Yogi is also of the Devil!

Dear parents,

Just like the Smurfs, Pokemon, The Grinch, and Winnie the Pooh, Yogi is also the epitome of living sinful and performing ungodly acts. Yogi satisfies his glutinous urges by STEALING picnic baskets, and he serves as the ungodly role model for children who watch this heathenistic cartoon. But what would Jesus say about this: “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God”, Matthew 4:4.


Furthermore, Yogi rebels against Ranger Smith, who is supposed to represent the authority of God. In other words, Yogi is used by the creators as a tool of the Devil to divert children from God. This cartoon, just like other trash from the secular media, teaches our children to become disobedient and rebellious to their parents. We must keep Yogi and Satan away from our children and save them for Christ.

Martin Baker

3 thoughts on “Yogi is also of the Devil!

  1. Amen Martin! We need to keep our children away from these ungodly secular shows! Bears weren’t created to steal picnic baskets. They were created to act as God’s agent of destruction, both in the wilderness and in specific human situations, such as when groups of children mock God’s servants. This cartoon teaches children that bears are friendly, when in reality they are meant to be scared.


    • P.C.Miller says:

      This is what Yogi Bear should actually be about:

      Narrator: When the people were having such ungodly parties and where they mock God’s servants, the monsterous and Godly Yogi Bear crashes these parties and God-Mockers.

      Yogi: God sent me here because you are being Heathenistic! So I am gonna crash your God Mocking party!!, said in a monstrous voice.

      Narrator: Yogi Bear: God’s Agent O’ Destruction!!


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