Jurassic World: Satan’s Campaign for Evolution

Jurassic World, the sequel to the unholy abomination known as Jurassic Park, is another snide attempt to spread the teaching of evolution to the public and to brainwash God from the public. Like other godless movies from Hollywood, Jurassic World was praised by the secular critics who are known to condemn Christian movies. This film is just another one of many offenses to God that must be banned and not used to indoctrinate our children into rejecting God and believing in evolution.


Jurassic World wants you to believe dinosaurs turned to birds, but could this T rex fly with those tiny arms or chirp or peck at things?

The film starts out with two young brothers given a vacation by their divorcing parents. We know from the bible that divorce is unbiblical, but that doesn’t matter to the parents as they plan on letting their children venture to an Island that glorifies sinner scientists like Darwin and Stephen Hawkins.

Chris Pratt plays a scientist who is an obvious disciple of Darwin in the movie but also serve as a homosexual lust vector since he wears skin tight clothes worn by gay men. Bryce Dallas plays some lust influencing woman who exposes lots of cleavage and runs in high heels. Obviously Jurassic World is full of sexual immorality that is known to further Satan’s favorite agenda in America: Homosexuality and the spread of gay marriages.

Throughout the film, the scientists play God by creating dinosaurs from fossil bugs trapped in amber. This is simply an ungodly offense in the film. Why? Only God himself has the power to create living things as proven in the Book of Genesis. The film further dives into evolution as the scientists glorify Darwin by creating a dinosaur that is supposed to be a mix of other dinosaurs. Again, this is an ungodly offense as God can only create life and that this ungodly invention was created by the scientists to prove evolution. Did you know evolution was favored by Cultural Marxists like Mao, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela, Hitler, Stalin, and other godless communists? This film should have been correctly titled “Evilution.” You can bet that the so called indominus rex will be featured in text books from our public schools to teach evolution to our children.

There are other offenses to God throughout the film. The boys disobey authority from their superiors many times. God’s name is taken in vain multiple times without being called for prayer. Evolution is mentioned many times in the film. Bryce Dallas’ character takes on a role in the film that is supposed to be reserved for superior men. Sexual immorality is evident between Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas. Bestiality between a black man and several trained raptors is suggested since the raptor trainer is intimately connected to them. The film also wants the viewers to believe that dinosaurs turned into birds, but how can a T.rex with tiny arms fly? How can a brontosaurus or stegosaurus chirp and fly? Thankfully God’s name was not taken in vain and ended with the curse word “damn” because that is not his last name.

Jurassic World is another unbiblical abomination from Hollywood that makes movies to make fun of Christians. The goal for this film is to indoctrinate its viewers into believing evolution, which is after all a theory, and to make the viewers reject God. Believing in evolution simply means you can do whatever you want as if there is no God. That means committing evil acts like homosexuality, teach evolution, steal, pornography, and other acts of sin. How do I know this to be true? Ever since this movie’s release, more atheistic inspired gun shootings have been happening. Movies like Jurassic World are responsible for the rise of atheism, people believing in evolution, racism, rape, murders, stealing, bullying in the schools, people looking up pornography on church computers, and other sins. Again, building a foundational belief in evilution allows us to do whatever we want as if there is no God watching us. Perverted filmmaker Steven Spielberg and other secular jews are responsible for making this godless filth to make lots of money so they can purchase oil from Saudi Arabia. If you purchased a ticket to see this film, then you definitely purchased a ticket to HELL. As Christians, we must take a stand against Satan and his agents. The movies must be taken back for Christ. Let’s unite as Christians and demand that Satan take his presence away from America. AMERICA is a Christian country and Satan is NOT invited to spread his evil.

Martin Baker

God Hates TransAsia!

The hand of God at work!

Greetings True Christians!

The glorious and good Heavenly Father has taken down another Asian plane as punishment for the sins of the Asians! We have warned the anti-Christian Buddhist, Muslim, Shinto, Hindu, and jungle voodoo worshipping heathens of Asia many times that God is punishing them and will continue to punish them with plane crashes until they repent. They have chosen not to repent, and now God has punished the heathen nation of Taiwan with a plane crash that has killed at least 26 heathens! They are all in hell now!

Why does God hate Taiwan? The Taiwanese are unsaved sinners! They are taking jobs away from God’s true people, the Americans, and forcing millions of Americans out of work and into poverty! This cannot stand, and  God will continue to punish the heathen evil Asian servants of Satan until they repent! Hell is eternal, and as a warning to those of you in the ungodly Asian nations, you will go to Hell if you fail to embrace Christ in this life. What will you do if too soon comes too late? You could die tomorrow, and like the passengers of the TransAsia flight, you’ll go straight to hell if you die unsaved!

Let us offer a prayer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Dear Jesus, savior of all who accept Your gift of salvation, please continue to punish the heathens and to break their spirit until they embrace you. Continue to reap vengeance upon those who reject You until they open their hearts to Your glory and mercy. Break them down so that they will turn and embrace You. This will save the remainder who do turn to You, and will allow at least some to enter Paradise, where we want to see all people go. In Your name we pray for this, Amen.

REPENT ASIA, lest you be punished with more crashes and disasters! God will smite you until you turn to the Truth. Open your hearts and reject the ways of Satan and of sin. Repent Asia, repent!

A message from your true Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker!

Keep Christ in CHRISTmas, but keep Santa out of CHRISTmas!


Dear friends,

It is that time again when the atheists, the Demoncrats, pagans, and other subscribers of the Devil work together to ruin the meaning of Christmas. Instead of allowing the happy moments to be shared with family, friends, and our relationship with God, they want to destroy the meaning of Christmas by taking Jesus away from our schools, shopping malls, court rooms, churches, and Christian bookstores. Instead of Jesus, their mission is to replace him with Santa and his minion reindeer. Just like the legions of secular scientists that want the Book of Genesis taken away from the classrooms so evolution can be taught, the people deluded by the Devil obviously want Jesus to be censored from Christmas.


One of many members of Obama's government is removing a Nativity Scene from a church.

One of many members from Obama’s government is removing a Nativity Scene from a church after a recent police notice was posted.


Remember why we celebrate Christmas! Christmas is the reason for Jesus who was officially born on the 25th of December! He was the ultimate gift given to us by God, and he died for our sins and promised us everlasting salvation. However, Santa is nothing more than a made up caricature of Karl Marx who likes to wear red. Red is the color that symbolizes communism that is used for Anti-Christian themes, and it was favored by atheists Stalin and other communist leaders.


Mandela showing his true colors at a communist gathering.

Mandela showing his true colors at a communist gathering.

Do not forget that you can reverse the letters for Santa and end up with Satan! That’s right! Also, do not forget that “Frosty the Snowman” is a demonic caricature since he represents the nonliving that is brought to life by demonic possession. He is as demonic as the toys from Toy Story.


Did you know Rudolph, with his “shiny” nose is an insult to God’s creations? His shiny nose also represents witchcraft.

Remember to keep up the good fight against Santa and the other made up beings that are used to replace Jesus and brainwash our children. There is a reason why we Christians say “Merry Christmas” and NOT “Happy Holidays” in public. That “One Nation Under God” is in our currency and in our Pledge of Allegiance means that we are a Christian Nation, and we can say “Merry Christmas” without fear of persecution. We can’t make our children sing secular songs like “Frosty the Snowman”, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, “Up on the Housetop”, and other godless filth in our schools. Again, America was founded as a Christian nation by our Founding Fathers who placed their right hand on the Bible when taking oath to serve office.  Instead of seeing our children sit on the laps of Santa in the malls, it should be Jesus.


As a reminder,


Merry Christmas ButtonKeep-christ--anim+big

Martin Baker

Don’t forget to elect Santorum for 2016. As a chosen candidate from God, he will not allow businesses to greet their costumers with “Happy Holidays.” He will also fight for our Christian rights.


Michael Jackson in Hell!

Dear friends,


Did you know that Michael Jackson is burning in Hell right now and that he is Satan’s favorite plaything? That’s right, the “King of Pop” or “King of Rock n’ Roll”, is now the King of HELL. He used his music to corrupt the young generation into sin, and he is now paying for it.

Michael Jackson used to be a follower of the Mormon Church, and he believed in the cult idea of going from black to white to be cleansed of sin. Besides following the cult’s abominable ideas, he also worshiped Darwinism. As you can see, he continuously bleached his skin to make himself appear white. He believed that he was evolving into a white male as he bleached his skin and continued to follow the Mormon Church and Darwinism.

Going from black...

Going from black…

to white!

to white!

What else did Michale Jackson do to glorify Darwin? He transformed his God-given looks by using plastic surgery and removed part of his nose to make himself look like a monkey. Charles Darwin would have used Jackson’s transformation as evidence of the “Missing Link”!

The missing link Darwin tried looking for!

The missing link Darwin tried looking for!

Besides worshiping Darwin, Michael Jackson also hosted pajama sleepover parties with nine year old boys in his mansion. That’s right, just like the very best of the Catholic Church, he traumatized them for his own homosexual acts. Michael Jackson was also good at luring the boys with his own theme-park called “Neverland”. Instead of being promised all the riches and candy from the park, the boys were all Jackson’s playthings to satisfy his sexual favors.

While being a billionaire, Jackson was clever to use all his money to save himself from being incarcerated by the Justice System. It is well known that he was raping the children, but he had very crooked lawyers and corrupt judges to cheat the Justice System. Michael Jackson could walk in the courtroom, dressed in pajamas, and enjoy cheating the system.

As the “King of Pop”, Jackson corrupted the youth with songs of vulgar content that easily offend God. His song titled “Beat it” supported ungodly masturbation, “I’m Bad” is about being a sinner, and his song “Thriller” supported paganistic rituals. Heck, he even glorified the ungodly rituals in a music video.

Jackson loved satanic stuff!

Jackson loved satanic stuff!

Being lead astray from God and worshipping all the money, darwinism, homosexual acts, and fame as his own god, Michael Jackson knew his time was coming up and that Hell was unavoidable. He knew everyday that the time was getting closer and closer and that he could have been saved, but he pretended that he could still get away with this and that Satan was his true god. On the day that he used his recreational drugs as a mockery to God, he passed away and was dragged to the depths of Hell. Being rich could not have saved his life as Jesus made it clear that a rich man can never enter the gates of Heaven. Instead of doing the Christian thing by feeding the needy, he fed the greedy and is burning in Hell for it!

By the way, we do not agree with the Westboro Baptist Church, but they got one thing right:

The Westboro Baptist Church is right about Jackson burning in Hell!

The Westboro Baptist Church is right about Jackson burning in Hell!

Martin Baker and Jim Solouki

P.S., on election day 2016, vote for Rick Santorum as president of America. He is the worthy candidtate chosen by God to lead this nation.

Proof Nelson Mandela is in Hell!

Here is undeniable evidence that Nelson Mandela is burning in Hell as we speak:

Mandela was friends with Communist leader Joe Slovo.

Mandela was friends with Communist leader Joe Slovo.

Mandela engaged in rampant homosexual acts.

Mandela engaged in rampant homosexual acts.

Mandela is happy to be a member of the Communist party after being inspired by Darwin, Marx, and Hitler.

Mandela is happy to be a member of the Communist party after being inspired by Darwin, Marx, and Hitler.

Mandela is paying tribute to Hitler by mimicking the Nazi Salute!

Mandela is paying tribute to Hitler by mimicking the Nazi Salute!

So there you have it. Mandela is burning in Hell for the sins he committed as well as idolizing Charles Darwin and becoming allied with the godless communists. Godless demoncrats may mourn for his death, but he deserves no honor by the grace of God. He died unsaved and was not allowed in the Kingdom of Heaven because of this known fact: Unsaved unwelcome!

Martin Baker

Why Muslims are better than atheists!

Dear friends,

Are you tired of the Atheists making claims that they are better than Muslims? Atheists claim that they are morally superior than Muslims, but let’s look at the facts below:

1. Atheists want to force homosexuality and gay marriages, especially in America, but Muslims are doing a good job by preventing it from spreading in Iran and other Muslim countries. After all, Muslims know the importance of family values and they know that homosexuality is wrong and evil. You also never hear Muslim men talking about killing themselves for 72 male virgins.

2. Atheists don’t believe anything! Muslims believe in the false god, Allah, and they also believe in Jesus and that Satan is real. However, they don’t acknowledge that Jesus was actually the son of God, but as a perverted prophet!

3. Muslims are against pornography, strip-bars, and other forms of adultery. They know this is wrong, but atheists say it’s okay to commit these acts of adultery!

4. Atheists believe in evolution and worship Darwin. Muslims are against the teaching of evolution, and they do a good job at preventing others from believing it.

5. Atheists killed way more people than Muslims did! Look at the actions of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler and try telling me that 9/11 killed more people than the atheists!

6. Atheists are trying to destroy marriage by wanting gay marriages to happen, but Muslims don’t want the gays to ruin marriage.

Whatever claims the atheists make about being better than the Muslims, simply do not believe them. Also do not forget that the Muslims, just like the Catholics and the Mormons, are misguided by what they believe in, and they need to be preached about the real word of God. Once the Muslims know the Gospels and the real Jesus, they shall be set free and will live everlasting salvation!

Your friends,
Martin and Jim

More questions to ask an atheist!

Dear fellow Christians,

Atheists, better known as heathens, at the college campuses, all over America, like to host an event called “Ask an Atheist.” The purpose of these events are to brainwash Christians and to add new recruits to their organizations. Even worse, the college faculty support these events since it is well understood that the campuses are breeding grounds for believing in evolution, homosexuality, partying and boozing, atheism, encouragement of having sex before marriage, and other various sins.

If you see an atheist organization on campus hosting the “Ask an Atheist” event, here are some questions to ask them. Watch as they have a difficult time trying to answer these questions:

Why do you compare Jesus to Santa when you understand that Jesus was a real person?

Have you heard of the Shroud of Turin?

If evolution is real, why can’t I evolve wings if I want to?

Do you know of the Piltdown Man hoax that disproves evolution?

Why do we see no superior race in people since Darwin’s racist views on evolution were about preserving favored races?

If evolution is true, then have you seen the scrap in a junkyard all of a sudden transform into a plane?

Why would you want to take part in charities, help the homeless, or do other good things if you are an atheist?

How did the eye form?

How did the Grand Canyon form?

What happens when We die?

If we came from monkeys, then why do we see monkeys not drive cars, talk, go to church, paint, or do other activities humans do?

Can you explain why the banana fits on the palm of the hand?

How can evolution work if you believe there is no purpose?

If evolution is true, then why do black men make better basketball players than white men? And why can’t white men ever keep up with black men in basketball as Darwin would have predicted? After all, white men can’t jump!

Why can’t Stephen Hawking give a complete answer to how the universe came out of nothing if he still believe the universe came out of nothing?

When you ask atheists these questions, they will struggle to give a complete answer. Be sure to show them the truth by explaining the miracles of Jesus and why they must repent. Tell them that God is the only answer to why we have a purpose in life. As Christians, we must take a stand for Christ and fight the bad fruits produced by the Tree of Evil from Satan.

Martin Baker