Why Muslims are better than atheists!

Dear friends,

Are you tired of the Atheists making claims that they are better than Muslims? Atheists claim that they are morally superior than Muslims, but let’s look at the facts below:

1. Atheists want to force homosexuality and gay marriages, especially in America, but Muslims are doing a good job by preventing it from spreading in Iran and other Muslim countries. After all, Muslims know the importance of family values and they know that homosexuality is wrong and evil. You also never hear Muslim men talking about killing themselves for 72 male virgins.

2. Atheists don’t believe anything! Muslims believe in the false god, Allah, and they also believe in Jesus and that Satan is real. However, they don’t acknowledge that Jesus was actually the son of God, but as a perverted prophet!

3. Muslims are against pornography, strip-bars, and other forms of adultery. They know this is wrong, but atheists say it’s okay to commit these acts of adultery!

4. Atheists believe in evolution and worship Darwin. Muslims are against the teaching of evolution, and they do a good job at preventing others from believing it.

5. Atheists killed way more people than Muslims did! Look at the actions of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler and try telling me that 9/11 killed more people than the atheists!

6. Atheists are trying to destroy marriage by wanting gay marriages to happen, but Muslims don’t want the gays to ruin marriage.

Whatever claims the atheists make about being better than the Muslims, simply do not believe them. Also do not forget that the Muslims, just like the Catholics and the Mormons, are misguided by what they believe in, and they need to be preached about the real word of God. Once the Muslims know the Gospels and the real Jesus, they shall be set free and will live everlasting salvation!

Your friends,
Martin and Jim

Pope John Paul II, the Prince of Hell

Pope John Paul II, a resident of Hell

Greetings True Christians.

Let’s talk about Pope John Paul II. Many Catholics and moderate Christians believe that John Paul II, the longtime leader of the Catholic church, was one of the holiest men to walk the planet in the 20th Century. Many believe that he is now in heaven along-side our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. However, truth be told, Pope John Paul II is most likely, at this very instant, being tormented by Satan in the fires of Hell. This is why.

John Paul II was a Roman Catholic. All Catholics are going to hell. Why? Roman Catholics worship idols and graven images instead of Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven. They replace the True God with man-made images of Christ. Catholics also worship the saints instead of focusing on Jesus. This is sinful stuff, boys and girls. God Himself commands us that we shall not worship other gods besides Him, and yet here the Catholics are, worshiping saints like its their job.

Pope John Paul II lived in a life of luxury, in a mansion surrounded by gold. The extravagant trappings of the papacy are the trappings of wealth, and Jesus tells us that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a wealthy man to make it into heaven. You don’t see Billy Graham practicing this type of extravagance! Why? Unlike the Pope, Billy Graham is a true Christian.

Pope John Paul II also defended pedophiles in the Catholic Church. He protected men that touched little boys while these boys should have been home playing with their toys and learning about Jesus. Defense of the work of Satan is the same as doing the work of Satan. John Paul II defended the Devil’s work, and therefore, John Paul II was an instrument of Satan.

Unlike True Christians, John Paul II also defended evolution as being consistent with Christian belief. Really?! Evolution is completely antithetical to Christianity! Belief in evolution causes all sorts of sinful actions. The doctrine of evilution was given to man by Satan, and directly contradicts the words of Genesis 1. If John Paul II was a true friend of Jesus, he would not have abused his power as Pope to defend the evilutionists! This in itself is enough to have granted him a one way ticket to hell.

Therefore, unlike Christopher Hitchens, who repented on his deathbed and is now in Paradise because he accepted Jesus Christ at his death, John Paul II is burning in hell as we speak. Pope John Paul II was far too stuck in his ways to have a deathbed conversion. In fact, he was the Pope! He believed that he was the holiest person on Earth. But he wasn’t, and now he’s in hell. Would you like to join him, or would you rather be in heaven with Christopher Hitchens? The choice is yours. Embrace Jesus and reject the evils of moderate Christianity and evolution! Let’s take back America for Jesus!