God Hates MILF!

some MILF members on parade

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to talk to you about one of the many threats facing Americans in the 21st Century, the MILF. This group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, is one of the many evil faces of Islam. They live in the Philippines and are tormenting Christians and all non-Muslims as we speak. MILF, like all Muslims, must be destroyed. They are the biggest reason that God hates the Philippines!

My dear Christian brothers and sisters, let it be known that God hates MILF! MILF is anti-Christian, and anyone who is against Christian ideas is against Christ. Anyone who is against Christ is against God. Anyone who is against God is of the Devil. Anyone who is of the devil will spend an eternity in excruciating torment. Repent or burn forever in Hell, you members of MILF. The choice is yours.

This is what Muslims do for fun

MILF is a shining example of what is wrong in today’s world. In the 21st Century, Muslims are allowed to espouse their dogma of hate anywhere in the world. This dogma of hatred leads to the growth of groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliband, Hezbollah, MILF, and the Muslim Brotherhood, who love to blow themselves up to kill Christians. They must be stopped. But how can we stop them?

Nuclear weapons are the answer!

There once was another group of ungodly heathen people that liked to blow themselves up to kill people. We defeated them in World War II.  They’re called the Japanese. The Japanese loved nothing more than crashing their planes into American ships and torturing captured American servicemen. This sounds an awful lot like what Muslims are doing today. Muslims are torturing people, Japan used to torture people. Muslims are crucifying Christians, the Japanese used to crucify Christians. Muslims attacked America out of nowhere, the Japanese attacked America out of nowhere. Muslims hate Jesus, the Japanese hated Jesus. Conventional warfare isn’t stopping Muslims. Conventional warfare didn’t stopped the Japanese. Yet we defeated the Japanese and they have now been brought to the light and truth of Jesus through America.

The Japanese used to all worship trees. Now some have turned to Jesus and they are now a peace loving people.

How did this happen, you might ask? When Japan was too foolish to understand that their resistance to American superiority and Christianity was futile, America responded by dropping atomic bombs on Japanese cities. This broke the spirit of the heathen Japanese, who finally realized that their false tree gods wouldn’t be able to win against the True Christian God. They repented, they bowed before America and before Christ, and Christ has granted their nation some level of prosperity, even though He is still punishing the non-Christians in their midst.

The Muslims will never repent and stop killing Christians unless they are brought to their knees. How can we make this happen? We must destroy centers of Islamic extremism by dropping nuclear weapons on them. First, the MILF and the ISIS should be bombed; there are not many Christians to be killed in either Iraq or the Philippines. The we continue and nuke Al Qaeda. If this doesn’t bring the Muslim pigs to their knees (trust me, it will), then we continue our bombing run until they surrender. Then we convert the remaining ungodly Muslims to Christ, and no more Islamic heathen threat!

Note how she is trying to hide a smile as she tortures this child!

I beg all American leaders to consider this plan of action. The Muslims will not stop until they have destroyed every non-Muslim on the planet. These people cut their own children open for giggles! God hates the MILF, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and all Muslims. If you are a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer, you are fighting against God. Don’t fight against God, fight against Islam.

It is time to declare a war on MILF and all Muslim extremist groups. They must all be destroyed. It is time to take back the world for Jesus. It is time to take back the planet for Christ.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

Islam is an abomination!

A typical Muslim’s way of changing the world

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that God hates Muhammad and all the Muslims? That’s right boys and girls! Muhammad was deluded by the Devil’s demons into writing the Satanic Quran. This Satanic text today inspires suicide bombers, the anti-Israel lobby, murder, torture, and the September 11th attacks! This is not a Godly religion. Godly religions are meant to bring peace to Earth and to mankind, but Islam brings only death, destruction, and hate. It is my firm belief that no Muslim should be trusted, since as soon as you turn your back on that Muslim they are likely to blow up next to you in an attempt to net 72 virgins in heaven for killing non-Muslims!

A Muslim virgin

Is it just me, or does Islamic paradise sound like the crappiest way to spend an eternity ever? Like if Islam is true, and if you blow yourself up and kill innocent non-Muslim people, you apparently get 72 virgins to do whatever you want with in heaven. What man in his right mind would want to be surrounded by 72 women? Worse yet, what happens when their periods sync? What happens when these 72 virgins aren’t virgins anymore? Then what? Do you trade them in for new virgins? What is paradise like for a woman in Islam? Are they one of the 72 virgins and then cast into hell when they’re not a virgin anymore? This just doesn’t add up!!

Know what else is wrong with the Islamic version of heaven? The BIBLE tells us that marriage is between ONE man and ONE woman, and that sex outside of marriage is a sin known as fornication, which will, in turn, lead you to Hell, unless you repent and accept the salvation of Jesus. Yet here the Muslims are, promising hours and hours of fornication in their ungodly suicide bombers’ paradise. Now that’s just stupid boys and girls!

Speaking of fornication, the Muslims are a lot like God’s other least favorite fornicators, the Mormons! Both wear special garments. For the Muslims its the turban and burka, and for the Mormons its the magical, mystical Mormon underwear. Both believe in having many wives or virgins in their version of paradise. And both explicitly reject the Bible! How do they reject the Bible? The Bible itself tells us that anyone who adds to or takes away from the Bible will surely be accursed in the fires of Hell. The Mormons and the Muslims BOTH added fake, demon-inspired texts to the Bible! For the Mormons, it was the Book of Mormon. For the Muslims, it was the Quran.Both books are ungodly and will lead all who believe in them to Hell.

God hates Muhammad!

But this is not a post on Mormons. This is a post on Islam, God’s hated religion. Did you know that the Muslims hate Jesus and worship Muhammad as their prophet? They even hate Isaac, a forefather of the Christian race! The Jewish race, and ultimately Jesus, can claim descent from Isaac, a legitimate son of Abraham. The Muslims, in contrast, claim their descent from Ishmael, the son of one of Abraham’s whores. Nothing good can come from a whore. Just look at the whore of Babylon! She’s right out of Revelation!

Magical Mormon underwear

an in-the-closet but homosexual Muslim’s magical turban

In fact, I believe that the Muslims are one of the Satanic forces alluded to in The Book of Revelation. Not only have they conquered much of the Holy Land, but their most sacred site is built on top of the Temple. Everyone knows that Jesus can’t return until the Temple is rebuilt, so the Muslims are specifically preventing Jesus the Christ from returning to Earth! This must not continue. The Dome of the Rock must be torn down immediately and replaced with the new Temple. This will, of course, cause a major war in the Holy Land, but this war is also described in Revelation! The saved will be raptured up into heaven so that they will not have to face combat against the forces of Satan, the Muslims. The unsaved and impure will be left to fend for themselves. At the end of the battle, Jesus the Christ will cast the Muslims into the depths of Hell with Hitler, Darwin, and Judas!

Did you know that Muhammad was possessed by demons that inspired him to write the Quran? In fact, the Muslims won’t even allow people to portray Muhammad in pictures. Why? Because they know that Muhammad was possessed, and their superstitious, ungodly, Satanic belief system makes them believe that if they portray Muhammad in a picture that they might too become possessed. This is silly stuff. Let’s prove that no such possession will happen. Here are a few pictures of Muhammad, the false prophet of Satan:

Did you know that Muhammad was gay?

If Muhammad was alive today, his two favorite things would be suicide bombers and bacon!

God Hates Muhammad!

How do we know that Islam is cursed by God? First, let’s look at the countries based on Christianity. All the world’s most prosperous nations, “the West”, are built upon fundamentally Christian beliefs. Many of the world’s poorest, most backwards nations are based on Islam! Let’s look at the Islamic countries of the world. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Africa, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, the ungodly illegitimate abomination known as Palestine, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, among others. All are extremely poor. All are completely backwards. And all hate America!

A typical Muslim city

a typical city built in a nation based on Christian beliefs

One of the greatest things that American President George W. Bush did as president was to come down hard on Islam. He invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, and set the Talibammers back in their development by a few centuries. While those heathens were still fighting with Soviet weapons from the 1980s, the Christian forces led by America were fighting with modern, well-built weapons. Why? Because God protects and defends those who do His bidding, but curses those who deny Him. America and friends did the bidding of God by weakening the Muslims in the Middle East. The Muslims in the Middle East denied God by fighting against Him. God hates Islam, and will continue to punish the Muslims with starvation and diseases until they repent.


Join us in the war on Islam! How can you help? You can help by burning every copy of the Quran that you can find so that it will not fall into the hands of an innocent child! You can help by preaching the Truth of Christ to any Muslim that you might happen upon. You can help by asking your representatives to be hard on Islam in the legislature. You can help by joining Martin and I in prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father, please make all the Muslim heathens repent and convert to Christianity. Please punish those that fail to repent and convert with death, and with torment in Hell after death. Please send many plagues upon the Muslims so that their misguided faith in Muhammad, that servant of Satan, will be shaken so that they might be led back to the Truth of the Holy Bible. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

God is punishing the United States!

behold the wrath of God

Greetings True Christians!!

Did you know that God is punishing America for their evil ways? America tolerates homosexuals, heathens, liberated women, atheists, agnostics, Jews, Muslims, Neo-Nazis, and Darwinists. Worse, America is trying to keep Darwin in our schools and force Jesus out. America is trying to force God out of our society and allow homosexuals to marry, and that offends God. As Pat Robertson has said, America is being punished by God for their wickedness and for their tolerance of homosexuality.

Pat Robertson knows that God is punishing America. You should too.

God hates all those who fight against His divine plan. He punished the Philippines with Haiyan. He punished Haiti with earthquakes. He punished Japan with Tsunamis. He punished Russia by hitting it with a meteor. And now, God is punishing America for their wickedness. This most recent round of storms, tornados, wind, and flooding is a punishment for America’s tolerance of homosexuality and America’s embrace of secularism and atheism.

the power of God

Did you know that the only people killed by the storms that hit the Midwest are heathens that are going straight to Hell? God doesn’t punish True Believers, He only punished the unwashed unsaved. Heaven is like an exclusive club, unsaved unwelcome. God is trying to warn our unsaved with punishments like storms, the September 11th terrorist attacks, the Boston bombing, hurricanes, blizzards, epidemics, and the spread of AIDS. That’s right, AIDS and cancer are God’s punishments for homosexuality and sin!

this is what happens to sinners.

So why tornados? Tornados are symbolic of God’s power. God was angry at the Americans, and upon the Americans, God rained down rain, and hail, and wind, and lightning, and death upon the Americans. He punished Americans angrily for their evildoings, and left a trail of death as a sign of His hatred for and detestment of America’s way of sin. God hates Americans because they tolerate gays and because their government is faltering in their support of Israel. He hates Americans because they commit adultery, masturbate, and have abortions on a regular basis. He hates Americans because they have no respect for the sanctity of life, so God must bring death upon them so that they can learn that life is a sacred, holy gift from God, a gift which God has the power to take away at any point.

America tolerates homosexuals like these, and therefore must be punished.

America, repent or be punished more by God. God hates Detroit. God hates Michigan. God hates Chicago. God hates the Midwest. God hates all earthly bastions of atheism, sinfulness, and ungodliness! God hates you America, because even though America was built on Biblical values, America has since rejected those Christian virtues on which she was originally built. Repent America, or face more destruction and more punishment. God hates your sins, and you will have to atone for them either in this life or in the next. Accept Jesus, embrace Christ, and perhaps you can avoid an eternity in Hell. I will be praying for you.

A True Christian warning brought to you from your friends,

Martin and Jim.

Atheists are intellectual terrorists!

Greetings True Christians!


Did you know that atheists are intellectual terrorists?  Tonight I watched the wonderful documentary Expelled, produced by Ben Stein. The film documents the systematic suppression of all who question Darwinism by atheists in academia. If you dare doubt Darwin as a university professor, sooner or later, most likely sooner, your freedom of speech will be suppressed by the Darwinian thought police, you will be denied tenure, and you may even lose your job.  Why? The atheists and their atheist communist lawyer union (the ACLU) have systematically worked to remove all mention of God from our science classrooms. Even though it is plainly obvious to anyone with an open mind that God Created the universe, the earth, and life on Earth, the Darwinists want to teach our children Darwinism and NOTHING ELSE.  Do you know what Darwinism is? Darwinism is a lie created by Satan. Darwinism is a fairy tale for grownups who will one day find themselves in Hell. Darwinism is a myth. Darwinism is, in fact, the root of all evils.


Darwinism is responsible for the Holocaust. It goes without saying that Hitler’s plan to breed a “master race” was based squarely upon the evolutionary framework created by Charles “Satan’s Helper” Darwin. Darwin gave Hitler the intellectual framework necessary to claim that Jews were inferior to “Aryan” Germans.  In fact, Richard Dawkins even said that Darwinism makes it possible to become an intellectually fulfilled atheist! Do we want to teach our children this myth? If we teach our children that they came from monkeys, then they will act like monkeys. This is just stupid! No wonder the Demoncrats took the White House two elections in a row!


 We live in a society that accepts homosexual, man-on-dog loving, blumpkin eating males to marry. Not only that, but we also allow lesbians to marry! The union of two members of the same sex is always ungodly and makes a mockery of marriage, but the union of two women? That is completely heretical! God Created man as the head of the household, and God Created woman to be subservient to her man. Lesbian marriage upsets the Biblical world order Created by God! God Created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. And while I’m on the topic of marriage, God Created sex to be shared between a married man and a married woman. This man and woman must, of course, be married to EACH OTHER. Yet in today’s world, everybody is having sex. The average atheist housewife has sexual relations not only with her husband, but also her husband’s friends, her neighbors, and in many cases even the mailman.  Atheists, must like the Romans who killed Jesus, often engage in hedonist orgiastic parties in which participants “grind” upon each other, mimicking sexual relations on the dance floor. These sinners are headed straight to Hell. They may have forgotten to leave room for the Holy Spirit, but they left plenty of room for Satan to slip in!


Atheist Darwinists are responsible for every single school shooting in the 20th and 21st Century. Look it up! The Columbine massacre was inspired by Darwinism. Same with the recent massacre of young students in Connecticut and the numerous campus shootings we see in the news on a nearly weekly basis. What is to blame for these massacres? Darwinism. Why? Because Darwinism clearly teaches that all human life is disposable. The weak perish, and the strongest survive. Nature red in tooth and claw frees the Darwinists to kill us all.


In fact, one can make a logical argument for the fact that the September 11th terrorist attacks were actually a response to atheist Darwinist dogma. I’m not making this up! It’s actually an easily supported argument! How? The terrorists hate modern American society. They hate our half-naked women flittering about on television. They hate our ungodly heathen consumer capitalistic economy. They hate our drudging for oil to support our heathen ways. If America had stayed true to her Christian foundation, the Muslims would never have hated us. Instead, America would have been a beacon of light to all heathen peoples, and, quite possibly, would have fueled the conversion of radical Islamic jihadists to Christianity. For if these people could only see the prosperity which the light of Christ brings to us all, they would reject Islam and follow the Light of Christ.


That brings me to one more important point. Why did God allow the September 11th terrorist attacks to happen? In truth, God is punishing Americans for their rejection of His only Son, Jesus Christ. Americans rejected God, so why should he protect us now? If we still embraced Him as a nation, then God surely would have given the terrorists heart attacks before they could have even tried to hijack the planes. Instead, God allowed the attacks to happen, as a warning to America and to us all. The atheists and Darwinists are leading us on a dangerous path, my fellow Americans. They are leading our nation straight to hell.


We must reject the Darwinian atheistic stain on our American values. We must reject atheists and turn back to Jesus. We must embrace the Christian foundation on which our nation was built. It’s time to take back the souls of Americans for Jesus. It’s time to take back America for Christ.


I’m  Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.