Where Demons Dwell: Tajikistan

Tajik women have unibrows, and are proud of them.

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to warn you about the evils of Tajikistan, a nation in the Middle East. The Tajik people are an inscrutable, heathen race tied to the Iranians and Afghans, and engage in many heathen practices. Not only are the Tajiks Communists (they lived under Soviet rule), but they also speak Persian. Everyone knows that the Persians are evil, and have a habit of attacking God’s chosen ones.

Tajikistan’s location

There are around 8 million people in Tajikistan, and most of these people have unibrows. In Tajik culture, the unibrow is apparently attractive. Why is it attractive? Nobody knows. One thing is for sure; the Tajik unibrow is an ungodly abomination that should be destroyed.

behold, the disturbing Tajik unibrow

Tajikistan has a large population of witches, sooth sayers, gypsies, and fortune tellers. Many Tajiks are extremely superstitious. These people are being deluded by Satan, and should not be trusted. Everyone knows that divination and any other sort of occult practice is sinful and will lead you straight to Hell. In fact, these practices have led demons to dwell within Tajikistan.

A Tajik Gypsy

Tajikistan is home to many Muslims. Unlike America, which observes True Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter, Tajikistan only recognizes Muslim holidays. These Sunni Islam scumbags are no different then those Islamic terrorists that crashed airplanes into American buildings. God hates the Tajiks, just as he abhors all other Muslims.

In fact, the Holy Spirit has told me that God has declared a holy war against Tajikistan. God will punish them with fire, and earthquakes, and famine. God will starve their people and kill their children. In fact, God is already raining down boulders on their roads and injuring their citizens as a punishment for their sinful ways. Proof below:

behold, the wrath of God

God is a powerful, awesome God.

Consider this your final warning Tajikistan. Repent or burn in Hell for all eternity. There is no salvation except through Jesus the Christ. Embrace Him, or God will destroy you.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

We support Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president in 2016!

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  2. Michael says:

    May God have mercy on your immortal soul and deliver you from the spirit of hatred.

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