Mr. Rogers and the Highway to Hell

this man has destroyed the souls of many young children

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Mr. Rogers is an evil heathenistic servant of Satan that is now burning in the depths of Hell? Sure, Fred Rogers had a good front as a Presbyterian minister, but he wasn’t REALLY Christian. If Mr. Rogers was a real Christian he would have talked about Jesus in his shows more often. Mr. Rogers is a dangerous man, even after death, and we should keep his heathen smut away from our children.

Mr. Rogers’ career started out as a US Marine sniper. Before his time on television, Mr. Rogers was hanging out in the jungle, blowing the heads off of any Communists that came his way. While I agree with killing Commies, any man that kills people with glee is obviously deranged. Know why Mr. Rogers always wore sweaters? That was to hide the tattoos covering his arms!

After leaving the Marines, Fred Rogers became a heavy drug user, which is most likely what caused this man’s peaceful, calm demeanor. In fact, it is rumored that Mr. Rogers was even using marijuana during the filming of some of his shows. While this is a disturbing revelation, it is not surprising. Many twisted, twisted things happened in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. For example, what non-disturbed man would wear this mask on a show intended for children? See below:

Mister Rogers’s Clown Mask

Is there a reason that Mr. Rogers is dressed up like a creepy clown? Yes. It was part of his master plan to lead our children into depraved lives of homosexuality and bestiality that would make even the Sodomites blush and cringe. The Mr. Rogers clown costume was a tribute to Tim Curry’s clown outfit in Stephen King’s It. Tim Curry is the crossdresser in the Rocky Horror Satan Show that embodies all forms of homosexuality and sexual depravity.

Tim Curry is another depraved clown

Tim Curry in his most recognizable outfit. This is the man that Fred Rogers was emulating with the clown mask.

I also mentioned that Mr. Rogers was into bestiality. Where’s my evidence for that? Right in one of his television shows. Mr. Rogers actually engaged with psuedosexual activities with a gorilla on television. Here’s photographic proof:

Fred Rogers preparing to engage in an act of bestiality.

Not only was Mr. Rogers into bestiality, but he was also a pedophile, in fact the worst kind, the type that touches boys! He wasn’t even a straight pedophile, he was a gay one! Mr. Rogers was no better than those black-wearing, pope-loving, little-boy-touching Catholic agents of the antichrist! Let’s take a look at a picture of Fred Rogers with one of his victims:

Why does the kid in the striped shirt look scared? Because Mr. Rogers sodomized him first that day.

What other people have joyfully embraced children that they have no connection to with open pants and creepy smile? Let’s take a look:

Pope Benedict, kiddie fiddler and agent of Satan. This kiddie-fiddler is headed straight to Hell.

Hitler loved touching children, as long as they weren’t Jewish children. This little girl is most likely cringing as a result of being sodomized by the Fuhrer before this photograph was taken.

Pope Benedict, Adolf Hitler, and Mister Fred Rogers. A menage-et-trois of sinfulness. What binds these agents of the devil together? The doctrine of Darwinism. Hitler’s entire racist hierarchy was based on Darwinism. Pope Benedict is a member of the Catholic Church, a sinful body that embraces Darwinism. Fred Rogers is a public servant of PBS. PBS is a huge supporter of Darwinism. In fact, PBS has launched many attacks on God and Godly science and virulently supported evolutionism.

After Fred Rogers died, he was cast straight into Hell, where has been tortured and tormented ever since. Mr. Rogers knew that he was going to Hell. He always celebrated the fact that was alive.Rather than teach our children to accept that the Kingdom of Heaven is waiting for them after their deaths if they die in Christ, Mr. Rogers was afraid of death. He often sang a song about “it’s a good feeling to know you’re alive.” Why was it a good feeling? Because every day that Mr. Rogers lived was a day which he was not being tortured…in Hell.

Mr. Rogers is an ungodly abomination that we must keep away from our children. Let us reject this agent of Satan and keep him off of our televisions and out of our homes. Fred Rogers is already in Hell, do not let him lead your children there as well.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

We all know what Mr. Rogers wants to do in your pocket…

2 thoughts on “Mr. Rogers and the Highway to Hell

  1. Betty Kohlmer says:

    I am sorry but you are a sick disgusting man, and should be ashamed of writing such garbage! I am a Catholic and we do Not believe in Darwinism. Try to save your own soul because you are spreading evil lies!

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