God is punishing the United States!

behold the wrath of God

Greetings True Christians!!

Did you know that God is punishing America for their evil ways? America tolerates homosexuals, heathens, liberated women, atheists, agnostics, Jews, Muslims, Neo-Nazis, and Darwinists. Worse, America is trying to keep Darwin in our schools and force Jesus out. America is trying to force God out of our society and allow homosexuals to marry, and that offends God. As Pat Robertson has said, America is being punished by God for their wickedness and for their tolerance of homosexuality.

Pat Robertson knows that God is punishing America. You should too.

God hates all those who fight against His divine plan. He punished the Philippines with Haiyan. He punished Haiti with earthquakes. He punished Japan with Tsunamis. He punished Russia by hitting it with a meteor. And now, God is punishing America for their wickedness. This most recent round of storms, tornados, wind, and flooding is a punishment for America’s tolerance of homosexuality and America’s embrace of secularism and atheism.

the power of God

Did you know that the only people killed by the storms that hit the Midwest are heathens that are going straight to Hell? God doesn’t punish True Believers, He only punished the unwashed unsaved. Heaven is like an exclusive club, unsaved unwelcome. God is trying to warn our unsaved with punishments like storms, the September 11th terrorist attacks, the Boston bombing, hurricanes, blizzards, epidemics, and the spread of AIDS. That’s right, AIDS and cancer are God’s punishments for homosexuality and sin!

this is what happens to sinners.

So why tornados? Tornados are symbolic of God’s power. God was angry at the Americans, and upon the Americans, God rained down rain, and hail, and wind, and lightning, and death upon the Americans. He punished Americans angrily for their evildoings, and left a trail of death as a sign of His hatred for and detestment of America’s way of sin. God hates Americans because they tolerate gays and because their government is faltering in their support of Israel. He hates Americans because they commit adultery, masturbate, and have abortions on a regular basis. He hates Americans because they have no respect for the sanctity of life, so God must bring death upon them so that they can learn that life is a sacred, holy gift from God, a gift which God has the power to take away at any point.

America tolerates homosexuals like these, and therefore must be punished.

America, repent or be punished more by God. God hates Detroit. God hates Michigan. God hates Chicago. God hates the Midwest. God hates all earthly bastions of atheism, sinfulness, and ungodliness! God hates you America, because even though America was built on Biblical values, America has since rejected those Christian virtues on which she was originally built. Repent America, or face more destruction and more punishment. God hates your sins, and you will have to atone for them either in this life or in the next. Accept Jesus, embrace Christ, and perhaps you can avoid an eternity in Hell. I will be praying for you.

A True Christian warning brought to you from your friends,

Martin and Jim.

2 thoughts on “God is punishing the United States!

  1. Franco says:

    Ohhh so now everybody, including God, hates America hahaha

  2. The Illogical Reaper says:

    So, according to you, we should NOT tolerate anything that goes against that 2000+ year old, archaic book, they should be deemed unworthy to live, or at least live among us. Yep, religion is bullshit, and that proves kt once and for all. You have just proved that Christianity has LESS morals then any other religious group. Hell, even Satanists have more morals then you Jim.

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