in the first three films! This is sinful stuff! God hates faggots, and God hates faggot robots! Therefore, God hates Star Wars!

These evil droids are planning a riot somewhere in the Star Wars universe!

The Faggot Droids Satan is looking for!

George Lucas’ ungodly human-robot hybrid!

Did you know that George Lucas also glorifies slavery? Lucas wants to own a collection of slaves, and he shows this with his  characters “Slave Leia” and “slave Anapkin.”  It is fitting that Lucas wants to own both women and young boys, as this is an allusion to Islamic beliefs. Muslims buy little boy slaves and slave women all the time! Here are Lucas’s slave creations:

slave Anapkin

Slave Leia

It is not surprising that Lucas glorifies the owning of young boys. Half of his Star Wars saga is a direct glorification of the Roman Catholic Church! Did you know that the Empire on Star Wars was based entirely on Catholicism? I have proof! First off, compare the Pope and the Emperor:

The symbolism is the same!

Next, note the similarities between the Pope arriving and the Emperor arriving:

This is evil, boys and girls! Lucas also glorifies the evolutionist missing link the crocoduck! Where is the Crocoduck? The Crocoduck is featured in one of George Lucas’s movies in the character Jar Jar Stinks! Here’s the crocoduck:

The Crocoduck!

Lucas also features Satanic teddy bears in his movies:

These Teddy Bears are from the Devil!

The only thing George Lucas got right in his Star Wars films was his portrayal of Muslims. He portrays them as heartless killers fighting in the desert with spears and ugly outfits. That is the only correct representation of anything in Lucas’ films! All other things are of Satan! Here is Lucas’ portrayal of a typical Muslim:

A Typical Muslim

God hates Star Wars! God hates George Lucas! And if you are a Star Wars fan, God hates you! Let us boycott the new Star Wars movie and keep our children and our families away from it! Let us take back our TVs for Jesus! Let us take back our cinemas for Christ!

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

Labyrinth is for Satanists

Hello viewers,

David Bowie representing witchcraft by using a crystal ball.

David Bowie representing witchcraft by using a crystal ball.

Have you indulged in a film that is full of sexual immorality, witchcraft, beastiality, hate, homosexuality, deceit, and other Anti-Christian themes that is called Labrynth? Labrynth is a heathen film that is loaded with all these themes, and its content truly comes from the depths of Hell. The film is an example of how Satan corrupts the minds and works with Hollywood in an attempt to De-Christianize America. Read on to learn the evils of the film, and also be sure to check out this analysis by Capalert:

This film has all the hints that glorify Satan.

This film has all the hints that glorify Satan.

The film starts off with a teenage girl who is disobedient to her parents and does not follow the commandment that is about honoring thy parents. After being told to babysit her two year old brother, she utters a reference to witchcraft by commanding demons to take him away. Following the scene, we are treated to scenes of demons and a pro-evolution scene where an owl enters her room and turns into a man of evil powers played by David Bowie, who is well known for committing homosexual acts in real life. What an offense to God and Christians! But that is not where it ends.

Bowie’s character abducts the baby for his heathen pleasures, probably like atheists that would abduct babies for eating, and the girl is forced to walk a maze to find her brother in 13 hours before he is turned into a demon. The girl befriends a demon by the name of Hogwarts, which the name refers to the witch craft academy from the evil Harry Potter books.

Meanwhile, we are treated to scenes of witchcraft and Pagan rituals from David Bowie. As an example, Bowie sings about using voodoo in his ungodly song “Dance magic dance.” Here are the lyrics that prove the ungodliness of this film:

“you remind me of the babe…what babe..the babe with the power…what power? the power of voodoo!”

As he is singing about using black magic, we also see his cult of demons dancing and worshiping him like a god. This is a violation of the Ten Commandments that instructs us not to worship false gods. However, it doesn’t end there. Bowie commits other acts of witchcraft by using crystal balls to see events that are happening. The perverted filmmakers also make multiple camera angles focus a lot on what fans love to call, the “Bowie Bulge”, which results in the audience being forced to see a ghosting of his private parts. This film is undoubtedly about furthering the homosexual agenda.

This is the perverted

This is the perverted “Bowie Bulge” that sick minded people love to talk about!

The homosexual appearance of Bowie was also used to inspire these other homosexual characters in following movies:


There are other sinful acts in this film. The girl does beastiality and sexually immoral scenes with weird creatures that Darwin would have dreamed of for his “Missing Link” for evilution. A fox commits sexual acts with his dog. Characters deceive each other by telling lies. God’s name is taken in vain many times without calling him for prayer. We don’t see scenes where God is called upon to help the protagonist rescue her brother, but instead she uses various forms of evil magic that is offensive to God. Nonliving objects, such as doorknobs and stone faces can talk, and this shows evidence of demonic possession of the nonliving.

These creatures are exactly what Darwin imagined as

These creatures are exactly what Darwin imagined as “Missing Links”, but it’s too bad they are fake like evolution.

Horrifying scene of the girl committing beastiality with these weird creatures only Darwin and other evolutionists would have dreamed of to support evolution.

Horrifying scene of the girl committing beastiality with these weird creatures only Darwin and other evolutionists would have dreamed of to support evolution.

Nonliving objects talk as if they were demonically possessed!

Nonliving objects talk as if they were demonically possessed!

Watch in this clip how Bowie is based off Satan who tried to tempt Jesus into sin. Also try to avoid gazing at the “Bowie Package.”

The film is why we see children become rebellious to their parents and commit acts of drug use and sex before marriage, and it truly glorifies Satan and his demons. The film has also resulted in people dressing up in gothic clothing, atheism, rise in witchcraft and satanism, pedophilia, kids bringing pornography magazines and DVDs into church, believing in evolution, teaching evolution, strip clubs, doing drugs, and other sins that result from the Tree of Evil that produces these bad fruits. This film, just like other films that promote such smutty material from Hollywood, must be sent back to the depths of Hell where it came from. Let’s take a stand for Jesus and tell Satan that he is not welcome in our lives. Let’s cut down and burn the Tree of Evil that is producing these bad fruits. Let’s take back Hollywood for Christ.

Martin Baker and Jim Solouki